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August 12, 2011


Code Green Tasmania

Environment groups raise concerns as logging companies jeopardise forest solution

This morning, grassroots forest groups the Huon Valley Environment Centre, Still Wild Still Threatened and Code Green have taken action at the Ta Ann veneer mill in Smithton. 12 conservationists entered the site at 6am and two activists are locked on to machinery, halting operations. The protestors are displaying a banner reading “Ta Ann terminating Tasmanian forests.

This action takes place in response to Ta Ann’s role in blocking a solution for Tasmania’s forests. Grassroots environment groups are raising concerns over yesterday’s Intergovernmental Agreement on forest.

“We are aware of Ta Ann’s shocking environmental and human rights practises in Sarawak and we are raising the question to the State and Federal government – why is this exploitative Malaysian company allowed to continue destroying our forests and threaten Tasmania’s chance to move forward to a sustainable industry?” said Code Green spokesperson, Joanna Pinkiewicz.

“Yesterday’s agreement guarantees Ta Ann’s contract until at least 2027. This Malaysian logging giant have a deplorable record in Sarawak and are now entrenching large scale clear felling of native forests in Tasmania” said Huon Valley Environment Centre spokesperson Jenny Weber.

“The intergovernmental Agreement leaves open over 140,000 hectares of identified high conservation value forest to potential logging. Contracts with companies such as Ta Ann could jeopardise the future protection of high conservation value forests, with further reductions to the reserve area still on the table” said Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson Miranda Gibson.

“While we look forward to seeing high conservation value forests protected, the real hurdles are yet to come. This agreement is a first step that has not yet guaranteed formal protection of these forests, that is long overdue” said Ms Weber.

For comment:
Huon Valley Environment Centre: Jenny Weber 0427 366 929
Still Wild Still Threatened: Miranda Gibson 0414 535 164
Code Green: Joanna Pinkiewicz 0448 700 820


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  1. The human greed has no END to it,
    till everything is finally GONE and its too Late!

    Comment by cdo — August 12, 2011 @ 5:08 PM | Reply

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