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January 30, 2012

Beware of the New Year

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Sim Kwang Yang

According to ancient Chinese mythology, the New Year beast is an ancient beast that used to terrorise the human world every so often. The New Year celebration has always meant to be noisy and boisterous in our attempt to frighten away this horrid beast to ensure that we can live in peace and prosperity in the New Year.

The New Year also signifies a new beginning in an eternal turn of seasons. It is a time for farmers to harvest old crops and enjoy the hard earned rest at the end of the year before replanting the fields.

For the Chinese people, the New Year is an all important turn in the eternal cycle of life in their agrarian mode of existence. Time for the Chinese is forever cyclical.

Much of the meaning of the New Year has its roots in the Chinese agricultural way of life. The New Year is a day of rest from their annual toil of working the fields. It is time to celebrate the harvest and enjoy it in happiness with family.

It is the most auspicious occasion for family reunion and enjoyment of feasting. The Chinese have enjoyed thousands of years of their civilisation steeped in their deeply-rooted traditions. Unfortunately, the history of China has always been interrupted by wars and famine on a gargantuan scale.

If you study the history of China, you will be amazed at the natural and human disasters that the Chinese have endured down through the centuries. Life can be very cheap in China.

Finally, China has prospered and grown to become the second most wealthy nation on earth. This is the first time that the Chinese have enjoyed prosperity and peace for as long as memory can recall. This year, Chinese people all over the world indeed have something to celebrate.

As the descendant of Chinese immigrants, I am also part of that legacy of the overseas Chinese who were driven to settle in Malaysia.

My parents were Chinese migrants who by force of necessity had to traverse the ocean to escape from famine and war back home in China. Like most Chinese in Malaysia, we have done well for ourselves leaving behind us old poverty and now enjoying a satisfactory way of life.

Like other Chinese people, we are still bound by the traditions of many centuries. The grandest event of the New Year is the family reunion dinner for New Year’s Eve.

Children must go home to join in the reunion and renew their bonds with the rest of the family. That is of the greatest importance throughout the New Year.

The New Year is a season of universal joy wherever you are. It must be celebrated with the most boisterous of rituals as epitomised by the explosive burst of fire crackers and playing of the gongs by the lion dance troupes.

The New Year is also dominated by many taboos. Households are not allowed to sweep their floors for fear of sweeping away money.

Quarrels are strictly forbidden and parents are not allowed to scold their children for their misdeeds. Minor gambling is even encouraged in the hope of bringing wealth to the parents.

My own Chinese New Year celebration this time was rather quite like all of you. I also enjoyed a grand dinner with my family members.

Having come to this grand old age, I have too many memories of the past to haunt my Chinese New Year celebration.

All in all, I am grateful for the bounty of the good earth and peace of Malaysian society. Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.



  1. Even God cannot foresee what will happen.

    People are not happy because of many factors.

    Actions speak louder than words …

    Vote the BN out …. by all means and at all cost.

    Comment by Tiger YK — January 30, 2012 @ 5:38 PM | Reply

  2. Is BR1M the very one of the big resolutions laid down to coo Sarawakians? As of it today there being still a craze and a hunt game for a glimpse on the result of their applications? Why is it so secretive not to have the names of the successful applicants published in the newspapers? Even prisoners happily perused any old newspapers found or made available to them. Therefore outstations folks would not mind buying that outdated issue so long that it contained the correct data of BR1M result.

    Have we really made an assessment on the amount that had been bracketed for us at RM500 or are we happy with it. Why there is no considerations taken into account the living standards of Sarawakians? Besides the many taxes and excise duties why they kept on sidelining the oil revenue which they are continually siphoning. Is it really a fair New Year treat to us all? Even the price of granular salt costs higher than that in the Barat counterparts and what more to say to our transportation charges to the nearest administrative centre by our poor remote settlers.

    Shouldn’t we be receiving a higher percentage more instead of the RM500? This isn’t bargaining anyone as Sarawakians have had overly generous for over past 4 decades. What sign of the bargaining power, a fart again?

    Comment by miaOwkia — January 30, 2012 @ 12:12 PM | Reply

  3. We all are familiar with BN’s usual method of stealing money by giving a highly overpriced contract to a crony and then getting a kickback from the crony; or by purchasing items at exorbitant prices and then getting huge kickbacks or commissions from the seller; or by negotiating the Mahathir-style IPP deals with cronies for which he is reported to have got about 30 percent in kickbacks; or by just giving away hundreds of millions of NFC type of loans to cronies who then use the money freely and purchase assets for themselves.

    Now some smart Umnoputra has come up with the idea of increasing the subsidy even when the price of the raw material has come down.

    This money obviously is going to go to some crony, who will then channel most of it back to the top Umnoputras, who will then laugh all the way to the bank.

    Comment by Amir — January 30, 2012 @ 10:15 AM | Reply


      Comment by ANTIUMNO — January 30, 2012 @ 11:20 AM | Reply


    The New China did not just happen overnight.

    We have to thank the 1949 Revolution and the preceding revolutions for the current modernization period. Without these there would be no New China

    After 1949, the Chinese some how came through 60 years of major political and social upheavals and now we have state capitalism despite the efforts of the Cultural Revolution.

    The greatest credit to the still modernizing China is the people’s determination to overcome their centuries old curses and feudal burdens. This was a process that went through a couple of thousand years of suffering from feudalism and superstitious believes.

    But China was so big (population wise) and weighed down by so much baggage that only a revolution, nay many revolutions, could drag its people out of the feudal age.

    First they had to overthrow the oppressive foreign Manchu 300 years domination and also later Western domination. The success of the Sun Yet Sen-led 1911 Revolution was the foundation for greater change. The 1911 Revolution was the continuation of so many revolutions and people’s uprisings like the Taiping Revolution. If the Taipings had succeeded this would have seen China become a rather strange sort of Christian kingdom dominated by Hakkas- another northern tribe like the Manchus!

    Underpinning the great changes is the Qin administrative system and culture which survived 2000 years. It is the template for the modern Chinese society. However this template had to be modified for the new world. They also say Chinese society has 3 great pillars- Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. Buddhism was the gentle foreign faith which the Indians must take credit!.

    But in the 19th Century China was subjected to more violent foreign assaults. Whether they like it or not Chinese society went through dramatic changes under Western imperialist attacks on their land and culture. Japan was able to transform itself into an industrial nation a century before without destroying its feudal structure. China went for an almost complete re-make of its system.

    The most infamous period of Western attacks on China was the series of Opium Wars and imposition of Unequal Treaties in the late 19th Century.

    Britain had an over surplus of opium grown by Indian slaves and wanted forced China to buy its opium. This was called “international trade” making Britain the biggest drug dealer of all time. Like modern day drug dealers Britain used violence and killed many thousands on the battlefields and in the opium dens to make money from the Chinese. This is commonly called “blood money” and “thuggery” – a term the British borrowed into the English language from colonized India. The British then sent in missionaries to rectify their sin.

    The Chinese resisted and the Western imperialists nations of the time ganged up and attacked and divided up part of China with western enclaves like Hong Kong and in Shanghai. China was made to pay “compensation” to the Western imperialists for resisting their encroachment on China! It was a huge burden on a bankrupt and utterly corrupt Manchu regime and economy.

    The Westerners killed many innocent Chinese (what is new?) and also robbed the Ching Imperial Court of many priceless treasures (now in their museums or private collections) and have been robbing China one way to the other ever since. (This we have seen in Iraq and now Libya).

    The capitalist revolution in China is so big that is has actually created a cultural revolution affecting almost every country round the globe. Nevertheless, despite the glitz it is still “developing” third world country. The next revolution is that hopefully state capitalism will bring greater economic and more political freedom to the majority of the Chinese population yet to “see the benefit” in a socialist framework.

    On the up side Chinese produced goods and Chinese businessman become “ambassadors” of Chinese industriousness and productivity. The good have allegedly stabilized and even upgraded western society with cheap well made (and also shoddy) consumer goods.

    China also follows a policy of non-interference with other countries’ internal affairs for 60 years. With the same policy it built a close trading relationship with most African nations and increasingly with South America and the Pacific. China owns USA paper.

    This came about even though China did not send gunboats to impose trade agreements on these Westerner countries which had original used gunboat diplomacy . The West go back what they have for centuries imposed on others.

    The speed of Chinese western style economic development “with Chinese characteristics” is so fast that it has caught up in many aspects and even surpassed the West at its own game in the space of just some 30 years.

    On the down side China has also became dependent on exports and is becoming colonized with good and bad western ideas. Both the East and West have mutual benefits! The West is now typically screaming capitalist competition from China is not fair. What’s fair about capitalist completion? (And if the Western economies crash …….)

    To conclude we must not forget to thank Chairman Mao Zedong and the Communist Party for making it possible.


    Comment by anon — January 30, 2012 @ 9:45 AM | Reply

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