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November 26, 2010

Taib Share Shock !

By Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report can reveal that the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, has a major personal shareholding in Sarawak’s highly controversial  Royal Mulu Resort,  a project that has received huge injections of cash from the State.  This means that, as both Chief Minister and Finance Minister, Taib has authorised the diversion of large sums of public money straight into his own pocket.

As State Resources and Planning Minister, Taib was also responsible for the forced acquisition of a large area of Native Customary Lands from the indigenous Berawan tribe to build the resort, for which the tribespeople received virtually no compensation.  Our evidence therefore further exposes him for having authorised this land-snatch for his own direct benefit.

His shareholding is in a company that was incorporated as recently as November 2007, Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd.  This in turn has a 50% shareholding of the Taib/Mahmud family company Kenyalang Cergas, one of the main shareholders of Borsamulu Resorts Bhd (BRSB).  BRSB was handed the ownership and lucrative management contract for what was once a state-owned National Park, thanks to a series of decisions by Taib’s own government starting in 1991.  The management contract is paid for by the taxpayer!


The other major beneficiaries and shareholders of the Royal Mulu Resort are members of his family, including his sister Raziah, her third husband Robert Geneid and the family of his late brother Arip Mahmud.  Taib Mahmud has personally  accused the Berawan people of being “greedy” for refusing to hand over their lands for ‘development’.  Their peaceful protests in the 1990s were brutally put down by army and police and their leaders were imprisoned.   Deprived of their territories, these communities are now impoverished and hungry and few people, apart from the Mahmud family, will have difficulty in discerning where the true greed lies.

This time it’s on record

The significance of this official confirmation of the Chief Minister’s own shareholding lies in the fact that Taib has normally sought to disguise his acquisitions and shareholdings in an attempt to avoid widespread allegations of corruption.  He habitually uses members of his own family to hold shares on his behalf.  Thus, the names of his many brothers and sisters, his late wife, his four children, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws are prominent as key shareholders in most of Sarawak’s important businesses.

Insiders have also told Sarawak Report that the elderly Chief  Minister has employed a number of other devious methods to keep control of such companies until he is able to extract his wealth and invest it secretly abroad.  These methods include forcing his nominees to sign undated resignation letters and share transfer forms, which he can use at any time to force their removal and employ somebody else as his front man or ‘nominee’!

Likewise, Sarawak Report has copies of US documents showing that shares which were publicly registered as belonging to family members were in fact secretly ‘held in trust’ for the Chief Minister himself.

Chief Minister’s name is in black and white in the Register of Companies


Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd therefore forms a notable exception, in that Taib declares his financial interest in black and white in Malaysia’s Company Register.  It is likely to have been an oversight on his part and a sign of his growing confidence that he can do what he likes in Sarawak and get away with it.

He is registered both as a Director and a Shareholder of Mesti Bersatu and holds 400,000 shares out of the 2,300,000 total shares issued for the company.  The other shareholders are his late brother Arif’s three wives (condoned under the Muslim faith) and two grown up daughters.  At RM 1.00 per share, Taib’s shareholding represents an outlay of 400,000 ringgit.


The company is registered as having ‘No Operation’ at it’s Kuching address, but in fact owns half the shares in Kenyalang Cergas Bhd, which was set up in 1992 as a direct Shareholder of the Royal Mulu resort.   The other Directors and Shareholders of Kenyalang Cergas are Taib’s sister Raziah and her current husband Robert Geneid, who were behind the original development of the resort and  act as the main directors of the company.  Crony timber tycoons the Yaw family, the owners of Samling, have also put money into the project, along with the architect from Singapore. Crucially the Sarawak State Government has also taken up an interest in the venture and has usefully pumped in large sums of life-saving injections of cash from the taxpayer over the years.  That involvement was of course thanks to Taib Mahmud.

All thanks to Taib!

Raziah and Robert Geneid reportedly came up with the plan to develop Mulu, which is famous for its caves, in the early 90s, when Raziah was still married to her 2nd husband.  In 1991, thanks to Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister, a decision was made by the Sarawak State Government to alienate land acquired in the National Park for a pitiful sum of RM 80 per acre from a local headman to their new family company the Royal Mulu Resort.  The Geneids had no money or hotel experience, but Taib’s brother Arip, who had made money from another family venture  Achipeligo Shipping (which has now developed into a separate major scandal over the allegations of billions made in timber kickbacks) invested in the venture.


Given that the Chief Minister had alienated profitable state land into the hands of his unqualified sister and brother, the project was from the start corrupt.  Even more corrupt has been the continuing support by the state of Sarawak, through the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, of what has turned out to be a lamentably unprofitable venture.  In the name of  ‘developing tourism’ the SEDC has been paying what appear to be astronomical ‘management fees’ to the Geneids and their co-shareholders for running their own hotel investment!

This generosity has turned what would have been a disastrous investment and a failed venture into a major money-spinner for Raziah and Robert (the son of an Australian fruit-vendor) who appear to have turned the resort into something of a family forest playground, judging from family facebook sites.  Indeed few actual tourists go there and most tourist guides warn visitors that the small sized National Park has long since been stripped of its wildlife by the effects of Taib’s logging activities in all the surrounding areas.

It is also, of course, thanks to Taib that awkward complaints by the local population have been so firmly suppressed by the full force of the state and police.  Thus, while the Geneids party in luxury (arriving at their holiday hideaway via a specially-built airstrip that involved blowing off the top of a sacred mountain and taking more of the land that belonged to the natives), the local people have received none of the benefits of the much-trumpeted ’progress and development’.


The Berawan tribe have now returned to court to fight the company’s forced acquisition (thanks to Taib’s government) of yet more of the NCR lands for a second extension of the resort as part of a deal to develop it further, in collaboration with the US-owned Marriott Hotel chain.  So far they have received no compensation or recognition of their claims from Taib, despite the fact that previous governments did recognise their ownership of the land.

The Marriott Hotel chain appears to have no shame in participating in this deal, having already collaborated with Raziah Mahmud in developing the Marriott in Miri, again thanks to favours and land alienated by the government of Abdul Taib Mahmud.

However, Unesco which attributed World Heritage status to the site in 2000 has already signalled its own deep concern about the situation at Mulu.  Its 2008 report into the management of World Heritage Sites states that the Chief Minister’s plan to flood great areas of Sarawak with dams will also affect Mulu and the report further raises concerns about reports that ” the benefits of tourism and World Heritage designation are not available to the indigenous groups.  If these reports were confirmed”  the report states “this lack of engagement of local communities could threaten the effectiveness of management and impact the integrity of the property”.   The UNESCO report requires reassurances by 2010, which can hardly have been forthcoming.

Furthermore, UNESCO, which in 2000 listed Mulu as a World Heritage site has already raised the management of the park as an issue of concern.  In its 2008 report into the management of World Heritage Sites it states that the Chief Minister’s plan to flood great areas of Sarawak with dams could impact on the site and further states that the “lack of engagement of local communities could …impact the integrity of the property”.   The report requires reassurances by 2010, which can hardly have been forthcoming.

Local poor are dependent on tourist tips

Despite the usual bragging about ‘progress’ from AbdulTaib Mahmud, the ‘development’ of Mulu has predictably provided no compensation and little in the way of jobs for the local people. The Berawan are apparently banned from being guides in the park they know so well.  In return these people have lost their lands and livelihoods and no longer have their hunting grounds.  The Geneids and their government partners have therefore provided virtually nothing for the people who they have displaced, many of whom are starving hungry.


The once nomadic Penan of the area have likewise lost their hunting grounds, due to Taib-sponsored logging all around the actual park (which is on high ground and therefore does not have very interesting trees) and they are now living in shanty settlements on the fringes of the Berawan lands.  Far from enjoying the fruits of modernisation they survive from making baskets for the few tourists who come to look at them from the resort hotel.  So poor was the standard of housing provided by the Geneids in this ‘progress and development’ scheme that one such tourist himself put up the money to pay for the removal of mosquito-breeding swamps from beneath the settlement’s main longhouse, which had been a major discomfort and health hazard.

So how much has the Sarawak State paid to the Taib family to run Mulu?

Nevertheless, the taxpayer is still being forced to pay substantial sums to the Geneids in the name of ‘developing tourism’, for managing their own venture!  The big question is exactly how much has Sarawak invested in this project that is now being taken up by the Marriott?  Sarawak Report has ascertained that in 2007, the same year that Taib Mahmud openly acquired his shares in the company, a new contract was drawn up whereby the State was to pay even larger sums into the Borsamulu Resort Company, of which he was now publicly an owner.


Sarawak Report has been informed from reliable sources that the agreement was for Borsamulu’s management subsidiary to be paid RM 50 million a year for 50 years by the state.  This means that the State of Sarawak has agreed to pay the Geneids and indeed the Chief Minister himself, RM 50 million a year to manage their own investment until the day they die!  We therefore ask the Government of Sarawak if they will please confirm this figure and explain on what grounds they think they can condone such corruption?

Clearly these figures should be made public as it is the right of the people of Sarawak to be informed of the total sum of public money that has been poured into the Geneid’s forest playground since its inception in 1993 and they should also know how much more it is committed to spend.

Marriott Hotel

Sarawak Repot would also like to enquire of the Marriott Hotel Chain whether this continuing support by the Sarawak taxpayer forms part of their ’incentive’ for taking up a joint venture with the Geneids at Borsamulu Resort and also whether the company holds any ethical standards regarding human rights and the environmental impact of their activities?  If so, how does their involvement in Borsamulu equate with these standards?

Marriott’s new business partners in their joint venture with Borsamulu Resort include the Chief Minister of Sarawak and his family, the State Government of Sarawak and the logging giant, Samling, recently condemned in an investigation into illegal logging by the Norwegian Government.  Since Marriott are re-launching the resort under the auspices of eco-tourism and the Chief Minister and his family can only be described as one of the worst environmental menaces alive on this planet, we would like to ask Marriott how they are planning to deal with this contradictory arrangement?

We would also like to enquire if Marriott can reveal the true identity of another of the major shareholders of Borsamulu, Widervale Assets Limited?  We assume that in the course of doing their due diligence into the joint venture eco-tourism project they have identified the owner of this company, however in an instance of extreme irregularity it is not registered on the Malaysian Company Register, despite such a significant holding in a prominent state government-backed concern!

Given that Marriott Hotel Group’s promotional material regarding their planned acquisition of Mulu in 2011 claims confidence in the “eco-tourism potential” of the Royal Mulu Resort,   Sarawak Report would finally like to ask on what criteria the Marriott Hotel Group judges ‘eco-tourism’?  Their new business-partner, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, has sponsored the destruction of a huge segment of the Borneo rainforest, destroying the landscape of the whole of Sarawak.  He authorised the logging of thousands of square miles of virgin rainforest surrounding the tiny Mulu National Park, eradicating most of the wild-life of the region, including inside the Park itself.  In the process the local people and native forest tribes have been nearly starved into extinction and left to rot without a shred of compensation.  Their protests have been put down by armed police.

We would therefore like to ask the Marriott Hotel Group how they intend to explain and justify these circumstance to their visiting ‘eco-tourists’ and indeed to concerned onlookers at UNESCO’s World Heritage Commission? — By Sarawak Report



  1. Truly actually very good web site article which has got me considering. I never looked at this from your point of view.

    Comment by 泳鏡 — December 21, 2010 @ 5:12 PM | Reply

  2. MAREVA!

    “Pakatan lawyers should institute a mareva injunction against Taib and family. Kicking out UMNO dominated BN in Sarawak is another issue. Work on it and the rakyat shall rally for Pakatan to make Taib accountable for his crimes.

    Comment by SK Subramaniam — November 29, 2010”

    Excellent “mareva” suggestion. However, the Mareva Injunction can only be issued as part of a current court action?

    In this case the correct action (one that can stick on him to avoid case being thrown out of court) has to be first filed against Taib and Family and all his companies and than the “freezing order” can be applied for. It is certainly something the opposition and thousands of dispossessed landowners could consider. A single “class action” to do this may be convenient. But would be complex.

    Taib is now forwarned so he and family may be busily shifting and hiding their looted assets. They cannot hide the paper trails.

    We can consider some options:

    1. The NCR and traditional landowners mount a class action against Taib & Family in the local High Court. Claims for restitution and compensation etc.

    2. Get Transparency International to sue Taib & family. How?

    3. Bring a case against Taib for human rights violations in the UN.
    Plenty of proof but may not get back our money or country! At best he may get his hands smacked!

    Only in cases of proven genocide have perpetrators been convicted and jailed. Taib has committed genocide but this genocide is killing thousands slowly over may a long period of time. He would be dead before his victims die from starvation and ill health (logging and smelter pollution).

    4. Win the election and then take action. How to win? Time is too short to mobilise the people.

    5. If none of the above works?
    Declare Sarawak independence? This is the real hard one! How many will join in (we are so timid and will not even support ulu landrights fighters).

    Need to weigh out which option gets the best result bearing in mind we want to “take back our country”

    Suing in a Malaysian court may have serious disadvantages because the courts are not independent and Taib may get away easily. Also UMNO BN would not like a can of worms to be opened and may send another Justice Augustine Paul to sit on the bench. The case will be lost straight away. Still we must persist and consider this option. That the Land Code has been upheld in several recent decisions is a small encouragement.

    Definition by wikipedia:

    The Mareva injunction (variously known also as a freezing order, Mareva order or Mareva regime), in Commonwealth jurisdictions, is a court order which freezes assets so that a defendant to an action cannot dissipate their assets from beyond the jurisdiction of a court so as to frustrate a judgment. It is named for Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers SA [1975] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 509, decided in 1975, although the first recorded instance of such an order in English jurisprudence was Nippon Yusen Kaisha v Karageorgis in 1975, decided very shortly before the Mareva decision; however, in the UK the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 now define a Mareva order as a “freezing” order. It is widely recognised in other common law jurisdictions and such orders can be made to have world-wide effect. It is variously construed as part of a court’s inherent jurisdiction to restrain breaches of its process.

    It is not a security (Jackson v Sterling Industries Ltd), nor a means to pressure a judgment debtor (Camdex International Ltd v Bank of Zambia (No. 2)), nor does it confer a proprietary interest in the assets of the judgment debtor (Cretanor Maritime Co Ltd v Irish Marine Management Ltd). However, some authorities have treated the Mareva injunction as an order to stop a judgment debtor from dissipating his assets so as to have the effect of frustrating judgment, rather than the more strenuous test of requiring an intent to abuse court procedure. An example of the former would be paying off a legitimate debt (Iraqi Ministry of Defence v Arcepey Shipping Co SA), whereas an example of the latter would be hiding the assets in overseas banks on receiving notice of the action.

    It is recognised as being quite harsh on defendants because the order is often granted at the pre-trial stage in ex parte hearings, based on affidavit evidence alone. A Mareva injunction is often combined with an Anton Piller order in these circumstances. This can be disastrous for a defendant as the cumulative effect of these orders can be to destroy the whole of a business’ custom by freezing most of its assets and revealing important information to its competitors.

    A freezing order will usually only be made where the claimant can show that there was at least a good arguable case that they would succeed at trial and that the refusal of an injunction would involve a real risk that a judgment or award in their favour would remain unsatisfied (Ninemia Maritime corporation v Trave Schiffahrtgesellschaft m.b.H und Co.K.G [1983] 1 WLR 1412).

    Similar provisions are now required to be available in the rest of Europe, under Article 9(2) of the European Union Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights, approved in April 2004.

    Comment by Abang — November 30, 2010 @ 1:36 PM | Reply

    • 6. The other option to file claims simultaneously in Canada USA UK and Australia and go for Mareva & Anton Piller orders.

      This may be the most effective plan of action in these jurisdiction (with more judical independence and transparency) at least to lock in Taib family assets and have a long fight. The longer the better chance to claim those assets as they have no way to move them.

      He must have seen it coming and invested his looted wealth overseas.

      But have we got the money to do it?

      Comment by Abang — November 30, 2010 @ 1:48 PM | Reply

    • Chances are the Judiciary has already been paid off, and so has that despicable man who only catches small fish?!

      How is it possible that if sovereignty lies essentially and principally with the rakyat, we freeze all his assets, ever? Isn’t there an International Court of Justice? Which believes in the sovereignty of it’s citizens?

      Comment by ctzen — November 30, 2010 @ 3:51 PM | Reply

  3. All the evidence is floating to the surface no matter how cleverly Taib arranges his affairs in his corruption and looting of Sarawak wealth.

    It is public knowledge that Taib family owns most of Sarawak as its “private enterprise and kingdom” and ownership of the Royal Mulu Resort is an open secret. So it is not a “shock” any more as proclaimed by HU headlines. It just adds to the numbness we feel whenever we get slugged with another Taib corruption scandal.

    Taib and Jemut both openly admitted (recorded on tape) to their corruption and links to corruption. Taib said he got more money thanhe can spend in his lifetime (have to burn dollas notes when he goes under) Jemut says it is done “legally”. What double talk! Is there “legal” corruption? Contradiction in terms? Corruption is corruption no matter how you change the laws to suit yourselves! The words are mutually exclusive.

    Why should we continue to express our frustrations endlessly? We are only punishing ourselves.

    What is stopping us from launching legal action through the Transparency International in UK Canada, USA and Australia? All the solid immovable evidence are in those countries there including owning the building rented out to the US FBI agency. Taib cannot hide them or delete paper evidence of his connection.

    Even if he divorced himself from the ownership of those valuable properties, he cannot hide the links and still has to account for his actions. Sooner then later. If later, as someone pointed out, he also has to account for his actions in the High Court of Hades. He will be out of our reach. No one will volunteer to go after him!

    We must do something positive for ourselves. There is no free lunch and it’s no use waiting for that to happen.

    The best placed parties to do this are the opposition parties. They must show leadership. They have the means and the evidence.

    We know it is useless to go to the MACC to get justice as it is most likely to protect the corrupt. If it prosecutes Taib it must also prosecute Mahathir and Najib and all UMNO politicians. It does not work that way.

    Even in a sham democracy like Malaysia the opposition has to go through the motion of exhausting the available remedies as Baru Bian has done. Like it or not this should be done to further expose the MACC as an ineffective and corrupt body.

    First, as a show of unity and to give people confidence in them, they must jointly confront the MACC and give MACC an ultimatum to prosecute Taib and cronies within 3 months: for corruption, abuse of power, mismanagement and misuse of public funds for self-enrichment- the lot.

    Second, if MACC takes no action, the opposition parties will have no other choice and must try other tribunals to seek justice such as the Transparency International. They can pool their funds and resources to initiate action. It is also possible to bring a case before the UN for abuse of human rights (denial and abuse of basic human rights of ulu people) and so on. There are many avenues to highlight the corruption and seek justice.

    TI France has successfully commenced proceedings against 3 African leaders for corruption. One of them escaped by dying first.

    One comment is that Taib has arranged Sarawak politics so successfully in his favour that opposition parties have to dance to his tune fro 30 years. He sets the dance step/rules and they follow. This is all part of the sham democracy we are living in. It is a shame we have to continue with it.

    Fellows, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE and BREAK out of the drugged mentality and show more GUTS like the Thais, Burmese, Filipinos and Koreans. MAKE TAIB DANCE TO YOUR TUNE AND NOT HIS!

    The Burmese still defy their rulers in the face of the dictatorship’s guns. The Thais and Filipinos did the same with their peaceful marches. So are the West Papuans fighting with sticks and stones and homemade guns.

    The Indonesians long suppressed with violence also threw out Suharto and freed themselves of oppression to some extent. Now they are marching past us in terms of claiming back their human rights.

    AND WE? We are too sophisticated and gentlemanly and great at talking ourselves into a corner.

    So stop moaning and do something!!!

    Comment by Economics101 — November 29, 2010 @ 10:28 AM | Reply

    • Pakatan lawyers should institute a mareva injunction against Taib and family. Kicking out UMNO dominated BN in Sarawak is another issue. Work on it and the rakyat shall rally for Pakatan to make Taib accountable for his crimes.

      Comment by SK Subramaniam — November 29, 2010 @ 11:17 PM | Reply

      • This “free sarinhg” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

        Comment by Miracle — September 24, 2011 @ 9:18 PM | Reply

  4. […] Baru Bian said serious allegations are reported in an article which is posted at a news portal called Sarawak Report under the provocative heading of ‘TAIB SHARE SHOCK!’ […]

    Pingback by Baru Bian pays a visit to MACC Kuching | — November 27, 2010 @ 10:45 AM | Reply

  5. I did advice many leaders before that when you all are in power to lead the country and people to the glory of all kinds, the glitterings of gold is seducing and inviting.Once you fall into the valley of wealth and swim on the river of wine, beware, the red eyes are following your every step! The air is hot of hatred and the wind of jealousy is blowing from every corner of the earth! It’s not a sin to be rich but never forget the rules of being wealthy. Make OTHERS RICH TOO!!! Outside your door is waiting The Poor, The Needy and The Greedy.

    Comment by BlackMagicWoman — November 27, 2010 @ 6:56 AM | Reply

    • “…Make OTHERS RICH TOO!!!…”


      What’s the motivation? What’s in it for us?

      Remember we’re all selfish beings!

      Comment by Wayang Street — November 27, 2010 @ 9:59 AM | Reply

  6. Response to Ronnie’s comments:

    Good suggestion. I support mass demos.

    But how to galvanise and organise the masses? The towns people are so timid- more timid than Malayan counterparts. Town or city demos appear to be very rare compared to Malayan scene. The people there have gone through harsh experience and become stronger in their resolve and more daring.

    In Sarawak our fighting spirit has been beaten out of us long ago by the Brookes (they massacred thousands on each “expedition” and then British colonials. Now all Taib needs to do is make a loud threat and most of us will disappear.

    To organise such a demo needs real effort to get the bodies to come to the party.

    Only the poor ulu people are resisting the raids on their land and often bear the brunt of brutal police violence. They are isolated in their ulu spot and not mobile to travel to Kuching for a demo. If can be done, need to organise transport and food accomodation ? etc.

    We should forget about those gov’t depts & so on. They are act for those in power. All they do is to dilute your complaint and anger.

    How can we continue to believe in the system?

    There have been many other good suggestions which would be very simple to do.

    Read in some earlier blogs the suggestion do drumming in sequence locally or organise one from one end of Sarawak to the end of Sabah as a show of force and protest against the regime. Will people do this even if so simple?

    OR March on the DUN with drumming.

    Need to explain to the public first the purpose otherwise no one understands the noise and may be annoyed by it. But if they know why they will join in especially kids! A drumming day can be first organise and people start drumming at the appointed time.

    Banging pots and pans as in S. America etc

    These are effective mass actions and the fascist police cannot arrest everyone for drumming or banning pots and pans.

    For example they could organise a march on the DUN (while in session) and announce they have come to arrest Taib- most likely nothing will happen but it is symbolic. It is to remind those corrupt rulers that their judgement day is coming.

    My feeling is that opposition leaders may make criticisms but they are not generally daring to put words to action and organise marches etc. Fear of the ISA. Why have fear? Poor ulu folks got no choice or fear ISA. They just demo.

    Comment by Orang2bangkit — November 27, 2010 @ 5:18 AM | Reply

    • Bawang masa-lah, just kick them out of office in next election and hold them accountable for all their wrong deceitful doing.

      Comment by sam — November 27, 2010 @ 5:50 AM | Reply

      • That is not as easy as it sounds unless each of us can convince someone to tick the right square.

        Comment by Orang2bangkit — November 28, 2010 @ 4:57 PM | Reply

  7. If there is any sense of integrity and pride left in all Dayak leaders and members in PBB, SPDP, PRS and SUPP, they should all call for Taib to step down with immediate effect if they are not ready to abandon BN. They must no longer defend him on all alleged crimes committed against the rural poor in particular and Sarawakians in general.

    No right thinking Dayaks and Sarawakians must continue to support a highly corrupted leader who has been endorsed by Najib and UMNO to keep Sarawak under BN. Shame of all dayak leaders in BN.

    The people must decide ultimately that Taib and UMNO led BN must be kicked out totally. We must vote out UMNO dominated BN and Taib Mahmud. We must take back the people’s power to save Sarawak.

    Comment by Bidayuh Headmaster — November 26, 2010 @ 8:13 PM | Reply

  8. A deeper investigation will reveal that Borsamulu Sdn Bhd has been stealing valuable timber worth hundreds of million ringgit in the area as they are no longer under the jurisdiction of Sarawak Forestry Department. And for stealing timbers, Sarawak taxpayers are paying Borsamulu’s subsidiary RM50 million a year for the next 50 years. MACC has been kept extremely silent and the Cabinet owes it to all Malaysians to order an thorough investigation to this shocking scandal and many others which were exposed before this.

    The time has come for all Sarawakians of all races to start a massive street protest to demand for the arrest of Taib Mahmud, the paramount thief minister. We must demand that Taib Mahmud and families return all ill gotten wealth they had stolen from all Sarawakians.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — November 26, 2010 @ 7:36 PM | Reply

    • Sarawakians can make citizen arrest on Taib Mahmud and need not wait for MACC , PDRM or Parliament to act. what we we waiting for? Lets march to his house and hold simultaneous protest throughout Sarawak. Sarawak first Iban Brigadier General, Stephen Mundaw, should for the sake of Sarawak and the marginalised Dayaks which formed more than 30% of Sarawak population, order the arrest of Taib Mahmud or face massive street demonstration across Sarawak.

      Comment by Ronnie — November 26, 2010 @ 7:48 PM | Reply

  9. […] an article which is posted at a news portal called Sarawak Report under the provocative heading of ‘TAIB SHARE SHOCK!’ According to Baru Bian, the article contains information which is of public interest, especially […]

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  10. re-posted from Radio Free Sarawak- similar comments:

    Dear RFS I re-watched and listened to Al Jazeera’s broadcast On 101 East on Sarawak Corruption on You-Tube.

    The whole programme was excellent in exposing the corruption of Taib PBB BN regime in Sarawak.

    The segment interview with James Masing is incomparable in terms of the admissions the interviewer was able to get out of Jemut.

    He admitted to many things such as the Taib connection in the building of Bakun through his CMS cement family owned company and other projects like the aluminium smelter project with Australian company Rio Tinto and project to repair bridges and that they had “legally” obtained the contracts. Therefore “OK”- no crime committed or abuse of power involved. He did not say it was a huge conflict of interest. These crooks are happily skating on very thin ice.

    Jemut also admitted he was Taib’s close friend i.e. “crony”.

    Taib’s brother in law also admitted their family connection with the major construction projects. He also said these were “OK” and “legal” and even said it to the effect that it was easier to do business as they were all in the family.

    The CM declined to be interviewed.

    This Al Jazeera interview if translated and broadcast by RFS (with the elections coming) would create a big impact on many ulu people who are not aware of how Taib and cronies do their “double dipping”.

    First they grab native land and then get the contracts to “develop” the land. The machinations that led to the native people becoming “squatters” on their own lands must be clearly exposed.

    All ulu people will be able to understand this message.

    Comment by enviroman — November 26, 2010 @ 11:47 AM | Reply

  11. That’s what we get ,when a fox looking after a chicken coop. Surprise ….No really.

    Comment by Sam — November 26, 2010 @ 11:22 AM | Reply

  12. Before you hurl abuses at Sarawak’s beloved and just rently minted pilgrim from the Holy City of Mecca, here’s an appetizer for the delicious comments you’re about to make:

    “…The survey results were based on the community’s perception towards corruption in political parties in their respective countries. For your information, perception is not necessarily reality. Perception is often coloured by current facts that may not be clear or true…”

    Datuk Liew Vui Keong, MP Sandakan (Liberal Democratic Party, Sabah),
    Deputy Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs at the Prime Minister’s Department

    Comment by Wayang Street — November 26, 2010 @ 10:50 AM | Reply

    • Oops!

      rently minted

      “recently” minted

      Comment by Wayang Street — November 26, 2010 @ 10:53 AM | Reply

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