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April 26, 2011

Anwar: Sarawak election far from fair and just

Ang Ngan Toh

The recent Sarawak election was anything but clean, free and fair, charged PKR adviser Anwar Ibrahim today.

“Even the Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan was not allowed to come to Sarawak to monitor the election process,” said Anwar at a packed press conference immediately after meeting PKR members behind closed doors at a hotel in Kuching.

“Why? Clearly they wanted to cheat and that was why they disallowed a leader of Bersih to come, because they wanted to do (main) kotor (play dirty)” he said.

“In the national elections, we will make sure that they can’t use cheating, deceit and use the media as they did in the Sarawak election,” he said.

“In the national elections, we will insist on the presence of international monitoring teams, international media and international parliamentarians to be the observers throughout the country,” he said.

“We have seen in many countries descend into civil strife and disaster because of fraudulent electoral processes.

“We can’t allow this to go on… buying of votes openly and using the media to continue with their scurrilous attacks on Pakatan at the time of elections, giving no opportunities to us to defend ourselves,” he said.

“Knowing what had been happening in the state elections, we have our told our members to take photographs of every transaction in the coming general elections,” he said.

“The process in the recent state election was clearly fraudulent. Look at Senadin, it is unheard of.

“In any other seat in this country, with (such a small margin), there should be a recount, but this was not done,” said Anwar.

Unaware of Pelagus rep’s intentions

The PKR de facto leader said his party also faced problems of trying to register polling and counting agents (PACA).

Anwar also questioned the time frame of casting postal votes.

“The time of casting postal votes kept on changing, extending….it must be done transparently and conveyed in a fair and just manner,” he said.

On speculations that Independent candidate George Lagong, who won in Pelagus, would join PKR, Anwar said he was unaware of it.

“But we will deal with it at an appropriate time,” he said, adding that he has neither been approached nor has he discussed the matter with Lagong.

“Probably, some other party leaders may have considered that,” he said.

‘Use the proper forums’

On reports that the DAP wanted to contest in bumiputera seats in the next coming state elections, Anwar said any talks on seat allocations would best be discussed in a proper forum among the Pakatan partners.

“We need to respect that procedure, and I am not in position to comment otherwise. I always follow the principle, and I appeal, too, to our friends to observe and use the proper forum.

“We meet at our Pakatan council regularly and I suggest to Baru and the state leaders of DAP and PAS to discuss the seat allocations (then),” he said.

“This is a point I have always stressed to the state PKR leaders, not to talk on issues that could hurt the feelings of leaders of other Pakatan partners,” he said.

Yesterday, Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen had stated that he would propose at the state DAP committee for the party to contest in eight state seats in southern Sarawak in the next state election.

PKR had contested these bumiputera majority seats in the recent state election.

On a proposal by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang for the merger of DAP and Sarawak National Party (Snap), he said he expected Lim to raise the issue at the Pakatan council meeting where it would be discussed by Pakatan leaders.

“Let him bring the matter up. We have no problem with that,” he said.



  1. At last! Someone with real exprtseie gives us the answer. Thanks!

    Comment by Jeslyn — December 13, 2011 @ 1:11 PM | Reply

  2. May PAKATAN make a good gesture to win more seats this time.May every Sarawakians see the “Light of Change” at the end of the tunnel.

    Comment by Kobelco — April 27, 2011 @ 3:33 PM | Reply

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