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March 11, 2011

Natives erect barricade against ‘lying’ Petronas

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Joseph Tawie 

Longhouse residents in Long Atip, some 200 km from Miri, are upset over Petronas’ empty promises.

BARAM: Frustrated natives from the Kayan community of Long Atip, some 200km from Miri, have once again erected a blockade barring workers from entering Petronas’ Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) project.

Petronas, they claimed, had again failed to keep its promise to the community.

The Long Atip longhouse community is demanding that Petronas keep its recent promise of upgrading their village roads and repairing their generators.

According to the longhouse headmen, TK Wilson Anyie, this is the second blockade which the community has erected; the first one was on Dec 20, 2010.

“The blockade was erected again because we are not happy with Petronas for extracting timber illegally within the native customary land boundary of Long Atip and well outside the buffer of 40 metres set by Petronas’ SGGP project.

“The Petronas failed to fulfil its part of the bargain,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that in 2007, several Petronas representatives led by Monaliza Wati had visited the community seeking their support for the SSGP project.

According to another villager Gilbert Laing Jok, they were promised “various types of development projects”.

“The residents were promised various types of development projects and at that time Monaliza said that Petronas would give anything that the villagers requested for, if we give full support to this project,” Laing said.

He said one of the projects requested by the community was for a bridge to be built across the Apoh River.

Monaliza not only agreed to build the bridge, but allegedly also boasted that Petronas had a lot of money.

No bridge

In 2009, the state government paid compensation to the longhouse residents for the land acquired for the project; however, the promised bridge did not materialise.

On Dec 20, 2010, frustrated residents erected the first blockade forcing Petronas into keeping its promise to construct the bridge.

On Dec 23, Petronas met with the Long Atip residents. Also present were the police and officers from the Land and Survey Department.

During the meeting, the residents decided that instead of building a bridge, they wanted Petronas to supply them with a 40 horsepower electric generator and 40 galvanised lamp posts.

They also wanted Petronas to upgrade their village road and deposit RM200,000 into its village welfare fund. All of this would cost Petronas less than the estimated RM3 million bridge.

But the meeting ended in a deadlock and the longhouse residents continued with the blockade.

No funds

On Jan10, 2011, Petronas called for another meeting with the residents and told them that their requests could not be met, citing lack of funds as the reason.

However, Petronas agreed to upgrade the village road and repair the village’s existing electric generator.

In return, the longhouse residents agreed to lift the blockade.

It has been two months since and nothing has happened, said Wilson.

“Petronas has yet to start with the promised works. Instead on fulfilling its promises, Petronas contractors are now encroaching into our native customary land.

“It is extracting timber well outside their 40-metre buffer zone without our knowledge or consent,” he said.

Wilson said their land has been damaged and he found out that 87 trees consisting of meranti, kapur and various other species have been logged.

What CSR?

The residents are clearly disappointed with Petronas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy statement which states: “We believe very strongly that the position of a company, like Petronas, in any local community must be one of long-term mutual advantage.”

Mocking the Petronas CSR statement, Laing said: “Any investment, such as this SSGP project, must be for the good of the company, community and country.

“Only under those conditions can we expect to continue as welcome guests and valued partners.

“How can this project be of mutual advantage when Petronas has not fulfilled any of its promises to us yet?” asked Laing.

Laing added that while the community welcomed Petronas, it would not be anyone’s doormat.

“We welcome Petronas as our guests but now we are telling Petronas if you do not heed our demands, you are not welcome here,” he said.


  1. SABAHAN….why not stop the project given to Dr Zeti husband as well?

    The local(Sabah registered company) was cheaper and qualified to do the project but it was hijack and given to Dr Zeti husband!

    Sabahan has no ball as always????

    And for the Kayan…..see if you have balls for fight for your right! So far your akik YB Joker…is a a good ball polisher thou… and that aspiring to be YB Dynasty Hotel “room boy”… another superb ball polisher and dick sucker….he suck 2 dick at one time!

    Comment by H2H — March 11, 2011 @ 3:03 PM | Reply

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