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April 29, 2012

Bersih rally shows Malaysian government ‘authoritarian’, says Aussie senator

Ida Lim

Police firing tear gas canisters at protestors during Bersih 3.0.

The government’s handling of the Bersih sit-in protest at Kuala Lumpur shows its ‘authoritarian’ nature, according to an Australian Senator who is here as an election observer.

Nicholas Xenophon, who was at the rally, said that the police had fired teargas and chemical-laced water in what had been a largely peaceful rally.

“It raises serious questions over how authoritarian it is. The police have just let off canister after canister of teargas,” he was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

Xenophon said this raised questions over Canberra’s persistence in pursuing the controversial refugee swap deal with Malaysia that has sunk the approval ratings of Australia’s Labor government over the past year.

Xenophon is part of a seven-member international “pre-election assessment” team asked to come up with recommendations to improve the Malaysian electoral system.

Despite being invited by the Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the group insists they are independent, claiming that their expenses for the fact-finding mission are being borne by themselves or their respective governments.

However, after the protest ended, some protestors misbehaved and taunted the police.

Angry protestors had attacked a police car, causing it to flee and crash into at least two people.

A male protestor had leapt on the police car’s bonnet while surrounding protestors threw stones and water bottles at the vehicle, causing the windscreen to shatter.

After an ambulance took away the injured policemen, the protestors turned the car over on its side but then fled after tear gas was fired.

Police also claimed on the micro-blogging site Twitter that one of the protestors stole a police firearm.

However, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said on Twitter the weapon was recovered and the two policemen in the car are receiving treatment in hospital.


  1. Najib has goofed again. Instead of silencing the protesters by using brute force, the whole seems to backfire. Now the presence of 7-member international ‘pre-election assessment’ team will a shock of their lifes to find out how much injustice or illegal activities are going on in Malaysia political landscape which was shaped by CORRUPTION. The very fact that, Election Commission is under thw wings of BN means how unethical the policies of the government are, not to mention the numerous scandals involving billions of ringgit being escaped out of the country during BN’s regime. Don’t be surprised that some of this non-partisan members will suffer heart attacks while listening and finding out the truth about EC policies!!!

    Comment by Egbert Lau — May 1, 2012 @ 1:24 PM | Reply

  2. That rice moron is past his shelf life!! I cringe whenever i come across an image of him, and i puke whenever he opens his mouth to speak, cos only rubbish comes out!!!

    Comment by sywong — April 29, 2012 @ 11:20 AM | Reply

  3. 24 comments on Najib (he ran away to Sarawak) & the Maid abuser “Minister”s comments on Bersih

    Pondering Why Incompetence, Abusive, Irrational and Irresponsible leadership yielded the formation of “BERSIH”. Since the current crop of leaders in UMNO/BN are unscruplous morons and moral degenerates almost 400000 thousand responsible citizens took to the streets to “CLEAN” up this mess that had been condoned for far too long. It is high time Sincere Civil Servants together with responsible citizens put an end to this dispicable desperate leaders that have lost all moral values and put our nation back on track ridden from this imbiciles and pest that hampers the progress of our nation.
    an hour ago

    Not Confused I don’t think I have ever heard so much utter tripe from two of the worst members of the BN regime. Denial, denial, denial. Its time they both retired before they are kicked out at the GE.
    an hour ago

    lim chong leong Who is dirty, one who freely has erections over his maid or one who wants free and fair elections?
    9 hours ago

    Malaysian Born Rais should really stop talking, in fact I think its time for him to retire from politics. In the past one always gave him the benefit of the doubt, the information flow and availability was such that Malaysians actually believed what they saw on local TV and Print news. Times have changed to the extent that we are all hard pressed to believe anything in the traditional media until it has been verified thoroughly. In the case of a politician like Rais he has shot his mouth of one time too many and frankly it looks like he isn’t particularly bright either, something that he was able to hide earlier which is becoming glaringly evident in today’s context. Perhaps it would be better for him to retire from active politics as the issue of competence has to be addressed too. When more than 300,000 people are able to get onto the streets in spite of all manner of restrictions, consensus is not an argument that carries much weight. Those are all voters who are dissatisfied and want change.
    10 hours ago

    Anonymous_3e21 trublumalaysian, how the hell you manage to come up with such an perfect wordings?
    10 hours ago

    Luke 1v37 if Bersih is dirty then sex with Indonesian maid has to be clean and using C4 is healthier. Najib if you cannot control Rosmah how do you want to be a successful PM like your father. Rosmah spending and shopping spree is an insult to intelligence but an uneducated idiot like her getting a honorary doctorate is sinful. Forget Malaysia, Najib go back to sulawesi
    11 hours ago

    Mano Using the ill-gotten gains obtained by cheating the rakyat is dirty(as well as HARAM!.I did not see anything dirty in the rally I attended.
    11 hours ago

    tailek Another has been talking cock. It’s ok for UMNO to rape and plunder the nation but wrong for Bersih to exercise their constitutional right to assemble. Rais go back under the shell you crawled out from under. UMNO BN is history in the next GE.
    12 hours ago

    anon-23 F U Rais. You umnoputras respect the law by helping yourselves to the gravy train?
    14 hours ago

    1Mockery Its not dirty when some one rape Indonesian maids…..
    14 hours ago

    Gen. Half Track A fossil of the past talks kok.
    14 hours ago

    James Dean Nothing can be dirtier then Umno……….
    14 hours ago

    Anonymous_3e06 Is corruption a noble act. Is injustice a nobler act. What are you talking about as noble WALKING INTO DATARAN AND TO SIT THERE IS INDEED NOBLE BUT UMNO SCREWED IT UP
    14 hours ago

    Disgusted Dirty Old Man – maid abuser!!!
    15 hours ago

    trublumalaysian Just another monkey in a Gucci suit. and there’s lots of them in the cabinet. Real scary …..
    15 hours ago

    Onyourtoes Stupid Rais, Bersih is not dirty, you and the government are dirty to the core. I was there and today i walked away more determined than ever to bring this corrupted government down. You just watch. I witnessed with my own eyes what the police did to us at the bridge at Jalan Raja (not far from BAR council office). We were just standing there and for nothing you farting police shooting tear gas and water cannon at us. I nearly died today. I am telling you Rais, UMNO and BN just lost another one million votes today. You have to go register more illegal foreigners to vote for you, stupid.
    15 hours ago

    Bert What is the agenda you have for the nation? Your cronies steal all the votes they can, the rakyaat close one eye? Is that your agenda for the nation?
    16 hours ago

    fencesitter Rais we are not bother what you say. Come GE13 you are gone.
    16 hours ago

    fairnessforall Rais, the only thing dirty is you and the rest of the UMNO/BN thieves. In any case, I don’t think anyone really cares a damn what you think.
    17 hours ago

    Billy The Kid I just wonder how such people qualify as ministers of a country. I feel so ashamed.
    17 hours ago

    Headhunter Blah blah blah!
    17 hours ago

    Anonymous_05 Freedom of assembly is a basic human right and an integral part of democracy.
    17 hours ago

    VGEORGEMY Police deliberately created tense atmosphere in KL by denying the Rakyat the access to their property to please the extremist element in UMNO. Who is dirty? All of us know it is UMNO robbing the Nation’s wealth and now Rakyat’s mandate. Bunch of Cowards.
    17 hours ago

    Vote Opposition Hypocrite!
    18 hours ago

    Comment by anon — April 29, 2012 @ 10:12 AM | Reply

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