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February 5, 2011

Launch Ming Court-style coup, S’wak BN reps told

BN elected representatives in Sarawak have been urged to stage a revolt against long-time Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Citizen group Movement For Change Sarawak (MoCS) said BN reps should organised a rebellion similar to the infamous Ming Court coup against Taib 24 years ago.

“I am asking those BN representatives – those with some conscience left – to stage Ming Court II and oust the corrupt chief minister who remains persistent in holding onto power despite widespread calls for him to step down,” said MoCS leader Francis Paul Siah .francis siah uncensored nurul izzah interview 020608 07

Siah (left) said a growing number of politicians from the state BN component parties were getting “uneasy and uncomfortable” with Taib’s 30-year leadership.

“The truth is that a large cross-section of the Chinese and Dayaks in BN parties like SUPP, PRS and SPDP want a change in the state’s leadership.

“PBB is also not as united as it is projected to be. There have been murmurs of discontent in the bumiputera-based party too.”

what is the ming court affair 090506According to Siah, the “only thing holding them back (from ousting Taib) is their fear, cowardice and self-interests”.

“Taib has a stranglehold on their careers, businesses and livelihood,” he said.

The MoCS leader however believed that certain segments in PBB, the ruling party in Sarawak which Taib is the leader, wanted a change in the leadership but were too fearful of the chief minister.

“BN elected representatives can do something as a unified group. They can stage an internal revolt, learning from the lessons of the failed Ming Court coup in 1987,” Siah said.

A pre-emptive strike from Taib

In the aborted 1987 coup, 28 state assemblypersons out of the then 48-member State Legislative Assembly met at the Ming Court Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and plotted the removal of Taib as chief minister.

The rebels, who included several state ministers and assistant ministers, were led by Abdul Rahman Yakub, Taib’s uncle and former chief minister.

Given that the rebels commanded the majority in the state assembly, they planned a motion of no-confidence against Taib.

However, Taib launched a pre-emptive strike by dissolving the state assembly and called snap polls. In the election that followed, Taib’s camp garnered 28 seats while the rebels managed to secure 20 seats, thus putting an end to the revolt.

taib and rahman yaakub hugging happy 110108Both uncle and nephew have since reconciled their differences (right).

The MoCS chief pointed out that it was not necessary for the BN reps to pass a vote of no-confidence against Taib in the State Assembly.

“There are many ways to stage Ming Court II. They can do it during the coming elections or after the elections, if Taib is still in power.

“They must be able to think, plan and strategise. Although Taib has been known to be a master tactician and political schemer, the younger set of leaders today could surely do better to outfox and outwit a 74-year-old man who is already entering his sunset years.”

Siah also reiterated MoCS’s stand that the movement was prepared to work with any political party or organisation which would help see to the ouster of Taib as chief minister.

“Taib has to go first. Only then, can Sarawak start afresh,” he added.




    Mr. Siah’s suggestiona to PBB members to stage a coup is somewhat pathetic and strange. This will send out confusing messages to the people that MOCS which wants change of government now appears to want just a change of the leadership of PBB BN.

    Why give them ideas to prolong their corrupt politics. This is not unlike what the current regimes of Tunisia and Egypt (supported by the USA)in trying to pull the wool over the people’s eyes with their attempts to put a new face on the regime or just a change of new clothes. Nothing will change.

    By using this ruse they hope to diffuse the people’s anger and to accept a solution which allows the regime to continue and retain real power.

    This is not the solution for Sarawak. We want a real regime change. We want a real people’s government.

    Comment by Orang2bangkit — February 6, 2011 @ 10:12 PM | Reply

  2. What a smart-man and great actor of Taib. He know how to fool people but for what, better call him greedy!

    Comment by babai — February 6, 2011 @ 9:07 PM | Reply

  3. we need young idealistic people who are creative to run Sarawak. Most importantly they must be incorruptible. We don’t need recycled politicians.

    Comment by colin — February 6, 2011 @ 1:03 PM | Reply

  4. Those flies will never leave the filthy rotten meat. They have to endure the stink or else die starving if they leave. Just let them sink together!

    Comment by kayutau — February 6, 2011 @ 2:40 AM | Reply

  5. “A Coup”, Ha,Ha,Ha, get real! they are beyond help,rotten to the core,tails tug between their legs and too late already sold their soul long time ago. Very much prefer young fresh faces,full of energy and ideas to lead future Republic of Sarawak.

    Comment by sam — February 5, 2011 @ 11:06 PM | Reply

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