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April 24, 2014

No GST on salmon and lobster


Selena Tay

Blame frivolous government spending for the nation’s financial woes, not the subsidies for the people.

The federal government has announced that the GST (Goods & Services Tax) will not burden the poor. Really?

This columnist finds it difficult to believe when various types of salmon and lobster are exempted from GST while canned sardines, baked beans and instant noodles will bear the full brunt of the GST.

The food products given the GST waiver include Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon and Danube salmon while the lobsters are Norway lobster and rock lobster. Trout, crayfish and oysters too are among the food products to be given the GST waiver. (more…)

What next in Anwar sodomy II?

Kim Quek

Despite 85 pages of rhetoric, the Court of Appeal’s written judgment (the “Judgment”) convicting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy has failed to establish the only corroborative evidence of the charge – the DNA evidence.

This is a case of one man’s word against another, with no eyewitness to the incident.

Without establishing the DNA evidence beyond reasonable doubt, the Court of Appeal has no business to overturn the High Court judgment acquitting Anwar on ground of doubtful integrity of the DNA samples. (more…)

On the impracticalities of hudud in Malaysia

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Islamic leaders have been saying that non-Muslims will accept hudud if they can understand the beauty of hudud, and so efforts should be made to explain hudud properly to non-Muslims.

I have no problem with religious laws per se. For example zakat for the poor is noble. So I respectfully invite Muslim scholars and ordinary Muslims alike to explain the following and explain how my perceptions of the hudud laws are wrong. Please note I am not attacking Islamic laws per se, but respectfully ask for their “dakwah” explanation.

Under hudud laws, murder is a capital punishment, yet if the victim’s family is agreeable for the murderer to pay “diyah”, or blood money, to compensate the family, the murderer can escape the mandatory death sentence. (more…)

Accelerated Anwar Case Seen as Insult to US

John Berthelsen

Numerous opposition figures also under intense court pressure as Obama heads to KL

Malaysian prosecutors are expected to ask the country’s highest court this Friday to increase the prison sentence meted out to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was judged guilty by an appellate court last month on sodomy charges.

The case is being taken to the Federal Court just two days before the arrival of US President Barack Obama on a state visit, an action seen as an insult to Washington. (more…)

April 23, 2014

No rest for putra pests


It’s becoming increasingly and excitingly evident these days that perennial campaign by the members, cronies and supporters of the criminal BN regime to pose as the ‘defenders’ of Islam, the Malay people, the Malaysian constitution and even Malaysia itself is, as always, nothing but a cynical sham.

Or, in other words, a preposterous scam by a coterie of poisonous self-styled putras to cling to power for the sole purpose of feathering their nests at the expense of the rest.

And especially at the expense of Malaysia’s brightest and best, as currently following the tragic death of legal tiger, political titan and towering and tireless opponent of all that’s rotten about the BN regime, Karpal Singh. (more…)

The Coroner’s Court is old wine in new bottle

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Eric Paulsen

Imagine my surprise when I read Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri’s sudden announcement of the commencement of the Coroner’s Court to replace the inquest system (New Straits Times, April 3, 2014 – “Nancy: Coroner’s Court starts April 15”) when there was no consultation with the Malaysian Bar or civil society on a much needed reform and controversial issue.

The primary function of any inquiries of deaths irrespective of what they are called – whether Coroner’s Court or Inquest is to independently inquire into how, when and where the person died and deliver the finding and verdict. (more…)

Hudud: Mind your own business is still the best policy

Ng Kee Seng

When you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you. This is infinite wisdom.

Since Merdeka in 1957, Malaysians of different faiths have been doing just that to one another over “Hukum Hudud” or the implementation of hudud laws.

Non-Muslim politicians, especially those from DAP, MCA and Gerakan, have been fiercely voicing objections against hudud.

Both sides of the political divide and Malaysians of different faiths claim to be championing freedom of speech and religion. (more…)

April 21, 2014

Ensure foreign prisoners have access to legal representation too

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Ian McIntyre

Five in every 10 prisoners in Malaysia are listed as foreigners, according to a recent news report. That is to say half of those in our jails are not Malaysians.

Foreign prisoners are said to comprise low-skilled labourers and petty criminals, while of late, it has apparently expanded to include African drug lords as well as white collar criminals who had masterminded the get-rich schemes hatched through the Internet.

Most are, however, caught for basic immigration offences. (more…)

April 9, 2014

An open letter to all SPM school-leavers

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Nadilla Jamil

I want to believe that I am in the position to write you this letter. I was almost bombed (metaphor intended) by my Tok Busu as I went to a few public and boarding schools.

Then, after SPM, I first registered at Kedah Matriculation College in Changlun but I ended up graduating from UiTM Kuantan in 2008.

I was an undergraduate at UPM Serdang for a month, a TESL undergraduate at UiTM Shah Alam for a year before realising what I really wanted to be in the next 30 years (God willing, if I could live that long).

So I quit UiTM and I completed my bachelor’s degree at IIUM after two-and-a-half years. (more…)

April 8, 2014

Students decry UM’s bar on lecture by Ambiga

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Aidila Razak

Students from Malaysia’s oldest university today submitted a memorandum to parliamentarians over what they believe to be academic interference in Universiti Malaya (UM).

This followed UM’s refusal to allow veteran lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan to speak at the Law Faculty’s Law Career Convention.

Ambiga, a former Bar Council president, was to speak on public interest litigation.

UM allegedly allowed the Law Society to invite Ambiga if a “pro-government” speaker was also invited but retracted this approval at the last minute on Mar 27. (more…)

April 7, 2014

Memali massacre on par with Batang Kali carnage

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Early on Nov 19, 1985, the Malaysian police under the direction of the home minister laid siege to a house in the Kedah village of Memali in which PAS leader Ibrahim Libya (Ibrahim Mahmood) and his comrades were staying in a bid to resist arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

There were no lengthy negotiations with the besieged and by noon 14 men, including Ibrahim Libya (left), lay dead. Four police personnel also died, apparently as a result of friendly fire and several of the survivors were arrested under the ISA.

Certainly this 1985 massacre at Memali shares the same moral shame as the 1948 Batang Kali massacre, when 24 innocent villagers were mowed down by British troops at Batang Kali. (more…)

April 3, 2014

Sarawak PKR to go to court over entry ban on its national leaders

swak pkr_3Ng Ai Fern

Sarawak PKR says it will challenge in court the state government’s directive to bar the party’s national leaders from entering the state.

State PKR chairperson Baru Bian said a judicial review application will be filled after this month’s party elections.

“We have discussed on the point of law and we are trying to get the statements of our leaders and get ready the papers.

“At least one of them (banned leaders) would suffice to prove that the state is wrong, and I am confident that this case could get through,” Baru told reporters. (more…)

Media statement in response to Selangor MB 

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Bible Society of MalaysiaWho’s the fool now?

After making many promises to return the bibles seized by JAIS, Selangor State EXCO washes their hands off the problem and tries to pass the buck to Attorney-General. Read Menteri Besar Khalid’s statement here.

Here is my response on behalf of Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM):

BSM will not write to the Attorney-General.

BSM was raided by Jais, a Selangor government department. The bibles are held by JAIS in their office in Shah Alam, a stone’s throw from the Menteri Besar’s office. (more…)

Truth matters: Who is lying?

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How is it that Thai satellites can pick up debris in the ocean while RMAF satellites/radars cannot even warn us about a possible intrusion into our airspace? Now again, lo and behold the Australian government announces that the actual location has moved or shifted, based on yet new findings.

In the meantime, Inmarsat disavowed any role in these new findings. And, the acting transport minister is still acting; now holding out hope for the families who have yet to receive any concrete evidence and were previously advised to give up all hope!

Who therefore speaks for truth these days? Do we even know what is truth about the Flight MH370 any more? (more…)

Sarawak biggest challenge: NCR issues, court rulings

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FMT Staff

Borneo Resource Institute said although NCR was recognised by the state government under the Sarawak Land Code, there were weaknesses in the definition of terms.

The continuous conflicts over land in the state is because of the vague and weak definition of  native customary rights (NCR) and the Sarawak Land Code, said Borneo Resource Institute (Brimas).

According to Brimas executive director Mark Bujang, this is also the reason why more than 300 NCR land related cases are pending in court. (more…)

‘Little to show for RM16bil spending on defence’

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DAP’s Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Abd Aziz has demanded answers why Malaysia has not sent its two Scorpene submarines to assist in the search and recovery operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370.

Mohd Ariff - who blogs under the handle ‘Sakmongkol 47′ - raised questions as to what the country has to show for its expenditure on defence, which has gone up from RM13.8 million in 2011 to RM16.1 billion in 2014.

“How is our defence spending structured? Is it structured to enrich a few Umno cronies or is it structured to strengthen our defences?” (more…)

April 1, 2014

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali on Sarawak’s blacklist, says chief minister


Ibrahim Ali (pic) is the latest politician to be put on the list of those barred from entering Sarawak, said Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

“Don’t ever try to enter Sarawak,” the Sarawak chief minister told Ibrahim, after reports that the Perkasa president had slipped through Immigration checks into the state recently.

In a veiled threat to the Malay rights group chief, Adenan said: “He (Ibrahim) will find out what happens next time he comes to Sarawak”.

Adenan was answering questions today why the state barred opposition leaders from the state for the Balingian by-election, but allowed Ibrahim in. (more…)

Kassim Ahmad: One Christian response

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Allah - hand upRama Ramanathan

Dr Kassim Ahmad is a Muslim. I am a Christian. Kassim Ahmad is a Malaysian. I am a Malaysian. Kassim Ahmad is a human. I am a human.

Kassim Ahmad has been controversial. Some of his views about Islam are not approved by the religious authorities in Malaysia.

Now frail and in his eighties, the one-time leader of PSRM (Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia) has held his controversial views for decades – in 1981 he was released after 5 years of detention without trial; Kassim later joined Umno. (more…)

PTPTN education lifeline abused

Pauline Wong

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (or PTPTN by its Malay acronym) has served as a lifeline for many students seeking tertiary education since it was established in 1997.

The loan is especially helpful for those who are not born with a silver spoon. They rely on the PTPTN loan to take them through university and earn a degree, which is crucial in securing a job and eventually a steady income. In short, the fund is there for them in their hour of need, providing them the opportunity to complete their studies.

However, many treat it as a grant and fail to repay when they graduate, thus depriving others from enjoying the same benefits.


March 23, 2014

Does the Quran really permit child marriage?

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Ro Waseem

One of the biggest misconceptions about Islam is that it permits child marriage, and is therefore looked down upon as medieval, oppressive and illogical by non-Muslims.

Shockingly, instead of viewing this as a downright tarnation and disgrace to Islam, Muslims in complete ignorance of the Quran actually defend and support this point of view! If Muslims, themselves, are going to portray such an image of their religion, then I really don’t see why they would get agitated with the criticism on Islam.

I say this with my deepest regrets, but Muslims have become their own worst enemies. Practically abandoning the pivotal commandment of Islam on independent reasoning, they have substituted it with an unprecedented trust in the “authorities” on Islam. And yet again, they have succeeded to bring shame to us all. (more…)

March 22, 2014

The Malaysian Hospitality challenge

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Kevin Chua

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has taken a toll, not only on the families of the passengers, but also Malaysia.

Out of the blue, we are in the spotlight of the global media that has never ceased to portray Malaysia as being the “worst nation in the world” by broadcasting protests of Chinese nationals who have been patiently waiting for some real news that could bring their agony to a close.

It’s like Malaysia has done absolutely nothing to provide them with vital information which they don’t have right now. (more…)

ON THE WORLD’S STAGE, Malaysia’s political shenanigans with MH370 backfire badly

ON THE WORLD'S STAGE, Malaysia's political shenanigans with MH370 backfire badly

J. D. Lovrenciear

As the weeks keep rolling on without any consolation and relief over the fate of 239 lives from so many countries, it is most disgusting to witness Malaysians playing political poker-and-checkmate using the Boeing 777 or flight MH370 mystery as their pawn.

The biggest culprit seems to be politicians. And that makes it all the more disgusting.

We read of how some politicians and leaders of political parties are taking advantage of this international span of a crisis. One political party even denies its opponents any chance to debate the crisis in parliament in a transparent and accountable manner. (more…)

Viewed in a racial lens, complexities of statutory rape get glossed over

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Cindi Loo

In the current polarised atmosphere, any mention of race risks being misinterpreted and even exaggerated at the expense of the core issue at hand.   Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar had a bitter taste of this when he gave statistics on statutory rape.

The victim in the brouhaha over his parliamentary reply appears to be statutory rape itself, a social problem which is crying out for better understanding by society and firm action by the government.

Granted that Wan Junaidi’s statement could have been better crafted, the knee-jerk reaction to it showed that a good opportunity for discussing the complexities of statutory rape had been missed because of racial prejudices. (more…)

‘We will not respect a govt that does not respect us’

Sabah storyWilliam Mangor

The government is not sincere and shows no respect for the rights of indigenous peoples in Malaysia, says JOAS.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Network of Malaysia (JOAS) will not respect a government that has no respect for native communities, said its secretariat director Jannie Lasimbang.

Lasimbang was responding to the Malaysian Government’s failure to accept the six specific recommendations related to Indigenous Peoples’ rights at the second cycle of the United Nations Human Right Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

Lasimbang explained the Malaysian government reason for rejecting the recommendations because of the existence of a Task Force is unacceptable. (more…)

Wan Junaidi trivialising statutory rape

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Heng Seai Kie

Rather than retracting his explanation that “non-Malays are more accepting of statutory rape” and despite the outrage by women’s groups and members of the public, I am appalled that Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Wan Jaafar has sought to further justify his remark.

Wan Junaidi has now gone on to assert that “some victims lodge reports to save face or if parents did not agree to their teenage children getting married. Yet, the sex may have been consensual.”

Sexual assault knows no ethnic boundary. To turn the bodily violation and harrowing impact that sex deviants leave on the victims into a racial categorisation as to which ethnicity is more prone to being receptive or vocal against it smacks of obsolete colonial racial theories, bigotry and prejudice. (more…)

March 21, 2014

New Form 3 exam system open to bias, abuse, says education activist

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The new exam system that will replace the PMR for Form Three students this year is open to bias and abuse, and could jeopardise the future of children from poorer families, said an education activist today.

Mohd Noor Izzat Mohd Johari (pic) said that unlike the old system, where the Form Three exam is produced and graded by an independent body outside the school, the new one, PT3 or Form Three Assessment, will be done by the teachers of each individual schools.

Since PT3 results are used by students to apply to elite schools such as residential schools and the MARA junior science colleges, richer, more well off parents could pressure teachers into giving their children better grades. (more…)

On Malaysia’s education blueprint, how will we know when we’ve arrived?

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Arran Hamilton

In September 2012 the Ministry of Education presided over the soft launch of the Malaysia Education Blueprint, with the hard launch almost exactly a year later. The finalised Blueprint is a veritable IKEA catalogue of education reform: there is something for everyone and it is designed to fit together perfectly into a durable and robust structure, without any pieces being left over.

During the last 12 months, commentators from all sides of the education landscape have expressed their opinion on the blueprint and these have ranged from “a bold but achievement vision” to “good in theory but impossible to realise in practice”.

However, there are two fundamental questions that often get overlooked in these exchanges:

(1) What do we actually mean by education transformation? (more…)

Beware, conspiracy theories galore on social media

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People often say that information is power, and with the multitude of social media platforms available at the tip of our fingers today, many of us don’t realise just how much of it we have.

The beauty of accessible information that the Internet has brought us runs in parallel to a responsibility that many of its users have yet to come to grips with. And this has become pronouncedly evident during the 13 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing.

Over this period, I have scoured news sources diligently enough to witness the descent of reporting from timely live updates to sensationalistic disaster porn pieces and controversial conspiracy theories, as well as shameless politicking by both international and Malaysian news sources alike. (more…)

Wan Junaidi, don’t be a jaguh kampung

Stephen Ng, via e-mail

Deputy Home Minister, Wan Junaidi Wan Jaafar, is one ‘big dolt’ we have in the Malaysian parliament. By claiming that the Malays are ‘more sensitive’ to minors being victims of statutory rape as opposed to other races, he clearly shows his lack of understanding of the subject when comparing the statistics of child rape in the country.

He is not worth the salt as Deputy Home Minister. In fact, in the present cabinet, who has shown the calibre of being a good leader? Wan Junaidi should admit that the one issue that should be addressed by any government of the day is the high number of statutory rape, instead of delving into the reason why the Malays appear to be worse off than other races when it comes to statutory rape. (more…)

March 20, 2014

I’m no racist, says Wan Junaidi over child rape issue

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Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (pic) has dismissed suggestions by his critics that he is a racist when he compared statistics of statutory rape between Malays and non-Malays.

“How can I be a racist when my wife is Chinese and I have many relatives who are non-Muslims/Malays,” he said, when asked to clarify his remarks.

He said the Malays tend to lodge reports due to their religious and cultural sensitivities on statutory rape, even if was a consensual act. (more…)

Wan Junaidi must back up wild statutory rape claims

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Gobind Singh Deo

I call upon Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar to state clearly the basis upon which he says non-Malays are less sensitive to statutory rape.

This is a very serious allegation. It casts a most damning insinuation against Malaysia as a whole, as if ours is a society a part of which condones the rape of children, and that race plays a role in incidents such as these.

This is absolute and utter rubbish. (more…)

MAS fails to defend pilots’ reputations

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The failure of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to defend its own pilots is disgraceful. The reputations of MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid are being dragged through the mud, but MAS cannot or will not come to their defence. Why?

MAS pilots are professionals and have gone through rigorous selection, training and regular evaluation. The pilots’ political beliefs have no bearing on their professionalism.

So, when Najib Abdul Razak’s administration made Zaharie (left) a scapegoat, and the MAS CEO failed to support his pilots, the confidence of MAS employees, potential investors and airline customers was severely shaken. (more…)

Balingian by-election, like Kajang, is one big yawn

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Francis Paul Siah

It seems that Malaysians have an overdose of politics. People are paying scant attention to two by-elections that are in the midst of their campaign periods. Or it must be because of the missing MH370 which is now our focus of attention.

Why not? The case of the missing MAS jetliner is something which has never occurred before, at least not in Malaysia. It is an unprecedented crisis of epic proportion.

Malaysians and many across the globe will continue to follow the developments until the plane is found or at least, till there is some form of closure for all, particularly the families of the 239 passengers and crew on board MH370. (more…)

My take on the MH370 storylines

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Malaysia appears naked today under the spotlight of global attention but what is the real problem and what are the real factors contributing to this criticism of Malaysian “information dissemination and communication by different individuals” and the apparent disconnect between the information disseminated and the reality of what was really known? I call it an abject failure of communication management. What do I mean?

Knowing versus not knowing deals with a particular theory of knowledge. Most of the families of the passengers and crew are dealing with their “lack of personal knowledge about their relatives” and their emotional inability to handle “this phenomenon of not knowing” about what happened to their loved ones. It is only a natural reaction. (more…)

March 19, 2014

No place for racist comments

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Dr Amar Singh

I am appalled by the callous statement made by a person who has the distinction of being appointed our Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Wan Junaidi.

It is reported in the media today that this Minister believes that non-Malays are likely to be more accepting of statutory rape in children.

In response to a question in Parliament as to why there is a low incidence of reported cases of sexual abuse among non-Malays, he is quoted as saying: “This doesn’t mean the cases mostly involve Malays. Because Malays are culturally more sensitive about its youth so there are more police reports about it. Non-Malays are maybe more accepting about it so the margin (is lower).” (more…)

After Anwar and Karpal, now Tian Chua. ‘Persecution’ of Pakatan continues

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Hazlan Zakaria

After the Appellate Court’s overturning of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy acquittal, and DAP chairperson Karpal Singh’s sedition conviction, now PKR vice-president Tian Chua is probed by police over a supposedly seditious document.

“I was arrested for a brief period in IPK KL, for the purpose of seizing my iPad. Released after half an hour,” read a tweet by Tian Chua today.

According to the notice sent by police to him that Tian Chua posted on Twitter yesterday, he was being called up for interview in relation to a police investigation under Section 4 (1) (c) of the Sedition Act. (more…)

March 15, 2014

Dayak areas uphill for BN

sarawakWinston Way

A political analyst claims Sarawak BN’s loss in votes will not mean that the opposition will gain bigger ground.

The next state election will be tough on both Sarawak Barisan Nasional and the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

According to University Malaysia Sarawak political anaylst Jeniri Amir, while it will be an uphill battle for BN to retain Dayak loyalty, it did not mean that Pakatan will gain ground

He said the reduction of popular vote for BN, as evident in the last two state elections, was not due to a stronger presence of the opposition in the Dayak areas. (more…)

BN has failed Balingian folk, says Sarawak PKR

Dukau Papau

For the past 50 years, the people of Balingian have been suffering from the lack of development, such as educational facilities, healthcare and other basic infrastructure like roads and clean water.

And all this despite the fact that their elected representative was the all-powerful former chief minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Taib represented the constituency since 2001, until he quit as its assemblyperson on Feb 28, triggering a by-election. (more…)

Malaysia rejects indigenous rights at the UN

Sarawak's indigenous communities are fighting against a series of mega-dams which will destroy their Native Customary Rights (NCR) land. They have not been consulted.Sarawak Report

In October 2013, Malaysia underwent its 2nd Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the United Nations. The UPR is a process which involves a review of the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States. It provides an opportunity for all States to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries.

In an appalling response to the rights of Malaysia’s indigenous communities, the Malaysian Government has rejected the following recommendations made by the Governments of Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. (more…)

March 14, 2014

Finding MH370, a matter of national pride

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MH370-IIILuke Rintod

China, Vietnam have vested interest in the South China Seas and finding the missing MH370 first will stamp their superiority. 

As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 enters a full-week, the question now is who or which country will find the missing Boeing 777-200ER first.

Now, it  is a matter of national prestige.

In the picture are China, Vietnam and Malaysia, all  including Phillipines have vested interests in the Spratly islands among others in the South China Sea. (more…)

Was the MAS aircraft ‘hijacked’?

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mh370Awang Abdillah

Did MAS deliberately delay the information giving time for the plane to escape to a far away destination?

The past five days we have heard speculations by aviation experts as to what may or could have happened with MH370 which went off the radar last Saturday at 1.30am carrying with it 239 passengers and crew.

As at 3pm Wednesday, there has been no conclusive findings for experts to examine. MH370 is still not visible in any form.

Allow me to put forward some theories that may help the authorities to pinpoint the most probable cause. (more…)

BN and Pakatan should prove ‘people come first’ in water deal

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Alyaa Alhadjri

The ongoing water restructuring exercise in Selangor is a golden opportunity for the Pakatan Rakyat state government and Barisan Nasional federal administration to rise above partisan politics and prove to all that the people come first in their political struggle.

Pakatan should stop using the matter for political mileage while the BN should stop dragging its feet in reaching a solution and avoid being seen as punishing the Pakatan-held state for the people’s electoral decision to kick the federal ruling coalition out.

This is to ensure that a long-term solution to the state’s water woes, made worse by current weather conditions, can be achieved within the shortest possible time and to prevent such situations from arising in future. (more…)

Satellites picked up ‘pings’ from Malaysian jet, say sources

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The Royal Malaysian Navy, a Royal Malaysian Navy Fennec helicopter prepares to depart to aid in the search and rescue efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 over the Straits of Malacca in this handout photograph received yesterday. – Reuters pic, March 14, 2014.


The Royal Malaysian Navy, a Royal Malaysian Navy Fennec helicopter prepares to depart to aid in the search and rescue efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 over the Straits of Malacca in this handout photograph received yesterday.

Satellites picked up faint electronic pulses from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it went missing on Saturday, but the signals gave no information about where the stray jet was heading and little else about its fate, two sources close to the investigation said yesterday.

But the “pings” indicated its maintenance troubleshooting systems were switched on and ready to communicate with satellites, showing the aircraft, with 239 people on board, was at least capable of communicating after losing touch with air traffic controllers. (more…)

777s don’t just disappear

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Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines with registration number 9M-MRO flying over Poland on February 5, 2014. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with 239 people onboard, dropped off air traffic control screens at about 1.30am on Saturday, less than an hour into a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. There were no reports of bad weather or mechanical problems. – Reuters pic, March 14, 2014.Les Abend

The lack of definitive information about the fate of Malaysia Flight 370 has baffled and riveted expert and average person alike. Even the latest development of a Chinese satellite apparently having captured an image of some type of debris on Sunday seems like a long shot.

If it turns out to be the plane, many questions will remain, including why did it take three days to analyze the data? And considering that shipping lanes are in the area, might the debris be from another source?

Amid the muddle of speculation, possibilities and blind alleys, are there logical explanations in this mysterious disappearance? The short answer is yes. But what, of what we know so far, makes sense exactly? (more…)

March 13, 2014

Malaysia Failing to Manage Plane Crisis Exposes Leadership Limit

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Sharon Chen and Jason Scott

Malaysia, aspiring to become a developed nation in six years, is finding that more than 50 years under one coalition and tight control over information is a mismatch for handling a rapidly growing crisis followed across the world.

China is calling on Malaysia to be more transparent as Prime Minister Najib Razak lets his cousin, Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, be the face of the investigation into why a Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) plane vanished on March 8. It was en route to Beijing with 239 people on board. Investigators from at least nine countries are trying to locate the jet. (more…)

March 12, 2014

Anwar’s verdict – who is really guilty?


Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty by the Court of Appeal. Given the political scenario, in particular the Kajang Move, the decision was not really a surprise. After all, Anwar’s trial or appeal has never been usual to begin with.
When the Kajang Move was initiated by Anwar, his enemies also moved other initiatives. Apparently for nowAnwar’ s enemies seemed to have checkmated the Kajang Move. But this is not a chess game. Underestimating Anwar’s strength is at his enemies’ own peril. (more…)

Stop mocking democracy, EC told


Bersih says EC must involve the public in its re-delineation of electoral boundaries.

The Election Commission (EC) will retain its image as a mocker of democracy if it does not take account of public feedback in the coming re-delineation of electoral boundaries, says election watchdog Bersih.

Speaking to FMT, Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah alleged that the commission had a record of always disregarding objections from the public in its delineation exercises.

She proposed that it changes its procedure by formally consulting the public prior to the next exercise. (more…)

The reality of inflation

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Price HikesMedecci Lineil 

Bank Negara, Majlis Profesor Negara and mainstream economists have been saying to the general public that there is little inflation in the economy given the measurement by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the one tool which says will better reflect true inflation.

They define the inflation merely as rising prices. The politicians meanwhile talk so much about inflation and high cost of living today with little understanding of what they are

Only Austrian economics can explain correctly what inflation is Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) explained inflation in his essay: (more…)

March 11, 2014

Justice not seen to be served in Sodomy II


The Malaysian Bar is deeply troubled by the conviction and sentence to five years’ imprisonment of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim by the Court of Appeal, for what was essentially consensual sex between two adults.

Anwar Ibrahim was convicted and sentenced under section 377B, read with section 377A, of the Penal Code.

Section 377A of the Penal Code criminalises sodomy and oral sex (fellatio). Section 377B provides that whosoever voluntarily commits the acts described in section 377A shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping. (more…)

Anwar’s guilty verdict will backfire on Barisan, say analysts

Pakatan Rakyat leaders at a convention which was held in Shah Alam yesterday. Analysts predict the coalition will receive a boost in its support base following Anwar's conviction for sodomy. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, March 9, 2014.LOOI SUE-CHERN AND ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH

Pakatan Rakyat leaders at a convention which was held in Shah Alam yesterday. Analysts predict the coalition will receive a boost in its support base following Anwar’s conviction for sodomy.

The Court of Appeal’s conviction of PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy and the five-year jail sentence meted out to him just four days before the Kajang by-election campaigning kicks off will result in a public backlash against Barisan Nasional (BN), political analysts said.

Professor Ahmad Atory Hussain, a political science lecturer from Universiti Sains Malaysia said the latest development was likely to deliver Pakatan Rakyat (PR) a bigger win in the state seat this time. (more…)

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