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January 23, 2011

Taib thrown lifeline thanks to SNAP’s rhetoric?

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Ooi … SNAP in, SNAP out … Sarawakians aren’t amused!

They were part of the reason for Sarawak in Malaysia, then they were in, then out – some even say thrown out – and then almost deregistered, and then they remained out, of the BN, that is. It was then that they were in wilderness, as orchestrated disintegration of SNAP ensured that those remaining would be weak, financially and thus politically. But those few who remained holding the torch of SNAP were principled, and deserved to be respected. Others had left, or should I say hand-picked for the “greener” pasture of the PBDS. Then it is further torn apart by the few leaders, in the name of Dayak political future. Well, we all can see whether it was Dayak political future or the few individual Dayak’s political future. You can decide, can’t you?

Then it was the Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which they were in, and those same principled few were all talking about the only way forward and all sorts of blah blah blah. Now it is those same few who proclaimed they were out, also with the same blah blah blah. So it is official, SNAP is out of the PR and are supposedly prepared to fight the election on their own.

Insiders said SNAP’s “on their own” is in name only, as their funds will come from sources outside of the party. There is still online news for those who want to gain more inside into the latest Sarawak scenario by linking to the recent Zaid Ibrahim’s Kita launch. Of course there is also that Borneo-Champion (sic) but rhetorical Ketingan’s United Borneo Front. Follow closely what were said, who were at where and the picture gets a little clearer. Basically, try to put the artificially created pieces together as nothing in politics is coincidental.

So, who will be the winner with this latest SNAP flip-flopping?

In the name of Sarawak, in the name of the rakyat, and in the name of so many others, these recycled politicians turned anew, rebranded etc by joining forces with the PR, when they were out in the cold. Kua reminded us of such “born-again” people before. But who will it really benefit, in the context of Sarawak?

It can now be said that Taib had suddenly been thrown a new lifeline, thanks to the new SNAP. Was it all planned then, that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) would not appeal against the Court of Appeals decision in favour of SNAP, after the ROS deregistration? We all know that the ROS, like all other government institutions, are mere extensions of the BN. The ROS would have only withheld an appeal if told to do so.

So was it all foreseen that keeping SNAP from being deregistered would be favourable to the Sarawak BN under Taib Mahmud? It seems to be the case now.

Look at the scenario

SNAP officially joined the Pakatan Rakyat coalition just before the Sibu by-election on April 16, 2010. As recently as January 7 this year, SNAP secretary-general Stanley Jugol confirmed the party’s joint challenge against Taib Mahmud’s BN rule of 30 years now, saying “it is going to remain as an inclusive party working under Pakatan Rakyat.”

Then came the January 20 “quit PR” turn-around. The reason – it was all about PKR. It was only PKR, and no one else – certainly not the recycled SNAP personnel who had all frogged from one party to another, only to return to the same frog pond in the end.

So what has happened to such past talk when joining the PR, like when Jugol and the president, Edwin Dundang were described as saying “both have confirmed that after eight difficult years, and their association with Pakatan Rakyat, they have come to believe in their (PR) struggle for the good of the people and the eradication of corruption plaguing the nation.” There are more such statements – just do an internet search.

On 20 Jan, the talk became “we have realised that their leaders are making use of us. Their agenda is they want to get to Putrajaya at all cost, while SNAP’s agenda is to get a fair deal for Sarawak.” said Liman, SNAP’s director of communications, as he targeted PKR as the reason for pulling out of the PR.

“Instead they concentrated more in Peninsular Malaysia. They are not serious about Sarawak,” as Liman continued to stir up prejudice against PKR along BN lines, in trying to alienate PKR as a Semenanjung-based party.  A new blah blah blah appeared but the attack on PKR was consistent.

The eventual message can be summed up by Liman, “SNAP will stand alone as it cannot rely on PKR for support.”

But no, SNAP is too inconsistent, too hurried to sell out to the highest bidder, and too unstable for the recycled team to stir any trouble within PR.

So what is happening?

My worry, seriously, is how this latest episode will diminish the chances of removing the BN state government. Trying to make sense from what the same key characters’ past reveals, what these same people had said, before and after certain events – in this case, when SNAP’s self-destruction by few self-interested “leaders”, through PBDS, then joined and left PR – is the only way I can try to glue the shattered picture together, into a more coherent and comprehensible situation.

I have only what the various characters of SNAP (old, the rebranded new and the recycled) had said and done to go by. Taking them all as far back as possible, SNAP people can be traced back all the way to the BN. It is rather pathetic that Malaysian politics, including Sarawak politics, can only trace most of the present characters back to the BN. So I can rely on history, at least, to remind me of the same characters.

I refer to history because I refuse to kowtow to what Edward Gibbon (1737 – 1794) described, that “history is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind”, or what George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950) said: “Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history”. I refer to the words of George Santayana (1863 – 1952), in The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905: “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Must Sarawak and Sarawakians be condemned to what Voltaire (1694 – 1778) hinted at, more than three centuries ago, when he said “indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes”?

SNAP’s ‘reasoning’, pointing at PKR as Semenanjung-centric, is a gross injustice and insult to those Sarawak PKR leaders, all of whom SNAP people know well, who have nothing but Sarawak as their prime focus in their socio-political work. These PKR leaders at State, Divisional and Branch levels, do not even have to harp on the “Borneo” rhetoric to be “inclusive” but just concentrate on plain Sarawak. Their championing of NCR lands, is back up by concrete actions, and with solutions and nothing, not even their terrible internal conflicts, can distract them from this focus. When they talk about the rakyat, they are not merely using the name. Their words and actions match, period.

Sarawakians decide

Many theories can be postulated here about who is behind SNAP’s turn-around, but I am going to trust readers, especially Sarawakian voters, to be able to just pause, step back and reflect. Then decide, and register that decision through the ballot boxes, soon.

Here are some of the questions we ought to ask, to help us. Please add to this list yourselves, but ask the key questions with Sarawakians’ future in mind:

  • Who has long over-stayed ruling and thus plundering Sarawak? I am not talking about the individual here as the individual cannot be there without the whole group of them in the BN.
  • Thus, who is the common target to remove as the government of Sarawak and Malaysia?
  • Will this latest happening in Sarawak’s political landscape benefit the BN more than others?
  • Are the characters who are now rebranding themselves as people ‘for Sarawak and Sarawakians’ simply using Sarawak and Sarawakians for their own respective reasons?
  • Last but not least, are we Sarawakian voters still really so easily manipulated that we cannot see the evil dressed up in an oversized coat?

My Poor Sarawak

The long, hard road of Sarawak attaining a truly non-racial, corruption-free, frog-free and truly people-oriented government has suffered another setback. The ball is now back in the court of the rakyat, to decide who to kick out and who to take in, even among the opposition.

Should the rakyat choose all those names associated with party-hopping, and now re-emerging as if they were championing for Sarawak and Sarawakians’ rights? Or those whose names and reputations have withstood the test of time? Those same people who were in the party of power, the BN, joined the BN for power, and for the same reason of power play, left the BN, or got kicked out. So now, they are using the name of Sarawak, yet again.

Sarawakians are doomed with such recycled politicians. At this junction, I am ashamed to have to recall what Sim Kwang Yang once said bluntly – without new people, you will only continue to get the discredited who will recycle themselves as brand new, as if rebranding old newspapers will make the news anew! History has again taught us, positive change will not come easily and we have to work doubly hard to ensure that only those who walk the talk, those with credibility, can be allowed to hold the seat of government!

But I continue to do more than hoping. I have only one home, Sarawak, and I am sticking with her, till death do us part.



  1. SNAP is paid to fight both PR and weaken PRS. PRS=Masing has on occasions shown anger over Taib, he has his personal agenda and plan, Taib and Jabu cannot like it. SPDP has private clashes with PRS. So PRS probably has to face all these whether they like it or not.

    Comment by Salah Satu — January 26, 2011 @ 5:44 PM | Reply

  2. Both the greeds of some SNAP leaders and partly the politically naive president have caused the party to be checkmated. Now they find it very difficult to move forward and fight the cause with Pakatan and their own supporters and members are desserting them for making a disparraging remarks against other Pakatan leaders.

    Comment by Bartholomew — January 26, 2011 @ 4:49 PM | Reply

  3. Voters in Sarawak are a lot more discerning and well informed about politics in Sarawak and its history. Politicians should stop treating the voters as fools and making insinuations and statements to camouflage their own wicked intentions. There is nothing wrong about SNAP reinventing and rebranding itself for the betterment of the party and its commitment to Pakatan. Supporters and friends of SNAP will be most delighted to know that SNAP wants to strengthen its structures organically and to attract more youths and professionals to join the party which is the right steps in moving forward. However, supporters and friends of SNAP are not naive and know what were actually brewing in SNAP when a few leaders came out blasting at PKR leaders. These leaders were tempted by money to join the “third force” or given money by an unseen hands in PBB simply to fight against PRS led by Masing. One can tell that SNAP with its current crop of outdated leaders would not be committed to the Pakatan cause. Pakatan should not waste time with SNAP and it shall become more irrelevant after the coming state election.

    Comment by Asri rahman — January 26, 2011 @ 12:54 PM | Reply

  4. PKR’s foray into Sarawak rural politics is not in any way undermined by the recent so-call “SNAP REBRANDING”. SNAP has always said it would stand as a party in the coming poll against BN, not against PKR. And it has always been talking about trying to get some seats arrangement agreed with PKR to prepare for the coming GE. Towards that ends those seats preferred by SNAP, numbering so small, are those that PKR has not had any inroad. For that matter no seat can be said to belong to PKR today for the simple reason PKR has not proved itself in Sarawak yet. And for that matter too there is no basis for any talk that “SNAP REBRANDING” might affect PKR and or give new lease of political life to Taib.

    People who care to study Sarawak politics deeply, be unemotional about it. Look at how Dato Sng, father of Larry Sng, a man having past connections to the split-up of PBDS, PRS, and connected to Ting Peng Khing by marriage of Larry to the former’s daughter, all the while Larry is an Assistant Minister in Taib’s government, he has established a solid link with top leadership of PKR at K.L. The potentials are there: Sng Senior plays his magic wand to ensuring Larry of a seat as a BN Direct Candidate at Pelagus (a forgone conclusion) all the time using his PKR connection as a threat to Taib. Once Larry is confirmed BN Direct, he would drop PKR Sarawak and left in a lurch to be on the side of Larry at the poll. A major concern this!
    Premised upon that concern SNAP REBRANDING came about.

    Supporters of PKR, you needn’t worry about SNAP.
    Patrick Anek Uren.

    Comment by Patrick Anek Uren — January 25, 2011 @ 8:35 AM | Reply

    • Good feedback Patrick, except that I can understand the concern of PKR crowd given:

      1) The statement by SNAP communication director of wanting to go it alone
      2) The absence of PR component party to lend support to the rebranding launch
      3) The silence by leadership of PKR/SNAP: bloggers don’t speak for PKR or SNAP
      4) The “28 seats” statement that was not qualified as an aspiration, not a demand
      5) SNAP new lease of life is quite sudden as if electrified by “$lightning”
      6) True re-branding involves restructuring: this can open SNAP to infiltrators
      7) Even by re-branding, to-date SNAP has not shake off the stigma of its past

      I don’t get your drift on the premise of SNAP REBRANDING as having something to do with Sng Senior/Junior. Is SNAP concern that PKR Sarawak is being used by the Sngs or being $played in monkey/money politics, to split Pakatan Sarawak ? Care to explain.

      Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — January 25, 2011 @ 9:32 AM | Reply

    • The credibility of some SNAP leaders are called into question. Are they been motivated purely by money now and ? SNAP may have the right to cherish their glorious past but having been in comatose for more than a decade, it should rightly prove to PKR and Patatan that indeed it has 28 or more dynamic,committed and credible candidates and the resources in the coming state election to help PR4 wrest control of state power from Taib and UMNO dominated BN.

      Pakatan partners in DAP, PKR and PAS must be very decisive in its next course of action now that SNAP has created a huge controversy and mistrust in PR4.

      Comment by Ronnie — January 25, 2011 @ 6:59 PM | Reply

    • Patrick might have missed the point about the criticism being hurled at some SNAP leaders and not at SNAP per se. It seems that some SNAP leaders were trying to rock the coalition of DAP,PKR, PAS and SNAP (Pr4) as the date of dissolution of Sarawak DUN is close approaching.

      Ground information were that a few leaders were promised substantial money by unseen hands in PBB and also from a political pimp from West Malaysia who is said to be also financing Zaid Ibrahim’s KITA. Will SNAP leaders come out to deny all these allegations and declare to Sarawakians that SNAP is committed to PR4 and shall fight Taib Mahmud and UMNO led BN?

      Comment by Ronnie — January 25, 2011 @ 8:25 PM | Reply

  5. Never Never Never ever bow to the demon hand waving signal. I guess majority of us have strong degree allying to PR. Thus we got to see whatever the common objectives all these leaders that come under PR, had compromised earlier be realised. Please do bear in mind all you leaders of PR. You have yet led us view the battle field and now some of you are deciding to take a different course of direction. Do you realise that this may be a suicidal trick. The Big Devil now draws many alluring signal with malice to instil fighting among ourselves so as to defy a total defeat against the BN. BN move is to divide and split the votes. Apparently SNAP objectives are perfect which reflects the fairness on overall communities in this Fair Land Sarawak. However there may be still some gritty factor among some the old staunchy backbone workers. And should there be no composition of new and educated existing members SNAP will definitely experience a no impact vibrancy in the battle march. We have been riding on a newer political platform which require strong and high fighting spirit leaders as candidates to look after the people of Sarawak. Not a cowardice. Not a Donald Duck. Not an opportunist as political frog. Remain united as PR so that our rural kampong folks may fire “bamboo” canon on that victory day to chase all the evil BNs away. Do not betray us. Sarawak our Homeland.

    Comment by miaowkia — January 24, 2011 @ 10:20 PM | Reply

  6. This is a very clear outdated strategy by BN to break up pakatan vote! First it is Zaid with his KITA and Jeffrey with his BORNEO and now we have SNAP! The rakyat are not stupid and we will only vote for pakatan and our objective is to reach putrajaya.

    Comment by chris — January 24, 2011 @ 7:47 PM | Reply


    “many PR supporters and sympathizers, had considered SNAP a comatosed party for tired old men and while it was welcomed to join Pakatan”

    Certainly a comatosed party could be a “sleeper” who can play the devil and turn things upside down judging by the volume of invective coming through these pages. It is unclear if this represents popular reaction outside the internet against SNAP.

    SNAP has been out in the cold for a while and appears irrelevant. It wants to make a “come back”. That it is entitled to in the present system.

    SNAP has however been a party led by some opportunists in the past which is why the voters are skeptical about it. Hopefully the remnant sinners (if any) have repented and determined that they must travel the straight and narrow path if they wish to represent the people.

    In 1964, under the Ningkan Government there was an element of independence and pride in Sarawak standing up for itself. S.K. Ningkan ((1920-1997- [RIP] Sino-Dayak aka Mok Teck Boon) was ousted through the machinations of Taib’s uncle, Taib and betrayals in SNAP (Big Chief A. Jabu?) and other sell out parties ganging up against SNAP during the “Constitutional Crisis” when KL attempted to dismiss a recalcitrant Ningkan who was defending Sarawak rights. KL played foul as usual and declared a “state of emergency” to prevent a threat of Sarawak divorcing KL rule. This state of emergency remains in place even though the “emergency” has passed.

    SNAP members also presided over the demolition of the Land Code through one of its leaders the former attorney general. Did the A-G not think of how deeply damaging were his arguments to amend the Land Code (virtually the “Native Land Rights Charter” and only safeguard against the land seizures). He appears unrepentant. What benefits he got out of this no one knows. Hopes he reads this. Neither his school nor schoolmates are proud of many a few graduates who have plundered the country. CM heads the shame list. This same attorney general was on the Ningkan Government legal team in the court cases over the “Constitutional Crisis”. History is full of ironies.

    Having reminded ourselves of the history, it is noted that Meramat’s suggestions are most sensible to reduce the friction and avoid a split at the polls which will weaken the opposition and possibly prevent an electoral victory. UNITY is all important for the opposition to win the elections.

    Even without this furore going on over SNAP, the chances are only 50/50 for victory!

    The SNAP factor should not be blown out of proportion as every little divisive issue is a “win” for UMNO PBB BN. This is wasting your energy barking up the wrong tree apart from venting your anger. Try to see how a unity can be worked out and target the real enemy!

    On the same token, SNAP leadership and members must see for once that the opportunity to realise even their dreams partially, they must unite with all other opposition groups to win the elections. It should not play the usual game of using their winning of seats to bargain for positions with UMNO PBB BN. This game has wounded Sarawak severely to the greatest disadvantage of the people who entrusted them with power!

    SNAP should be free to forge unity with the Sabah counterparts in their Borneo United Front movement. Is the BUF a bluff to bargain for more power for those parties in it or a genuine movement for a better “deal” for Sabah and Sarawak? We will see. You cannot fool the people all the time.

    People could be skeptical but should see the big picture.

    The BUF does not hurt opposition unity nor is it divisive. It still reflects the nationalist aspirations of SNAP members old and wounded as they may be. Perhaps SNAP and BUF should press the “full autonomy” issue with Pakatan now.

    Seen in the positive and broader perspective, the new grouping of political parties and politicians in BUF is a healthy sign reflecting the general aspirations of the people and the movement for independence in Sabah and Sarawak. In politics forces will forever align and re-align because of changing situations. The guiding rule must be that they act in the interest of the people and Sarawak.

    It is obvious that this national independence issue is not “over” despite a few having the illusion that they have “independence in Malaysia” (i.e ruled by a foreign KL government).

    Pakatan recognises this aspiration with its declared its firm promise of “full autonomy” This must be put in its election programme to be a real promise. UMNO has not vociferously and seriously objected to this- so it may be possible?

    The Tunisian popular uprising on 15 January 2011 has overthrown the corrupt tyrant Ben Ali who ruled for the same time as Taib and fled to Saudi Arabia- the refuge for all tyrants include Idi Amin. South Sudan is now on the verge of winning its independence by referendum after some 50 years of war.

    We have taken longer even with our own guerrilla war of independence waged by PARAKU from 1960s to 1990. Unfortunately it seems nothing was negotiated in terms of Sarawak rights in the ceasefire agreement.

    The task for independence remains to be finish by the many of us with the strong aspiration and will to see it to a successful conclusion.

    All the political dramas past and present are just part of the movement towards our new independence day!

    Comment by Sarawakbaru — January 24, 2011 @ 1:02 PM | Reply

    • When Sarawak and Sabah no longer be the fixed deposit and can ensure UMNO dominate power in Malaysia, I believe UMNO is more than willing to let us go and concentrate on controlling just West Malaysia. Possible?

      Comment by Bartholomew — January 24, 2011 @ 1:59 PM | Reply

      • Why wait for that to happen and not stop being the fixed deposits now?

        It is not “fixed deposits” by huge unquantified outflow of wealth that has to be stopped as soon as possible or there will be nothing left!

        The recent chart provided in HU was around ?$291 billions going out from Malaya Sabah and Sarawak?

        We probably contribute to more than half that amount.

        Why be fools and let it continue when we can take back our country and preserve our wealth?

        UMNO will not let go of territory unlike S. Sudan which had to fight a war and sacrificed lives to gain imminent independence.

        SBaru: “We have taken longer even with our own guerrilla war of independence waged by PARAKU from 1960s to 1990. Unfortunately it seems nothing was negotiated in terms of Sarawak rights in the ceasefire agreement.

        The task for independence remains to be finish by the many of us with the strong aspiration and will to see it to a successful conclusion.

        All the political dramas past and present are just part of the movement towards our new independence day!”

        Comment by Headhunter1million — January 24, 2011 @ 2:44 PM | Reply

    • Malaysian politics have evolved and gaining maturity albeit that there are still some politicians and tycoons out there trying their luck differently. Questions we want to ask Zaid Ibrahim include his personal and political platform’ stance in the two party system that he once passionately promoted while he was still in PKR.

      Can Zaid’s party, KITA work with Pakatan and why was it that he was focusing more in Kelantan. Is Kita trying to gain a foothold in kelantan? Lately, over in Sabah and Sarawak, there was this group which called itself Borneo United Front or UBF in which one of the PR4 partners, SNAP, has aligned itself with. It seems that KITA and Zaid Ibrahim has its Borneonisation plan as well if the lastest outburst from senior members of SNAP against PKR leadership was anything to indicate a hidden hands behind the new development.

      SNAP should learn its lesson well and not to itself to be made a political mule by Zaid Ibrahim and or Jeffrey Kitingan. I am convinced that Zaid and Jeffrey have their own political game plans which might also include PPP or even Parti Cinta.

      Comment by Bakrie — January 24, 2011 @ 8:08 PM | Reply

  8. Apang,

    When it comes to Sarawak, and even Malaysian politics – its more Nietzsche than Hegel anyway. There is no point in ascribing political coalition as having been built on deep philosophical foundation. Its the end of history as Fukiyama would have advised. Now – China is more ruthlessly capitalist than socialist Europe and would not hesitate to uproot peasants for a decidedly capitalistic development – free market economy ! Anwar himself was a staunch BN, and by some account – had a hand in destabilising Sabah (diluting Christian majority) by effectively legalising illegal immigrants by issuing MyKad to them. There is an on/off discussions between some PAS and some UMNO members who wants to place the Ummah above politics. PKR, as many would be quick to point out, were mostly constituted by ex UMNO.

    My question is this: while SNAP carry the stigma of frogs (most recently – Johnical Rayong) and has had their share of meandering through the political landscape, defining themselves in the direction of donors and financiers, but is it smart, at this time – for Pakatan supporters and sympathizers to condemn the party to the heap of history – on the strength of what Liman had purportedly said, or on the public proclamation that SNAP is eyeing 28 seats and would therefore clash with PKR on seat allocation ?

    To me, such action is ill-advised. In the first instance, if PKR Sarawak were to get jittery and the rhetorics were to escalate out of hand, then that will play into the hands of Taib – immediately. It may already have.

    I find it absurd for Pakatan Rakyat supporters and sympathisers to have welcome SNAP into the PR orbit, and then to exhibit extreme mistrust at the slightest “infringement” of the “sacred” oat of the union, by getting hysterical – even when the party leaderships have not said anything in public.

    While acknowledging the possibility of conspiracy theorist assertion that SNAP may have suddenly receive a windfall of campaign funds from BN hidden-hand to contest in 3 corner fight, to split PR votes; there are more mundane, innocuous – and even positive explanation about SNAP recent moves:

    1. Re-branding: many PR supporters and sympathizers, had considered SNAP a comatosed party for tired old men and while it was welcomed to join Pakatan, it was considered merely symbolic – just to make up the numbers. So then, why not welcome SNAP effort to try to re-brand and re-organise itself ? A rejuvenated SNAP should serve to strengthen Pakatan Rakyat, no ? I think the public proclamation of SNAP intention to contest in 28 seats, should be read as an advertorial to its grassroot supporters, to let them know that the party is open for business. Surely, PR supporters and sympathizers can be assured that PR is a platform with reliable rules and guidelines, and if the leadership decides that SNAP can deliver the seat, they will let SNAP contest it ? Of course, this will unsettle YB hopefuls in PKR who had thought their candidacy is secured – but political renewal has to be relentless, if PR wants to have any chance against the mighty $resource of BN.

    2. UBF : As I see it – there is nothing threatening about SNAP forming alliance with Sabah political parties, pursuing and focussing on common Sabah and Sarawak political goal viz the Peninsular – within Pakatan umbrella. I think the general idea is to form a political caucus of MPs between Sabah and Sarawak, to press for common political goal. While Pakatan Rakyat leadership has assured Sarawakian and Sabahan that they will look after Sabah and Sarawak interest, and did show that commitment by including the 20% oil royalty in the PR 100-day plan, but pragmatically they can’t be putting Sarawak and Sabah interest above their own constituency. Their constituency won’t allow it. If Pakatan Rakyat leadership is sincere on Sabah and Sarawak,they should allow Sabah and Sarawak to align, and then to let that alignment to engage directly within the upper tier of PR leadership. I don’t want to undermine Baru Bian leadership, but since his position in PKR is nominated, not elected – his political power base in PKR is only as strong as that of the current President of the party. If there is any leadership tussle in the party, his position will be threatened, and his ability to represent Sarawak interest within PR inner circle will be diminished.When it comes down to it, the voters are king: why not listen to them and let them decide ?

    3.Grassroot Campaign: in rural Sarawak, campaigning is expensive. Logistics will incur a lot of expenditure, which Pakatan Rakyat can’t afford especially if the election were to be held simultaneously. Within the Dayak-majority constituency, I bet the individual candidates (PKR or SNAP) will not be able to fork out 10% of the cost it would take to conduct an effective campaign – longhouse to longhouse, bilek to bilek. So it can help PR – for an older party like SNAP(compare with PKR) to tap into their latent but “hard core” grassroot supporters, to help spread PR message. Edwin had stated that SNAP has 70,000 members in Sarawak, and that is a fairly high number – given that in Sarawak, most rural voters would not care to formally join political party.PR can tap into SNAP strength, even to support a PKR candidate – once the seat allocation has been finalised.

    If the supposed bickering between SNAP and PKR is allowed to fester, then there is the danger that the extremist from both sides will get their wish: a quickie divorce. The choice for the leadership is to whether to be “coy” about the seat allocation and to allow more “intra” competition to go on at grassroot level, and in SNAP case – to give it breathing room to try to re-ignite supporters, or to finalise the seat allocation ASAP, and lose the element of surprise (assuming there is such thing!) against BN. Tough choice, but it will certainly – if supporters and sympathizers of PKR and SNAP, can learn to look beyond SNAP history (everyone has their baggage, don’t they?) and to build an alliance, of mutual trust.

    Comment by MERAMAT TAJAK — January 24, 2011 @ 10:45 AM | Reply

  9. If SNAP has been intact and united, those boat-jumpers and trouble makers would not have caused SNAP boat to rock and roll; and there would not have any PBDS, nor PRS, nor SPDP. SNAP was the cradle of Sarawak political instability (due to the greedy old man’s hard head & hard neck politic) which gave chance to PBB & Taib to tear apart and finally send SNAP into crying & sleeping

    In my home town kampong, SNAP ” was” the strongest and had many supporting members. However, all this glory is no more. Today when we talked about SNAP jumping boat again, many grumbled and spitted. Still many would hope that this is mere trick by BN to rock and split PR as BN-UMNO, BN-PBB, BN-PRS & SPDP are running scared (that is the reason why state poll is delayed).

    With or without SNAP, the struggle to erase BN-Sarawak has to proceed on its correct and united direction. Have the parliamentary and state polls running separately or jointly, the effort to salvage the state of Sarawak have to kept strong and unshakable in every heart that wishes better years ahead for beloved Sarawak.

    SNAP, be a true SNAP and not SNAKE. As more political snakes crawl into your office, you will be Party SNAKE……..and you know how we Iban describe some one as Snake-the-Ular

    Comment by Salah Satu — January 24, 2011 @ 7:24 AM | Reply


    Comment by babai — January 24, 2011 @ 12:25 AM | Reply


    Hey! Hey! While you guys are snapping at each other worse than the crocodiles in the gomen here is a bit of light relief.

    A SINGLE WOMAN held a snap demo against Taib in Miri and managed to disrupt Taib’s delivery of his great speech to open some election gimmick.

    It is a pity she was not allowed to deliver her speech! Special Branch again!- She missed the opportunity to use the umbrella!

    SO guys while you brawl with each other- Taib’s is rolling over in laughter!

    While don’t you save your energy and go and demo against Taib.

    One woman dares to do it. So where are the braves?

    The report also said “They have set up 181 booths to explain their roles to the public and to listen to suggestions from the people during the programme which ends tomorrow.” That was quick- only one day to listen. Need 48 years lah!

    Any way why did SB stop the brave woman from having a say direct to the boss?

    He could have gained kudos by just pretending to listen to her. Again they must be heavy handed. The SB might have thought she had a bag full of Najib’s wife’s C4.


    Thanks Bernama.

    MIRI – A woman in her late 40s was apprehended by police when she tried to approach Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud as he was about to launch the “Sejiwa Senada” programme at the Miri City Council field here today.

    The drama unfolded at about 11.30am when the woman, wearing a blue shirt and carrying an umbrella and a plastic bag, slipped through the crowd and headed towards the VIP area where Taib was seated.

    Several Special Branch officers saw her coming and immediately blocked her path before bringing her out of the main tent where the launch was to take place.

    “The chief minister deserves to know the truth!” she shouted as she was being escorted out.

    She was taken to the Miri central police station, but was released moments later.

    It is learnt that the woman was unhappy with the service of a government department and wanted to complain to Taib personally.

    Despite the incident, the ceremony proceeded smoothly as Taib went on to deliver his speech.

    The Sejiwa Senada (together on the same wavelength) programme, which is organised by the state government, provides a venue for government departments and agencies and government-linked companies to reach out to the people.

    They have set up 181 booths to explain their roles to the public and to listen to suggestions from the people during the programme which ends tomorrow.

    — Bernama

    Comment by Ayamkurus — January 24, 2011 @ 12:11 AM | Reply

  12. So many of you are so naive to think that these moneyed leaders are there for your community,for the state,blah blah….do you know how it feels to have millions in yr hands overnite?You guys dont have even a million so you dont understand.Hidup ketuanan duit!!At the end of the day poor Sarawakians are taken for another 5 years of ride and we deserved it really and we will allow our children to be taken for rides too.

    Comment by lee — January 23, 2011 @ 9:42 PM | Reply

  13. We need better information.

    As for 18-point who fought at all? Some tried but no one fought as conceived of “fighting” now. Accomodation was the word of the day. The turf is not so level yet but rules are improved now by Fifa.

    If this is that serious, the groups related to the doubts and controversy have better face each other eyeball to eyeball, clarify the situation then have a press conference. Pakatan should lead and clear the air. Otherwise, we’re old ladies gossiping and someone is laughing his head off!

    Comment by ah sai — January 23, 2011 @ 9:40 PM | Reply

  14. Rebranding is giving an old product a new name. The SNAP today could be the SNAP of yesterday. Without the PR growing power SNAP was nothing but a limp ‘cacat’ party. SNAP did not win the court case on its own, something fishy was the real string. SNAP don’t be arrogant, you did not, I repeat…YOU DID NOT..fight for the 18 POINT AGREEMENT when you were in the BN. Without the PR SNAP is nothing! THE VERY DAYAK LEADERS IN SNAP TODAY WERE THE ONES WHO ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE USED TO DESTROY THE DAYAKS POLITICAL POWER in the past. The scarecrow Ripvanwinkle is dancing to the tune of “rebranding of SNAP”. Dayaks beware!!!!!!

    Comment by harukpasa — January 23, 2011 @ 9:00 PM | Reply

  15. Beware of the wolves in the white apparels who said I am a SNAP but bought by the white hair lord to propagate and to sow antipathy. The White Hair Lord says I told you so, I got the Millions to buy.

    Comment by orangkampung — January 23, 2011 @ 8:04 PM | Reply

  16. Looks like a lot of gossip here!

    Comment by manggang — January 23, 2011 @ 7:49 PM | Reply

  17. For the Dayaks to move forward and to be recognised as a Malaysian race and not just “Others”and be accorded the dignity we deserved, we must be seen to be a race that can honour our words and demonstrate consistency in our principled stance. For decades we have been known as political frogs and willing to sell our souls to the highest bidder. We have been known to be capable of changing our minds overnight.

    The new and educated Dayaks must own up to these poor perception about our race and work on building a race that can be respected for honouring their words and have strong principles. The rakyat and the Dayak community should rightly vote out any Dayaks from both political divides who are known to be political frogs and selling their soul to the highest bidder.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — January 23, 2011 @ 7:43 PM | Reply

  18. Not an apologist for recent SNAP’s announcement of its, neither a spokeperson for re-branding exercise for that party as it has been announced, I would like to put this and to later listen to any feedback regarding the same from any body. Upon such feedback I would say my piece regarding any of the remarks suggesting that SNAP = BN = frog and/or SNAP makes easier for BN to topple PR.

    1. Why has BN not done anything to Group of 5 from SPDP that revolted against President Datuk William Mawan. Yet now President Mawan reportedly said all of them will remain as BN candidates in coming GE.?

    2. Why is Larry Sng still an Assistant Minister although he is partyless? Why is he still allowed to approve fund for MRP in Pelagus Constituency despite President James Masing saying “no deal” with him?

    3. Larry Sng is in BN as Assistant Minister despite partyless yet his father Dato Sng is a full time player with Anwar and PKR’s top leadership, having direct access to the president, and a better rappo’ over Baru Bian?

    4. Can Sarawak afford another family, beside that of Taib’s, manipulating local political politics?

    Comment by Patrick Anek Uren — January 23, 2011 @ 6:01 PM | Reply

    • Answer:

      1. Group of 5 joining PBB. One of them a crocodile. Now Mawan’s word is worth only one-sen.

      2. To increase James Masing’s blood pressure.

      3. Dato Sng is a double ageent 007.

      4. Yes. Dato Sng’s family ?

      Hi Patrick, what’s my source.

      Comment by Agent 008 — January 23, 2011 @ 8:52 PM | Reply

  19. Forget about them. Like you mentioned, too many recycled and has-been politicians who had not achieved anything of significant. They can’t even make up their mind whom they are aligned with. Wait until the internal split which are bound to happen again if history is anything to go by. Unfortunately, it’s not only Pakatan but the Dayaks who will stand to lose the most. Their best chance is with Pakatan but it doesn’t look that way. Too many puppets masters behind the scene.

    Comment by apaijabu — January 23, 2011 @ 5:55 PM | Reply

  20. In today’s Borneo Post [23/01/11], SNAP secretary general,Edmund Stanley Jugol, was quoted as saying that the part had no intention of leaving PR contrary media reports and that they are leaving PR is not true.

    He said the party’s decision to join UNITED BORNEO FRONT has nothing to do with the party wanting dissociate itself from PR.

    So there seems to be some contradiction between this article and THE BP report. Which is true?

    Comment by Vigilante — January 23, 2011 @ 5:53 PM | Reply



    Comment by Rentap — January 23, 2011 @ 5:43 PM | Reply

    • Sensible, rational, voters bias and voters oriented. hold that thought!

      Comment by manggang — January 23, 2011 @ 7:47 PM | Reply

  22. The latest SNAP irritants are moles set up by Taib peoplesimply to create disharmony and chaos. BN folks are now enjoying the fallout. So, please do not let these few individuals distract you. Stay united. Tell these fellows to get lost and if you cannot, go alone with SNAP

    Comment by kayanorasarah@gmail.com — January 23, 2011 @ 5:29 PM | Reply

  23. Disgrateful SNAP must go !

    Pakatan-Sarawak will be better off without the recycled SNAP to rock the boat and distract them from their effort to CHANGE the evil BN-Sarawak regime.

    SNAP is BN !

    With only month(s) from the 10th state election, Pakatan must ACT FAST to dis-associate itself from SNAP.

    In war, it’s “Kill or be killed !” Pakatan Sarawak is the only hope for Sarawak to be liberated from the evil BN regime.

    So far, God is kind on us Sarawakian. Imagine the damage if SNAP were to turncoat just before nomination day.

    Pakatan will regret if it keep SNAP and SNAP-The-Frog jumps over to BN after the state election !

    Pakatan, the writing is on the wall (act of God). You snap SNAP or you will be snapped by SNAP-The-Frog !

    Comment by NewHope — January 23, 2011 @ 4:52 PM | Reply

  24. Perhaps SNAP leaders and Toxic Asset Jeffrey Kitingan will reap the rewards if BN does well in the next election. They may be allowed to spring back into BN and be in charge of some GLC or be an Assistant Minister of Froggery.

    Comment by Landowner — January 23, 2011 @ 4:35 PM | Reply

  25. Independence is what SNAP want now, kah?

    Many people here want want Independence, mah! Read what they write here. Some more confused than SNAP, lor!

    Comment by Sam Lang — January 23, 2011 @ 4:23 PM | Reply

  26. Let me share what I have heard and witnessed this morning.

    After the mass, Stanley Jugol was trying to explain to his angry friends that SNAP is still in PR.

    “What Liman had said was supposedly off-the-records”, he kept his uneasy smile and put the blame on reporters.

    I can’t help shaking my head but felt fortunate that I don’t have friends like that. “Off the records”? So, what was said was actually said. Why blame the reporters?

    Good luck to PR. I will vote for Baru Bian and his guys who walk their talks.

    Comment by A civil servant — January 23, 2011 @ 4:05 PM | Reply

    • my sentiment exactly, I’ll vote for the guys WHO WALK THEIR TALKS.

      Comment by Flying Dove — January 24, 2011 @ 8:04 PM | Reply


    When you all were in BN, did Sarawak get any deal, least of all fair? Under BN, controlled by UMNO, there is only one deal – the personal deal.

    Don’t bullshit!!!

    Trying to use this while re-branding?

    Come on, better ask Najib to lend you his APCO so that you can at least use 1-SNAP lah…… or at least try hard like Taib, remarry a youth and be a cradle-snatcher!

    Comment by ah pek — January 23, 2011 @ 4:05 PM | Reply

  28. If SNAP chooses to stay away and alone in this coming poll as they might think they are capable now, they are making a BIG BIG BIG mistake. May be there is a planned subject so that PR will be divided, but SNAP got to know how well they have done recently all these years of staying in the political wilderness, isolated and helplessly.

    Another blow, SNAP will totally be out of Sarawak History Book and PRS/SPDP and PBB are going to laugh to the end. Wake up Stanley and Edwin….wake up, you must.

    Comment by Salah Satu — January 23, 2011 @ 3:42 PM | Reply

    • Snap suddenly developes a big headed syndrome

      Comment by mike — January 24, 2011 @ 2:37 PM | Reply

      • SNAP is suffering from the $oney syndrome. SNAP should focus on winning at least 3 to 4 seats to gain the respect of the rakyat and PR coalition. What’s the point of wanting to contest in 28 seats unless some leaders would be paid a substantial sum of money for just planting candidates in as many as 28 seats! Is this the ultimate goal of a few leaders in SNAP?

        Comment by SK Subramaniam — January 25, 2011 @ 10:06 PM | Reply

  29. SO, the few recycled politicians of SNAP and some among them are frogs, are showing to all that they are hungry for power, and not through hard work, collaboration etc ways, they want to jump straight to power, like Zaid Ibrahim and Jeffery Ketingan. Now it is all so clear – they are all in the instant-leaders business partnership. Zaid thru Kita, Jeffrey via United Borneo Front and those Sarawakians through SNAP.

    Then at least be decent enough to use that as reasons, not trying to bash PKR as the reasons for leaving PR lah.

    Pathetic. Shall we name all those characters in SNAP who frogged from PKR to SNAP? Certainly frogs do not stop at one hop, in this case, one party. Their “natural” destination is to frog back to the BN.

    Pathetic bunch, calling themselves Dayak leaders!!!

    Comment by ah pek — January 23, 2011 @ 3:36 PM | Reply

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