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July 3, 2012

Sarawak has no money to build dual-carriageway trunk road

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The Star

The state government wants to build good roads that are on par with those in Peninsular Malaysia but it lacks money.

“It is the responsibility of the government to provide good infrastructure but we always lack of fund,” Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Michael Manyin said at the launch of JAC Light Commercial Truck Assembly Line here yesterday.

The RM10mil facility, which is located at KM13, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, is owned by NB Heavy Industries Sdn Bhd (NBHI).

It employs about 150 workers and has the capacity to assemble 6,000 trucks annually.

Manyin said he was aware of the many complaints and suggestions from various quarters regarding the upgrading of the state trunk road to a dual carriageway highway.

“Unfortunately to build a dual carriageway from Lundu to Miri would cost RM16bil,” the minister said.

He disclosed that his ministry had conducted studies on the roads in Peninsular Malaysia and found that most of the international standard roads there were toll roads.

Manyin said while it was not difficult to get takers for toll roads in Peninsular Malaysia, it was not easy to get the private sector to build them in Sarawak.

“Moreover the Government must provide an alternative as it cannot force people to use toll roads,” Manyin stressed.

He also said studies showed that a lot of accidents on our roads were caused by speedingon good, straight roads.

He disclosed that 1.2 persons died every day in road accidents in the state compared to about 19 persons in Peninsular Malaysia.

Manyin appealed to all road users to drive within the speed limit and always make sure that their vehicles were road-worthy at all times.

“We can’t afford to compromise road safety,” he stressed.

Then he praised NBHI, a subsidiary of NB Motors Group, for its initiative and far-sighted vision in giving skills training in the motor industry for local workers.

The group evolved from a humble automobile repair company established by Ngu Chung Beng and his five sons in 1971.

It gradually expanded and diversified into auto parts, manufacturing and distribution of motorcycles and commercial vehicles, distribution of passenger vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Today, it is a leading automobile company in the state with branches throughout the country.

NBHI executive director Johnnie Ngu said the misconceptions about China-made vehicles as being inferior and low quality were proven wrong with the solid reputation of JAC Motors, a leading automobile manufacturer in China.

Ngu said JAC Motors, which was founded in 1964, manufactured more than 700,000 units of world-class light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, vans, MPV, SRV, sedan and buses annually for export to over 100 countries.

Also presented at the launch were NBHI chairman Datuk Ting Ong Hua, managing director William Ngu, JAC Motors vice general manager David Zhang, Road Transport Department director Ibrahim Othman and director of Automotive Engineering Division and Road Transport Department in the Ministry of Transport, Mohamad Dalib.



  1. Manyin and all BN Dayak YBs should all go hand themselves if BN government, sitting on a state like Sarawak with abundance petroleum, gas minerals and natural resources indeed have no money to build a few proper highways and roads throughout the hinterland of Sarawak.

    Comment by Gomen Bin Penipu — July 8, 2012 @ 8:26 PM | Reply

    • hang themselves….

      Comment by Gomen Bin Penipu — July 8, 2012 @ 8:27 PM | Reply

  2. All concerned Sarawakians should form a new pressure group to assess all the prime state lands in the city which had been given to Taib Mahmud’s cronies for a pittance. We must pressure the corrupted BN government led by the most corrupted thief minister , Taib Mahmud, into withdrawing and revoking the alienation of prime state lands to his own cronies, namely a) Batu Lintang Land alienated to Naim Group, b) former ammunition land at BDC/Stutong alienated to Titanium Group c) Jalan Upland state land alienated to Hiew Teck Seng Group d) State land opposite Stampark alienated to Titanium Group and State land behind Telekom/mini post office at Simpang Tiga alienated to another “foochow” group.

    We want the BN state government to put up these prime lands for tender to the highest bidder with the best development proposal without favourable terms and condition for the payment of land premium.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — July 7, 2012 @ 3:22 PM | Reply

  3. Look at the face of “Tahi” (shit) Mahmud, just like the shit that I do every morning ! I wonder why all the Sarawakia still support him during general election. No water, no electricity, rotten road etc…but the “tahi” just married a new and youth wife !!! Sarawakia, your better spread all this new to your friend and do something in the GE 13, because the BN has control and cover the media, no bad news on goverment will disclose. So, how the rural people know about it ?

    Comment by Mike- Johor — July 6, 2012 @ 12:08 PM | Reply

  4. Now our ultimate response: we call a giant curse on UMNO, PBB, Taib’s families, on all his cronies and supporters, not forgetting Speaker Asfia who blocks and switches of PA mircrophones against opposition, Jabu (blood-sucking for decades), Masing, Tengah, Hamed Sepawie, Naim, CMS, Sarawak Energy, Stephen Rundi, Len Talip, Abdul Karim…etc, The wealth stolen from Sarawak is endless & countless. Morgan Stanley in Singapore as saying that the Malaysia might have lost as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption (RM300 billion = RM300,000 million). All these when many natives don’t have electricity & clean water. Let those politicians & cronies die violently, then burn in hell.

    Comment by Alan Newman. NZ — July 5, 2012 @ 10:06 PM | Reply



      Do we need to look far or say more?

      These bastards have talked about a trunk roads for over 48 years. And they make the same old excuses – no money.


      Keep on trucking!

      The solution is not to “train” more skilled drivers to negotiate bad roads but to build better roads with our oil money.

      Or blame the trucks!

      The son of a bastard Taib and his equally bastard uncle Yaakub signed away our oil rights to allow UMNO Malaya plunder our oil to develop Malaya and leave us impoverished.

      All of you out there sit down and calculate how many trunk roads can be built with our oil money (if we had control of it) from Miri to Lundu and back again?

      Assumings UMNO and PBB BN stole $1000 billion from us over 48 years- THAT works out to be 64 trunk roads probably all the way around Borneo Island and a bridge to Singapore!

      And there would be enough money left over to make each of us a millionaire.

      This was actually their boastful promise made as one of the enticement for us to agree to becoming part of neo-colonial Malaysia.

      The fact that all of us are still complaining means we have been cheated like kids having candy taken out of their little hands.

      Yes they took our independence and re-colonized us and gave up poverty!

      The solution is to take back our country so we can control our resources and finances.

      Comment by anon — July 6, 2012 @ 9:15 AM | Reply

  5. While the rural poor in Sarawak don’t even hv electricity, drinking water, an economist at Morgan Stanley in S’pore: M’sia might have lost US$100 billion since the 80s to corruption (RM300 bil = 300,000 mil).eg: Perwaja RM10 bil. Forex fiasco 90s RM30 bil. Bank Bumi RM10 bil. STAR-LRT bailout RM3.2bil. RM38.5 bil compensatn to hwy companies. Putra transp RM4.4bil. PKFZ 12 bil. Wang Ehsan RM7.4 bil. Bailouts of Airline RM7.9 bil. RM30bil with S’wak’s CM & cronies in 31 yrs…endless list.

    Comment by Alan Newman. NZ — July 5, 2012 @ 10:05 PM | Reply

  6. A divorce claim from Taib’s daughter in law alone is RM400 million. Some chief ministers are among the world’s biggest thieves and criminals.

    Comment by Alan Newman. NZ — July 5, 2012 @ 10:04 PM | Reply

  7. No money, No Money No Money BUT Taib mahmud is worth about USD30 billion, Alfred Jabu about USD1 billion, George Chan about USD1 billion and many of the BN thieves not less than RM30 million each and some accumulating about RM100 million to RM200 million.

    Comment by Ahmad Madon — July 5, 2012 @ 5:18 PM | Reply

  8. All Sarawakian tax payers should stop paying taxes and we must also prevent the federal government from collecting petroleum and natural gas revenue from us.

    Comment by Bidayuh Headmaster — July 4, 2012 @ 1:24 PM | Reply

  9. we all know what is going on in sarawak politics…dayak yb’s fighting each other for the little morsels left by others..no wonder they are so easily manipulated by others…such a shame..no wonder sarawak is lagging behind in the infrustructcer development…

    Comment by ibanez — July 4, 2012 @ 1:05 PM | Reply

  10. NO MOney….?what the hell……..

    Comment by west — July 4, 2012 @ 10:40 AM | Reply

  11. The Pan Borneo Highway is a federal road and should be built with federal money, not state or private money. Putrajaya is responsible.

    Comment by gopher — July 4, 2012 @ 10:07 AM | Reply

    • True lah but how to get our Sarawak money back from MALAYA when there are more corrupted people there and their maintenance cost runs into the billions!!! Hahahaahaaaa…..

      Comment by Brian — July 4, 2012 @ 1:16 PM | Reply


      Comment by anon — July 6, 2012 @ 9:18 AM | Reply

  12. “He disclosed that his ministry had conducted studies on the roads in Peninsular Malaysia and found that most of the international standard roads there were toll roads.

    Manyin said while it was not difficult to get takers for toll roads in Peninsular Malaysia, it was not easy to get the private sector to build them in Sarawak.

    “Moreover the Government must provide an alternative as it cannot force people to use toll roads,” Manyin stressed.”

    At least he has his point there. Exactly, are we (Sabahans and Sarawakians) prepare to pay tolls? I believe governments of both states can invite those highway concessionaires to build highways here, but they will ask road users for financial return (i.e. paying tolls). We have to remember, all those PLUS highways, Penang Bridge, NKVE etc…are all tolled! You have to pay to use that highway, or you can bypass these and use the old Federal Route 1 – which have similar standards as those found in East Malaysia.

    I remember a friend from peninsular said to me that he was not worried about fuel cost, but more concern on highway toll.

    Comment by Sabahan — July 4, 2012 @ 8:03 AM | Reply

    • Don’t tell me that he is another “MR Toll” Sami Vellu in the making for Sarawak!! Hahahahaha….. But seriously, HOW DARE HE SAY SARAWAK HAS NO MONEY TO BUILD ROADS?..What happens to the land premium paid buy the Large Oil Palm Plantation owners and taxes from the huge Timber companies whose overloaded timber and palm oil trucks use public roads without shame and concern for public safety? Isn’t the state earning anything from them? Don’t talk about the Oil loyalty because that is a joke to the Feds.. we cry they laugh. So Mr Manyin, you shouldn’t have been too talkative, now you have to look for money and make us happy.

      Comment by Brian — July 6, 2012 @ 1:42 PM | Reply

  13. Those fancy Petronas tower, one belongs to Sabah and one belongs to Sarawak as most petroleum comes from East Malaysia.
    May be we can sell them both so we can build some roads in Sarawak and Sabah.

    Comment by rc — July 4, 2012 @ 1:56 AM | Reply

  14. With all the thieves around, Sarawak of course has no money!!!!

    With all the thieves around, it’s a miracle if Sarawak has money!!!!!

    Comment by Ah Phang — July 4, 2012 @ 12:00 AM | Reply

  15. where the monies goes…you know, I know, we all know…… but our Dayaks leaders busy tyring to out-do follow Dayaks and try to grab as much as possible the leftover of you know…. for themselves!

    Comment by rod — July 3, 2012 @ 8:23 PM | Reply

  16. Where is Sarawak’s money and given that the state used to receive the biggest allocation for infrastructure and rural development from federal over the last 40 years. Our state government had also claimed to be very prudent and had huge reserve! All along Sarawakians had been stating the obvious that we had been among the poorest state in Malaysia and that our money had been hijacked by the thief minister in his 32 years in office.

    Comment by Bidayuh Headmaster — July 3, 2012 @ 6:23 PM | Reply

  17. He He He JKR got no money for proper roads…

    But there’s always money to spend big projek awarded for those rich YBs Orang Cacat OKU/Orang Kuat UMNO-BN…

    He He He this Manyin really a funny joker lah…

    Taib’s son awarded millions in govt contracts
    by Joseph Tawie, FMT, November 7, 2011

    Most of the contracts were awarded without an open tender being called, claims the DAP.

    KUCHING: For the past five years, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s son Abu Bekir has been the main beneficiary of millions of ringgit worth of government contracts awarded by the state government.

    Confirming widely speculated rumours here, the state government recently disclosed in its written answer to a DAP assemblyman that most contracts were awarded without an open tender being called.

    The contracts were awarded to two companies – Titanium Project Management Sdn Bhd and Woodville Construction Sdn Bhd.

    Titanium is linked to Abu Bekir.

    The revelations, according to Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen, were “really shocking”.

    “These details which are contained in the answers to my questions (submitted to the State Legislative Assembly) are really shocking,” he said.

    Chong, who is also state DAP secretary, had put in his questions during the assembly’s June sitting.

    He had written to ask the State Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister for a list of all contractors awarded by the state and federal governments for the construction and completion of bridges in Sarawak in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    He had also asked for the respective contract sums and actual sums of each bridge.

    Contracts to Titanium

    Chong also wanted to know whether the awards of these contracts were carried out pursuant to an open tender process and, if so, what were the criteria and consideration for appointment of these contractors as the main contractors for these bridges.

    “Basically, there are two companies given the state projects to build bridges in Sarawak without open tender.

    “One was Woodville Construction which is owned by Shin Yang group of companies and the other was Titanium Project Management which is owned by Abu Bekir, son of the chief minister,” he said.

    Woodville Construction was given two projects worth RM217,500,000 while Titanium Project Management was awarded one contract.

    In 2008, the Titanium Project Management was awarded a contract to design, construct and complete bridges and culverts to replace temporary and semi-permanent council bridges and some Public Work Department bridges in Sarawak.

    “Under this contract, a few hundred bridges were given to Titanium Project Management to construct, and the value of the contract is RM1,178,410,000,” he said, pointing out that this was “almost a monopoly” in the construction of bridges.

    “What is shocking is that the state projects were awarded to Abu Bekir and Shin Yang companies not through open tenders unlike the federal projects.

    “This is totally against the principle of fairness and transparency in awarding government contracts.

    “If you remember in 2001, the government contract was given to Titanium Management to construct 384 bridges at the cost of RM500 million.

    “In 2006, the company constructed only 332 bridges or about 80 percent of the bridges, but the government has to pay the company RM948 million,” he said.

    Corrupt practices

    According to Chong, in 2008 the government again awarded another contract to Titanium.

    This time the contract was awarded to Titanium Project Management.

    “Although it is a different name, it is the same company with the word ‘Project’ added to its name with the same constitution and the same shareholders.

    “This is an abuse of power and an unfair government practice that is cutting off other contractors from doing government works.

    “I think the State Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister Michael Manyin has a lot of explanation to make to the people of Sarawak,” said Chong.

    He described the whole process of awarding these contracts by the state government as “smacking of corrupt practices”.

    When asked if the opposition would lodge a report on the issue with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Chong said: “Is there any use?

    “There is no point to lodge a report as MACC has made its position very clear that binoculars that could be purchased for RM5,000 each and were charged at RM50,000 apiece is not corruption.”

    Chong was referring to the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 which disclosed that binoculars purchased by the Marine Department was charged RM50,000 each instead of RM5,000 as it should have been.

    “If that is not corruption, I don’t know what corruption is. But the MACC ruled that it is not corruption,” he said, drawing a comparison between this issue and the Teoh Beng Hock case.

    ‘MACC, a BN political tool’

    Chong said Teoh had allegedly spent RM2,000 to buy and distribute Malaysian flags and the MACC interrogated him throughout the night and forced him to commit suicide.

    “If you compare this case with Teoh’s, you can see a stark difference in the treatment,” he said.

    Chong said that although there was a prima facie corruption case, the MACC did not open any file or investigate.

    “They just brushed off the case.

    “Judging by the way it (MACC) conducts itself, it appears that MACC is a political tool of Barisan Nasional to oppress the opposition, while condoning such acts of abuse of public funds by the BN government,” he said.

    Taib keeps his YBs wealthy
    by FMT Staff, March 7, 2012

    Taib Mahmud’s 30-year tenure as Chief Minister and Sarawak Barisan Nasional chairman has spawned many millionaires within its circle of Ybs, says Sarawak Report.

    KUCHING: Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s secret to staying in power is bribery, at least that’s what the ‘political insiders’ here are saying.

    According to them, Taib has allegedly “bribed” MPs and assemblymen with timber concessions, plantations, contracts and whatnots in return for their absolute loyalty over the past 30 years.

    Taib has been in power since 1981 and whilst he has himself amassed an unexplainable amount of wealth which runs into billions in US dollars, here and abroad, he has also ensured that his ‘immediate’ circle of political allies have also become as wealthy.

    Take for instance his loyal deputy Alfred Jabu Numpang. Jabu has been Layar assemblyman for over 35 years, but the constituency is reportedly in a pitiful state. The man and his family however have reaped millions simply for keeping the native Ibans there convinced that Taib is ‘god-sent’.

    Jabu has allegedly received contracts, concessions and kickbacks each time Taib awarded himself some goodies.

    Jabu’s wealth is now sizzling the internet with disclosures of contracts awarded to him in the last decade.

    Jabu – who may very well be yet another billionaire – and his politically connected cronies have allegedly received over RM500 million in contracts through KACC construction in the last 10 years.

    The company is listed in the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) website.

    The website also offers names of the projects and contract worth. All except two of the contracts awarded to KACC Construction by the Taib government are in Bintulu.

    Shares in KACC Construction are reportedly held, jointly, by Jabu’s family and the families of state secretary Mohd Morshidi Abdul Ghani and Fadillah Yusof.

    Fadillah is the MP for Petra Jaya. She is also the Deputy Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation.

    KACC’s shareholders are Jabu’s daughter Jennifer and his cousin Robert Lawson Chuat (a PBB assemblymen). Other shareholders are Abdul Ghani’s brother Mohd Taufik and Fadillah’s niece and nephew.

    Millions for Sagan’s loyalty

    These details were part of a series of revelations on Taib’s ‘wealthy YBs’ by online investigative portal Sarawak Report (SR).

    According to the portal, KACC Construction is not the only source of Jabu’s wealth.

    Over the years Jabu and Taib have worked hand-in-glove in persuading natives to release their lands to them and their cronies, Jabu and his family run Herba Aromatics Sdn Bhd.

    The state government had awarded this company lucrative concessions which include rights to oil palm plantation, said the portal.

    Early last year it was widely rumoured that Jabu had ‘scored’ when he allegedly sold these lands to Felcra for RM7 million

    Then there is Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority Malaysia (Salcra). Jabu is the chairman of the controversial Salcra which involved the mass conversion of tens of thousands of hectares of native customary lands into oil palm plantation.

    Salcra was promoted as a way of providing the poor landowners with Sarawak with a living from the profits. But the portal said Jabu and his cronies however have happily reaped the benefits of the palm oil boom.

    Meanwhile other juicy bits on Sarawak Report include how federal minister Jacob Sagan, who is the Baram MP, allegedly sold his allegiance to Taib for hundreds of millions of ringgit in timber concessions and construction contracts.

    Sagan gave his support to Taib’s proposal to construct the monstrous Baram dam which will dislocate thousands of natives and destroy their livelihoods.

    Naroden, another beneficiary

    The Sarawak Report also mentioned Sarawak Entreprenuer Development Assistant Minister Naroden Majais who has made himself richer by allegedly awarding himself RM100 million worth of government contracts, with Taib’s permission.

    Details and value of the contracts were posted on the CIDB website. The contracts were awarded to Embun Pelangi Sdn Bhd, whose board of directors include Naroden’s wife, Massenah Ahmad and son Kamaruzaman.

    Since 2002 Embun Pelangi received no less than RM100 million in contracts from Taib.

    Naroden, who is allegedly ‘very close’ to Taib, is also one of the biggest timber concessionaires in Sarawak. Much of these concessions areas are in the region of the Baram Dam.

    Comment by Teddy Gumbang — July 3, 2012 @ 3:56 PM | Reply

    • Why is there so much money to spend for this stupit company which didn’t carry out their duty at all. Please check back what all work being done and what are being charge and claimed by this companies. I believed that they are just doing the claming but not the jobs. Please check.

      Comment by peoplecare — July 3, 2012 @ 5:08 PM | Reply

  18. Well, Mr Manyin, don’t you think that we have had it but lost it to MALAYA, taib, you and the rest like you,taib and MALAYA?

    Comment by Brian — July 3, 2012 @ 3:23 PM | Reply

  19. Its not a question of Fund. Its a question of HOW serious the BN Government wants to develop Sarawak. The only sad fact is that the BN Politicians from Sarawak are more concern with enriching themselves rather then fighting for the PROGRESS of Sarawak.

    Comment by gagojackman — July 3, 2012 @ 2:39 PM | Reply

  20. Where have our oil and gas as well as timber revenue goes to? It really sucks and Sarawakians need to know what tio do come next GE13!!

    Comment by Steve — July 3, 2012 @ 2:29 PM | Reply

  21. The “White Elephant” is the dictator now, just like Hitler last time. He control everything in Sarawak. We should hang him immediately or else Sarawak is just like penisular, no future, no hope, no prosperous….Hi Sarawakia, your better do something in the coming GE 13, if your want a better life….. !!!

    Comment by Mike — July 3, 2012 @ 9:44 AM | Reply

  22. There is a lot of money derived from the oil and gas sources within the shores of Sarawak. And but for Petronas Act, 1975, that has taken away our rights to enjoyment of the revenues from these two sources, our 18 point agreement before and for the purpose of agreeing to the merger of Sarawak with Malaya, Sabah and Singapore in 1963 to form Malaysia (Singapore left/kicked out because it saw it coming and barked hard against a new breed of colonialism), we should enough money for our roads and bridges. And even the revenues from our timber and other mineral resources should be able to finance Sarawak well into the next 100 years if properly managed. Alas, ‘proper managed’ is a very hard term to come by because of greed of leaders. Michael Manyin’s pathetic explaination of why our roads are not constructed and ready as expcted as being due to the state is lacking in funds, not only exposes the had truth that there is (are) something(s) that has(have) been siphoning our money. It also exposes the blatant lie which has been applied every time especially during election times or even in meet-the-people sessions. During such times the current administration in its effort to get the people to vote BN in order to sustain them in power they oftentimes claim that only a BN government can do the job, only a BN ‘wakil rakyat’ could deliver on the promises made to the people, Now that Michael Manyin is saying there is no money is a fiat of the opposite. Indeed, a confirmation that this once great nation of ours is heading for disaster. It is indebted currently to the tune of RM466 billion, almost 60 percent of our GDP. And with a heavy borrowing from EPF. Michael Manyin’s statement also begs the question as to where has our revenues from our oil and gas gone to? Beside, that Manyin’s statement also confirmed that BN Government is not capable of running this country, or this state of Sarawak. The many allegations of rampant corruptions which but for they are being ‘brushed under the carpet’ would show the leaders in the corridor of power have been making sure they are and will continue to be better of than the rest of the members of the society as evidenced from their ostantatious displays of their wealths are also comfirmed by the YB’s statement. The voters should now know well and not to take the promises of BN anymore and especially during the coming GE13 the people should reject BN altogether.

    Comment by dayaksarawak — July 3, 2012 @ 8:16 AM | Reply

  23. A country as rich as Sarawak with it’s billions in oil,gas and timber has yet to be fully developed in terms of infrastructure is a sad situation.We all know where the money has gone to and where it is being channeled but has anyone done anything to get it all back for Sarawakians?We are a laughing stock in the region.Our regional airports are out-dated with tin sheds as terminal buildings and so many still suffer from lack of clean water supply while money go wasted on big Mega projects that hardly benefit the ordinary and suffering people.You know what I think?Sarawak has lost it’s wealth forever and we will always be tagging along some decades behind all the rest of the region!

    Comment by Sarawakian1 — July 3, 2012 @ 6:42 AM | Reply

  24. It is rather pathetic to learn that Sarawak has no money to build the dual carriageway highway, when Baram dam is not a necessity but a total waste as well as the other 11 more ‘white elephants’, which are in the pipeline. Bear in mind, the current Bakun dam is far more enough than to cater for the need of Sarawak overall. These funds ($4 billion slated for Baram dam) should be utilized for this highway. Moreover, Taib, in all fairness, should return the loot he plundered, to the people of Sarawak, if and only if, he is a man of integrity or conscience. Alternatively, Sarawak can DEMAND the money from Malaya, given the fact that $billion have been spirited out by Petronas/BN each year. Otherwise, our infrastructure will always be 20 years behind that of Malaya’s.

    Comment by Egbert Lau — July 3, 2012 @ 6:17 AM | Reply

  25. Of course always lack fund for roads. No lack of funds for your pockets you bloody sob!

    Comment by Jalan Tikus — July 3, 2012 @ 1:21 AM | Reply

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