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November 23, 2010

13th GE is ‘The Rakyat War’

Richard Loh

Both coalitions are obsessed with Putrajaya, failing to note that Putrajaya does not belong to any of them but the RAKYAT.

The 13th General Election is more like a “do or die” mission for the rakyat to take back the country. The rakyat used Pakatan as a stepping stone at the 12th GE to do what is necessary. Can we still hang on to Pakatan to ensure victory for the rakyat?

The rallying cry is not just for change but to “Take Back Our Country”.

The rakyat now have to choose between an evil regime against a once good apple that is now starting to turn bad, yet still salvageable by cutting off the bad part, but will they dare to do it?

‘Umno-controlled BN’ is doing what is necessary to stay in power. They are now divided into many groups to spread the good news of what ‘Umno-controlled BN’ had done and will be doing for the rakyat and the country, while conveniently leaving out corruptions, racism and other crimes that they may have committed.

They are reaching out to the rakyat and are willing to listen to them, as they have claimed especially by Umno president, the PM himself. They can come out with all sorts of gimmick but Umno is still the master and has overall control of BN.

The rakyat are reminded again and again that only ‘Umno-controlled BN’ can develop the country and bring prosperity, happiness and harmony. Is this a fact or fallacy, you think over it.

These are all talks and promises only, nothing ever written in black and white, easier for them to retract after winning each election. There are no difference from the past 12 general election campaigns. If anyone bothered to check through all their promises, I am sure you will be shocked at the percentage of promises that were actually implemented.

The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, the inciting of hate among the races, racism are growing stronger day by day, religious intolerant with the one way street command, all must respect the sensitivity towards only 1 religion and you know which one it is.

They will stay quiet for now because they needed your votes for the coming 13th GE and if you are not careful and gave them a huge mandate, do not blame anyone but yourself when they return to their old racist, corrupt and arrogant way.

The PM calls for transparency but it gets more opaque than before. Billions of the rakyat money are thrown around big projects in the name of development. The question of why an allocation of 5 billion ringgit were budgeted for the 100 storey tower when PNB claimed that the tower will be constructed with their own fund, was not answered.

Two high-profile rail projects which are expected to cost a collective total of RM64 billion, with public funds accounting for 70 per cent of the expenditure and the government is pushing for a July kick-off next year for construction of the new KL MRT system.

There is neither feedback from the rakyat nor are they shown the full details of such a huge project which will cause mass destruction to the KL transport infrastructure.

What the rakyat want is transparency in the accounting of all the big projects because previous experiences had shown that major projects have either failed to complete, shoddy work or the final cost had ballooned to twice or more the original cost.

Billions were lost through corruptions, leakages and kick backs, the government knows it and the rakyat knows it but simply cannot do anything about it.

When the rakyat objected or questioned about it, the ‘Umno-controlled BN’ will claimed that they were given the mandate by the voters that elected them into power to run the country any way they wanted or deem fit, that is how powerful they are today.

Bailing out GLC and private companies are the norm for ‘Umno-controlled BN’ but just a reminder that the bailout money belongs to the rakyat.

Three most important things that needed to be look into and actions taken in order to bring the country forward are the education system and its policies, race and religious issues, but were left out by ‘Umno-controlled BN’.

Umno is very very rich and so are its component parties, among their members and associates, any one ever questioned or wanted to know why and how these political parties can become so rich? Sorry, everything is classified under the OSA.

For the past 12 general elections, the rakyat had succumbed to the fear culture, led to believe that only ‘Umno-controlled BN’ can look after them.

They can talk and promise all they want but the rakyat must not be taken in again if they truly wanted to take back the country. Show them the door this coming 13th GE.

So, if ‘Umno-controlled BN’ is no longer wanted by the rakyat, who then will the rakyat voted in to govern this country? – Malaysia For All



  1. Meramat, thanks for your comments.

    They are always thought provoking. You raised such pointed/searching and challenging questions!

    You do have a point. There is a hesitancy among bloggers in discussing the question of “independence”. They are unsure of how to proceed or even join in. They must not fear to join in. Fear of what? Speak without fear! That’s one of your basic human rights!

    Yes, we should frankly examine and test our reasoning and arguments. What behind all these?

    We are engaging in a discussion which may puzzled some.I raise the questions below which incorporate some raised by MT’s to summarise the issues that is covered by the topic.

    1. What is all this back and forth talk on Sarawak Independence? Is it relevant to the people?

    2. Is is too narrowly focused? Dayak nationalism?

    3. What is the concept of Independence in our context? We will have to travel back in time to examine the issues in the 1960s.

    4. How do we view our history-
    -that is with an honest view without blanketing out bits to suit one’s arguments as shown by UMNO history re-writing.
    -Who were the actors who played their part in the Sarawak political drama from the 1940s through to today who have not have been given a voice? This is our silent yet to be fully told history.

    5. At this point we still have the victors’ version of history. One view prevailed by armed suppression of the other- from 1841-1990. The actual debate was never freely aired. There was no real “face-off” debate as opposed to the armed confrontation. One side with superior strength and technology simply imposed their political beliefs on the people with their one-sided arguments presented as the superior idea.

    6. The winning of independence- how is it to be done? The scenario for us unfortunately remains unchanged. One side has continued to suppress and silence those who want a free and reasoned debate on this issue with their laws of sedition and treason and ISA terror. It is for us to rise to the challenge and seek the way to free ourselves from foreign rule. Gandhi or Mao Zedong or mixture of both? We should be free to examine and compare publicly how different countries achieved their independence for e.g. Ireland, China and India and many more. Pity HU is not into publishing or looking at the history of independence struggles around the world. It is reticent about this. Is it a “closed” subject? The sword of the ISA and other repressive laws still hover all of us.

    7.How do we convince the majority to join in this writing of a new chapter of our history?

    8. Questions within the questions.

    I have raised some questions on Sarawak Independence but there are many more. I will try to follow up later with some answers and maybe more questions.

    For the moment hopefully readers will spare a minute to look at the questions.

    I’ll be back. Thanks all for looking in!

    Comment by Abang — November 27, 2010 @ 5:59 PM | Reply

  2. Abang and SarawakBaru,

    Thanks for your replies. I’m still digesting your remarks as I’m writing this. There’s much more that can be said and debated about this political theme but for now, just a few general observations.

    In the blogosphere it looks to me people aren’t too sure about how to talk about the politic of Sarawak Independence. It may be because it would be more straightforward to either cheer for PR or to defend BN.

    On the other hand, I can recall 2 instances when an apparent young bloggers would ask if it is OK to create a Facebook page call Sarawak Independent (to which I had suggested to seek legal counsel to avoid RPK’s fate).

    Among the Dayak bloggers, I sense that there are strong support to the general idea of Independence. The only area of probable debate is the concept.Currently,the concept is still too narrowly focussed on the Dayak. With more public conversation, and especially if other Sarawakian community join in, the concept will mature.

    All considered, if there is sufficient political cover … to allow the discourse on Sarawak Independence to take place free of any intimidation, I think blogs, kaki lima, kopi tiam, and longhouse ruais – will be set buzzing.

    Won’t it be just splendid, if in the coming state and general election – voters were to be given opportunity to weigh in, and vote on the issue of whether to allow Sarawakian the right to conduct a referendum, even a non-binding one ?

    Now on the insurgency; that would be an important historical facts if it can be proven to have been more of a patriotic than an ideological war to spread communism (but suppressed by Malayan neo-colonialists and the British as the red scare). Some academic research into the subject is in order. I’m not aware of any scholarly work on the insurgency.

    The case for independent would likely be different today that it was during the insurgency. And no one would be silly enough to follow the method of the insurgency: no need for it – in this day and age. But the flames should be retained (history will help). And the fuel that feed the flames of Independence should now be founded on a dispassionate analysis – where the outcome would show the benefit of Independence to humanity in the region. Only by such method and disciplined self-less thoughts, that I think the seminal movement for Sarawak Independent can be sustained on a timeless, ideological footing – for the long haul.

    Now, for the practical stuff. Besides blogging – what would be the next step ? New blog site ? Seek Pakatan Rakyat to carry something about Sarawak Independence in the manifesto ?

    Oh well, the harsh reality sets in.

    Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — November 26, 2010 @ 10:38 PM | Reply

  3. “FEAR IS MAN’S WORST ENEMY” – for as long as the fear that the BN colonialist instill within us Dayaks still exist and controls us, we are doomed to doomsday. We must shake the fear off our minds and courageously vote the BN gangsters out for the shake of our future generations. We owe them nothing, they owe us everything. Their power, their riches and everything that they own today have been given by us through our votes. This time vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Do ourselves a big favor. VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT !

    Comment by harukpasa — November 24, 2010 @ 11:51 PM | Reply



    ilham said:

    “To continue on the theme in the write-up “13 GE – Rakyat War” the most regrettable thing that this BN government has done to the people of this country, particularly the Dayak voters, is they instill fear in them. The level of fear is similar to that of the days of communist insurgent period i.e after Independence. People then were told that communists kill people without mercy. Today people are told to avoid any opposition party and or personnel”


    Another election on the way and we are all running round in circles tearing our hair and crying out loud “how to get rid of the corrupt UMNO PBB BN domination forever!?”

    The first question is how did we in Sarawak get into this mess?

    It might be said the “communist” fear was no more than UMNO BN “red scare” propaganda used effectively to terrorise, mislead and cheat all of us Dayaks and kept us in a submissive state. We never questioned the validity of their propaganda

    We foolishly supported and voted UMNO PBB BN at every election and kept them in power and we paid a heavy price for our naivety.

    But who were the “communists”? Why did they run around the jungles playing “indians and cowboys”?

    It seems they had a message. They said they were fighting on our behalf for national self-determination and independence for Sarawak- our inalienable human right to rule ourselves. They said they were fighting to free us from the new colonial master and to save us from foreign domination and plunder. They were freedom fighters.

    This began with the Brunei Uprising 1962 and they continued to fight till the 1990s against UMNO’s Malaysia which they said is a new colonial scheme used by Malaya to colonise us.

    Is there any truth in such statements?

    We did not believe them. We chose to believe UMNO PBB BN. So we lived through 47 years of hell in Malaysia and saw all our land and resources looted by Taib PBB gang and his UMNO masters.

    Taib was one of the architects of Malaysia and his reward was the freedom to plunder Sarawak as his private property. He chopped and changed the laws to suit himself to allow he and his gang to harvest our timber wealth. He sold out our oil wealth to the new colonial master.

    Now the Dayaks are crying out to be free from the oppression they are suffering from this foreign imposed scourge – the forcible landgrabs (with armed police and gangsters) turning them into landless peasants and their being treated as squatters in their own land. Now they have become the new slaves of the oil plantations. They are experiencing the worse time of their lives. The life before Malaysia was Paradise.

    So have we been reduced to a pathetic state of existence depending on the gomen for handouts and prevented from fully achieving our full human potentials since we have been so thoroughly impoverished. All the money plundered by Taib PBB and UMNO would have been more than enough to raise our standards of living and education to the level of Singapore today if the wealth had been for our benefit and not for a few.

    Now that we have had 47 years to learn and understand the real meaning of “neo-colonial Malaysia” do we still think we are really independent? Do we wish to remain a nation of colonial subjects or do we fight to free ourselves and be a fully independent nation?

    Young and old Dayaks everywhere are saying we have been “colonised by Malaya”.

    We must re-assess our thinking and then think again about how we can really free ourselves from the new colonial master.

    Think outside the square. Do not fear. No one can hear you thinking!

    Hidup Sarawak Independence!

    Comment by Sarawakbaru — November 24, 2010 @ 12:32 PM | Reply

    • Sarawakbaru,

      This post of yours reminds me of another guy, Abang – in regard to the subject of Sarawak Independence.

      At any rate, I just want to comment on your implied differentiation between UMNO PBB BN and Pakatan Rakyat to the cause of Sarawak Independence.

      In short: Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan National is operating within the Malaysian Federation political architecture, so it would be a fallacy to presume that Pakatan Rakyat would be the liberator while Barisan National is the neo-coloniser.

      Sarawak would still be the ‘state’ with half the land size, contributed nearly half to the total GDP but would get 1/10 of the Federal Budget allocation on account of its 1/10 the total population. Her disproportionately meaningless 31 representation in the parlimentarian body will continue to put Sarawak and its people under the thumb of Malayan body politics, and pushing the development gap ever wider than it was in 1963.

      Perhaps the only nuanced difference I can think of is the prospect that a Pakatan Rakyat government may champion freedom of speech, and may eventually grant Sarawak patriot the opportunity to ask fellow Sarawakian if they would rather be a truly Independent nation, or to remain as Malaya’s prized tanah jajahan. Even if such a referendum is non-binding, it would serve to put the gnawing feeling of political enslavement into the public discourse without any fear of the draconian threats that Malaysian law are infamous for.

      But then again, one can never know Pakatan Rakyat true cause, and if fairness and justice to the Sarawakian population is part and parcel of its soul. And it may also be presumptuous to think of any modern political party to have any timeless ideology with soul-like attribute,that would compel the party leaders and law makers to make decisions that would be faithful to the party character.The end of history has precipitated the end of idealism in favor of pragmatism for political expediency.

      Of Sarawak Independence: one lasting case for it, is simply that existing racial and religious stratification in the Federal Constitution will never nurture and forge true nationhood. And as such, the unfortunate event that bind all Sarawakian to such a twisted political architecture that had placed Sarawak in a severe disadvantage, is simply a tragic history that will continue to haunt future generation of aware and awake Sarawakian.

      Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — November 25, 2010 @ 9:39 AM | Reply


        Hello there TJ! I am still around. Thanks for the opportunity to further talk to everyone out there.

        Great minds must think alike! And we must all continue to explore the options we have and express our views freely without fear. Nothing is final or permanent. Be optimistic. Things can change. History evolves constantly. The most powerful nations yesterday are no longer with us today.

        Guess there are those of us who prefer to think outside the square as Sarawakbaru puts it. Not just one or two of us see things the same way but there are many others judging from the numbers on the Dayak Baru website and in the ulu. (Not many on HU. Strange hmmmm)

        We are the keepers and bearers of the flame. Many of us out there. We don’t normally express ourselves but we are there. With access to the Internet it is easier to state our stand to everyone and access to a huge audience. There has been over 40,000 hits on HU pages alone since it achieved its million mark in March 2010. Our views can go around the world as shown in the cluster map. So today it is less pain to spread the message. No leafleting or quick plastering of posters. Just post it on the net and slowly the message will get through.

        We are here to express and give a voice on behalf of those many who share the simple desire for Sarawak national independence and to unite with them for this common purpose. There is no underpinning of heavy “ideologies”. But we do have our own agenda- We want our independence and the freedom as one people to construct a fair and just society. To do this we must first win our independence from foreign domination which we identify as represented by Kuala Lumpur/Putrid Jaya.

        Kuala Lumpur and Taib are already talking about passing laws to stop this Internet freedom. They can try but it’s no longer yesterday when they can just lock up anyone they like. They cannot close down the world Internet system. We will pop up elsewhere.

        Independence day may not be achieved within our lifetime but it is important to keep the flames alive. After all it was only yesterday over 50 years ago that we began to be conscious of achieving nationhood. Many people from different backgrounds have given their lives for this ideal in those years. Malay, Chinese, Dayak and others. Yes little did we know they were all involved and contributed to forming that intangible idea called “Sarawak Independence”.

        The flames has dimmed among the Sarawak Chinese patriots with the passing of their era of the 50s 60s and 70s. Yet they have made their mark and should not be forgotten for their contributions to asserting our right of national-self-determination.

        They were a little bit ahead of their time and were easily isolated by their colonial enemy because they espoused a political philosophy which was too radical. The people were generally subjected to the ‘red scare” a reversed form of terrorism which the British cleverly branded the communists with. It was a contradiction as the Dayaks would have found common grounds with their ideology!

        Our stand is a bit different as explained above. The way we express ourselves is in the language of our continuing anti- colonial struggle. We make no apologies. How else can we say this except in political terms to expose our subjugated status?

        Many may see that this struggle is over by joining “Malaysia”. That is where we differ. We view “Malaysia” as the cause and continuation of our colonial subjugation and hence we need to free ourselves and be independent. There may be many impediments and these are the tough tasks which we must overcome.

        Cuba and the Philippines (as did many other nations) struggled for long periods before achieving their independence. More recently East Timor became independent after 25 years if brutal Indonesian colonisation. In the end the Indonesians had the good grace to acknowledge the East Timorese desire to be free. West Papua is still struggling. None of the people in these countries gave up or will give up until they achieved their aim.

        Yes we can see the bright flames burning among the many Dayak intellectuals. Today they more than any of the other Sarawak peoples are most strongly expressing this desire for freedom. Freedom from the foreign oppression of them, of all of us as a people through the rape and plunder of our country.

        It has been expressed that Penan are the standard bearers for Sarawak freedom. They are a tiny minority and yet they have doggedly stood up and stood their ground over these many years. They are a fine example of Sarawakian fighters and deserve our greatest respect.

        To win the day the Dayaks must also take up the banner of independence. They are a majority and they will eventually take up the leadership of the struggle. They have been subjected to just as much colonial abuse but their cause has been always subverted by their leaders selling out to the colonial rulers. This is now changing. One wonders why and how?

        One of the main task we must immerse ourselves is the need to unite the people of all races. Our diversity is also our weakness. Only when we all unite as Sarawakians can we progress to achieve our aim. We are not in a hurry. It will happen when the people are truly ready for it. Colonialism is one strong bonding agent. The worse colonial oppression gets the stronger the people will bond. Just needs time and the torch bearers to pass on the flame. We will have our Independence Day!

        How else can we say it in a gentler and more acceptable manner?

        Thank you for reading and best regards to all.

        Comment by Abang — November 25, 2010 @ 10:55 PM | Reply

      • Meramat my heading probably answers your question. There is no room for compromise. But I would apply the principle that our enemy’s enemy is our friend for the meantime.

        The first part of your argument actually supports what we are saying. The continuation of Kuala Lumpur domination is the motivating factor to strive for independence.

        I wonder how long Sarawakians are going to sit on the fence as more and more of the new generation gets to vote. The younger voters especially Dayaks have grown up in very poor socio-economic conditions after their parents’ land had been stolen. There is a lot of talk of a “third force” and questions on the “18/20” points and the historic “Aum Kapit Resolutions” which indicates that they are looking for an alternative.

        They can see that most of the “18/20” points or the Kapit Resolutions have been abused more than upheld or fulfilled. They can see how much they have been their political rights and whether there is any meaning in being in “Malaysia”. Dayaks as a whole have gained little out of this “deal” forged by Malaya and Britain and forced on us.

        There is a fallacious argument that the Dayaks were “stupid and got cheated” etc. by agreeing to “join Malaysia”. No they were not “stupid” since they could come up with the Kapit Resolutions. Yes they were cheated and lied to and further sold out by their “leaders” again and again. They are a trusting honest and loyal people and the slick KL political salesmen have taken advantage of their trust.

        The ongoing debate among the Dayak intellectuals is what alternative they can choose.

        It is our job to convince them to choose the road to national independence. I don’t think we are far off the mark to say they have strong sentiment to part ways with Malaya. All the reasons for them to do so are before their eyes.

        Comment by Sarawakbaru — November 26, 2010 @ 4:29 AM | Reply

  5. We have discussed in our big family line. All our big family’s 14 votes, none will drop into BN pocket, for sure and 100% sure. It does not mean we are pro-PR, just that we have felt very very disappointed with BN and their YBs’ performance in the ulu and less developed consitituencies. Voting PR is just a “no-choice” alternative….lest SUPP you must wake up and aware of our needs and feeling. We dont want our place to stay un-developed and behind development while you BN always speak of the GREAT development you have brought for the state of Sarawak. You should be shamed of what you say and lie. You feel so great of those little things and projects that you have brought in….just count how many places are without proper access roads, water and power supply, sufficient health services and other basical living needs.

    If your candidate lost by 12 or 13 votes (which is not unusual or impossible), do not blame us. Wishing you BN a great many loss of seats. Dont get amused by just 2 little wins recently, see you on the real battle ground on the next polls (state or parliament)

    Comment by Premier Voter — November 24, 2010 @ 9:56 AM | Reply

  6. This article by Richard Lo reminds me of many other articles pointing to the excess of UMNO-BN elites, especially how at every unveilling of the Federal Budget and recently of the ETP, the political leaders of the political divide and commentators in bloggersphere would immerse in erudition. This is what I think, my poor Dayak relatives would think of the whole circus, if I were to ask any of them.


    Here in my humble abode/bilik in a 1950s longhouse, in ulu Katibas, Batang Rajang, or Batang Ai – for that matter, my simple mind cannot fathom the meaning of billions of allocation for this project and that project, in Malayan streets – and how many zeros that would mean. I would only know very well that I will have hardly enough to pay for the cost to go down river for barest of supplies and medical treatment. And occasionally, a meal of delicious mee kering in town would do it for my whole day return trip to my longhouse up river.

    Election, where what does it matter to me, if a new guy in the neighbourhood would win the next election, or if the present guy would remain as the YB ? Would anyone really care, if I have enough to feed my family every day ? I, of course, would understand that the perintah, whoever the perintah is – would meet and feign quarrels in their fancy ruai in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss the billions here and there – to be used for that project, or another, but I know my lives will continue to be, as it had always been since World War II.

    Would be nice though, if some else would replace Taib for a change. He does look old and decrepit. Some people would tell me he has billions stash away for 7 generation of future little Taibs. Wow – good for him; perhaps I should try to get my daughters to marry into the Taib family. Yes, I think, its possible. I just probably need to convert first (give up my love of pork) and then sell my land to buy good dress and branded makeup sets for my daughters, and have them walk around Kuching town, so the Taibs can catch a glimpse of them. Oh well, if my daughters can’t catch the big catch, any drunken sailors may just do it for the family. That would pay for a lot of mee kerings – and even sacks of fertilizer for my oil palm.


    I wonder who is the wise guy – me or them ?

    Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — November 24, 2010 @ 9:21 AM | Reply

  7. For those who voted BN before, those who intend to vote BN and especially those who DON’T bother even to register to vote or cast your votes ,you should not grumble, bitch, complain, moan and groan as you guys lost your rights to grumble, bitch, complain, moan and groan.
    As for PR supporters..dun be too cocky about PR winning GE13. Lets work harder.
    Lets get more voters for PR via Voter-get-Voters. & Every Vote Counts
    Its NOW or NEVER.
    Vote 4 a BETTER Malaysia for ALL Malaysians

    Comment by voter get voters — November 23, 2010 @ 5:08 PM | Reply

  8. […] is touted to be the biggest show of strength from BN coalition partners and Parti Keadilan Rakyat as they make their way towards the Federal […]

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  9. On comments by Mata Kuching

    It is “Like father like son”.

    Najib wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. Such irony! History has turned a full circle.

    His father Razak was a bad loser.

    When UMNO lost the general elections in 1969 he started the May 13 Massacre and seized power with the backing of the army and police. The blood of thousands of innocents is on his father’s hands. Razak also created an elite secret police to repress the opposition. This secret force (is) composed of all Malay Muslims because he did not trust Indians or Chinese.

    A state of emergency was declared and this allowed UMNO to stay in power till today relying on repression and corruption and apartheid policies. A lot of repressive laws were passed.

    So expect the worse if history were to repeat itself.

    Comment by History101 — November 23, 2010 @ 4:18 PM | Reply

  10. One among many of the countless of issues you should spread in the kampung and rumah panjai is this –

    An excerpt from Radio Free Sarawak

    Comment by Wayang Street — November 23, 2010 @ 4:05 PM | Reply

  11. We. the ‘rakyat’ look forward to our brothers ans sisters in Sarawak to lead the way to a better Malaysia, by returning the power to the ‘rakyat’.

    Putrajaya belongs to the ‘rakyat’ and it’s our responsibility to choose capable MPs with integrity and good governance to lead this nation.

    It’s time to show us the way in the coming Sarawak Election, dear brothers and sisters.

    Comment by PH Chin — November 23, 2010 @ 3:48 PM | Reply


    In the 2008 general elections it was highlighted to the Election Commission of Malaysia that its electoral roll was “suspect”, because of the discovery that it contains nearly 9,000 people aged more than 100. This raised suspicions that the books are contaminated with dead voters which leaves the election vulnerable to fraud.

    Depressing isn’t it? How can the Opposition ever win power if the incumbent rulers can play god and organise the dead to vote?

    There is no “sure to win” formula as the odds are STACKED heavily against the Opposition parties.

    The Opposition may JUST succeed a little bit if it is united, organised and show leadership in daring to face the enemy as in the 2008 general elections. Then it must inspire empower and unite all the people. The question is how?

    The BN is rich and powerful and is now organising by buying votes- being seen to be doing “good”. As long as the people continue to accept their enticements it will be extremely hard for the Opposition parties to make any headway.

    The BN is in control of and mobilises the whole government apparatus electoral commission, all government departments and police against the opposition (although in a “democracy” this is an abuse and misuse of power. But we are not living in a democratic system are we?):
    (a) The so-called “Election Commission” is not “independent” and is controlled by the rulers. They can do what they like by shuffling the number- gerrymandering – re-organise the electoral boundaries to win every time, move numbers around so different concentration of racial groups are demarcated in different electorates to increase the number of pro-government electorates. Also as point out at the beginning dead people are organised to vote (illustrates how powerful UMNO is).
    (b) disenfranchising thousands of native voters while importing foreigners who are given right to vote for them.
    (c) Conduct detailed black operations with secret police surveillance against selected opposition members and create scandals with help of secret police information in their controlled media and now internet. – Anwar (sodomy charges – twice) Elizabeth Wong- nude pictures bought from ex-boyfriend splashed in the news and internet.
    (d) Removal of opposition leaders by detention e.g. Anwar, Lim Kit Siang & son etc.
    (e) Buy over opposition leaders as often done.
    (f) Buying votes
    (g) Total control of the public media to black out the Opposition views. The only attention given to the Opposition is the conduct of ceaseless slandering campaigns against the Opposition.

    The one encouraging fact is that UMNO BN has to resort to such a huge amount of dirty tricks to “win” shows that they would not win if they did not do this.

    No matter how loudly we complain in these pages we may not be heard but the majority poor who have no time to look at a computer. The hard work has to be done by the opposition workers on the ground to inform people that they have in their hands the power to change things.

    There have been a few empowering events like successful NCR court cases. These events have to be useed to inspire them so that they will too rise to defend their rights and only they can improve their situation. Well meaning people and political parties are great but it’s the people who must be convinced to make the great change over.

    Otherwise it will be another sentence to 5 dreadful years under BN.

    Comment by votersrights — November 23, 2010 @ 11:54 AM | Reply

  13. In GE12 the chief of Armed Forces had been told by Najib to be on stand by just in case UMNO controlled BN lost power. UMNO would proceed to create unrest and riot and for the armies to take over the country and placed Malaysia under Emergency rule. Malaysians must be made aware and be prepared to fight UMNO to the last.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — November 23, 2010 @ 11:36 AM | Reply

  14. Let us be familiar with proposed goals of the various factions of 3rd force (including Zaid’s new party if possible) and that all 3rd Force factions can work with the righteous factions of Pakatan.

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    Equality for all! No more nepotism and cronyism! No more extreme wealth and conflict of interest/vested interest!

    Comment by AgreeToDisagree — November 23, 2010 @ 11:25 AM | Reply

  15. When the Children of Sarawak are no longer happy and harmony living as a family under one roof, disintegration it is. When a house is full of greed, hatred and jealousy,no more happiness left to be mentioned about. A home built for over 40 years are now to be demolished with a promise that a new home full of loves, hopes and greater opportunities will be build on the expenses of blood and sweat of old and dying parents.

    Comment by BlackMagicWoman — November 23, 2010 @ 9:22 AM | Reply

  16. To continue on the theme in the write-up “13 GE – Rakyat War” the most regrettable thing that this BN government has done to the people of this country, particularly the Dayak voters, is they instill fear in them. The level of fear is similar to that of the days of communist insurgent period i.e after Independence. People then were told that communists kill people without mercy. Today people are told to avoid any opposition party and or personnel. Only BN can bring development, school, hospital, roads, and peace. And No BN means there will be no more development or peace. The word “BN is Perintah” or “BN is government” is bandied around. Of course in this exercise the KKs, TKs, Crs. Penghulus, Temenggongs, and now they are recruiting Relas to help, are all out to keeping the villagers under tap. These Relas will man access roads to the village and they will deny access to villages to the oppositions.

    In the meantime and in the immediate period to the elections like now, some access roads are tarsealed, or improved. And they will continue to do those patched works to show development as promised is coming.

    The most detestable crime committed against the people by the BN government through instilling fear is the people are made poor, uneducated and hopeless. At the same time all the BN leaders themselves are getting very rich. The people remain poor and without land. All ncr lands are government land and to develop them the people are without money to do so. These days finding money in the rural areas is very difficult. There is no source of money. Of course this type of situation is exploitable by BN. Come election time 5 ringgit can buy a voter to vote BN.

    The more is written on it the more depressing it becomes: the rural peoples are ‘slaves’ to the present system – so-called democracy. And the fact that BN is using government money for campaigning for people’s support and with impunity sickens it still more.Now they are using the churches as well. BN politicians are now taking the role of priests giving surmmons during prayer services on Sundays in churches. They promise to give church fund on those occassions. To BN nothing is not their political tools anymore. Even the sanctity of the churches is compromised. No more is “give to Caesar what belong to Caesar, give to God what belongs to God”. Some remarks in the churches are that unless a person voted BN his church could disown him.

    All the above activities of BN are being organized, conducted, and perpetrated every other day and very visible now in Bau and Lundu Districts. To top it up all the Ketua Masyarakats are now working all out to ensuring the encumbent be returned to office again come the general election. They are spreading the notion that unless BN is retained the people will lose their Mentri Muda, their YB, their Datuks, and whoever is elected not BN he will not be a Datu or a YB or a Menteri Muda. Lastly, people are told that they have already got their YB, their Datu and their Menteri Muda, they should continue to support the same, without change.

    Yes, all the above activities of the BN are crimes committed against the people who are poor and uneducated. They are crimes because they perpetuate ‘slavery’ of the poor people. They can’t succeed in Chinese areas because they are more aware of their rights. And they have money. They are only able to do these in Dayaks and Malay areas, because of poverty. Let’s pray changes will come despite all these.

    Comment by ilham — November 23, 2010 @ 7:37 AM | Reply

    • Yes Ilham, you sum it all up nicely….they are using the fear tactic at the moment. Every gathering is suspected of being “politic pembangkang” eventhough no one speak about politic at that time (it was Raya Qurban and the TK was question by the Special Branch), men only Allah Ta’ala knows what is going on now. Ya Allah, Ya Roh Kudus, kami manusia tak terdaya, hanya pada Engkau lah kami berseru, kami minta perlindungan dari roh-roh yang jahat, roh pengacau, roh penindas, roh pembohong, roh tamak dan dari setan2 yang tamak kan kuasa. Lord God nothing is impossible to YOU, INDEED WE HUNGER FOR MIRACLE to happen. Please God give us the strength to go on, not to loose faith but to persevere on to the finishing line. Bind us together Lord so that we can face the stumbling blocks together, TOGETHER we will uphold justice. Oh, how Heaven’s cry for this Land called SARAWAK.

      Comment by Teardrops — November 23, 2010 @ 3:39 PM | Reply

      • God will give the ordinary people and the rural Dayaks the much needed strength to liberate themselves from UMNO’s BN enslavement and oppression. The Orang Ulu, Penans, Malays and Melanaus living in the remote interior will receive God’s calling to defeat Taib Mahmud and bring him to justice.

        Comment by Irene Kana — November 23, 2010 @ 10:54 PM | Reply

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