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August 20, 2014

The high cost of getting high

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Mariam Mokhtar

What do these have in common? In early August, two British medical students were fatally stabbed in the centre of Kuching by four men. Earlier this year, two teenage girls were raped by about 30 men in a disused hut in a village in Kelantan. In 2010, a mother and daughter were scarred for life after an attacker poured acid over them. In Terengganu, in August 2010, a man in his thirties abandoned his centenarian wife, Wook Kundor, despite promising that he would care for her. Earlier this year, a lorry driver allegedly veered into the path of the car which carried Karpal Singh, killing him.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The feature which links these crimes is men who were high on drugs. (more…)

Salleh calls on authorities to monitor agitators promoting separation of Sabah from Malaysia

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Sabah State Assembly Speaker Datuk Seri Salleh Tun Said yesterday called on the relevant authorities to monitor the activity of certain individuals and groups who are using social media platforms to incite people to separate Sabah from Malaysia.

Salleh, who is also Usukan assemblyman, said such an extreme ideology spread by those quarters via Facebook and Twitter should be monitored and controlled as it was dangerous and could shake the country’s stability and safety. (more…)

August 18, 2014

We know ‘bin’ doesn’t mean Muslim, Sabah NRD says of wrongful conversion claims

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Dusing reiterated his call on the NRD to rectify cases of Bumiputera Christians with 'bin' or 'binti' in their names being wrongly classified as Muslims in their MyKads. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaJulia Chan

The Sabah branch of the National Registration Department (NRD) today denied it had wrongly categorised Christians here as Muslims, insisting the changes were made after verifying records of the applicants.

Disputing the complaints raised by Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Sabah on behalf of 162 locals, Sabah NRD deputy director Adrian Allan Richard said the department was aware that the use of “bin” or “binti” in Sabahan names does not necessarily mean the person is Muslim.

As such, the department would not automatically “convert” their religion to Islam without checking their records. (more…)

NGOs must remain non-partisan

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With rapid socio-economic development and access to education, Malaysians are now more aware of their individual and collective rights. This has resulted in the growth of a vibrant civil society in Malaysia, despite a number of restrictive laws.

NGOs play critical roles as watchdogs of good governance, democracy, human rights, environment and many other issues.

In demanding greater accountability of government, NGOs have consistently raised questions about power, transparency, participation and democracy. (more…)

August 17, 2014

‘Contradictory for Pakatan to use SD to oust MB’

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Nigel Aw

It would be inconsistent of Pakatan Rakyat to oust Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim through statutory declarations (SDs), said lawyer New Sin Yew.

New, who is from Bon Advocates which is representing Abdul Khalid, said Pakatan was the one opposing to such a move when BN took over Perak in 2009 by presenting SDs to the state’s sultan to prove their majority support.

“In 2009 during the Perak crisis, Pakatan’s stance was that they needed to go through a vote of no confidence (in the state assembly) and the lost of support should not be determined through SDs which was done by BN. (more…)

August 14, 2014

Delineation and seats increase (Part II)


Presently, there are 222 seats with Sabah having 25; Sarawak 31; Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya 13; and the 11 states in peninsula Malaysia, 153. On Feb 23, 2014, the Election Commission (EC) has hinted at a possibility of seats increase in several states, where its chairperson has declared a possible increment of between 15 and 20 percent in Selangor, Johor, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah, among others. (The Star Online)

But how does the EC decide on the number of seats for each state? What is their basis?

Inter-state malapportionment (more…)

August 13, 2014

After ‘Allah’ ban, Sabah Christians demand return of religious freedom

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Sabah Christians are demanding that Putrajaya return their religious freedom to them, after the Federal Court ruled against the Catholic Church in using ‘Allah’ in its weekly, Herald. – The Malaysian Insider pic, August 9, 2014.TMI

Sabah Christians, declaring that their faith is under siege, want Putrajaya to return their religious freedom to them, following the Federal Court ruling in June denying the Catholic church leave to appeal against the “Allah” ban on its weekly, Herald.

Continuing their “mamangkis” war cry against the threat to their Christian faith, they deemed the Allah ban an attack against the people’s constitutional right to practise their religion without hindrance.

At the launch of the mamangkis gathering in Papar today, Sabah Catholic archbishop John Wong said the nation was being confronted with an unprecedented threat to the Christian faith. (more…)

August 12, 2014

Malaysia’s education: Can it get worse?

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A significant number of parents have opted to send their children to international schools where standards are higherLim Teck Ghee

In the past few months, we have had a stream of negative news focusing on our educational institutions and system. The latest, relating to the forced dismissal of a university academic from his position as director of a research centre in Universiti Malaya, has led to Tun Musa Hitam lending his voice to the demand by many quarters for the Education Ministry to investigate the allegation of political interference in the running of the university and to clarify the matter to the public.

According to the former deputy prime minister, the government should not be defensive and “bash” those who criticise it, nor should it keep silent over these accusations. (more…)

August 8, 2014

Not registering five million new voters worrying

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voting-msiaSteven Choong

The BN administration is dragging its feet in implementing any proper mechanism to register new voters in time for the country’s 14th General Election.

The Election Commission (EC) has just announced that they have received a total of 40,715 applications for registration as voters during the voter registration exercise in the second quarter of this year from April to June.

Of the total, 31,998 applications were for registration of new voters while 8,717 were for a change of address for the voting centre.

The first quarter of 2014 saw only 11,565 new voters registered. (more…)

Politics of smoke and mirrors

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anwar-khalid-kajang-685x320Ishmael Lim

There is method in the Selangor madness.

A foreign observer trying to fathom the workings of Malaysian politics would be hard pressed to understand what is going on right now in the state of Selangor.

You may be forgiven if you thought that state constitutional rules and statute books would provide sufficient sign-posting for the removal of a Menteri Besar, and you would be correct, but only to an extent.

The culture of politics elsewhere may be complex. But in Malaysia, it can be stupefying or downright illogical. People in the know will attest that in all of the chaos and madness, there is order and method. (more…)

August 7, 2014

Rafizi: Removing Khalid worth risk of losing S’gor

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PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli has admitted that there is a risk of Pakatan Rakyat losing Selangor should the state face a snap election as a result of the ongoing menteri besar crisis.

However, Rafizi believes that “defending principles is worth losing a government”.

“If we lose the state government, so be it. Because we cannot abuse the trust that the rakyat had given us,” Rafizi  told reporters after a forum held on the issue at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

During the question-and-answer session, Rafizi explained that it was difficult to change the menteri besar because “out of all the 44 assemblypersons, none (MB candidates) are unanimously accepted by all the parties in the opposition bloc”. (more…)

Deepak seeks to strike out suit by PI Bala’s widow


Controversial carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishian filed an application in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today to strike out the suit filed by the widow of the late private investigator P Balasubramaniam.

This was confirmed to Malaysiakiniby lawyer Americk Sidhu who is appearing for the widow, A Santamil Selvi, and her three children.

The matter came-up for case management before deputy registrar Norfauzani Mohd Nordin today.

Santamil Selvi and the children filed the RM1.9 million suit on June 11, alleging conspiracy by nine defendants they named for using unlawful means or unlawful acts to cause injury or damage against them and the late Balasubramaniam. (more…)

August 6, 2014

‘Fresh election in Selangor will see end of Pakatan’

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Alyaa Azhar

Pakatan Rakyat will be destroyed if Selangor has to go through a fresh state-level election.

Penang Institute fellow Wong Chin Huat believes this would be the case, not on grounds that the rakyat will vote for the BN, but rather because most people will not be bothered to vote.

“Then you will also have a third party, who will come and split the votes and as such, you will have BN back in power,” Wong (right) said.

He said this at a forum last night on the on-going menteri besar crisis in Selangor, and then went on to cite the 1977 crisis in Kelantan. (more…)

MB crisis will not ruin Pakatan, assures Anwar

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Anwar Ibrahim

Much has been said over the past weeks on the possible break-up of Pakatan Rakyat particularly on account of the friction between PKR and PAS over the choice of Menteri Besar for Selangor.

Let me reiterate my position: Pakatan Rakyat will not break up because of the choice of MB but it can and it will break up if any of its component parties compromises on its core principles, of integrity, transparency and accountability in government.

It was on these principles that Pakatan Rakyat was formed to provide an alternative choice of government for the people, the very principles that the BN government have violated for the past five decades of power. (more…)

Umno lawyer helped Khalid settle RM67 million debt with Bank Islam, says PKR

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PKR has issued a report with six reasons the party wants Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to quit as Selangor menteri besar, among them the fortuitous settlement of his debt with Bank Islam and his handling of issues such as water rationing and the seizure of Bibles. – TMI pic, August 5, 2014.MD IZWAN

PKR has issued a report with six reasons the party wants Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to quit as Selangor menteri besar, among them the fortuitous settlement of his debt with Bank Islam and his handling of issues such as water rationing and the seizure of Bibles.

The person behind the settlement of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s RM66.67 million debt with Bank Islam is former Umno lawyer Tan Sri Rashid Manaf, PKR revealed today.

This was mentioned following the release of a report describing six reasons PKR wants Khalid to quit his post as menteri besar of Malaysia’s wealthiest state. (more…)

Law expert: Sultan needs to call state polls in S’gor

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Constitutional expert Prof Abdul Aziz Bari said today it will be difficult for Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah to appoint a new menteri besar for the state on grounds that incumbent Khalid Ibrahim has been accused of integrity issues by his own party members.

Aziz said the sultan risks being accused of “favouring” one of the conflicting parties if he chooses to exercise his discretion to appoint a new government, and thus a state election would be the best way to resolve the problem.

“It is just difficult for the sultan to appoint a new menteri besar in this scenario. It is difficult to see who is having majority support in the House. (more…)

Tough for PAS if snap polls called in Selangor, says lawmaker

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PAS will face a tough time retaining its seats in Selangor if snap polls are called to resolve the current menteri besar issue. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 5, 2014.DIYANA IBRAHIM

PAS will face a tough time retaining its seats in Selangor if snap polls are called to resolve the current menteri besar issue.

PAS will face a tough time retaining its seats if snap polls are called in Selangor to resolve the current menteri besar issue, said one of the party’s lawmakers.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said such a situation might arise because the Islamist party was now seen as supporting embattled Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to continue helming the country’s richest state. (more…)

We are Malay-Muslims, we are entitled

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Syahredzan Johan

During the holy month, are Malay-Muslims entitled to better rights than others?

So you are fasting. The sun is bearing down on you, your stomach is growling and your throat is parched. It is only 12.30 in the afternoon; you still have hours to go before you may break your fast. All of a sudden, a non-Muslim person appears before you, enjoying an icy cold can of your favourite cola. He looks like he is savouring the cola. You could imagine the sensation of that very same cola filling your throat with diabetes-inducing caffeine goodness. So you flare up. How dare this person drink in front of you? Does he have no respect for the holy month of Ramadhan, to be wantonly quenching his thirst in full view of Muslims? Does he not know that Muslims form the majority of this country and therefore must be respected? (more…)

PKR’s dossier on Khalid no longer a Pakatan issue

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Kua Kia Soong

After PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution’s expose of a 40-page dossier “detailing alleged wrongdoings and questionable practices” of Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the melodrama over the MB’s replacement is now every Malaysian’s business.

It is no longer a Pakatan Rakyat sitcom that seems to drag interminably in the Malaysian media.

First, we demand that the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) start immediate investigations into these alleged questionable practices of the MB by looking into Saifuddin’s 40-page dossier. (more…)

August 5, 2014

Azizah: What’s wrong with me listening to Anwar?

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If PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim can act as a consultant for foreign goverments, then why shouldn’t a Selangor menteri besar listen to his advice?

This was PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s argument in response to those who say that if she is appointed Selangor MB, she will only be her husband Anwar’s puppet.

“Some people say I am Anwar’s puppet but Anwar is the advisor and he has all the experience (so) why can’t I listen to him? (more…)

August 4, 2014

Can a lone ranger run a government?

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Dr Wong Chin Huat

That really depends on what sport you play.

Boxing vs Football

For football, the epic 7-1 victory of a solid German team over a bunch of Brazilian football stars in the recent World Cup semi-finals is the best case in point. But if you play badminton singles, what team spirit do you really need? You don’t have a team mate to start with.

But even individual sports rely on team, just that we don’t see it. Consider boxing. We only see two boxers fighting in the ring, but behind them there is a substantial support team: trainer, promoter, manager, cutman, second.  http://how-to-box.com/content/building-your-boxing-team (more…)

Is ‘Kiki the road bully’ the victim or a vixen?

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KikiMariam Mokhtar

Viewing the YouTube clip of 30-year-old Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin, also known as Kiki, reacting to her new Peugeot 208 being bumped by Sim Siak Heong, 68, was like watching a bull going at a red rag. In two-and-a-half minutes, Siti did her reputation more damage than was done to her car’s bumper.

As a Muslim, Kiki should have realised that during Ramadhan, Muslims should exercise restraint; instead, Kiki released a tirade after snatching Sim’s car keys, then bashed his car several times with a steering lock.

One pensioner who saw the clip of Kiki said, “Apa guna dia (Siti) puasa kalau maki hamun, tunjuk perangai macam penyamun? Ramadhan, bulan yang maha suci? (What is the point of (Siti) fasting if she is abusive and acts like a bandit.  Ramadhan is the holiest month (in the Islamic calendar))” (more…)

Marina urges concern for all facing oppression, regardless of race, religion

TMIMarina, seen here at a gathering promoting peace and moderation at Bangsar Village in March, wants Malaysians to stand up with her against oppression affecting people of all races and religions, around the world. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, August 3, 2014.

Social activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir has spoken out against the show of support by many Malaysians only for the Palestinian people, while ignoring acts of oppression in other parts of the world, Bernama reported today.

Explaining that Malaysians must be concerned about violence and oppression in the world regardless of religion, race or country, Marina said although what was happening in Gaza now was most saddening, the oppression occurring in other countries should also not be forgotten because humans were the creation of God and all were equally important.

She urged Malaysians to be concerned about the oppression taking place in Palestine, Syria, Sri Lanka and elsewhere based on fundamental rights and humanity and not based on religion or race. (more…)

Khalid should leave like a gentleman

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khalid300V. Thomas

Khalid must realise that despite doing a sterling job in building Selangor’s coffers, he has many black marks in his report card as well.

Khalid Ibrahim should gracefully give up the Selangor Menteri Besar’s (MB) post in order to prevent the unthinkable – a snap election that could effectively end Pakatan’s rule in Selangor, a state it has governed since 2008.

Pakatan has already given Khalid six years (one full term plus one year) to administer Malaysia’s wealthiest state and his name will forever be etched in Selangor’s illustrious list of MBs, who have since Merdeka, developed and transformed the state into what it is today. (more…)

Khalid must step down if he loses his party’s confidence

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Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor

Much has been made of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s “innocence” and good management of Selangor by those who are resisting moves to replace him as the menteri besar.

Khalid himself seems adamant at staying on at all costs despite his party PKR having endorsed PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his replacement.

Although PKR and DAP have decided that Khalid should go in the interests of Pakatan Rakyat, the former corporate player insists on serving out his full term as MB.

Khalid could have been emboldened by expression of support from some PAS leaders and even his fans in Pakatan’s rival, Umno. (more…)

Pakatan at a crossroad

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Lim Sue Goan

It is highly likely for Pakatan Rakyat to repeat its history of separation in 2001. If this were eventually to become a reality, democracy would invariably suffer a major setback in this country.

Although it is not easy to split the opposition pact now that the three component parties have tasted some sweetness of power, a burning point could be all it takes to bring it to knees, and this could be another election (Sarawak state election) that would attest to the fact that the voters are beginning to forsake Pakatan, forcing DAP and PKR to make really painful choices.

Judging from the current situation, it has become a real challenge for Pakatan to woo back the middle voters who are beginning to swing away from it. Among the factors, Pakatan leaders are fast losing their fighting spirit while PAS inches closer towards conservatism and accentuated conflicts among the three parties. (more…)

August 3, 2014

Banknote graft injunction to protect senior leaders, says Australian government

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Employees from the Reserve Bank of Australia’s subsidiary companies – Securency and Note Printing Australia – were alleged to have bribed foreign officials in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam from 1999 to 2004 to win banknote printing contracts. – The Malaysian Insider pic, August 2, 2014.TMI

A superinjunction obtained by the Australian government in the banknote scandal was the best way to protect senior political figures from disparaging remarks, the Australian embassy in Indonesia said.

In a statement, the embassy said the naming of prominent Southeast Asian leaders in the order last week does not imply any wrongdoing on their part.

“The orders are to prevent publication of information which could suggest the involvement in corruption of senior political figures in the region. (more…)

Pakatan leaders vow to strengthen troubled pact


Top Pakatan Rakyat leaders today pledged the strengthen the opposition coalition amid strains within its component parties, which are at odds over whether to replace Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

In a joint statement today, it said the rise of Pakatan was a product of the rakyat’s support and the coalition will work to ensure that its members remain together.

“The spirit of understanding and camaraderie in Pakatan Rakyat is the basis of its strength and integrity to bring political, social and economic change and reform in this beloved country. (more…)

Avoidably bitter footnote to Karpal’s legacy

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Karpal Singh Deo has been dead for three and half months now, his passing lamented in a plethora of encomiums to his career and eulogies on his life. All justified of course.

The advocacy of the ‘Tiger of Jelutong’ in a court of law and in the premier arena of the country – Parliament – is said to be sorely missed by hypothetical clients questing after justice and legions of citizens hungering for an egalitarian Malaysia.

But there’s this bit of wisdom about the devil being in the details that now comes to spoil things, including the Deo legacy which underwent an understandable amount of posthumous inflation by reason of the tragic circumstances of his passing and the void it is said to have left in the Malaysian opposition’s advocacy of exigent causes. (more…)

August 2, 2014

Pray for peace of Jerusalem

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pray for jerusalemTan Eng Bee

The world is saddened by the death and destruction in Gaza with casualties rising every hour.

Almost 1,400 Palestinians have died and 7,000 injured, while on the Israeli side, nearly 60 are dead.

Israel is recalling 16,000 reservists to beef up its force while the Palestinians will continue to fire thousands of rockets to Israel at the same time.

The Israelis and the Palestinians are engaging in a war which is totally necessary if only they could see eye to eye and to resolve their issues amicably in the light of the Jews are there to stay but the Palestinians want them annihilated or exterminated. (more…)

August 1, 2014

The Malay revisited

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Karina Bahrin

Every day, it seems we push the envelope further. First, cow heads were paraded in front of Hindu temples. Then, Bibles were seized. Now the Chinese are being accused of being “trespassers” in this land.

I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. Our nation is finally undergoing the long overdue psychotherapy it should have braved up to when Malaya was first formed. We are finally gathering courage to confront the elephant in the room.

Our nation’s harmony has always been a fragile thing. Perhaps the reasons it has held up the last 57 years is that the majority of this country is a fairly homogenous Muslim lot and everyone else on the periphery understands the wisdom of not rattling the giant. (more…)

Stop giving state land to crony firms, Adenan told

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Dukau Papau

DAP today urged Chief Minister Adenan Satem to stop immediately the alienation of 263.6 acres of state land in Batu Kawah, Kuching, to a company it said is owned by leaders of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).The land should instead be used for affordable housing, with the construction of flats equipped with full recreational facilities and two primary schools, Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said today.

DAP is concerned the land, worth about RM400 million, is in the process of being alienated  to a company owned by PBB leaders.

“We don’t want yet another plot of state land to be alienated to a crony company,” said Chong, who is the MP for Bandar Kuching and assemblyperson for Kota Sentosa. (more…)

Solution or implosion for Pakatan?

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Leaders of Pakatan Rakyat

Ian McIntyre

In the months after PAS was decisively defeated by Umno in the 2004 general election, a sense of unison was shaping up among the ulama, technocrats and young leaders in the Islamist party.

In Kelantan, this upstart movement was helmed by the technocrats of Datuk Husam Musa (an economist by training) and Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan (a Kedahan lawyer practising there).

Both were well connected — Husam due to his association with the now ailing party spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat while Takiyuddin was previously part of a top-notch legal firm (founded by former foreign minister Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail). (more…)

A PAS fallout in Pakatan is win-win for Umno and MB Khalid

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Ng Kee Seng

The current political “turmoil” or “fracas” in Selangor is a replay of what happened to PAS in Kelantan in 1977.

The Umno-led Barisan Nasional’s (BN) political scheming in 1977 through an emergency led to a 12-year Umno emergency rule in Kelantan.

However, the Kelantanese sent Umno packing in the 1990 general election, giving their mandate to PAS and the now defunct Semangat 46 that was led by Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

The 1977 power grab was executed by the brute Umno federal force after PAS decided to quit the BN coalition. Umno of course refused to give up the oil-rich state. (more…)

July 30, 2014

Will ‘Allah’ swing votes in Sabah, Sarawak this time?

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The ‘Allah’ issue is seen almost as an exclusively peninsula problem by Sabah and Sarawak folk but there are rumblings that a country should not have two sets of rules for its citizens. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, July 29, 2014.DESMOND DAVIDSON AND SHERIDAN MAHAVERA

For all the hysteria surrounding the word “Allah” and whether non-Muslims can use it, the conflict almost never affects the people who use it the most.

About two-thirds of Malaysia’s 2.9 million Christians are in Sabah and Sarawak. Today, they still use “Allah” in their church services.

Sabah and Sarawak folk speak of the controversy as if it is a tale that happens in a strange land whose inhabitants are perplexingly different from them.

Despite the fact that Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula are one country. (more…)

A Muslim would not tell lies

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Ravinder Singh

Former chief justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad, as High Court judge in the 1990s, is alleged to have remarked that “as a Muslim he would not tell lies” when accepting a Malay man’s claim that his signature as guarantor was forged by a third party and acquitting him.

It was the case of a bank suing two business partners, a Malay and an Indian, who were the guarantors for a loan. The same defence of forgery made by the Indian man was rejected.

This was recently revealed by retired Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram, two days after Hamid made a racist speech at a buka puasa event, accusing the Penang government of being anti-Islam and anti-Muslim by not providing funds for Islamic religious purposes in the state. (more…)

Hadi, how many more like Zuhdi are there?

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PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli (below) has called on PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to disclose how many other top PAS leadership share the “race-based and anti-democratic” views of its central committee member Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki.

This comes in the wake of several damning messages by Zuhdi, part of a conversation in a PAS central committee Whatsappmobile messaging group which was leaked, in which he floated the suggestion of PAS teaming up with Umno in Selangor and at the expense of non-Muslims. (more…)

July 29, 2014

Pakatan doomed if Selangor MB crisis not resolved, say analysts


Political analysts have agreed with the pessimism expressed by both DAP and PAS on the prospects of Pakatan Rakyat surviving the Selangor menteri besar crisis, adding that the continued squabbles between the three-party opposition pact on the issue have also raised questions whether they have the chops to govern the country, given their oft-repeated mantra of taking over Putrajaya.

Respected independent pollster Ibrahim Suffian (pic) warns that if Pakatan cannot get its act together and present a united front, then the issue of who can govern Malaysia’s richest state can potentially tear the coalition apart.

“If they cannot agree on the candidacy of the next mentri besar, I think it will be difficult for Pakatan to survive. (more…)

July 28, 2014

Orang Ulu want Jabu out as Sarawak Deputy CM

Dukau Papau

Orang Ulu communities and non-governmental organisations that oppose the construction of the Baram Dam have demanded that the resignation of Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu anak Numpang.

“This is because Jabu (left) does not understand the plight of the native communities affected by the construction of dams. He can’t even understand the plight and miseries of the people affected by the Bakun and Murum dams,” Save Rivers Network Sarawak chairperson Peter Kallang said.

“He wants to force the native communities of Baram to accept the proposed construction of the Baram Dam. (more…)

July 27, 2014

DAP out of Sarawak Pakatan will benefit BN

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Dukau Papau

Sarawak PKR has warned that should DAP pull out of the state Pakatan Rakyat (PR) over the proposed implementation of hudud by PAS in Kelantan, it will benefit the state Barisan Nasional.

The warning was sounded by state PKR chairperson Baru Bian in response to the DAP threat.

Last Sunday the state DAP had said that if Sarawak’s PKR and PAS did not decide their stand on the intention of the Islamic party PAS to introduce hudud in Kelantan, it will quit the coalition.

Baru, who is Ba’Kelalan assemblyperson, said that there was widespread anxiety and anger among  PR supporters and members that the coalition looked like being on the verge of collapse with th  DAP threat. (more…)

PKR insists Pakatan’s decision that Khalid must go as Selangor MB


PKR will stick to Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) decision that Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim must step aside as Selangor Menteri Besar and Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is the top choice for the post, its secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said today.

PKR’s insistence on following the PR leadership council decision came after PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang publicly backed Khalid to keep the top job in the country’s wealthiest state.

Saifuddin said all three parties in the coalition respected the decision by its leadership council earlier this week. (more…)

The policing of Muslims! An evaluation

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Ahmad Mustapha Hassan

I remember that during my childhood days in Alor Star, Kedah, Ramadan was always the month when Muslims were forbidden to openly eat in public. The enforcers from the religious department would go around arresting those who broke this rule. Muslim eating shops were forbidden to open before three in the afternoon while non-Muslim restaurants were free to operate as usual.

In those days, we were more or less forced to fast as there were then no fast food outlets like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and the like. At home there was definitely no food at all. There were no fridges, microwave ovens or such other amenities as found today where food could be stored and then reheated to be eaten anytime. (more…)

Chinese language neglected in Malaysia?

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Soo Wern JunStudents in Chinese schools find the sylabbus difficult to grasp after the PMR level

It is no longer essential to excel in the Chinese language, even if you are studying in a Chinese medium school. At least, this is what the trend shows.

According to a recent analytical report carried by a vernacular newspaper, the number of students who sat for the Chinese Language paper in the SPM in 2013 declined further from 2012 – from 50,279 to 48,781, a drop of 1,498 or nearly 30%. Apart from this decline in interest, there is also a drop in the number of top scorers. Only 1% of them scored A , compared with 2% for other languages offered under SPM.

The report cited the case of an elite secondary school where 666 candidates sat for the Chinese Language paper. Of those, 18 scored A and 86 scored A-. There were none in the A category. (more…)

Dress matters in the workplace

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Malaysiakini’s news report ‘Union wants hijab option for Muslim MAS crew’ and the request by National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia for female crew of Malaysia Airlines to be “given the option to observe Muslim dress code” begs for analysis.

A “hijab option” is not the same as “Muslim dress code”. The latter is problematic in its various implications. A dress code is like a uniform at work. Comply or face disciplinary action.

Why is this hijab option open only to females I ask? Consider if a male crew member wants to spot a beard, collar-length hair, headgear with a long flowing shift, open-toe sandals or decides that green is the right colour for his spiritual dress option. (more…)

July 24, 2014

Judges must validate decisions in cases involving constitutional issues, say lawyers

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The legal team in the case brought by Sarawakian Jill Ireland against the Home Minister and the government may appeal the case despite getting a favourable decision on Monday, in order to get a firm judgment on the outstanding constitutional issue over Ireland's right to practise her faith. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Shafiq, July 23, 2014.V. ANBALAGAN

The legal team in the case brought by Sarawakian Jill Ireland against the Home Minister and the government may appeal the case despite getting a favourable decision on Monday, in order to get a firm judgment on the outstanding constitutional issue over Ireland’s right to practise her faith.

Judges will be seen as abdicating their duties when they refuse to make decisions as requested by litigants, especially in high profile public interest cases, lawyers said.

Citing the recent High Court decision in the Jill Ireland case, lawyers said litigants looked upon competent legal minds in the judiciary to enlighten them when it touched on their constitutional rights. (more…)

July 22, 2014

No country for these children

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Children who obtained their birth certificates with the assistance of NGOs such as DHRAA MalaysiaRaphael Wong

Children who obtained their birth certificates with the assistance of NGOs such as DHRAA Malaysia

They live and walk among us, but yet, they do not belong here, or anywhere else. Their only fault? They do not have the necessary documentation to prove their identity, and by extension, their nationality.

These are the stateless people and by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) estimates, there are about 12 million of them around the world. Given that any effort to map out these people is virtually impossible, this figure is just our best guess. The UNHCR believes that almost half of them are children. (more…)

July 21, 2014

Legality of Marina Park project in Miri questioned

Dukau Papau

Sarawak PKR today questioned the legality of the construction of a multi-billion ringgit Marina Park City project in Miri by Samling Group, which is closely linked to those in political power.

It also accused some Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) leaders of being involved in the project, which has become a very ‘hot’ issue in the city.

“Documents made available to our Miri MP Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng indicate that the original planning and engineering approvals will take away the existing approved car parks at Jalan Sri Dagang or the Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre,” state PKR vice-chairperson See Chee How said. (more…)

July 18, 2014

Radio stations take a beating in social media for giving road bully airtime

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V Shuman

Looks like the head honcho of Astro Radio networks has some explaining to do.

Not only explaining, but a lot of damage control measures will come in handy, as they have pissed off thousands of listeners and netizens in general by giving air time to a road bully aka Kiki Kamaruddin.

The woman was interviewed on both Era FM and English stations Hitz.FM for “her side of the story”. She became notorious and much hated after a video of her brandishing a steering lock and bullying an elderly motorist who had accidentally knocked into her Peugeot 208 went viral.

Both radio stations are run by local satellite provider Astro, under their radio wing. (more…)

New KL Archbishop has heavy cross to carry

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From left: Pakiam and JulianFrancis Paul Siah

On July 3, I joined my fellow Catholics in welcoming news of the appointment of Rev Father Julian Leow as the new Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

The post has been vacant following the retirement of Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam eight months ago. Pakiam is required by canon law to step down as head of an archdiocese upon reaching 75.

Julian’s appointment by Pope Francis was announced by the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino. The embargoed July 3 press release carried a Vatican City dateline, attesting to its importance and supreme hierarchy of the Catholic Church. (more…)

July 17, 2014

Enough of warnings to armed militants, time to shoot to kill

Ng Kee Seng

To all the murderous armed militants and terrorists who have been raiding Sabah’s tourism eastern shores unabated for years, don’t say you have not been warned.

Now that the Malaysian navy has been given the shoot-on-sight Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Malaysians expect to see a significant drop in such raids that challenge the sovereignty of Malaysia.

Alas, Sabahans can heave a sigh of relief and possibly sleep more soundly now that the federal government is taking the armed intrusions seriously. (more…)

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