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March 13, 2012

Taib’s son told to list assets within seven days

Hafiz Yatim

The Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court has instructed Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, the Sarawak chief minister’s son, to produce documents relating to his assets within seven days, for his divorce settlement case.

This is to facilitate the discovery of the assets owned by the couple.

In making the decision today, judge Mohamad Abdullah struck out the preliminary objection by Mahmud Abu Bekir’s lawyer to strike out the former wife’s application for discovery and in turn wanted her to produce the documents of discovery of assets.

Although Mohamad did not disclose the time frame when Mahmud Abu Bekir have to disclose it, lawyers for the wife said when there are no orders it should be made within seven days.

With this, the Cahaya Mata Sarawak deputy chairperson will have to list his assets, to facilitate the matrimonial claims of his ex-wife Shahnaz A Majid.

Shahnaz is the sister of jazz songbird Sheila.

NONEShe has said that Mahmud Abu Bekir (left)has various assets in the form of shares and property locally and abroad, and has claimed assets and gift amounting to RM400 million.

Both Mahmud Abu Bekir and Shahnaz were in court for the proceedings. Shahnaz was represented by lawyers Dr Rafie Mohd Shafie and Akbardin Abdul Kader.

Mahmud Abu Bekir was represented by lawyers Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar and Saadiah Din. Zainul Rijal indicated that they may file a review of today’s decision.

The couple were married for 19 years. Shahnaz initially filed her application for divorce and this was followed by Mahmud Abu Bekir.

However, in the end Mahmud Abu Bekir’s divorce application was heard and he uttered the divorce in court.

Their divorce was recorded before the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court on May 11, last year just after the Sarawak state elections.

Teary testimony

As proceedings continued today, Shahnaz was the first to take the stand in her mutaah (gift) claim of RM100 million from her husband.

Shahnaz while taking the stand had broken down in tears several times in describing their rocky marriage where initially she described their marriage was good, when the couple got married on Jan 9, 1992.

The couple has a son aged 17 and born in December 1993.

As she continued with her testimony, Zainul Rijal objected to counsel Akbardin’s continued addressing of the title of ‘Datin Seri’ to Shahnaz.

“The couple are already divorced and this has been recorded by this court. Hence, she should not use the title,” said Zainul Rijal, who is also a council member of the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Council. After exchanges Akbardin agreed to refer to her client as ‘Puan’.

While she went into details on describing what caused her divorce, Shahnaz tried to compose her emotions and described how she was subjected to emotional and physical abuse.

Zainul Rijal and Saadiah again voiced their objection in her detailing her experience as this was not in the hearing pleadings and statement.

“We do not oppose to the mutaah application but the quantum of the gift,” said Zainul Rijal.

However, Rafie and Akbardin submitted that whatever the pleadings was just brief, and they have to extract evidence further from their client directly to prove the gravity of the abuses that she was subjected to and this will assist the court in deciding the quantum.

“Furthermore, we cannot put all this in the pleadings as it is normal in cases like this in civil or syariah court that such testimony is allowed to be entered further.

“In addition, what she is about to say is also in documents which we filed for her divorce application,” said Rafie.

“I find it quite odd as to defendent’s counsel protesting to the evidence. They have the time to cross-examine her,” added Akbardin.

The objection was made several times until Justice Mohamad ruled to dismiss Mahmud Abu Bekir’s objection and then allowed Shahnaz to continue on her testimony.

Shahnaz then described that her husband was unfaithful, a womaniser, and was not fair in practising polygamy. She went on to describe that Mahmud Abu Bekir has another wife, a Russian divorcee who already has two children.

“Initially our marriage was a happy one. However, things started to go wrong between 1994 and 1999.

“I was physically abused, and at one instance he punched me in the face resulting in both my eyes to be bruised. Also, at one point he kicked me in the ribs resulting in having difficulty to breathe.

“He would hurl verbal abuses at me calling me names,” she said.

She also said that at one point, in her sister-in-law’s wedding in 2000, Mahmud Abu Bekir brought an Australian woman with him to the wedding, resulting in her being sidelined at the event.

Matter related to Taib

Shahnaz also told the court that following the physical abuses, she related the matter to her father-in-law Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is the Sarawak chief minister, and her husband’s younger brother.

“I did not lodge any police or medical reports over the injuries or the physical abuses, as I did not want to affect his standing.

“However, deep down I was emotionally traumatised to be with him as he would continue to hurl abuses when he comes home. He would come home three times in a year.”

She said that since 2001, Mahmud Abu Bekir did not return home and for 10 years leading to their divorce he did not give ‘nafkah batin‘ (there was no sexual intercourse).

Shahnaz ended her testimony on the stand by saying she was confident that her former husband have the means to pay her mutaahclaim.

The hearing continues tomorrow where Shahnaz is expected to describe the assets that Mahmud Abu Bekir and his family possess.

Justice Mohamad is also expected to make a ruling over the show-cause order that Shahnaz’s lawyer applied to be imposed on Mahmud Abu Bekir for not coming to court despite being asked to do so



  1. Thief! Thief! Thief!

    The millions he has are the millions we people lost!

    He should list all his millions.

    The lawyer then must question him how did he make these millions!!!!

    As a Sarawakian, I feel so sad!

    Comment by Wee Ping — March 13, 2012 @ 6:34 PM | Reply

  2. The thief minister Taib Mahmud, his family and close cronies are dead meat. The long arms of the law shall catch up with them real soon and it could be as soon as the pronouncement and installation of a new government at Putrajaya. Hidup Rakyat Sarawak

    Comment by Mata Kuching — March 13, 2012 @ 2:12 PM | Reply

    • Please, do you believe in the Malaysia police?

      You only get the “long arm of the law” when they reach out for their rasuah contributions!

      They had over 30 years to catch this bastard and the evidence in 1 million times longer than their arms!

      Most of the time you get the WRONG ARM of the law…..!

      Comment by anon — March 13, 2012 @ 6:42 PM | Reply

  3. rm 400 million asked for, is reasonable. It she ask for more, i believe she deserve to have it. He is worth much more that.

    Comment by ruthless — March 13, 2012 @ 12:54 PM | Reply

  4. This is a good opportunity for Najib to sock it to Taib. This exposure will help to strip Taib naked as his son’s assets will also indicate how corrupt he and his family is.

    Comment by Apai — March 13, 2012 @ 12:06 PM | Reply

    • Don’t get me wrong, I am not BN UMNO supporter. Before Najib or UMNO sock it to Taib and stripped him naked Sarawak’s opposition must be ‘well grounded’ solid and strong. Or else UMNO will crossed our bridge and our walls. Unstoppable. Opposition must get their priority right before Taib and PBB cease to have any bearings to keep Sarawak a BN friendly.

      Comment by DJJ — March 13, 2012 @ 3:11 PM | Reply

        (Response to DJJ below)

        Whaooo2 ! Wait a minute! Your statement is basically correct but need to be heavily qualified.

        The Sarawak opposition is already controlled by the Malayan opposition. It is “united” under Malayan Pakatan for the elections. However we also need to ask what happens if they win the election?

        The question is how can the Sarawak Opposition get their act together as Sarawak’s priorities will be dominated by Malaya’s priorities of stripping our resources and squeezing us of more taxes to develop Malaya and enrich UMNO (currently). The local opposition leaders are just begging for 20% of oil royalties stolen from us since 1976 by UMNO. Sabah politicians are asking for 50% or more!

        The Malayan opposition parties are just treating us as their safe deposit voters like UMNO. Just the other side of the coin!

        Please read between the lines in their Buku Jingga.

        And what priority has Pakatan got for us? Their election agenda says “closer integration” of Sabah and Sarawak.

        Many are saying we live in a hell-hole called “Malaysia”. So closer “integration” may just be the nail in the coffin – sounds like “strangulation”.

        Are we going to be caught with our pants down as in 1963! Now this “integration” was not what we bargained for in 1963.

        Why did people like Baru Bian and the other Sarawak opposition MPs in DAP accept this blatant breach of the Malaysia Agreement? Are they just like the “leaders” of 1963…half asleep?

        It was supposed to be “equal partnership” in a federation of 4 countries. Malaya sacked Singapore without need to consult Sabah and Sarawak. Now many in Sabah and one or two awakened politicians have raised this issue that the agreement was nullified by the sacking of Singapore.

        (Sabahans even sent a delegation to symbolically place the problem back where it started in the British Parliament last year. They were given a polite hearing and that was all). This is the reason why Sabahans prefer to have their own local parties to fight for them. This is common sense.

        A Malayan party would not put our Sarawak interests first. Don’t you opposition politicians out there fool yourselves and do us all in with a historic blunder and disfavour again as in 1963!

        Would Pakatan be any different from UMNO? Remember PKR is an offshoot of UMNO and has an UMNO baggage.

        Sorry to say fellow Sarawakians we may have already been sold out by our local politicians who did not form their own independent parties as in Sabah.

        Yes, we can work with Malayan opposition parties to vote out UMNO domination but it must be on our terms. Aren’t supposed to be “equal partners” in Malaysia and can assert our equal rights? This is what Sabah opposition parties are doing!

        Do you believe that other than like UMNO giving us little crumbs and sweets we will get a better deal without a strong Sarawak party to make demands that our independence rights be complied with?

        These “independence” rights are written in the Malaysia Agreement and the Sarawak 18 Points Agreement. The 18 Points were only appended to the Malaysia Agreement (MA) like an after thought and done to allay the local concerns of being re-colonized.

        This shows how little time our British sponsored leaders of the time were being given by the British/Malayan conspirators to rush us into their scheme. The British approved leaders just did not have time to consider the proposals and get proper legal advice on the nature of the shot-gun union! Advisors were provided by the British. Would you trust them to recommend anything different from the British/Malayan terms and conditions?

        The Malaysia Agreement (basically an “unequal treaty”) is supposed to preserve our right to control our own resources. But history shows how quickly UMNO BN stole Sabah and Sarawak’s richest resources- petroleum wealth.

        So please DELETE this clause as UMNO had taken over our oil and gas thanks to that Sarawak bastard called CM Abdul Rahman Yakub who signed away our heritage. This criminal retired with a billion dollar fortune and none of our opposition politicians have said anything about him.

        Then his nephew and protégé got greedy and ousted his uncle in a cabinet coup and also oppressed Sarawakians and stole from our country to become a multi-billionaire.

        The 18 Points was to promote the quick Borneonization of Sarawak civil and public services and local security etc. This was the de-colonization plan not spelt out or mentioned in the Malaysia Agreement which made even innocent Sarawak politicians suspicious of Malayan intentions!

        The the Sultan of Brunei was suspicious as UMNO bluntly demanded he hand over his petroleum rights (!) but refused to give him a chance to be king of Malay/Malaysia. This was an insult to the Sultan who was descendant of the Brunei Empire many times the size of Malaya comprising of little riverine sultanates possibly created by pirates. (Well the piracy run in their blood as they have looted Sabah and Sarawak blind!) So it was a wise decision for Brunei not to get sucked into the Malaysia con job!

        Borneonization was to empower Sarawakians and Sabahans with self-rule, to be in position of control of our local affairs.

        Question who is really in control now? From 16 September 1963, Malayanization already began.
        So again DELETE this clause.

        The push for Malayanization was reflected in the tensions between UMNO power mongers and Stephen K Ningkan and in Sabah with Donald Stephens and even Tun Mustapha.

        Despite their unfortunate mistake of committing us into what is an unequal international relationship all three in the end resisted Kuala Lumpur domination. Ningkan was ousted in a KL engineered cabinet coup with the installation of the traitor Yakub as Chief Minister. In Sabah Stephens and Mustapha found nevertheless out of favour with Malaya when they resisted KL attempt to take control of Sabah petroleum.

        UMNO finally gain direct control of Sabah 15 years ago and turned it into a poverty ridden underdeveloped basket case.

        As far as getting together a “well grounded solid and strong” opposition, what we have is a composite of 3 main Malayan originated opposition parties which seem to lack experience in tackling those in power in Sarawak. They have formed a united opposition front and our political forces have fallen in behind them.

        Where will they lead us? Potentially into Malayan style senseless crazy racial politics?

        So don’t get me wrong either… it is only a temporary solution. Since we lack the ability to form our own local Sarawak opposition we can work with the Malayan opposition. If they get in power the Malayan politics will drive Sarawakians out of these parties which will see the formation of a new Sarawak political party or parties.

        If the Opposition fails to defeat UMNO at the elections, then Sarawak should also consider forming their own political independent of Malayan parties and work to quickly write off their presence in Sarawak.

        And lastly the only defence left against the UMNO BN walk in and take over will be PBB BN if it does not succumb to UMNO subterfuge and sabotage by breaking it up or simply surrender od PBB BN and allow the Malayan UMNO takeover of the leadership as happened in Sabah.
        This website has an easily accessible index on articles on the independence issues:

        Comment by anon — March 13, 2012 @ 8:32 PM | Reply


    WOW! What a scandal. Wife bashing and infidelity and hundreds of millions in assets now out in the open.

    We would support the wife’s claim if she makes it on behalf of all Sarawakians because her ex-husband and his father stole all that money from us the people! She must hold whatever she is awarded in trust for Sarawak. Then she will be a real Sarawak heroine!

    Yes we love this divorce case and discovery of documents within 7 days?

    Is “instructed” equivalent to an “order”. Not clear if the plaintiff sought an order for discovery… but in civil law it would have been an order.

    Why seven days? Obviously- Bekir has ignored previous demands for discovery and now he got 7 days to do it. The other juicy bit is of course what will be revealed or not revealed (?).

    May have to rely on Sarawak Report if not discovery is made…

    Taib is probably now peeing in his pants (if he does suffer from incontinence already) because by a quirk of fate his complicity in the crime of robbing Sarawak may be in part exposed (we may never know the exact extent of the stolen money)

    Further, the discovery process may be undermined if Bekir makes a quick deal to get out of the embarrassment of revealing where he got at least $800 million in assets?

    If he does not comply or settle out of court he will be in contempt of the Shariah High Court.

    Wonder what is the punishment for contempt? The iman how threw his shoes at the KL judges got 12 months for contempt.

    Maybe stoning with boulders (no disrespect meant). Taib should stand in for such stoning as the real criminal is he who used his son as his proxy. May be we could be merciful and say life in jail for Taib?

    We wait be bated breath for the seventh day to come by!

    Comment by AYAM KURUS — March 13, 2012 @ 11:05 AM | Reply

  6. OK lah Mdm Shahnaz can keep RM1m for two for her family…but imagine the balance RM399 million shared for 27,902 hardcore poor families…

    On top of RM500 BR1M given so what joy for those poor folks, eh!!!!!

    Jabu: 27,902 Household Heads Under Hardcore Poor Category
    Bernama News, 23 June 2011

    KUCHING — A total of 27,902 household heads (KIR) or 49.8 percent of 55,975 registered in e-Kasih system fall under the hardcore poor category, the State Assembly heard today.

    Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said of the 55,975 registered until June 11, 23,235 were categorised as simple poor and 4,838 had exited poverty.

    “Of 27,902 KIR under hardcore poor, 13,349 are Ibans, 5,601 Malays 2,925 Orang Ulu, 2,757 Bidayuh and 1,974 Melanaus (bumiputeras), 647 Chinese and 622 others,” he said when replying to Violet Yong (DAP-Pending).

    KIR with income of RM520 monthly fall under the hardcore poor category while those earning RM830 monthly are categorised as simple poor.

    Jabu said to ensure effectiveness of e-Kasih, district poverty eradication focus group committees will vet applications to ensure that only those qualified were registered.

    The data will be updated with entry from all aid agencies and those not registered with e-Kasih so that data on the low income group is comprehensive.

    “The system is under construction and implementation is expected to be completed in 2012,” he said.

    Jabu told Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-Pantai Damai) that 18,876 people were beneficiary of the Housing Assistance Program (PBR) including 10,847 new houses and 8,029 repaired houses.

    A total of 1,877 KIR received assistance from the Rural and Regional Development Ministry.

    Some 3,426 projects under the 1Azam Programme of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry had also been implemented until May. — BERNAMA

    Comment by Teddy Gumbang — March 13, 2012 @ 10:46 AM | Reply




      Comment by ANGRY DAYAK — March 13, 2012 @ 11:09 AM | Reply


      There are more than 2 million poor Dayak tribal people, Malays Chinese (you didn’t think they would be equally poor Chinese alive) and others.

      Are we saying that they managed to registered only 27,902 households of “hardcore” poor families …out there? Can’t they work faster?

      And where are they from? Taib’s constituency? This is really an exercise to alleviate the UMNO PBB BN image not the poverty level they created by their rampant looting of the poor!

      This figure also sounds suspiciously like the number of poor Penans whom UMNO forgotten for 48 years and found it convenient to pluck out of the blue to justify their “survey”?

      But Taib like Mong the Merciless will not allow registration of Penans as they are the anti-logging blockading “nuisance” to his get rich plans. He probably prefers to let them die of starvation from the high and mighty attitudes he and his gang have displayed against the Penans the real unsung heroes who defended Sarawak soil for all this time of hell in Malaysia!

      Even a poor ulu farmer could guess that after the UMNO backed PBB BN robbery of native land thousands of NCR are now in dire poverty.

      Many would have fallen below the “hard core” category if you look the number of “native” scavengers in the city rubbish tips around Sarawak.

      So how far can we trust this figures designed misled us into thinking UMNO has reduced rural poverty when they cannot even achieve this in Malaya after years of looting Sabah and Sarawak resources ostensibly to “develop” Malaya.

      The only people above the poverty line are those politicians on both side of the fence who have lined their pockets in those 48 years of hell!

      Comment by SARAWAKIANS — March 13, 2012 @ 9:18 PM | Reply

  7. I can’t wait to see how much does he really worth.

    Comment by Colin Ubeh (@swknative) — March 13, 2012 @ 10:29 AM | Reply

    • In “real worth”, his own true worth?

      ….maybe 2 sen! 1 sen for each ball !

      The billions wang curi & tipu lah ! Wang haram ! Babies, old men and women who didn’t survive in the rural areas because of mortal diseases. They could not get to a hospital. The roads had holes and there were bad floods.

      But of course, the Sarawak Minister of Religious affairs will not agree. But couldn’t get holy approvals for immortatlity. Could he?

      BTW, please watch out for the HFMD and cosackie outbreak npw. Shahrizat and Dr Salleh must have been carriers of the virus! 😯

      Comment by Robin Hurt — March 13, 2012 @ 6:59 PM | Reply

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