Hornbill Unleashed

June 7, 2012

Tiananmen terror

Dean Johns

The criminals who run the totalitarian kleptocracy they call the “People’s” Republic of China are still so terrified of the spectre of their massacre of protesting students and workers on June 4, 1989, that even today, 23 years later, they shudder at the very words “Tiananmen Square”.

So it is vital that those of us who deplore governments that employ fear, secrecy and lies to perpetuate their power to plunder the people, be it in China, Malaysia or anywhere else, persist in keeping the spirit of the Tiananmen protesters alive.

If only to support and celebrate the courage of dissident Chinese citizens like the 150 “Tiananmen Mothers”, who according to aSydney Morning Herald report, last week issued a statement reminding the world that “the people’s awakening, enthusiasm and creative spirit were crushed to pieces by the tanks and machineguns of those with might.”

“We believe,” this damning document reportedly concluded, “that the only way forward for China’s rulers is to atone and make up for the sins of the past.”

NONEAnd indeed, as John Garnaut of the Sydney Morning Herald reminds us, several senior Chinese officials back in June 1989, including then-mayor of Beijing Chen Xitong, party secretary Zhao Ziyang and then-premier Li Peng, have publicly condemned or decried their involvements in the massacre.

But as Garnaut further comments, “while individual leaders are disowning it, the party itself still insists on preventing all public discussion of the massacre except to blame the protesters”.

NONEAnd such murderous hypocrisy is by no means confined to China. In fact, blaming the victims seems to be standard procedure by gangs of crooks posing as legitimate governments everywhere.

The most vivid, indeed vicious example of this ploy outside China is Bashar al-Assad’s (right) blaming of “terrorists” and “foreign extremists” for an estimated 13,000 deaths largely at the hands of al-Assad’s own Syrian armed forces.

As Zelda Karam of Associated Presswrote recently, the truth of the matter is that “the revolt began last March with mostly peaceful protests, but a ferocious government crackdown led many in the opposition to take up arms.”

‘Blame the victim’ strategy

But al-Assad, who throughout the months of increasingly bitter conflict has regularly promised and failed to deliver reforms, is still entirely blaming the victims for the situation.

“A battle was forced on us and the result was this bloodshed we are seeing,” he recently lied on state television, adding that “this freedom that they called for has turned into the remains of our sons and this democracy that they talked about is now drowning in our blood.”

Another crooked regime that is pursuing a “blame the victim” strategy, though admittedly so far only in its typically sneaky, small-time way, is Malaysia’s Umno/BN coalition.

azlanIts first move was the call by self-styled “reformist” and “moderate” Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for his supporters to defend his government’s hold on power “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost.”

Since then he has regularly promised significant popular reforms, indeed “transformations”, but in true al-Assad style has utterly failed to enact any.

Then, when the populace ran out of patience with his failure to fix an electoral system corruptly skewed in his coalition’s favour and held a massive public rally to demonstrate their dissatisfaction, Najib and his accomplices first tried to demonise the rally as a “riot” and then an “attempted coup”.

And the government has since employed this blatant falsehood, plus false claims that attacks by thugs on opposition meetings were self-inflicted attempts to show the authorities in a poor light, to portray itself as the champion of public order and national stability.

So much so that Najib’s recent speech at the investiture of Malaysia’s new Agong or King was straight out of the Bashar al-Assad book, right down to the paranoid claims of the agency of “foreign” elements.

“The government will continue to act firmly without compromise, to quash any threat on disrupting public order,” he declared.

“Although this might be despised by certain groups, including foreign powers, we will never bow to any pressure. We will take appropriate measures to ensure the rights of the majority to live peacefully will continue to be preserved.”

Rights to keep slumbering

What he failed to mention, of course, was that by the “rights of the majority to live peacefully” he actually meant the rights of the populace to keep peacefully slumbering while he and his cronies go on with their customary plundering.

But undeterred by this self-evident truth and the fraudulence and illegitimacy of his government’s use of and hold on power, he went on to claim that “we cannot afford to let the most important foundations of democracy, that is, the superiority of the majority, be destroyed by those who want to uphold the misplaced law of the jungle by thinking that the loudest, most cunning and most violent, as the most capable and truthful.”

Then, having ludicrously vilified those calling for clean and fair elections as not only anti-democratic but also most cunning and violent, he laughably concluded that despite such obstacles, the government would “stay focused, determined and more courageous on the path of righteousness.”

azlanAs if this wasn’t a righteous enough load of rubbish to be going on with, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin simultaneously supported it in a speech falsely claiming that the electoral system had been reformed and thus the Bersih 3.0 rally was unnecessary.

“I believe this is psychological warfare,” he said. They spread the allegations that our electoral system is not clean…so that once we win they can declare the election as illegitimate… and (then) they will go into the street to topple the government like what happened in the Middle East.”

Which brings us back to the point that, just as the kleptocrats of China quail before the spirit of Tiananmen Square, corrupt and criminal governments everywhere are quaking with terror at the prospect of falling prey to the power of their people.

And that, like the dead-and-gone Gaddafi and Mubarak regimes and now the doomed al-Assad dynasty, they’ll commit whatever error or terror they imagine they can get away with in their last-ditch efforts to save their worthless skins.

DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he coaches and mentors writers and authors and practises as a writing therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include ‘Mad about Malaysia’, ‘Even Madder about Malaysia’, ‘Missing Malaysia’ and ‘1Malaysia.con’.



  1. The Truth behind the Tiananmen Incident

    No matter what was the initial aim of the student protest, prior to the June 4 1989, the movement had evolved into a full-fledged revolt. It is true that students never thought Chinese army would ever open fire at them [that speaks volumes about the PLA], which was why they dared to challenge the order in the first place. But the “student leaders” were not as innocent and naive as the most students. Chai Lin proclaimed: only after blood be shed the protest will yield any effects.

    The students who publicly defy law enforcement received wide acclaim from the external forces, such as the Western media, CIA, Japanese government and the right wing groups in Japan, democracy activists from then British colony Hong Kong, Taiwan government and various other separatist organisations, all spoke in the name of “democracy” and “human rights” but none of them wished to see a united, prosperous and strong China. America’s CNN broadcasted live on the progress of the event 24 hours a day from the Tiananmen Square, CIA agents coached the students what is the American-style democracy.

    The large amount of fund kept flowing into Beijing from Hongkong and Taiwan, encouraging the students to stay in the square to withstand a lengthy confrontation with the government. The Hong Kong activists provided free drinks such as cola and orange juice to students, a bottle of which could cost nearly a day’s wage of Chinese factory workers of the time. It was like a giant free party, and how many students who originally came to Beijing from poor regions would ever want to leave? [Multipletext: After brought such a huge damage to the political and economic progress in the mainland, these thugs in Hongkong still have the cheek to hold candlelight party each year on this day – they are actually mourning their trashed dream of living a life like Gary Locke, Lee Teng-hui or Wang Jingwen at the expense of their own people.]

    It is so obvious that Chinese government was not actually dealing with the students, but the Americans and pro-West activists from Hong Kong. Americans’ objective was to break up China, and Hong Kong activists sought to bring down Chinese government prior to 1997 when the British colony was due to return to China. They would stop at nothing before achieving their goals.


    Why None of the “Student Leaders” Died?

    The so-called “pro-democracy student leaders” claimed there was a “massacre” taken place on June 4th in Beijing. The question is, if this is to be true, then why none of the “student leaders” perished in the incident?

    Hong Kong Alliance found its way into the student leadership right from the beginning and provided 90 percent of the supporting fund, and purchased a large number of tents to encourage the students from non-local universities to turn the Tiananmen Square into a camping site. The representatives of the Alliance in Beijing worked as the top consultants for Chai Lin and other student leaders, and successfully used the demonstration as a blackmail against Chinese authority, aiming at promoting blood confrontation, ideally, with high death toll. Its goal was to provoke a feeling of horror among the residents in Hong Kong regarding the return of island to China and to incite the international community to demand Chinese government to allow the island to remain as British colony.

    On June 1st and 2nd, the “leadership” began to arrange student groups to act as human blockages at various intersections to prevent military troops from entering the square to enforce the martial law. At a secret meeting held on the midnight of June 2nd, a student leader proclaimed: “According to credible information we received, the troop will enter the square to enforce the curfew, and there will be blood shed and lives lost. The movement had failed, and now what we need is not a reform but a revolution. We have to bring down the current government and the whole institutional system in China.” They then distributed donated cashes among themselves and discussed the details of a pre-arranged escape path. One of the student leaders felt bad about that and suggested they should advise the ordinary students to leave the square as well. His suggestion was harshly turned down by the team: No way, if everyone has left the square, we won’t be able to go without being noticed. Chai Lin further added: “Only by saving us the democracy movement in China can be saved.”

    At 3am of June 3rd when thousands of students on hunger strike were fast asleep in their tents, Chai Lin and other student leaders sneaked out of the square and then out of China, under the direct assistance of Hong Kong Alliance and CIA, heading for the land of the United States, and then lied (and are still lying) to the world that thousands of students died in the square. It is their great hope anyway. The more students died, the stronger condemnations Chinese government would receive, and the better position they could gain for themselves in the West.

    MORE @ http://multipletext.com/2009/5_Tiananmen_incident_recall.htm

    Comment by INFOMAN — June 7, 2012 @ 11:38 AM | Reply



    Bit of a shocker that Hornbill Unleashed could make a mistake in publishing such an unadulterated piece of anti-China hate propaganda! He cannot even spell “Tienanmen” correctly even with home help.

    It is well established that the Tienanmen Sq incident was stirred up by US interference as it did in the case of the Blind activist who smartly use it to get a student scholarship. The US was funding the “Democracy movement” to oppose the Chinese gov’t.

    Readers should try reading this independent Chinese website for better info on China

    The US aided many dissidents to escape to the US and then help to promote the anti-Chine Falong Gong esoteric cult as a legitimate organization.

    Does the writer also condemn the US extra legal action of political assassinations in Afghanistan, Iran Irag and many other parts of the world?

    Does the writer condemn the CIA supplying hit lists to the Suharto killers who massacred over a million innocent people in Indonesia in 1965? Going further back the US cooperated with the Japanese gov’t after WW2 to massacre left wing Japanese people.

    This guy is talking senseless rubbish like the Australian government whose Mandarin speaking ex-PM & Foreign Minister secretly ask the US to attack China.

    Has this gentleman written about the actions of the Australia troops involvement in Afghanistan in the unholy mission of drone attacks and killings of so many innocent people.

    Is not the US interfering in Syria- as in Libya where they sent their operatives disguised as Libyans to kill Qaddafi?

    On one hand Australians like Dean Johns attack China and on the other they heap praise on the fact that the Australian economy is doing well. But fails to mention that China is singlehandedly propping up their economy.

    Like many westerners they are selective and compartmentalize their false morality.

    By the way illegal killings in US and Australia with Tazer weapons has exceeded Tienanmen score. What say you Dean?

    He needs some coaching in writing and some mental therapy.

    Comment by ANTI-FASCISTS — June 7, 2012 @ 11:27 AM | Reply

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