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May 3, 2011

Sex and politics make strange bedfellows

Sim Kwang Yang

I was having my coffee in my Cheras neighbourhood when I saw a group of strangers passing out pamphlets to passersby.

I took a peek and discovered them to be the photocopied versions of the much maligned sex video.

The photograph was not clear, but the rough outline of a couple engaging in sex caused me a great deal of personal embarrassment.

The picture was supposedly that of Anwar Ibrahim, though I saw no resemblance between the picture and the person.

That the Malaysian public has been confronted with this picture is a sad statement that ethics are rapidly disappearing from the Malaysian political scene.

It is a sign that gutter politics in Malaysia has sunk to a new low.

Simply put, sex is the most intimate subject in a citizen’s personal life. By right, it should be reserved within the realm of a person’s most private circle.

What a person does in bed with his partner belongs to the most sacrosanct domain of his life. Nobody else has any right to invade into that private sphere.

Insult to public

anwar nangka 050411

When politics is so dirty, when a doctored and hazy photograph of a public figure like Anwar Ibrahim is even disseminated widely on the streets, the insult here is not only against Anwar Ibrahim.

Instead, it is, specifically, an insult to the intelligence and dignity of the Malaysian public, including people like you and me.

Obviously, the ploy of spreading the photograph and video is aimed at sabotaging the personal dignity and integrity of Anwar Ibrahim.

The first reaction on seeing the picture is often born out of curiosity, to demand a closer look. We would then be immediately enticed by the curiosity of a Peeping Tom.

The question would naturally then arise: is it really him? Let us make a comparison with the real person.

Our curiosity has to be excused, because Malaysia is a conservative society, and the private sex life of rich and famous personalities is considered fair game for our personal entertainment.

Here in the public sphere, we live with a kind of hypocrisy. In public life at least, we frown on sexual deviations. But in private, our curiosity regarding sexual aberration is boundless.

There is only one effective way to fight this social disease, by restoring all matters of sexual behaviour to their supremely private sphere.

We must begin by condemning the use of this sex video as a political ploy, and by restoring private dignity to every single person’s sex life.

I would even argue that homosexuality ought not to be a crime. But that would be too controversial for many conservative middle-class Malaysians.

Personal choice

I know Anwar Ibrahim personally, and I have known him to be a combative but gentlemanly person of great learning. He does not need my testimony for his personal character, but I have always respected him for his high moral bearing, even during the time when he was in the BN.

Politics is as dirty or as clean as you want it to be. It is a matter of personal choice. I know that the political world is the most polluting cesspool in our human realm.

I also know from first-hand experience that political strife can sometimes bring out the best in the human spirit. Political realism and human idealism often exist side by side. That is the nature of our human condition.

With a general election in the air, all competing components of our political scene are trying to outdo one another. The appearance of the sex video therefore is only to be expected, as the political players try to tarnish the image of their opponents.

We should condemn this kind of underhanded, dirty and frankly stupid tactic.

Political parties should compete by presenting their political programmes, their policies, and their rules for national development, and not by throwing filth at one another.


SIM KWANG YANG was member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching, Sarawak from 1982 to 1995. He can be reached at sky8hornbill@gmail.com. All comments are welcomed.


  1. Well it is all with the approval of the Prime Minister. He has approved of the swearing on the koran of Eskay, thats enough for me to say that he’s behind the whole narrative. What sort of Prmie Minister gets invovled in this brand of politics??

    The fixation of UMNO and indeed the whole BN on sex is disturbing, what goes on in their minds when they should be thinking about how to stop inflation,improve infrastructure, attract foreign investments etc etc.

    Malaysians deserve better.

    Comment by homeboy — May 5, 2011 @ 9:13 AM | Reply

  2. another dirty project from the decadent UMNO party. Ptui UMNO.

    Comment by mmc — May 3, 2011 @ 11:14 PM | Reply

  3. It is time once again the councils of Churches, Buddhisism, Hindusism, Sihkism and Ulamas and all right minded and God fearing citizens must stop our country from sinking to such low for employing and embracing gutter politics. Collectively and stand united we must by voting out the culprit that have brought great shame and ruin upon our nation and people. Kick out the bigots in UMNO controlled BN.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 3, 2011 @ 9:25 PM | Reply

  4. Very desperate people will do very desperate things!
    What more when their days of dipping into the country’s kitty is threatened!
    Malaysians must go all out to garner votes for the PR in any which way they can.
    Make sure that the next GE will put PR in Putrajaya!!!

    Comment by Winston — May 3, 2011 @ 7:35 PM | Reply

  5. BN running out of good ideas to stand right against PR, so this cheap dirty trick is good enough. NO Action will be taken for the TRIO but all will see these goones gain more project contracts and income into their bank account

    People of MALAYSIA, open your eyes and see, open your heart and pray, for better days ahead for all races and communities, and most important a better GOVERNMENT adminstration

    Comment by Kidurong Man — May 3, 2011 @ 7:07 PM | Reply

  6. I am sure that the authorities will not arrest these people distributing smut. Same as TV3 broadcasting it over national TV. Do you think they will do anything to Datuk T?

    I really should stop wasting bytes on this!

    Comment by Remie — May 3, 2011 @ 3:59 PM | Reply

    • Police in Malaysia earn extra incomes from extorting motorists, reselling drugs which they seized, intimidating Opposition supporters during Ceramah, distributing smuts to discredit Opposition leaders and collecting “taxes” from smugglers and illegal gaming syndicates. Only in a highly corrupted BN government, will these corrupted police thrive and survive.

      Comment by Ronnie — May 4, 2011 @ 7:36 PM | Reply

  7. Trespass people privacy.Tom Peeping by Datuk T Trio and then spreading porn video and no police action to stop it.What an idiot!

    Comment by Kobelco — May 3, 2011 @ 3:01 PM | Reply

  8. The Datuk T Trio are still free from proecution even after admitting their role in publicly showing the porno clip in Carcosa Seri Negara hotel. There is even police escort accompanying one of them to the mosque to swear on the Holy Quran to implicate PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in the clip. Doesn’t it smell like conspiracy?

    Stop insulting the public’s intelligence. The sex video is now readily available all over the Internet. Anyone can see and judge for themselves that the slightly overweight man in the clip isn’t Anwar.

    Comment by Y M Kim — May 3, 2011 @ 12:16 PM | Reply

  9. Since the Datuk T Trio has sought to use the mosque, JAKIM, Quran and the name of Allah to prove that what they did was the truth and nothing but the truth, I would then want to pose this challenge to the Trio to also take a similar oath that they have never ever committed any worldly sin; notably that of corruption and extra martial sex.

    Would any one of the three dare take this challenge?

    Comment by Ferhad — May 3, 2011 @ 9:17 AM | Reply

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