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March 8, 2012

Sarawak ministers in RM70mil kickback allegation

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng

While the furore against Sarawak agriculture assistant minister Mong Dagang’s instruction to cease welfare assistance to a disabled person is still boiling, whistleblower website Sarawak Report has raised another shocking allegation.

The website claims that Mong (left) and his party president James Masing are involved in RM70 million kickback from a land development scheme in Mong’s constituency.

The allegation is based on a letter purportedly written by Mong on June 18, 1997, as the state assemblyperson of Bukit Begunan to Kho Chee Pheng of Megaruma Sdn Bhd, a company based in Kuching, asking for the kickback.

NONEIn the letter, first exposed in 2010 by a blogger, Mong allegedly authorised Kho to “propose, organise and invite any potential investor(s) intending to establish and to develop on a joint venture basis with the landowners of oil palm plantation in the Kelingkang Range, (Bukit Begunan), Sri Aman, Sarawak”.

“I the undersigned hereby agree that the investor(s) will have to pay at least RM1,000 per acre and after deduction of the upfront to LCDA the balance will be divided 50 percent to the undersigned and 50 percent to Kho Chee Pheng,” stated the letter.

The Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA) is a state-owned statutory body to facilitate land development in Sarawak, especially native land.

Wives, brother, own nominee firm

The letter named three companies one of which was to be used for the joint venture, as well as three nominees to be registered with the company chosen for the enterprise.

The companies named are Noble Reserves Sdn Bhd, Noble Resources Sdn Bhd and Noble Rewards Sdn Bhd while the nominees are Bawang Ak Dem, Leyta Kupa and Henry Yan Masing.

james masing and parti rakyat sarawak prs logo launch 160107James (centre in photo) is also Sarawak Senior Minister for Land Development and president of PRS.

The Sarawak Report claimed that Bawang is Mong’s wife, Leyta is the wife of James’ private secretary Wilson Ugak, and Henry is James’ brother.

The website also published a document from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, showing the three nominees as major shareholders of Noble Reserves Sdn Bhd, one of the firms listed in the letter.

Should the payment of RM1,000 per acre come about, the total commission may go up to RM70 million as the letter stated that the plantation area was “approximately 70,000 acres”  with investors having to pay “at least RM1,000 per acre”.

Although the letter cannot be verified, Mong’s purported signature on the letter is similar to the one shown on the letter to the Agriculture Department terminatingsubsidies to the disabled person, which Mong had admitted.

PKR Batu Lintang assemblyperson and native rights lawyer See Chee How told Malaysiakini that native landowners at the area, who had rejected the plantation scheme, are in the midst of bringing the case against the joint venture partners and LCDA to court.

The project was earlier pushed through by James and Mong on the basis that the local people would benefit, said See.

The Sarawak Report also quoted See as saying that both James and Mong had committed fraud because the duo had been trying to convince the people that they would be able to take a 30 percent share of the joint venture and share the profits in return for their land, but they were not told about the huge kickback.

“Under the joint venture that money should have been shared among the people, not paid to nominees of the very politicians who were talking them into the scheme,” See added.

Both James and Mong were unavailable for comment at press time


  1. Somebody from Bakong (Marudi) dig up the fishy land aquisition done at the Sungai Seruas NCR area. An individual is buying ‘tanah temuda’ from the unknowing Iban communities there. This individual proudly claim that it is the project supported by the Marudi YB but some broker is offering the whole Bakong area for sale.

    Comment by batulawi — March 9, 2012 @ 9:14 PM | Reply

    • To my knowledge as well the whole Kelabit lands were sold as well by the late Datuk Balang Seling? and he himself and close family do has concession with the area….. Be Kalalan were sold by ex MP Mutang Tagal and Lawas by Awang Setengah and Rining!

      Batu Lawi is in 5th Division right……so sold also lah….. all habis suda loo….

      Comment by HH2H — March 10, 2012 @ 12:04 AM | Reply

  2. All corrupted BN ministers and their cronies are untouchable for now and for as long as UMNO dominated BN is still in power after GE13. Malaysians must not make the biggest blunder in their life by not giving Pakatan Rakyat a strong mandate to take over Putrajaya.

    Only a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government can take decisive and punitive actions against all corrupted BN ministers and their cronies.

    We must vote for Pakatan Rakyat and every votes count.

    Comment by Irene Kana — March 9, 2012 @ 10:15 AM | Reply


    This is very grave concern when Jemut Masing sounds like admitted the letter was EXISTED and REAL indeed!

    But as usual lah he give excuses that the application was ‘Rejected’ HE HE HE

    Perhaps ignorance is OK

    Ignorance of Crony Capitalism did exist in Sarawak is OK

    Ignorance of Sarawak being run by bunch of Crooks is OK

    Ignorance of Penan sex lifestyle and good storyteller is OK




    Masing unfazed by opposition’s MACC report
    Masing: “Ignorance of procedures is not a crime. The application, I was told, was rejected. So what is the issue,”
    by Churchill Edward, Borneo Post, March 9, 2012, Friday

    KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri Dr James Masing is unfazed by the latest political development after state Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Women lodged a report against him and vice-president Datuk Mong Dagang with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

    Masing, also Land Development Minister, said the state PKR, and even DAP, which started the issue, were only doing ‘publicity stunt’ to fish for votes now that the general election is around the corner.

    On one of two letters which the PKR Women tendered to the MACC yesterday, Masing said Mong had no authority to request for land and “therefore he (Mong) has done nothing wrong”.

    “Ignorance of procedures is not a crime. The application, I was told, was rejected. So what is the issue,” he said in reference to the letter issued several years ago and which also had mentioned the name of Masing’s brother Henry Yan.

    On the other letter which Mong wrote requesting that the State Agriculture Department terminate subsidies to a pro-opposition and handicapped farmer, Masing said: “The DAP is just making publicity stunt. Just ignore them.”

    State PKR Women members led by national vice-chairperson Voon Shiak Ni lodged the report with the MACC against the two Barisan Nasional (BN) strong men following a complaint against Mong by the DAP in Sri Aman.

    The DAP said Mong had no right to deprive a physically challenged farmer, Frusis Lebi, of government subsidies by writing a letter requesting the same to the Agriculture Department.

    Masing and many headmen in Sri Aman subsequently came forward to defend Mong, saying that Frusis was a hardcore opposition member.

    An officer of the Welfare Department even SMSed Masing stating that welfare assistance (including probably subsidies) was a privilege (or gift) and was not a right.

    At a function here yesterday, Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development Datuk Fatimah Abdullah clarified that Mong’s letter to the Agriculture Department was issued much latter than the termination of Frusis’ welfare assistance.

    Fatimah said Frusis was a well-to-do person.

    Mong is Bukit Begunan assemblyman while Masing is Baleh assemblyman.

    Masing pleads ‘not guilty’ over indigenous displacement
    Malaysia Kini, 21 March 2009

    …Sarawak Land Development Minister James Masing told a tv news channel that he has absolutely no guilt over the displacement of indigenous people caused by the construction of hydro-electric dams in the state.

    …“I don’t feel guilty. I feel that is the correct way of doing it. I don’t have any guilt feeling for trying to help my people,” said Masing on the Al-Jazeera’s 101 East programme Thursday night.

    …Host Fauziah Ibrahim had asked Masing if he felt guilty, as a person of indigenous descent, over indigenous people being displaced to make way for economic development.

    …Masing also defended the involvement of Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS), a company owned by family members of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud in the construction of the dams.

    …“The dam constructions are done to legal tenders. The lowest tender gets it. It doesn’t matter if CMS or somebody else. It must be done on tender basis.

    …“That is very transparent. The international community can take a look at it… it is an open book for everyone to look,” he said.

    …When Fuziah pointed out that there are numerous cases in which projects were given to companies linked to Taib without open tenders, Masing said: “I was not aware of it”.

    …Fuziah replied by that the Similajau aluminum smelting plant was given to CMS while the construction of several bridges were awarded to Titanium Management Sdn Bhd, which Taib’s eldest son Mahmud Abu Bekir holds substantial interest in.

    …Even with evidence presented before him, Masing maintained that these awards were given fairly and in accordance with the law.

    …“We have rules and laws… If there is a decision made by people who have vested interest, there are laws which does not allow it. It is illegal for people in authority to give authority with vested interest.

    …“Unfortunately, it was given to a company where the authority has some interest. But it is done legally,” he added.

    …On whether there was “crony capitalism” going on in Sarawak, Masing replied in the negative because no one has been brought to book over such matters.

    …“I don’t think so. If there is, those who deal in it would be dealt by the law. Until today, there is nothing. One must assume there is no cronyism as such,” he said.

    S’wak minister draws flak over Penan rape
    By Keruah Usit, Malaysia Kini, 9 Dec 2009

    …Sarawak Land Minister James Masing has come under fire for his scornful dismissal of claims that Penan girls and women have been sexually abused by employees of logging companies.

    …In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme, broadcast on Dec 7, Masing said: “I think this is where we get confused. I think… the Penan are a most interesting group of people and they operate on different social etiquette as us… a lot this sex by consensual sex.”

    …Masing, however, told the BBC: “They change their stories, and when they feel like it. That’s why I say Penan are very good storytellers.”

    …His remark is typical of the Sarawak government response. The official line has been to deny the rape of Penan girls and women by loggers, and to smear the Penan as primitive and promiscuous liars, while declaring that logging is a form of development.

    Masing Brands NCR Land Critic As Ignorant, Arrogant
    Masing: “Made the government looked as if it was being run by a bunch of crooks”
    December 24, 2010, Friday. The Borneo Post

    KUCHING: The state government never grabbed Native Customary Rights (NCR) land from their owners, clarified Minister of Land Development Dato Sri Dr James Masing.

    At present, he explained, there are 1.5 million hectares of NCR land in the state. Quite a sizeable of it had been acquired for setting up plantations after consent was obtained from the owners.

    “When we acquire NCR land for plantation, such as for oil palm plantation, we have to follow very strict procedures and guidelines.

    “We will seek the cooperation from every individual NCR land owner before we develop their land. If they disagree, we won’t come in,” Masing told the media here yesterday.

    Masing was rebutting a letter which he received yesterday morning, purportedly written by one Robert E Rutkowski.

    The letter was addressed to the Prime Minister and copies of it were also sent to the Chief Minister and Masing himself.

    “As far as I am concerned the letter indicates two things about the writer. That he is both ignorant and arrogant,” said Masing.

    He said the writer was ignorant because he did not know the laws of the land.

    He was arrogant because he made the government looked as if it was being run by a bunch of crooks.

    Masing revealed that currently, some 900,000 hectares of land were under palm oil, out of which some 200,000 hectares are NCR land.

    “And by 2020, our target is to develop some 2 million hectares of land which belongs both to the state and the natives for plantation purposes. In our case, it will be for palm oil and rubber,” he said.

    Masing pointed out that anyone who wished to know about the land development concept in Sarawak is free to check with his ministry.

    On the allegation by Rutkowski that the Penans were the main victims of land grabbing by the government, Masing reiterated that the government had, in fact, been very kind to them.

    Masing said under the law, the Penans did not own much land under the NCR land status as, prior to 1958, most of them were still nomadic.

    “So, it is a blatant lie that we rob their land. In fact, we have never stopped the nomadic Penans from roaming the vast areas in Baram and Belaga to fish and hunt.

    “Even in Mulu National Park, we allowed them to hunt for animals, gathered jungle produce and fish,” he said.

    Masing stressed that in future, the Penans would be allowed to roam at the water catchment areas of Bakun and Murum dams.

    He further stressed that anyone who deprived the government to develop the NCR land for the benefits of the owners to eradicate poverty as “irresponsible”.

    “I do not apologise if I have to do it aggressively (develop the NCR land). I really want to develop the NCR land, otherwise if the land remains idle, then the owners will remain poor.

    “I will continue to do it as it will be good for the people because we don’t want them to remain poor. Among the main objective to develop the NCR land is to eradicate poverty among the people in the rural area,” he stressed.

    Comment by Teddy Gumbang — March 9, 2012 @ 9:39 AM | Reply

  4. BN said Frusis cannot receive bantuan anymore because he earns RM 2000 per month

    HA HA HA Damn stupid excuses ! Biggest joke so far !

    Using that same logic, all the rich BN YBs wifes sons daughters uncles grandkids konco-konco should NOT get more big projek from BN lah!

    Already rich YBs still mintak big projek for themselves!

    Or the rich YBs admit themselves as Cacat OKU to deserves bantuan get big projek???



    Fatimah: Disabled farmer earning RM2,000 a month, therefore does not require govt aid
    By ZORA CHAN, The Star, Friday March 9, 2012

    KUCHING: Welfare aid recipients, including physically challenged or disabled people, are subject to annual revision and the Government will terminate an aid if a person is out of the poverty bracket.

    This was the case with a disabled farmer from Sri Aman, 52-year-old Frusis Lebi, whose welfare aid was terminated in October last year after it was discovered that he had been earning more than RM2,000 a month, said Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah.

    She explained that the welfare officers reviewed Frusis’ socio- economic status and decided to terminate his welfare aid before Assistant Agriculture Minister Datuk Mong Dagang gave the directive to the Sri Aman agriculture office to withdraw the monthly aid.

    “As far as the Welfare Department is concerned, we’ve investigated Frusis’ case and since he was earning a stable monthly income of more than RM2,000, he is not categorised as poor anymore.

    “Based on our guidelines, he is no longer considered needy and, therefore, the aid for him was stopped,” she said yesterday when asked to comment on Mong’s action.

    Mong admitted that he wrote a letter to direct the agriculture office to cancel a fertilizer subsidy and welfare aid to Frusis.

    In the letter, Mong said the withdrawal of the government aid was also justified as Frusis had supported, and set up an operations centre, for the Opposition in the last polls.

    The letter had generated a lot of criticism against the Bukit Begunan assemblyman.

    Frusis, who has deformed arms and legs, has been receiving a working allowance since July 2008.

    He has also been given a RM500 grant to start a small business, while in April last year, he was awarded the 1Azam scheme.

    Fatimah defended the Welfare Department’s action to terminate Frusis’ aid, saying it was not political and Mong’s letter was coincidental.

    She said termination of any welfare aid was a very sensitive issue among recipients and, therefore, often reminded her officers to go to the ground to carry out thorough assessments and to act in a professional manner at all times.

    Some exceptions could be made in certain situations where an elderly couple could not rely on their children to take care of them because the children were labourers with low income and had their own families to support, she said.

    “Look at their homes and living conditions. If parents and their children are all living in difficult situations, the aid will be provided to the elderly couple. But if their children can support their parents, the aid will be reduced or stopped,” she said.

    Fatimah explained that welfare aid could not be given to a person forever because there were new needy people everyday who needed assistance.

    Taib’s son awarded millions in govt contracts
    by Joseph Tawie, FMT, November 7, 2011

    Most of the contracts were awarded without an open tender being called, claims the DAP.

    KUCHING: For the past five years, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s son Abu Bekir has been the main beneficiary of millions of ringgit worth of government contracts awarded by the state government.

    Confirming widely speculated rumours here, the state government recently disclosed in its written answer to a DAP assemblyman that most contracts were awarded without an open tender being called.

    The contracts were awarded to two companies – Titanium Project Management Sdn Bhd and Woodville Construction Sdn Bhd.

    Titanium is linked to Abu Bekir.

    The revelations, according to Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen, were “really shocking”.

    “These details which are contained in the answers to my questions (submitted to the State Legislative Assembly) are really shocking,” he said.

    Chong, who is also state DAP secretary, had put in his questions during the assembly’s June sitting.

    He had written to ask the State Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister for a list of all contractors awarded by the state and federal governments for the construction and completion of bridges in Sarawak in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    He had also asked for the respective contract sums and actual sums of each bridge.

    Contracts to Titanium

    Chong also wanted to know whether the awards of these contracts were carried out pursuant to an open tender process and, if so, what were the criteria and consideration for appointment of these contractors as the main contractors for these bridges.

    “Basically, there are two companies given the state projects to build bridges in Sarawak without open tender.

    “One was Woodville Construction which is owned by Shin Yang group of companies and the other was Titanium Project Management which is owned by Abu Bekir, son of the chief minister,” he said.

    Woodville Construction was given two projects worth RM217,500,000 while Titanium Project Management was awarded one contract.

    In 2008, the Titanium Project Management was awarded a contract to design, construct and complete bridges and culverts to replace temporary and semi-permanent council bridges and some Public Work Department bridges in Sarawak.

    “Under this contract, a few hundred bridges were given to Titanium Project Management to construct, and the value of the contract is RM1,178,410,000,” he said, pointing out that this was “almost a monopoly” in the construction of bridges.

    “What is shocking is that the state projects were awarded to Abu Bekir and Shin Yang companies not through open tenders unlike the federal projects.

    “This is totally against the principle of fairness and transparency in awarding government contracts.

    “If you remember in 2001, the government contract was given to Titanium Management to construct 384 bridges at the cost of RM500 million.

    “In 2006, the company constructed only 332 bridges or about 80 percent of the bridges, but the government has to pay the company RM948 million,” he said.

    Corrupt practices

    According to Chong, in 2008 the government again awarded another contract to Titanium.

    This time the contract was awarded to Titanium Project Management.

    “Although it is a different name, it is the same company with the word ‘Project’ added to its name with the same constitution and the same shareholders.

    “This is an abuse of power and an unfair government practice that is cutting off other contractors from doing government works.

    “I think the State Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister Michael Manyin has a lot of explanation to make to the people of Sarawak,” said Chong.

    He described the whole process of awarding these contracts by the state government as “smacking of corrupt practices”.

    When asked if the opposition would lodge a report on the issue with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Chong said: “Is there any use?

    “There is no point to lodge a report as MACC has made its position very clear that binoculars that could be purchased for RM5,000 each and were charged at RM50,000 apiece is not corruption.”

    Chong was referring to the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 which disclosed that binoculars purchased by the Marine Department was charged RM50,000 each instead of RM5,000 as it should have been.

    “If that is not corruption, I don’t know what corruption is. But the MACC ruled that it is not corruption,” he said, drawing a comparison between this issue and the Teoh Beng Hock case.

    ‘MACC, a BN political tool’

    Chong said Teoh had allegedly spent RM2,000 to buy and distribute Malaysian flags and the MACC interrogated him throughout the night and forced him to commit suicide.

    “If you compare this case with Teoh’s, you can see a stark difference in the treatment,” he said.

    Chong said that although there was a prima facie corruption case, the MACC did not open any file or investigate.

    “They just brushed off the case.

    “Judging by the way it (MACC) conducts itself, it appears that MACC is a political tool of Barisan Nasional to oppress the opposition, while condoning such acts of abuse of public funds by the BN government,” he said.

    Taib keeps his YBs wealthy
    by FMT Staff, March 7, 2012

    Taib Mahmud’s 30-year tenure as Chief Minister and Sarawak Barisan Nasional chairman has spawned many millionaires within its circle of Ybs, says Sarawak Report.

    KUCHING: Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s secret to staying in power is bribery, at least that’s what the ‘political insiders’ here are saying.

    According to them, Taib has allegedly “bribed” MPs and assemblymen with timber concessions, plantations, contracts and whatnots in return for their absolute loyalty over the past 30 years.

    Taib has been in power since 1981 and whilst he has himself amassed an unexplainable amount of wealth which runs into billions in US dollars, here and abroad, he has also ensured that his ‘immediate’ circle of political allies have also become as wealthy.

    Take for instance his loyal deputy Alfred Jabu Numpang. Jabu has been Layar assemblyman for over 35 years, but the constituency is reportedly in a pitiful state. The man and his family however have reaped millions simply for keeping the native Ibans there convinced that Taib is ‘god-sent’.

    Jabu has allegedly received contracts, concessions and kickbacks each time Taib awarded himself some goodies.

    Jabu’s wealth is now sizzling the internet with disclosures of contracts awarded to him in the last decade.

    Jabu – who may very well be yet another billionaire – and his politically connected cronies have allegedly received over RM500 million in contracts through KACC construction in the last 10 years.

    The company is listed in the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) website.

    The website also offers names of the projects and contract worth. All except two of the contracts awarded to KACC Construction by the Taib government are in Bintulu.

    Shares in KACC Construction are reportedly held, jointly, by Jabu’s family and the families of state secretary Mohd Morshidi Abdul Ghani and Fadillah Yusof.

    Fadillah is the MP for Petra Jaya. She is also the Deputy Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation.

    KACC’s shareholders are Jabu’s daughter Jennifer and his cousin Robert Lawson Chuat (a PBB assemblymen). Other shareholders are Abdul Ghani’s brother Mohd Taufik and Fadillah’s niece and nephew.

    Millions for Sagan’s loyalty

    These details were part of a series of revelations on Taib’s ‘wealthy YBs’ by online investigative portal Sarawak Report (SR).

    According to the portal, KACC Construction is not the only source of Jabu’s wealth.

    Over the years Jabu and Taib have worked hand-in-glove in persuading natives to release their lands to them and their cronies, Jabu and his family run Herba Aromatics Sdn Bhd.

    The state government had awarded this company lucrative concessions which include rights to oil palm plantation, said the portal.

    Early last year it was widely rumoured that Jabu had ‘scored’ when he allegedly sold these lands to Felcra for RM7 million

    Then there is Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority Malaysia (Salcra). Jabu is the chairman of the controversial Salcra which involved the mass conversion of tens of thousands of hectares of native customary lands into oil palm plantation.

    Salcra was promoted as a way of providing the poor landowners with Sarawak with a living from the profits. But the portal said Jabu and his cronies however have happily reaped the benefits of the palm oil boom.

    Meanwhile other juicy bits on Sarawak Report include how federal minister Jacob Sagan, who is the Baram MP, allegedly sold his allegiance to Taib for hundreds of millions of ringgit in timber concessions and construction contracts.

    Sagan gave his support to Taib’s proposal to construct the monstrous Baram dam which will dislocate thousands of natives and destroy their livelihoods.

    Naroden, another beneficiary

    The Sarawak Report also mentioned Sarawak Entreprenuer Development Assistant Minister Naroden Majais who has made himself richer by allegedly awarding himself RM100 million worth of government contracts, with Taib’s permission.

    Details and value of the contracts were posted on the CIDB website. The contracts were awarded to Embun Pelangi Sdn Bhd, whose board of directors include Naroden’s wife, Massenah Ahmad and son Kamaruzaman.

    Since 2002 Embun Pelangi received no less than RM100 million in contracts from Taib.

    Naroden, who is allegedly ‘very close’ to Taib, is also one of the biggest timber concessionaires in Sarawak. Much of these concessions areas are in the region of the Baram Dam.

    Comment by Teddy Gumbang — March 9, 2012 @ 9:34 AM | Reply

  5. Not one dam more should be built and not one km more of road construction should go to Taib’s companies or associated companies. We must wake up now and stop all the looting and plundering.

    Comment by Bakrie — March 8, 2012 @ 10:47 PM | Reply

  6. Barisan National Sarawak will be facing its day of reckoning soon. More pressure will be piled up on all the corruption allegations and expose on Taib Mahmud. his deputy and cabinet ministers. We will see more police and MACC reports lodged by civil society groups.

    Comment by Irene Kana — March 8, 2012 @ 6:53 PM | Reply

  7. As the Dayaks is concerned, there’re many more Dayaks leaders whom we know are very clean. All the dayaks leaders in UMNO/BN/PBB/PRS/SPDP/SUPP are dirty leaders. Vote them all out this coming PRU13. Vote all the leaders from PR/PKR/PAS/DAP and they’ll guarantee ur interest will be looked and cared for after PRU13. There’ll be solving the NCR land issues. There’ll be welfare-oriented. So please vote for PR candidates to help PR to march to Putra Jaya and form the Federal Government. The PR Government will relook at the Agreements in the Formation of Malaysia and see to it that we respect the mutual undertakings if the Agreement. 20% of oil and gas is definitelt be implemented when PR takeover teh Federal Government. We’ll restitute all Thief Minister properties.

    Comment by Buduk — March 8, 2012 @ 5:31 PM | Reply

  8. James Masing and PRS are finished ! When we get all the YBs who strongly supported the thief minister in looting and plundering Sarawak, Taib Mahmud will fall and so will BN Sarawak.We shall uproot all these YBs and eventually the thief minister himself.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — March 8, 2012 @ 5:04 PM | Reply


    Perhaps a chart of which dirty datuk got what would be good for the coming elections.

    Comment by anon — March 8, 2012 @ 3:28 PM | Reply

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