Hornbill Unleashed

July 2, 2010


By Sarawak Report

When you have dozens of properties and as many companies to manage them it is always a good trick to stick to similar names.  Sarawak Report can exclusively reveal that there is a US arm to the Taib family’s North American  property empire.

Palatial – just one of the Taib family’s US residences

In Ottawa, Canada the family’s interests are managed by Sakto Corporation, but in the US they are managed by Sakti International Corporation. Sakti International Corporation comprises properties totalling an estimated value of US$80,000,000, according to their own company documents.  Each property is held under a separate company, usually named after the property’s street address, again in order to aid recognition.  For example, W.A. Boylston manages 1117 Boylston St, Seattle (shown right).

However, one of these companies is not so named. Wallyson’s Incorporated, based in Seattle, operates what is known as the Abraham Lincoln Building. The Abraham Lincoln Building houses a top secret FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) facility and to enter requires maximum security clearance.

This is the North West Regional Headquarters for the FBI, America’s domestic security and counter-terrorism service. The Seattle branch lists amongst its particular responsibilities countering terrorism threats from Far East Asia.  This building is owned by the Taib family.

Sakti’s other main US office block, 260 California Street, San Francisco, also rents space to an impressive list of clients, including Citibank.  It shows once again the Taib family’s ability to ingratiate with the establishment in host countries for their foreign investments.

Taib company history in the USA

Also like Sakto, Sakti is currently managed by Sean Murray, husband of Jamilah Taib, who is the daughter of Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak (salary 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit per month).  Sean Murray was re-named Hisham Murray when he converted to the Muslim faith on his marriage to Jamilah, but never uses this name in his business or social capacities outside of Sarawak.

However recent court documents deposited with the San Francisco Superior Court show that the company has always belonged to the Taib family.  Sakti makes several key acknowledgements in its deposition to the Court, which are therefore incontestable.  The company admits that Sakti was incorporated in California in 1987 and that it was initially managed by Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib.  The documents state “The Defendants [Sakti International Corporation] admit that beginning September 10, 1987, Sakti’s designated Chief Executive Officer, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer was Mahmud Taib”.

Previous revelations in Sarawak Report have proved that Mahmud Taib, the eldest son of the Chief Minister, was also an original Director of Sakto in Canada, formed in 1983, along with his sister Jamilah and their uncle Onn Mahmud, the Chief Minister’s brother.

Court Admissions

The Sakti court deposition goes on to admit that Mahmud Taib, who is now a Director of CMS Sarawak, was later succeeded by his younger brother Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib as “sole officer and director of Sakti”. Sarawak Report has documents to show that he was also the sole officer of Wallyson’s (see below).

When Sakti was incorporated in 1987 Mahmud Taib was 27 years old and his brother Rahman Taib was just 20.  However, the youthful brothers were supported in their roles by the involvement of other close family members.  Two of the Chief Minister’s brothers (Mahmud Taib’s uncles) joined him as the original directors of the company.  The deposition by Sakti says “[The] Defendants admit that the original members of Sakti’s Board of Directors were Onn Mahmud, Arip Mahmud and Mahmud Taib”.


Equally significantly Sakti admits that the shareholders of Sakti are all the Chief Minister’s own children or his brothers.  The document deposited by Sakti International Corporation states ”the original shareholders of the company were Mahmud Taib, Onn Mahmud, Jamilah Taib, Arip Mahmud, and Rahman”.  It goes on to confirm that “Mahmud Taib, Onn Mahmud, Jamilah Taib, Arip Mahmud and Rahaman are still shareholders of Sakti Holdings” (the company into which the shares have been moved).

Sarawak Report can therefore categorically verify that Sakti in the US, like Sakto in Canada, was set up and originally managed exclusively by the Taib family, who provided the original US shareholder investments.  The involvement of Sean Murray, the current Manager of Sakto and Sakti, began only after his marriage to Jamilah Taib and in fact he succeeded Rahman Taib as the Manager of Sakti only in 2006.

Sarawak Report therefore invites Mr Murray to declare whether he currently holds any shareholdings in the companies he directs, or if he is merely an employee of his wife’s family.

Sarawak Report also invites the Taib family to explain how between 1983 and 1987 they were able to invest millions of dollars in the setting up of two property companies in Canada and the US, whose combined portfolios are now worth at at least US$200,000,000.  Of the original shareholders, Jamilah, Rahman and Mahmud (the children of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud) were in their early twenties and at college at that time, while the other two shareholders, Arip and Onn, are the Chief Minister’s brothers.  If the money was all coming from the two uncles, who are purported to be businessmen, then their generosity in including the Chief Minister’s children rather than their own in these shareholdings is surprising.

Time for some answers

Sarawak Report believes that the people of Sarawak deserve an immediate explanation of these facts from Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.  The Chief Minister should instantly reveal whether he holds or once held a stake in these companies in North America and if any of the money invested was provided by him.   If Taib Mahmud is the beneficial owner of any of the shares in these companies the Sarawak taxpayer is entitled to know he obtained them.  Malaysia’s law enforcers should be enquiring on their behalf.

The FBI should also be willing to issue a statement enlightening the public about the ownership of the building they occupy. As joint defendents in the California court case Wallyson’s and Sakti International admitted that the owner of Wallyson’s Incoporated is a company called Rodinmass, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.  It is inconceivable that the FBI did not check who the owners of Rodinmass were, given the sensitivity of this building.  As the sole officer of Wallyson’s was Rahman Taib,  Sarawak Report contends that the owners and shareholders of Rodinmass are, like with Sakti International, the Taib family. Our information is that Laila Taib was the majority shareholder of Rodinmass.

Taib’s wife, brothers and children are all linked to these North American companies.  It is for Taib to now demonstrate that somehow he is not also linked as a beneficial owner of these lucrative properties.



  1. May we know who or rather who is behind Sarawak Report?Doesn’t anyone find it strange that suddenly there are a lots of news about our CM & his family’s wealth?
    The end of Sarawak under Sarawakian is coming to an end soon.We will be like Sabah who are under UMNO.
    I would prefer to have a Sarawakian CM who is from a Sarawak party then to be under UMNO’s control.
    Please have a long look at UMNO and it’s members.Are they the one we want to be ruling Sarawak?Is this the end of Sarawak?

    Comment by KF Fan — July 7, 2010 @ 3:14 PM | Reply

  2. Exactly, a big slap across the face for Sarawakians! Is it not humiliating enough?

    You have a family of termintes eating away from under your feet for decades and this has to stop, expose them! No point blaming your parents and grandparents before you for doing nothing. Let it start from you NOW.

    Call in the exterminator, this termite government has to go, say “NO to BN”! Photostat and circulate pictures of their overseas Sakto/Sakti properties – remember pictures speak a thousand words!

    Spread the word, inform all your friends, your extended families, neighbours, collegues, the local farmers, the street cleaners, the dumpster guys, your village headmen, the postmen, your local market groceries/fish/veg-sellers, your children’s teachers, everybody even the Sarawak rangers. Just do it! Meanwhile round up all those 21 years and above, and get them registered with Election Commission(SPR) to vote. Seek the services and help of DAP, PAS and PKR offices when in doubt. They are obligated to help.

    As for those termites, we shall deal with them if and when Pakatan Rakyat gets to Putra Jaya, that depends on YOU Sarawak!

    Comment by Jong — July 4, 2010 @ 3:06 PM | Reply

  3. “Marcos” of Malaysia….. so about time we deal with this guy and his cronies same as what the Filipinos did to Marcos….

    Comment by Black Cloud.... — July 4, 2010 @ 1:42 PM | Reply

  4. Sarawak report should extend their investigations to all the brothers and sisters of Taib Mahmud, in-laws, one notable cousin in the name of Hamid Sepawi and also Alfred Jabu and family members, and George Chan and family members.

    We have so many lawyers including Daniel Tajem who are willing to work with international government agencies who can assist Malaysian government to recover all the ill-gotten wealth stolen from Malaysians in Sarawak.

    Comment by Mata kuching — July 3, 2010 @ 1:54 PM | Reply

    • 不要忘記一個副本發送給誰已經去世的哥哥!

      Comment by Joss Tee — July 3, 2010 @ 3:13 PM | Reply

    • Daniel Tajem is the guy who made Donald Lawan rich.

      Comment by KJ FAN — July 8, 2010 @ 4:03 PM | Reply

  5. Apparently it is the typical modus operandi of illegally gotten wealth of the power-that-be.

    All ill gotten monies by the Sarawak power-that-be are channeled overseas and hidden under the names of family members.

    But praise be to Sarawak Report for exposing their misdeeds.

    Keep up the great works and may God bless you !

    Comment by PH Chin — July 3, 2010 @ 1:32 PM | Reply

  6. Hohoho, finally durian mas runtoh, aren’t we proud to be Malaysians? Yep Taib Mahmud, another ‘son of the soil’ made it real BIG overseas, a ‘bizman extraordinaire’ aren’t we feeling glad? ..Malaysia Boleh!!!

    So what, it is said he squandered rakyat’s money and his empire built from the plundered wealth of the state? He did it right under the nose of every Sarawakian for decades now, yet they still gave him their votes at every General Election, while the native Dayaks in the rural interior are contentedly happy in their chawats as long as they get clean drinking water, container-load of instant noodles, fan-equipped longhouses with the longest carpets and lounge sets compliment of their longest serving chief – the white haired “raja”?

    I was just talking to a friend recently, puzzled by why do Sarawakians keep voting Taib/BN to office? Ever wondered why they manage to stay in power for so long that even the March08 tsunami could not dislodge them? The main problem the lack of info of their rights and what really is happening outside their rural interior.

    Opposition political party Pakatan Rakyat have to work doubly hard, an urgent need to get into the interior, educate and keep the masses informed. Address their many fears eg when there is a change in govt, $$$ and development will not come to a halt and they have to realise that there is no such thing as “another project by Kerajaan XYZ”, and the $$$$ they spend is our$, every single cent of it, though more is siphoned away deep into pockets of white-haired cronies, damnit!

    Then there is this corrupt ‘connection’ to get permits/licences, paid through party dinner subscriptions etc, and this is where Taib/BN find relevance and votes eventhough they have sold out and screwed Sarawakians in general – yeah, the ‘people-friendly’ vote stealer and the leveller; guess people still believe in the devil than the deep blue sea, huh?

    Comment by Jong — July 3, 2010 @ 12:20 PM | Reply

    • But the gap between leaders and the led is still so big, as you said, people need to understand civic fundamentals. But all could have been done with Radio and TV and a Free Press. And people left in such neglect, to my mind, are humiliated, indignified and a ghost of what they should really be.

      With UMNO’s mad creed, our DNAs will only write bad scripts and become viral, eating ourselves up!

      Let’s replace the Gomen and write good scripts into our DNA’s! 😀

      Comment by Joss Tee — July 3, 2010 @ 5:09 PM | Reply

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