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October 28, 2011

Acquisition, resettlement send Bengoh cost spiralling

Stephanie Sta Maria

Sarawak’s yet-to-be completed Bengoh Dam could cost an additional RM60.57 million, according to the 2010 Auditor General’s Report.

Severe delays in the construction of Sarawak’s Bengoh Dam could send costs skyrocketing by an additional RM60.57 million, warned the 2010 Auditor-General’s Report.

The dam, located about 40km from Kuching, will supply untreated water to the Kuching Water Board’s treatment plant until 2030.

The initial construction cost stands at RM310.65 million. The amount was a secured loan from the federal government.

Work began in July 2007 and was scheduled for completion in December 2010 but as of February 2011, only 97.3% of the dam has been completed.

The audit report has attributed the delay to poor coordination between land acquisition, the resettlement of nearby villagers and the preparation of the Bengoh Residents Resettlement Scheme.

The dam will affect 1,585 people from four villages.

The audit report found that as of February 2011, the land acquisition and resettlement processes were far from complete as the resettlement site had been changed numerous times.

“To avoid flooding in the affected villages during the dam construction, an additional culvert had to be built costing RM1.65 million.

“This further required additional work to secure a section of the Bengoh riverbank downstream which cost another RM0.55 million,” noted the report.

Resettlement issues stalls work

In September 2010, the Works Department recommended that villagers be temporarily relocated to a nearby area.

It said that the total cost, including housing rental and allowances, would amount to RM39.81 million and would be borne by Sarawak government.

The audit, however, estimated that this cost could easily balloon to RM58.37 million.

The audit also found that the delay in resettlement had stalled work on the water catchment area, which was originally scheduled to begin on June 2010.

As a result, mechanical and electrical equipment like pipes and sluice valves could not be installed, tested and handed over to the Works Department.

The audit report estimated the cost of extending the warrant on these equipment at RM5.20 million.

The current cost of storing the equipment stands at RM136,000.

The dam is now only expected to be fully operational by the end of 2013.


  1. Bill Gates & Warren Buffet give a chunk of their (self-made, hard-earned money) multi-billions to charity. They didn’t even get a ‘Sir’ or ‘Datuk’. Here you have a giant criminal rotten to the core, stealing from the state & people who elected him, and you honour him with ‘Tan Sri, Datuk, Pehin, Patinggi, Abang….’ Laughing Stock! Outrageous, disgrace. He should have been in jail years ago, and you are tolerating him day after day!
    And you honour the-most-hated Mahathir with a ‘TUN’ ! Malaysian madness.

    Comment by Alan Newman, NZ — October 29, 2011 @ 9:47 PM | Reply

  2. Among the projects around the Bengoh area (and related to the Bengoh dam and its resettlement scheme housing project):

    – Design & Build Bengoh Dam Resettlement Scheme – Infrastructure Works, Kuching Award Date:19-10-2010 Contract Sum: RM 168,800,000.00 Client: JABATAN KERJA RAYA SARAWAK Main Contractor: Naim Cendera
    – Direct Negotiation The Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Jalan Kampung Semadang Award Date: 15-07-2009 Contract Sum: RM 73,482,142.86 Client: JABATAN KERJA RAYA SARAWAK Main Contractor: Naim Cendera

    All the funds are available so there’s no reason for any further delays or excuses.

    BN should give FREE all the houses to the affected 1,000 villagers/155 families from Kampung Pain/Bojong, Kampung Semban, Kampung Rejoi and Kampung Taba Sait. It’s unfair that BN fooled, cheated them to leave elsewhere yet must pay for the new houses and some of their present homes are above the dam water level.

    To those Bidayuh leaders/BN goons do not think highly of yourself in defending BN policies when it is clearly killing your own Bidayuh folks. Boot-licking aside, think of your own house submerged and your families have nowhere to go hopeless future does it feel any good.

    Wonder what kind of Christians are these Bidayuh BN goons? Far from what Jesus teaching!

    Never inside the Bible that show Jesus hang around with corrupt leaders oppressing the poor (except being cruxified for helping the poor and against evil Roman rule).

    Well not surprised if the Bengoh Dam Resettlement Scheme never include even a small Chapel building inside the project sum. Another round of funds-begging for chuch project as usual. Even St.Ann Church (easily serve THOUSANDS of Bidayuhs) took donkey years to complete but DBNA new building get instant funds for whatever purposes just to benefit select FEW BN Goons.

    Bidayuh folks must get their head right this time: stop voting the BN evil looters and be a responsible Christians. Help, defend the poor Bidayuhs like what Jesus always did, not kill them for BN greed. HELP, DEFEND THE POOR LIKE WHAT JESUS DID!

    Show us in the Bible where Jesus support corruption to justify the votes for BN!

    Comment by Dayakologist — October 28, 2011 @ 3:00 PM | Reply

  3. We understand…the project is already complete. The aim of the project is to line the pockets of Naim and its celebrity relatives, and to take away the natives’ land. Construction and deadlines are not important. Mission accomplished already.

    Comment by Analist — October 28, 2011 @ 7:52 AM | Reply

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