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August 17, 2010

Federal PKR reps to ‘oversee’ assault on state seats

By Joseph Tawie

In order to ensure maximum impact on the coming state election, the Sarawak PKR has decided to assign one elected representative from the peninsula to oversee each of the state constituencies contested by the party.

“These YBs from the peninsula will adopt each constituency that we are contesting.

“They will assist us in giving ‘ceramah’ as well as helping us to raise funds for the state election. We are a poor party and in need of financial assistance,” said state chairman Baru Bian last night.

He said that PKR is expected to contest in more than 40 constituencies; however the final number of seats would be subject to the approval of Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat Council which was formed recently.

The council comprising PKR, DAP, Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and PAS is discussing the allocation of seats.

“There are about six seats that need to be finalised with DAP,” he said.

Bian said all PKR’s 29 divisions in the state had formed their respective election committees and have named their polling and counting agents.

“These committees are crucial to our election preparations,” he said, and wanted all the divisions to submit their reports to the headquarters.

These reports will be studied by a recently formed state political bureau which is made up of bureau heads, he added.

Bian also said PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is scheduled to visit Limbang and Lawas from Aug 31, while party supreme council member and FT chief Zaid Ibrahim is to visit Kuching on Aug 22.

“They are coming here to assess the political situation in the state,” he said.

Sarawak DAP eyes 20 seats

In the meantime, Sarawak DAP has expressed its interest to contest in 20 seats including Iban majority seats.

However, its chairman Wong Ho Leng was quick to say that the majority of the seats that the party would contest would be in the Chinese constituencies.

The Sarawak Pakatan Council is still discussing the seat allocation, he said, pointing out that the choice of candidate would be based on the principle that whichever party has a better chance of winning should stand in order to give the BN a run for their money.

“This is to ensure one to one fight,” he added. –  FMT



  1. The banner PKR is flying higher and higher each day under you Bian. Thank you for the many good deeds you fought for the people of Sarawak especially on the land matters. You are a real son of our fair land Sarawak. Again, do not ever abandoned us for another party! We look to you and team forming a new state government together with all Sarawakians with one accord singing, The Exodus Song. Thereof we too hope for a fair allocation and distribution of State land say a 5 hectares plot, to all citizens of Sarawak born on and before 1957 who had gone through nightmares a half of their lives through the falsehood Independent formation of authoritarians, draconians, nepotism, corruptions, discriminations. This may also signify the re-birth of The Fair Land Sarawak wherein our many different races and ethnic groups of Sarawak continue to live in peace, unity and harmony; a kopitiam table congregating many type of people with different races and religious background.

    Comment by Miaowkia — August 17, 2010 @ 10:36 PM | Reply

  2. The window of opportunity is now open for PKR, DAP and PAS to wrestle the state seats from BN.

    Stop talking for the moment but start walking the talks.

    The Sarawakians are willing to give you all the chance of a lifetime to prove your worths to serve them.

    God bless Sarawak !

    Comment by PH Chin — August 17, 2010 @ 1:40 PM | Reply

  3. The PKR Pusat must talk n walk. Don’t just talk all along. We’ve been listening to all talks n yet we want to see walks and actions. What I observed, the PKR State Committee headed by Baru Bian is at its utmost effort to lead the onslaught on state BN this coming election. In politics, there’s nothing not possible. With God Allah blessing n the maximum synergy amongst the PR component parties in PKR, DAP, PAS n SNAP things can happen in their favour. Always do things right n make sure all problems must be resolved gracefully n humanly. Don’t leave any problems unturned n unattended. PR is now having a clear inroad in S’wak political landscape. Make sure this landscape come true for every S’wakians. PR is only S’wakians hope for the near future. Prove it to all S’wakians that PR components parties meant business n prove also that leaders of PR S’wak don’t just talk but also walk n actions ahead. PR must meant that the next state government is Pakatan Rakyat. If u do, u’ll get all the support of true S’wakians spirits. The spirit of living together harmoniously. S’wakians r ever ready to go for u PR n don’t let them down. Plz take this opportunity n don’t miss it. S’wakians will definite try on u PR. Take the challenge. What r theres that u can prove to all S’wakians. Prove it, now is the time. With Devine Intervention nothing that can stop it to happen. PR, ur about to be there at ur destiny. Go for it n reach it. Bravo u guys.

    Comment by Minda Mandol — August 17, 2010 @ 11:17 AM | Reply

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