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January 18, 2011

Students benefit from Bakun Trust Fund ?

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Peter Sibon, Borneo Post

Some 2,100 students from Belaga district have benefited from the Bakun Trust Fund in the last 12 years, disclosed Minister of Land Development Dato Sri Dr James Masing.

Of those recipients, 1,200 have completed their diplomas and degrees.

“We have only spent about RM3 million in the last 12 years for the education of students from Belaga district,” Masing told The Borneo Post after receiving an additional RM5 million allocation from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a meet-the-people-session at Rumah Belor, Sg Asap, here on Saturday.

Masing said the balance from the previous allocation of RM10 million was RM7 million.

“With the additional RM5 million allocation, we now have RM12 million in our account. We have been able to maintain our cost low due to our prudent spending,” he said.

Masing, who is also chairman of the Bakun Special Resettlement Committee, revealed that Bakun Trust Fund was set up for the education of the people from Belaga District.

It was set up 12 years after the Bakun Hydroelectricity Dam project took off.

The Baleh assemblyman thanked the prime minister for the fulfillment of most of the government’s promises to the people affected by the mega project.

“Now it is for us to implement all these projects as promised by the federal government to those affected living in Sg Asap and Belaga district,” Masing said.

In all, the prime minister announced a total allocation of almost RM180 million for the people of Sg Asap and Bakun District.

Among the allocations Najib announced during his visit to Belaga and Sg Asap were a RM62 million Bakun-Belaga Road, a new Belaga health clinic costing RM46 million, RM22 million for the connection of electricity to the main grid for 1,500 families in Sg Asap, the cancellation of remaining housing loans totalling RM41 million, RM5 million for Bakun Trust Fund, RM1.14 million for Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry to train Ibans, Bidayuhs and Orang Ulus in entrepreneurship skill; RM900,000 for resthouses for Penans at Sg Ulun and RM72,900 for primary and secondary students from Sg Asap.

Najib had also promised to assist the people of Sg Asap to get additional land to improve their livelihood through large scale agriculture development, since each family had only been allocated three acres of land.

When Bakun dam was built, some 10,000 people from 1,500 families, mostly Kayans and Kenyahs were displaced and resettled at Sg Asap.



  1. “Some 2,100 students from Belaga district have benefited from the Bakun Trust Fund in the last 12 years, disclosed Minister of Land Development Dato Sri Dr James Masing”.
    ..erm.. i agree… i should deserve it but not equivalent for what i lost everything to Bakun Dam…

    “Of those recipients, 1,200 have completed their diplomas and degrees”
    erm..that im not very sure…

    “We have only spent about RM3 million in the last 12 years for the education of students from Belaga district,”
    erm… 3 miliion from 10 million r u kidding?? r u try to hide that TAB no more money….

    “receiving an additional RM5 million allocation from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak …
    “ermmm.. 5 million from Teh Pek King (owh!!! how to spell his name!! huh?? promise to give TAB 5 million during his company granted precious contract for Bakun dam construction but never fulfill his promise.. only give a mock cheque… well like typical well known businessman…

    “Masing said the balance from the previous allocation of RM10 million was RM7 million”.
    erm..when i had applied biasiswa from TAB to further my study, i was disappoint by their reply.. say that.. TAB not enough money.. so i forced turn to PTPTN.. now i become blacklisted because unable to repay my loan… what 7 million for????

    “Masing, who is also chairman of the Bakun Special Resettlement Committee, revealed that Bakun Trust Fund was set up for the education of the people from Belaga District”.

    Really? if said so..paid my PTPTN’s loan, in fact, lot of Belaga graduates have to re-pay with PTPTN.. how to pay?? “Jiwa Murni La sikit”.. Masing outsider(x Belaga) married to Nyipa Bato’s daughter (Belaga) = Become “Hero Orang Belaga”… chit porah!! tengah marah ni…

    Bakun Trust Fund is funding by “Taxpayers”. Only 2,100 students from Belaga district gets the benefit, how about more 100,000 Sarawakian’s student who parents also contibute as a taxpayers?

    erm.. to pancing undi orang belaga lah… mungkin berhasil kot.. belaga diberi 5 juta.. apa lah sangat…

    Comment by Pamoh? Palo? Usit? — January 21, 2011 @ 4:06 PM | Reply

  2. The Bakun project was last rumoured to escalate in costs and may go up to RM12.0 b.

    The local politician who has a big part on the project roll out especially the relocation is James Masing. So we have lots of power and there’s no use for it. It would have been at least useful if we could make belacan from it and mass sell it to the world. Starbucks and KFC can sell them for us with their global reach.

    Forget Yen Yen – she’s bad belacan!

    What Taib could have done was to sell off Bakun to the World. Even Starbucks can help us. We just lelong Bakun on the Tokyo Xchange. Whoever needs power can punt for Bakun. What we could do is to make Bakun a Power Exchange Crypto. Sarawak still holds rights to Bakun like the Native Customary Land Bank System. Anyway, any dumb billionaire knows you can’t put Bakun in your suitcase and bring it home.

    So we’ll be safe – Bakun will still sit pretty there. If some idiot can take Bakun away, there’ll be a big hole in Borneo and James Masing will not relish throwing Dayaks into the hole. Maybe, he might even like it! Who knows?

    Bakun is a little like the LNG project which now makes so much money it leaves you watering at the mouth and everywhere else. Where did the money go? Who knows? But the LNG thing was cleverly done. The buyers were made to agree to buy the gas for 25 years even before the fcuking gas got into the pipe holes. By the 10th year, the LNG paid for everything and all the gas that came off after that was pure profit. Maybe Bakun could really be done that way. Who knows?

    So why didn’t Taib do that with his brilliant brain. That’s because Taib is more than brilliant.

    You guess how!

    Comment by Wayang Street — January 19, 2011 @ 11:06 AM | Reply

  3. “We have only spent about RM3 million in the last 12 years for the education of students from Belaga district,” Masing told The Borneo Post…….”

    Jimmy please stop insulting us. Every time you say something a frog pops out!

    Of course many of us can’t read or write because your gomen has been generously spending this type of money on the school kids!

    You think we are all “dummies” and cannot count how much was spent on EACH student over 12 years?

    As Dummy made the guesstimate the figures range between $92.59 and $555..per student per year!

    What ever the figure it is worked out to be very CHEAP education. Where in the world except Malaysia can we get this education?

    There are several conclusions:

    1. The students received a once off payment to pay for a book/s or bus fares and balance of all fees paid by their parents or by other means.

    2. They obtained their degrees or diplomas at “Kopi Tiam University/College”- so called Kopi O Degree/Diploma for $20.00 or less after some price haggling with the waiter/lecturer.

    3. The $3 million was spent on printing and distributing brochures to the students.

    4. The money was distributed as lunch money (some say not enough to buy a packet of quick noodles).

    5. They all skipped school and spent the money on lunch in one day.

    6. May be the 1200 students could write in and let us know what they received?

    7. James can’t count! Just like how he MISCALCULATED on the impact on the Bakun people as an anthro-apologist for the Taib money machine.

    8. And James where is the $7 million plus interest?

    Comment by Chew Ying Kam — January 19, 2011 @ 4:53 AM | Reply

    • Ying Kam,

      So you chewed out the figures. They didn’t taste good, ah? 😉

      All that money went somewhere else. That value/amount is recurrent type of costs we pay yearly nothing to do with generosity or kindness of BN or PBB.

      What you clearly put out is the quality of education our kids now get. And of course rote learning is even cheaper. Our resources were trimmed off even before they are spent. We were supposed to send our kids off overseas for quality education but thought better and gave them no-quality education by doing it at home. Then we build Menara Pusing instead of Gading. (Ivory and Spin Towers)

      What we often forget is the investment in the education itself that really makes people without rote learning and when they come back they are “capital”. Perhaps, by all good intentions James was trapped, as many of us might have been, by the Malaysian “latah” syndrome. You know what “latah” is. The BN government is supposed to make the call word or sound and we all get funny and do the “latah” dance and song. What’s worst, the Profs in the local U, that were supposed to make capital out of our kids were themselves “latah” prone! The ameno people cough and the Profs latah all over TV.

      By the better costs of Bakun at RM7.0b we could have made some 200-300,000 graduates trained here or overseas and they could have packed a big punch. That’s big capital and with a big “C”. And there would have been still a lot of timber, coal, oil, gas and other things to start some real work.

      What PBB and UMNO did, do and will do, WILL NEVER ADD UP!

      The only thing is, we need to tell the PBB and UMNO people to take a hiatus and spend some of that money we cannot recover from them while we sort things with a new PR government! Of course they’re welcome to invest because we offer SECURITY to the other gains they cleanly made. Then they can stay here, make their money safe and work more without the risk of losing them, AGAIN ! RIGHT HERE!

      God, I just got patriotic. Or did I? 😆

      Comment by Wayang Street — January 19, 2011 @ 12:20 PM | Reply

  4. A salute to you all on the approach to dismantle the big figure mRinggit from riddling our rural oldfolks’ mind. Hopefully this simple analysis be displayed at all the longhouse verandah notice boards. However we yet arrive on the sum each student to receive per day. Definitely our child(ren) can’t afford even a packet of Instant noodle each day with that sum. Why Sarawakians are the least fortunate lots compared the Barats. Somehow our minister dared to trumpet this sort of blessing given to them from the Federal. Is it because he is finding himself insecure to maintain his new house he again to hide his weakness. But “are you using the same tactic to fool our kampong folks?”. Where are the valuable belian materials came from? Do have a better glimpse of that bungalow located off Jln OTS linking Jln LCH. Get rid of these BN parasites and restore our homeland of Fair land Sarawak.

    Comment by miaowkia — January 19, 2011 @ 12:14 AM | Reply





    Comment by Orang2bangkit — January 18, 2011 @ 11:11 PM | Reply

  6. RM3,000,000 was spent on 2,100 students so far and 1,200 recipients had completed either diplomas and degrees. What kind of education and qualification that cost less than RM1,500.00 per student.

    I also want to get a degree under the Bakun Trust Fund !Even institution like Universiti Ikan Terubok Masin ( UITM )cost a lot more for just a diploma per student. Mr James Masing, can you for once tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Today I won’t curse you.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — January 18, 2011 @ 8:51 PM | Reply

    • RM3 million only in the last 12 years? Where the rest of money allocate every “BUDGET” time.Cannot make sense…

      Comment by babai — January 18, 2011 @ 9:36 PM | Reply

  7. “RM900,000 for resthouses for Penans at Sg Ulun and RM72,900 for primary and secondary students from Sg Asap”

    RM800,000 for Jabu’s, RM50,000 for Hassan Sui and RM50,000 for Penan resthouse!

    Comment by HH4Million — January 18, 2011 @ 7:38 PM | Reply

  8. Why can Masing just be Open…be true to the people and hope one day his people will forgive him for all his sins as there no place for him when PR take over the government coming GE!

    Masing Masing…nak tipu pun kira lah betul2…. just simple calculation al Masing.

    You said 2100 student….RM3 Million….over 12 year. Sounds like a big amount….

    Let say you spend RM1 Million for 900 students who didn’t make it to University.
    1,000,000/900 = RM 1, 111.11 / 12 years = RM 92.59 per year.

    So now you 1200 student who made to University..Getting their Diploma or Degree.
    2,000,000/1200 = RM 1, 666.67 / 3 years = RM 555.56 per year (
    Kira 3 tahun rata lah semua buat Diploma…takut nnti duit tak cukup).

    So remaining money you want to keep for yourself lah….

    Betul ka saya kira ni…kalau salah tolong betul kan…saya kuli saja..tak masuk U punya orang…

    Comment by Dummy — January 18, 2011 @ 7:23 PM | Reply

    • …..cant…

      Comment by Dummy — January 18, 2011 @ 7:27 PM | Reply

  9. Bakun Trust Fund is funding by “Taxpayers”. Only 2,100 students from Belaga district gets the benefit, how about more 100,000 Sarawakian’s student who parents also contibute as a taxpayers?

    Comment by babai — January 18, 2011 @ 7:12 PM | Reply

  10. RM3 million to educate 2100 young people to tertiary level? That’s less than RM1500 per person. Someone is telling a big big lie. If it’s true, than all the money stolen by Taib and Jabu alone can send every young Sarawakians to university or college level. Stop bullshitting lah, Masing.

    Comment by apai — January 18, 2011 @ 4:13 PM | Reply

    • Duit sepatutnya(yang sudah dilulus oleh kerajaan pusat) untuk bina/selenggara jalan raya dari Bakong ke Lapok semua Taib guna untuk project2 sendiri di Mukah dan Tanjung manis… skearnag jln lapok….for hardcore 4wd saja lah….

      Ini cuma 5 million… arhh…for masing saja lah…

      Comment by HH4Million — January 18, 2011 @ 7:32 PM | Reply

    • The last time I check Malaysia is part of UN. It is enshrine in UN charter of rights that the present government are to provide tertiary education level. Come on Ministers you are elected by the people and part of your duties is to serve the people, not the other way around.

      Comment by sam — January 19, 2011 @ 11:01 AM | Reply


    P Keening said: “I’m more moved by inspiring dreams and vision of a great Sarawak, conveyed by convincing leadership. Today, even the recently appointed Sarawak PKR chief has yet to come up with something that truly moves us.”

    True, dreams and visions need convincing leadership. Usually this leadership comes from the leaders who have led the popular overthrow of the corrupt ruling elite and then attempt to change the system.

    Community action alone while important seldom make real significant changes- only patching up the leaking dam.

    Just dreams and visions without the leadership is unlikely get anywhere either- especially with the current self serving leadership in power.

    A new leadership will rise again out of the present chaos we have been engulfed in for 48 years of being under the colonial domination of Malaya.

    To change things in our favour, the first major task is for Sarawak to free itself from Malayan colonial rule and achieve national independence.

    The next is what sort of plan for change after independence? Here are some humble off the cuff ideas for discussion.

    1. Political- “government of the people by the people for the people” -for all Sarawakians.

    This is a very simple formula but working out is the hard part. How to convince everyone to work for everyone? This needs to be explored. In part we have the basic structure mentioned below plus improvement on existing structures and systems to be “pro-people”.

    2. For a start the vision of a democratic social system modelled on the Dayak communal way of life is not a bad idea with its social values of communal/co-operative ownership of land, sharing and caring has a lot of pluses.

    To this we may add modern ideas of green economic planning and management to make good use of Sarawak’s still abundant resources to benefit everyone.

    Readers should ponder over why the current government broke up the well tried Dayak communal way of life? The abolishment of village democracy and appointment of government paid village “Yes headmen” (ex-public servants who are more easy to control like puppets) in part enable easier seizure of the land.

    The suspension of elected municipal councils has also to be restored so that our unique democracy starting from the village level up can function again.

    The current system is about controlling the people. We need a system where people are in control of their lives and destiny.

    2. A new leadership must be able to offer the people a programme of change that can be achieved.

    Again looking at the Dayak communal system is the concept of a self-reliant independent economy derived from the subsistence way of life. This idea has to be modernised so that each community is updated and upgraded with new ideas of self-reliance and sufficiency.

    3. Economic production- the ownership of communal land could be used to benefit both the local community and the national.

    Each unit could be engaged in its own specialty such as rice production and staple foods, vegetable production, livestock, poultry and fish production. Ownership of oil palm plantations land should be returned to the original community and the oil palm companies to pay rent to the community for use of the land. A lot of complexities created by the current system have to be sorted out.

    4. Industrial production manufacturing should be geared to self-sufficiency with export of surplus and not export driven as this means dependence on the consumer world and the ups and downs of the capitalist economy. This idea needs working on.

    5. Environment- One of the first thing to do is to rehabilitate and re-generate our forest land and environment, clean up the water systems. This will be a giant task. Many green ideas here could be developed.

    The above vision may not be to everyone’s liking- as it implies that everyone to be a productive part of society. It is not your modern “advanced industrial society” but one with modern ideas.

    On the other hand a co-operative society and nation which has a place for all Sarawakians regardless of their race language or faith will create a happier state where people work and care for each other unlike the dog eat dog society we have today.

    Maybe readers like the idea they can add on their suggestions and make it a work in progress project?

    We have a fair bit of time to go before we can even start on such ideas so why not now?

    It is time we all explore the ideas of what is good for Sarawak and develop a plan for our liberation and independence from colonial rule!

    Southern Sudan will be a free and independent nation soon after more than 50 years of Northern Sudan stealing its resources including oil and gas.

    We should work hard for and spread the idea of a Sarawak independence and demands for a peaceful referendum.

    Be inspired that our independence day is always a possibility if we have that dream, will and determination to achieve this wonderful beginning for a New Sarawak.

    Napolean said “If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna”

    Victor Hugo-“Those who live are those who fight”

    There are many other inspiring quotes but we must first be possessed of that dream and vision for an independent Sarawak! This is our inspiration- To take back our country!

    Comment by Sarawakbaru — January 18, 2011 @ 11:57 AM | Reply

    • Sarawakbaru,

      But of course, Taib would put out glossy brochure on SCORE developments to mesmerize the Sarawak populace while behind the scenes, both hands would magically capitalising on any such development to enrich the cronies and family.

      That aside, the view express by PK has merit, BUT only to the extent that progress in politics, which mean to many of us – a strong opposition – must move in tandem progress in economics, social and cultural.

      Taib and his kind, is the product of a backward economy which rely on primary industries, minerals and agriculture, where government would play a lot of role (issuing of license,land, public financing), and those in position of power would be wantonly abusing it.

      The social part of the equation are used to build institutions, both government and NGOs. Thats why I think PR 100-day plan put much emphasis on improving and revamping instutitions, especially education (via incentive) and anticorruption agency.

      And of course, Sarawak has a rich a cultural experience – but there have not been enough influential novelist to write about the Sarawak experience – which Sarawakian from all walks of life can identify with. Even the short Sarawak history barely make it to the national text book ! Policy correction can do a lot for advancing people’s mind but there has been so much more emphasis on bread-and-butter issues (ie “development”) – I dread to think that maybe a deliberate scheme on the part of some intelligentsia to leave Sarawakian devoid of any deeper contemplation except to eat, sleep, work hard and make love (er, reminds me of a certain chap :))

      The view that had been espouse by free market economist, that the economy is king, and can regulate itself – independent of any link to politician and political system, has been proven wrong – on many many occasions. So from this point of view, the priority is to advance democracy in all its aspect: and for Sarawakian, while removing Taib and his gang from power, may not solve the 50 years of political decay over night – it may just be the precondition for everything else.

      So lets not fall for the “forget politics, and concentrate on economic development” slogan, while in the same breadth we acknowledge that it is also true that politics isn’t everything, as it were in the dark ages. For Sarawak, the priority – is relatively clear – politics. Without political reform, and so, BN regime would reign supreme – we won’t be doomed – but certainly will be overtaken by everyone else in the region, and the next generations will have to migrate to do work that the citizens of the host country, won’t touch.

      Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — January 18, 2011 @ 3:23 PM | Reply

      • Politics is on the fore front of this discussion.

        Sure improvement on the practice of democracy may help Sarawak’s case.

        The issue remains on whether we see Sarawak continuing “within Malaysia” or without.

        My position is first and foremost we must gain political independence before we can progress to properly reform, revamp and regenerate the country from the damage cause by plunder under Malayan colonialism and its puppet PBB BN regime.

        A referendum could be considered as a peaceful way to decide the issue of a “yes or no” vote for Sarawak national independence.

        A fair and independent referendum held under UN supervision and rules would be acceptable.

        Quebec has had several referendums in recent years but none of these have been unsuccessful to gain secession from Canada.

        East Timor succeeded and got independence from Indonesia after 25 years of very brutal colonial occupation with high E. Timorese casualties . South Sudan looks like it will be successful in seceding again with a high casualty rate.

        At the risk of being repetitious, it is emphasised that from the political point of view, Sarawak’s referendum is not about “secession”. This implies Sarawak had willingly joined “Malaysia”. It is about independence from Malayan colonial annexation and domination.

        Independence was denied to us in 1946 (cession to Britain) and in 1963 when Sarawak was annexed by with the assistance of Britain under the “Malaysian Plan”.

        You cannot have “independence” by being transferred by one foreign ruler to another.

        Readers would be aware of the background to the Brunei Independence Uprising on 8th December 1962, in which Sarawak patriots joined with Bruneians to oppose Malaysia. The independence armed struggle only ceased in 1990. This part of our history is not known to many post 1963 generation as the current regime has suppressed this information especially in school text books.

        (Some articles in memorial of this event was posted recently in a few websites Lest We forget those patriots who made the supreme sacrifice in fighting for independence. Their names are yet to be commemorated when a list is available.)

        There is still a major reluctant for bloggers to touch this subject as if it were a death sentence. Yes, under Kuala Lumpur’s laws it is seditious to discuss this subject. That scares people off and this is what KL wants- no discussion on this tabooed topic. That is why we must continue to raise this subject on the internet.

        A study of history shows that there are few exceptions to the cry “Independence or Death” from the day the slaves of Haiti declared their independence to East Timor and South Sudan.

        Rentap is credited with his war cry “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban” loosely translated as “Still Alive Still Fight”-

        H G Wells summed this up nicely” “There’s nothing wrong in suffering, if you suffer for a purpose. Our revolution didn’t abolish danger or death. It simply made danger and death worthwhile”

        The past 48 years have confirmed the truth of the message of the independence fighters that Sarawak will only be just a colony of Malaya. We all are crying “foul” as Malaya steals from Sarawak’s vast oil and gas reserves. At least $290 billion
        from Sabah and Sarawak in the past 3 years.

        The Malayan regime will never agree to a referendum as it will certainly end up losing the oil and a vast wealthy territory.

        To conclude, yes agreed that a change in government may lead to other changes hopefully. However, KL will always be ready to declare a state of emergency when that happens.

        Comment by Sarawakbaru — January 18, 2011 @ 5:50 PM | Reply

      • “…Sarawak will only be just a colony of Malaya…”

        Actually, many States are colonies of Malaya. Funny thing is, there is no Malaya. Where is Malaya? There is a High Court of Malaya! If you had been judged under the Court of Malaya, who will carry out the court’s order? Malaysia? Mana boleh? Maybe Ah Longs?

        Perak had problem, now Selangor and who’s next on the line?

        If PR gets a simple majority in Sarawak, Taib’s new wife will appoint the next Speaker! And there’ll be a Pesta Katak. Maybe Karim Hamzah will be the next Speaker? He will buy off your socks!

        Comment by Wayang Street — January 19, 2011 @ 10:28 AM | Reply

      • They go hand in hand actually – politics and economics. You can’t have one without the other.

        CM Sarawak always says politics of development means something to rural folk and he’s right in some sense. You give the Tuai Rumah RM800 and you got the longhouse under your thumb whilest the power web spins on. Question is – are people at all ready to to think about money or power? The element of cultural good values have gone – where did they go? It seems even our anthro-apologist don’t where.

        What do these people understand? Biotech, high income downstream jazz?

        I don’t know the Ulu. But whatever happened to real farming? What about animal husbandry? What’s going in rural clinics? What do they read? Anything to read? Any adult education class? Any delightful expression medium like a new dance or whatever?

        Comment by Tok kong — January 20, 2011 @ 9:49 PM | Reply

  12. ya..kerajaan Malaysia terpenjara dan kemiskinan dan kepapaan. semua di sebabkan oleh kerajaan rakyat hisup miskin..Sudah di beri kekayaan diberi kemudahan dan segala perbelanjaan, masih juga menyalahkan kerajaan Malaysia membawa kemiskinan kepada rakyat. Abis tu Baru Bian nak bawa balik org belaga ke tempat asal yang dah lah jauh dari kawasan lain susah nak dapat perkhidmatan talian telefon kemudahan lain langsung tak dapat tu ape..meningkatkan taraf hidup rakyat la…lain kali cakap tgk2 blakang jugak…

    Comment by Miscelines — January 18, 2011 @ 9:55 AM | Reply

  13. Let me invite you to take a break from the tirade of Taib and BN bashing, and reflect on one most important element that is so critical to our future Sarawak generations. This is a freshly released study by SCAN. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/edsys2012.

    Hopefully, SCAN’s work help us find time away from bashing others, from mud-slinging and from spinning racism tales to sharpen our saws and see the forest for the trees so that we all can battle our war better. Hopefully, the study helps to inspire and encourage us to broaden our thinking and our assault to far beyond dethroning the Taib and BN, and engage in intellectual discourse to craft a new vision the truly moves Sarawakians.

    I’m not moved by the idea of removing BN or capturing Putrajaya and I don’t think is not a true vision that moves masses. We have seen examples in many countries whereby governments are overthrown, but the new government soon gets thrown out. Why? We have learned that it’s because the new governments do not have solid strategy for moving their countries forward and rapidly. I’m more moved by inspiring dreams and vision of a great Sarawak, conveyed by convincing leadership. Today, even the recently appointed Sarawak PKR chief has yet to come up with something that truly moves us.

    Comment by Peen Keening — January 18, 2011 @ 9:31 AM | Reply

    • Your views on Change and new government in some countries getting thrown out are too simplistic and monologic in arguments. Good try on your part anyway.

      Comment by Irene Kana — January 18, 2011 @ 10:38 AM | Reply

    • Keep your “dreams and vision of a great Sarawak”. If you need help ask BN people! If you haven’t started it, don’t bother. More sensible to throw out BN. Give them another 9 months and they’ll skin you alive. Had they wanted to listen to anything like it, would they not have found you out?

      If you really want to do so, form your own movement with a basis and framework for action, or at least a blog!

      You can still vote for BN, you know! No one saying you can’t.

      Comment by tindin — January 18, 2011 @ 11:13 AM | Reply

    • Agree with PK. Much of the works of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, http://www.thepresidency.org/ state just what PK says.

      Comment by Carol — January 18, 2011 @ 11:20 AM | Reply

      • Took a peep at the presidency org.

        Of course it’s a mature organization about a mature democracy. Even then evil reared it’s ugly head and the system hijacked but the US system history preceded the French Revolution. You’re comparing apples with durians. Civil liberties movements in the US have birth pangs hundreds of years ago. With the Federal constitution full of loop holes, it won’t any wonder we won’t anywhere past the tip of our noses.

        Nevertheless, an independent movement should be a boon to milk teeth “democracy” like Malaysia in the long haul.

        Comment by Sam Paya — January 18, 2011 @ 9:37 PM | Reply

    • Peen, here’s an example why your proposal won’t work. You figure out the rest.

      Comment by tindin — January 18, 2011 @ 11:22 AM | Reply

  14. “Kerajaan” dan orang politik jahat Malaysia, UMNO dan konco-konco, telah membuat orang-orang luar bandar Sarawak khususya, terpenjara dalam kemiskinan dan kepapaan. Suasana hidup mereka terkunci, “interlok”. Akibatnya dan arah masa depan mereka jelas – mereka akan jadi “paria” juga.

    Inilah kekejaman kerajaan UMNO/PBB yang telah sesat tidak beza daripada “kerajaan kuno India” yang dulu-dulu – “mem-paria-kan” kaum dan rakyat sendiri.

    Jika kehormatan manusia dan rakyat ditebus, nescaya hidup rakyat akan maju dan makmur.

    Renung-renungkan …

    Comment by lintas — January 18, 2011 @ 9:07 AM | Reply

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