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July 25, 2010

Pay for your own expenses to help the police to solve crimes

By Rosita Maja

YB Hajjah Zuraida  Kamaruddin, MP Ampang, Keadilan National Women’s Chief came from Selangor for the purposes of meeting up with the Sarawak Commissioner of Police pursuant to a letter from the Polis Diraja Malaysia dated 13.07.10 signed on behalf of  Police Commissioner  Sarawak  by Tuan Huzir Bin Mohamed (Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah or Criminal Investigation Department head).

The letter was addressed to a number of  NGOs from the Penan Support Group or PSG) requesting them to come and make reports to the police to help in the investigation of the rape incidents as contained in the NGO taskforce report ” A Wider Context of sexual exploitation of Penan Women and Girls in Middle and Ulu Baram, Sarawak”.

YB Zuraida came as the  President of  WIRDA  (Women’s Institute Research Development and Advancement) a women’s NGO, which comes under the PKR women’s wing. She attended also as the national PKR women’s chief to make the reports as requested by Sarawak police, hoping that the police can look into the allegations of rape of the Penan girls and women with urgency.

The dialogue with Huzir (CID chief ) started at 11.00am . Together with YB Zuriada, attending the dialogue with the police were  Noorsham Abu Samah  (Vice President of  PKR Central Women’s Wing ) See Chee How (activist and lawyer  for the PSG), YB Violet Yong (ADUN DAP), Ibi Unding ( PKR Sarawak Women’s chief), Nurhanim Mokshen (PKR Sarawak Women’s deputy chief) and S.N. Voon ( lawyer for the penan ).

Also present to give support were representatives from a local women’s NGO based in Miri, WADESA (Wanita Desa Sarawak) led by its President Puan Hellan Empaing and Puan Minang (chairwoman of the WADESA branch in Serian) and members from SACCESS (Sarawak Access), a Kuching-based NGO based, part of the Penan Support Group (PSG).

Yb Zuriada stated during the dialogue with the police that there are TWO  important issues raised but yet to be properly answered and resolved:

1. Protection and security for the victims of rape if their identities are exposed.

Husir could not confirm that his police force can afford the necessary protection and security for the rape victims.

The taskforce report recorded that the villagers and the girls were harassed  by gangsters and even the police after they made reports to the police about the rapes.

2. Police agreed that they need the help of the NGOs for the investigation BUT the NGOs would have to pay for their own expenses for the trip.

This is a joke which makes history in Sarawak, that  the public must pay for their own expenses for helping the police to solve crimes!

Husir said that the government has no money to pay for the NGOs to help them.

Husir had even requested to YB Zuraida to bring up the matter in Parliament that the police in Sarawak do not have enough funds to maintain the security of the state, for example, the police station at Long Lama only has 8 policemen taking care of 800 villages, and not even a single 4wheel-drive vehicle.

Please be reminded that the the CM of Sarawak and Jabu are among the richest men in the world!

More Photos:  Here






    Comment by anak Ulu Baram... — August 12, 2010 @ 12:24 PM | Reply

  2. ” Only 8 policemen taking charge of about 800 villages in the interior land of northern Sarawak ”

    Huhuhhuh….8 policemen…who says? But I only see 3 policemen manning the police station….other 5 policemen?? MIA! That the real situation.

    Comment by anak Long Lama — July 26, 2010 @ 3:31 PM | Reply

  3. What a great country/nation is Sarawak/Malaysia. Only 8 policemen taking charge of about 800 villages in the interior land of northern Sarawak. Marvelous BN government. What another worst information being leak out by Tuan Huzir the Sarawak BN government no money to help NGO to investigate into rampant raping cases in the penan community as reported. Then where r all the funds hv gone to? All r aware that when u see all the senior officers of the police force r on travelling they use to push very proudly their bulky golf sets as they get out from the airport terminals for them to play golf. These fenomenas not only amongst the policemen but all the senior government officers. Wonderful civil service to serve the ball n make it into the holes. Definitely not their own balls bcoz there either 9/18 holes. What a great numbers of holes. Just wonder what happen to the one hole? All the rakyat monies gone to all these holes until there’s no more monies. Plze! then see the conditions of the police department office. It’s miserable. The civilian staff hv to even buy their pens to do official work n offices r unconducive to working environment.

    Worst of all most of office staffs r the uniformed guys doing administrative functions, even to the extend of doing postmen work. What a waste of training all these uniformed guys when they’re not function as supposed to. The outcome is hardly u can see any uniformed guys on the street. Mismatching, irrelevancy, unpurposely, wasteful of manpower, wasteful of training purposes n worst of all wasting of public monies and funds. The whole system got be revamped and reengineered or otherwise.

    Lately, the police force may be loosing focusings and centric. Roadblocks evrywhere, tables and chairs stationed every spot of the cities with one/two/three men just to meet NKRAs and KPIs. What’r all these concepts r all about. Is it just mere creating stations every where in cities spots when crimes, snatching cases, rape cases, murder cases, vehicles thefts, babies selling syndicates, human traffickings r on the rise in this country.

    As a citizen of supposed demcratic nation I’m yet to really find safe in these conditions/environments. One shocks things is there so many policemen at airport points with riples n machineguns. First impression to tourist is the country is under armoury government/regime. Shocking! Shocking! Lots of reallignments, refocusing and reengineering of attitudes to all our safety forces in the country.

    Comment by Minda Mandol — July 26, 2010 @ 12:58 PM | Reply

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