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June 2, 2009

“PKR Calm, BN Mental Torture”

By Audie61

gawai 2009 017After a few glasses on Tuak (traditional rice wine) and visibly impressed with PKR National Vice President Mustaffa Kamil Ayub’s visit to Dayak friends during the Gawai festivity, Audie61 cheerfully agreed to be our guest writer to contribute a piece for Hornbill Unleashed.

True to his words, Audie61 writes “PKR Calm, BN Mental Torture”, very much in the spirits of Gawai.

The Agenda for the day in Sarawak yesterday June 1st in every nook and corner of Sarawak was Gawai visitations, a “Harvest Festival” when greetings are exchanged and past irritations are put to rests. There is no room for bad feelings to be embroiled in this merry making day. It was all smiles and pleasantries.

gawai 2009 006Smses were used to give directions especially so as my in laws and family had an “Open House” in Kampung Sagah. The stream of visitors were non-stop especially so as my in-laws and family members were very prominently known to have assisted many Bidayuhs, Malays, Chinese in whatever capacities. This part of the kampung is very closely knitted and many politicians from both sides of the political divide has benefited from their human resources and other human factors.

It seems that Kampung Sagah folks held and hold the key to 3 ADUN constituencies. It is Tasik Biru, Tupong and to a certain extent Opar. BN YBs have been seen moving around during Christmas and now are using the “open houses” concept to strengthen their grip on a very vulnerable situation. This vulnerability is best explained by SKY in his article entitled  ‘Free Yourself From Mental Prison

SKY said: “Whenever I floated the possibility of an alternative government in Malaysia one-day, voters like that would sneer at me and asked me to “dream on”. Even many opposition supporters in Sarawak today think that BN will be in power in my home state for eternity, simply because the Sarawak BN is too powerful and too rich, and the people are simply too stupid and too easily bought … But the political climate has changed.”


gawai 2009 008Indeed it has and now the PKR State Excos and team are also making their Gawai rounds led by the Acting State Chief Mustaffa Kamil Ayub.

He made his presence felt at Granda Aing (a PKR Bidayuh leader) and came a calling at my in-laws’ humble abode.

Of course, the opposition members do make their usual rounds but this time the people are no more afraid or ‘fear of reprisal’ to be seen in their company. This is the one change which is very evident.

Previously, there was this very evident and within the next 48 hours there will be phone calls and unwanted invitations from political boys who will try to drive fear into the villages or kampungs. The accessibility of Bau/Lundu/Padawan  nowadays has made the Bidayuh YBS on their tenterhooks as they know their voters and constituents are immune to these threats. Those days it was called “COLD STORAGE TREATMENT” for government officials who were seen to be aligned to the opposition parties. Bidayuhs are known to be very self sufficient, politically and intellectually matured and will stand no nonsense of being deprived of their political rights. I should know as my better half is from the Bidayuh hinterland. This is also the mental torture which is affecting the BN ADUNS as the State gears for the state election.

gawai 2009 022A political secretary to the CM told me and I would like to quote, “L.A. (Lubok Antu) was different and we saw the might of BN machinery at the by-election. If the state election is called, BN would not have it easy. We need to work hard to keep a stranglehold of the state and everyone is needed.”

How true and how very true… PRS has lost a substantial number of its grassroot leaders and they will also present a threat to some BN previously secured or untouchable seats. SUPP will try to regain lost ground and also preventing more losses. SPDP is looking solid while some PBB areas might just fall to PKR.

I was the interested party listening to Mustaffa on his ideas of Sarawak. An elderly voter asked him, “What do you think will happen in Sarawak?” His answer is simple and I agreed with him.

The voters will change in time to suit their needs and with the exposure being given by the TV and IT, and educated words from their siblings. They will be driven to accept what is best for them.

A Wakil Rakyat is supposed to be seen on the ground and making sure their constituents are catered for to the best of their abilities not only in monetary terms but in education and the whole socio-economic spectrum. There needs to be a balance in seeing that the gap between the rich and poor is not so huge. Look at what the state governments of Kelantan, Selangor, Kedah and Penang are doing.  Obviously, Perak did well until the constitutional crisis.

There was a lot of merrymaking and Mustaffa also took time off to sing together with some of the kampung folks. He seems acceptable as a “junior” to Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of PKR.

At this juncture, Baharuddin Mohksen (Petra Jaya Division Chief) who was seemingly not too happy I should say with audie61’s version of ‘junior’ being used in an article on Mustaffa. Of course we did a little explanation even though we know of his track record and abilities. It was a simple “Chief Prefect” and a “Deputy Prefect” term which diffuse the whole slight misuse of English word.

gawai 2009 003Baharuddin further said, “In PKR, we do not sweep everything under the carpet unlike some parties and we engage in healthy political differences. Our boardroom is open to discussion and seeing solutions and we take it on the chin if it is to our advantage in the long run.”

It seems now that the whole hooha and propaganda of wrestling Iban areas for PKR has somewhat toned down and now the focus is changing to Malay majority areas in which PBB has undoubtedly been seen as untouchable. There are no quick fixes or answers on how to dethrone and capture the prized seats of PBB. The PKR Malay leaders and candidates need to do their political homework and only then will they be a light at the end of the tunnel.

UMNO Sarawak Protem committees are not doing their parts as the company which is directed to look after the committee seems to be too involved in getting projects to fund their movements. It is not so much that UMNO head office is not giving them a part to play but they have overused/spent  it to their own advantage and not helping UMNO to assist PBB. We could easily or somewhat better use the whole package deal to run UMNO Sarawak for UMNO if the whole package of RM50 million out of the total RM243 million direct negotiated contract be utilised by the proper administrated office.

UMNO should come down hard on this company who seek instant fortune $$$$$$ but not realising the needs of the rakyat. This is one of the many reasons UMNO has fallen way back behind Pakatan. It is a mental torture and PBB needs UMNO and likewise. Will UMNO just close its eyes on this? Will UMNO come down hard on the company behind the protem committee (we will provide more later)?

It is all calm before the storm and Najib knows that he needs to act fast to quell the under currents that is swirling in and around Sarawak.

The Sarawak government are happy with their allocations of funds but beneath that, PBB is not too happy with UMNO protem not really seen going against the PKR Sarawak.

This is politics we know as if UMNO Sarawak is seen as moving too fast and hard, it will create a reverse stand. Each political party has its shelf life and if UMNO Sarawak is playing catch-up and not utilising the $$$$ derived from the projects to assist, they better CLOSE SHOP.

It is a way of telling the company not to make use of the political platform to hoodwink projects.

Will UMNO and Najib just let this be carried away like ‘Blown Away In 60 Seconds’?

Better not is the correct term. It is another mental torture for Najib and his new team.

Enough of sweeties/goodies and time to use the whip for UMNO.



  1. Company..???Lets leave this to another day when we will reveal it. The timing has got to be perfect or else they will take everything for granted.

    Comment by audie61 — June 3, 2009 @ 12:13 PM | Reply

  2. Not bad, a VP in Sarawak for Gawai visits. I am impressed too.

    I think PKR has shown that they are serious. We need the party and the other PR component parties to challenge PBB and Taib, like they have done in West Malaysia.

    Good work, Audie. Go on, tell us about the company.

    Comment by J Nga2 — June 2, 2009 @ 11:22 PM | Reply

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