Hornbill Unleashed

October 25, 2011

Police dismantle Penan logging road blockade


Last Saturday, 22 October, at 10.00am, eight Malaysian police officers, two forest department officials and three Interhill staff jointly dismantled the Penan blockade in Sarawak’s middle Baram region, reports the BMF Team.

13 October 2011: A four-wheel drive stopped by the Penan at Ba Bunau, Middle Baram (Photograph: BMF)

After the dismantlement, Interhill logging company passed the blockade site with heavy machines.

Despite the dismantlement of the blockade, the Penan are maintaining their demands to the Sarawak government and to Interhill logging. Penan spokesperson Lakei Jaau said the Penan have the following five demands:

  • The government of Sarawak must recognize the native customary rights of the Penan by withdrawing the timber companies’ licences.
  • The companies should immediately stop working on the NCR land of Long Item, Long Kawi and Ba Abang.
  • The company concerned must shut down Camp Kabeng and clean the rivers and areas that have been polluted with toxic materials.
  • The government of Sarawak must immediately order the company to stop their workers from entering the affected villages without the permission of the kelunan pina (everyone’s consent).
  • The Federal and Sarawak Governments must solve the longstanding problems of birth certificates and ICs of Penans and with the direct participation of the Penans.

The Penan are protesting agains the unjustified police action and are pointing to the fact that they have challenged the legality of the current logging activities in a court case filed in December 2009.



  1. interhill belongs to hii chang pii…a gangster but very close to taib and hasmi,owned pulman…..so this is how he gets his m
    billiuons…robbed the penan.get taib out and get the wealth back.

    Comment by kuching hitam — February 22, 2012 @ 1:02 AM | Reply


    If blockades and demands are ignored by those in power and they continue to trample on the poor people, the oppressed must ask what is to be done?

    The Penans have been badly let down by all of us who stand by and watch their struggle.

    They are part of our diverse Sarawak family and have stood up against the timber thieves for longer than most other tribes. They struggle symbolises the defence of Sarawak land from the land grabbers for over 30 years.

    Their situation will never be resolved in their favour as long as we do not all unite with the objective to overthrow those who have stood over all the weak and helpless people for so long.

    Our problem is that we cannot unite as one. Everyother group of NCR landowners are fighting for themselves. There must an umbrella central organization that can lead the land rights struggle.

    The defence of our land rights is linked to the question of Sarawak independence. Until we have won independence the problems of the Penans and other tribal people will never to properly settled.

    We must all unite organise and seek a way out of our predicament imposed by UMNO colonization.

    Comment by GET ORGANISED! — October 25, 2011 @ 10:31 PM | Reply

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