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May 7, 2012

Speak less, Anwar tells Sarawak Pakatan

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Joseph Tawie

According to Anwar Ibrahim, Umno is ‘worried’ about the shifting political landscape and is reacting in the manner typical of authoritarian leaders.

Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has called on the respective party leaders within the coalition in Sarawak to refrain from making statements in the media that can be construed as destructive to Pakatan.

“Umno is just waiting to exploit the issue. Umno and BN (Barisan Nasional) know they are going to lose in the coming general election so don’t allow them to break us up,” he said, commenting on rumours of tension over seat negotiations within the Sarawak coalition in the run-up to the general election.

Anwar said Pakatan will field one candidate in each of the 31 parliamentary seats and negotiations among Sarawak PKR, DAP and PAS was ongoing.

“We must impress on the rakyat that we must be prepared to work together from now whether it is going to be a DAP candidate, or a PAS candidate or a PKR candidate to contest in the Stampin seat.

“We must continue to negotiate so that Pakatan will fill one candidate only. After all, it will be the Pakatan government that governs, ” he said.

There’s currently a “deadlock” over some six to seven seats which PKR and DAP or PAS are keen on.

Sarawak DAP is adamant and wants to contest in all the six Chinese seats, namely Stampin, Miri (both Chinese majority seats), Mambong, Mas Gading and Sri Aman. PKR has also expressed interest in some of these seats.

Said Anwar: ” Of course, we acknowledge that DAP has done well in Chinese seats. We must concede that they [DAP] are an important partner to us.

“But as I said, DAP cannot be seen to be a Chinese party, and PAS only contests in Muslim constituencies, and PKR contests in Dayak-majority seats.

“I think overall DAP, PKR and PAS are very reasonable in their demands.”

‘Let the people decide’

Anwar also touched on the accusation made by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that he was trying to topple the government through Bersih.

“Many problems in this country or in this region are all attributed me. This is nothing new to me.

“I am not to going to argue with my old friend Mahathir. I think what is important is that the people know that the 300,000 people [who participated in the Bersih 3.0 rally] include many who are educated and professionals who took the trouble to take part in the rally.

“They are not stupid, and they know their rights. So never mind what they say,” he said.

Anwar said that even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (former prime minister) called him “stupid” for supporting Bersih and for allowing himself to be used by the Chinese to reject the position of Bahasa or Melayu and Islam.

“This is a quote by Abdullah and also Rais Yatim that Anwar is no longer for the Malays and for Islam. But do I really seriously need to counter all these? No.

“What I need to do is to address Sarawakians and Malaysians that the time now is our time and that we must make a difference.

“History must be made – enough of racism, enough of parochialism, enough of corruption, and enough of abuse of power.

“Let the people decide. Let the rakyat be the masters,” Anwar said.

Worried Umno

He said Umno was very worried at the surge for Anything But Umno (ABU).

“We are very close to Putrajaya and that is why they are very worried. You know that when authoritarian leaders are desperate and are challenged, they lose their cool.

“A classic state craft of authoritarian leaders is always to apportion the blame on the innocent rakyat as criminals and robbers, while corruption, abuse of power and robbery at the top are hidden.

“Remember what happened to Suharto (Indonesian president) and Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine president) when they were confronted by the people. That is the answer,” he said, without elaborating.

(Both Suharto and Marcos were toppled by people’s power.)

While in Sarawak, Anwar will visit Sri Aman, Betong, Saratok, Miri, Baram and Limbang.


  1. still PR is doing enough to convince the rural voter since 2008……or should nothing chance since then…

    Comment by Rod — May 7, 2012 @ 1:36 PM | Reply

    • correction…”NOT”

      Comment by Rod — May 7, 2012 @ 1:37 PM | Reply

  2. I full agree with complete_nutrition. While I reserved my comment on Dato Seri Anwar, I feel good sense will prevail in him by allowing DAP to wrest all urban and Chinese majority seats for the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. Past records and current sentiment still give DAP a huge edge over PKR should PKR, DAP and BN engage in a three corners fight. I am also happy that DAP has been grooming qualified and credible Bumiputra candidates to fight BN in semi urban and rural constituencies. That will argue well for the party and Pakatan coalition in the coming GE13 and future state elections.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 7, 2012 @ 1:21 PM | Reply

    • I would like to add that after helping Pakatan Rakyat to wrest all urban and semi urban seats with Chinese majority and forming the Federal government after GE13, DAP should rightly consider exchanging some urban Chinese seats with PKR in future General elections. For now Pakatan leadership should let DAP shoulder the responsibility to win all urban and semi urban Chinese majority seats.

      We are ready for change and change we must.

      Hidup rakyat Malaysia

      Comment by Mata Kuching — May 7, 2012 @ 1:27 PM | Reply


        DAP invaded Sarawak since the 1980s. Pakatan just arrived.

        What do the Malayan parties’ leaders expect that Sarawakians will just vote for them like Baru Bian & Co?

        We are Sarawakians and we should form our own parties to fight for Sarawak interest if not for its independence!

        It is not being “parochial” as some “politically enlightened” people believe.

        It is to defend our land, our soil, our country from the foreign Malayan rule and plunder.

        Pakatan like UMNO wants to integrate Sabah and Sarawak more closely into the Malayan political framework. They want our resources more than we will ever need Malayans telling us what to do!

        The Malayan parties have succeeded easily in capturing Sarawak minds whereas Sabahans have the good sense to be cautious of them and form their own parties to fight for Sabah.

        It is a serious comment on our sanity to let Malayan parties take over our lives.

        Are the Sarawak members of Pakatan DAP and PAS working for our Sarawak? Or they have to follow the party line and follow the peninsular plans of these parties?

        Comment by SARAWAKIANS — May 7, 2012 @ 9:17 PM | Reply

        • http://wikisabah.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/support-for-jeffreys-calls-to-leave.html

          Support for Jeffrey’s calls to leave Sabah parties alone

          RANAU : State Reform Party’s (Star) Sabah chairman, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has again repeated and reiterated his call for Malaya-based political parties especially the Pakatan Rakyat to consider focusing its aim at wresting all the 165 Parliamentary seats at stake in the 11-state Peninsular and to leave Sabah and Sarawak parties to stand in the rest 57 in both states and one in Labuan.

          “We don’t want to consider PR as our enemy but we plead to its leaders to consider the fact that they are already having the biggest share, 165 Parliamentary seats in Peninsular, why should they still come here and get our Sabah and Sarawak seats?

          Read more »

          Comment by anon — May 7, 2012 @ 9:40 PM | Reply

        • Has your beloved thief minister Taib Mahmud been working for Sarawakians and especially idiot like you and for your family or for himself, his family and close cronies? What is the combined wealth of your entire family compared to just one of Taib’s son or daughter? We have 3rd grade bumpy roads throughout Sarawak, 60% of our population have yet to receive clean and treated water, electricity and a decent income above RM600.00. Is this the Sarawak that you can be so proud of which has been ruled by PBB dominated BN led by one of the richest man in the world and the most corrupted CM in the world?

          Comment by Mata Kuching — May 7, 2012 @ 10:00 PM | Reply


            We all know Taib has been robbing Swak with his Dirty Datos & Timber Tycoon gang… that’s why we want change for the better.

            Taib like his uncle betrayed Sarawak to UMNO colonialism in return for a free hand to rob Sarawakians.

            Who can be proud of him? Not even his cousin….

            What we want is not UMNO/PBB BN but a real Sarawak party which can lead the people out of Malaysia for our freedom and independence from Malayan colonial rule!

            Comment by anon — May 7, 2012 @ 11:06 PM

          • My reply to SARAWAKIANS.

            Comment by Mata Kuching — May 8, 2012 @ 10:59 PM

  3. Quote: “But as I said, DAP cannot be seen to be a Chinese party, and PAS only contests in Muslim constituencies, and PKR contests in Dayak-majority seats.

    Anwar, just take good care of your own PKR. Whether DAP is seen to be a Chinese party or not is ”none of your biz”. I know you want to grap the Urban seats for your Chinese PKR members beside See.

    DAP has proven over the last 2 State Elections that they ”can delivered” those Urban seats. So pls leave DAP alone n mind your own biz. DAP being the VETERAN Party in Sarawak should in fact have the 1st Choice of the Seats that want to contest including mixed n rural seats. Thereafter PKR being ‘New’ to Sarawak can have the balance. But will you accept this scenario?

    Face the fact Anwar that you yourself is not popular in both Sarawak n Sabah. Uncle Kit is more RESPECTABLE there than your goodself, Azmin or your wife.

    Comment by complete_nutrition — May 7, 2012 @ 12:43 PM | Reply

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