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July 7, 2012

Sarawak natives dig in for ‘war’ with plantation owner

Jonathan Yong

Sarawak activists claim that a plantation company said to be linked to the BN is now employing strongarm tactics such as firearms and hit and run attacks against indigenous land owners.

A native from Selangau, Sarawak has been allegedly hit-and-run by gangsters hired by a plantation company, said indigenous rights activist Nicholas Mujah when contacted by Malaysiakini today.

Nicholas, (left) who is the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia) secretary general, said Semawi Renang was deliberately run over by a vehicle after organizing villagers to erect a blockade at a Selangau oil palm plantation.

NONEHe said the native community leader was currently warded in the Sibu Hospital with a broken leg and other injuries.

The seeds of the dispute were apparently sown when native landowners entered into a joint-venture project with the company modelled on a new native customary right (NCR) land development programme.

However, the landowners claimed they were cheated of their promised dividends which drove them into harvesting the oil palm fruits  themselves and putting up the blockade two weeks ago.

Ambushed while going for bath

Nicholas also said the natives had engaged land rights lawyer Baru Bian since August last year to sue the company.

“The blockade was lifted recently, but the harvesting of the oil palm continues.

“The attack happened three days ago while he was going to bathe in a river, and the assailants were recognized to be associated with the company,” said Nicholas, who has been advising the natives on their land dispute since last year.

He said other acts of intimidation have occurred, the latest being last week when Semawi’s pick-up truck became the target of shotgun attack.

sarawak palm oil plantation 241005Semawi is widely respected among the villagers for leading the resistance on the ground.

He added that police reports were immediately lodged, but so far there has been no sign of any action being taken.

The incident has also been highlighted in an extended podcast by underground radio station Radio Free Sarawak that includes interviews with some of the locals.

The station reported that the attack has pushed the villagers into reviving an ancient Iban ritual to summon the help of the gods in the upcoming ‘war’ against their enemies.

“The villagers are getting angrier, and they will not retreat because of this.

Nicholas added: “In fact, they (the villagers) have become even more united and the plantation harvest protest will continue.”



  1. Well well, now the true colors of the land grabbers are begining to show. Seems that they were not in the JV for mutual benefits but looks like they want it all right from the very begining, land,oil palms and the cash!! They better stop what they are doing before it gets out of hand, unless they want a repeat of what happened in NIAH,might end up even worst then that!

    Comment by Brian — July 9, 2012 @ 11:38 AM | Reply

  2. We must defend our NCR lands and our rights with our blood if need to. Screw all these corrupted BN YBs and their cronies and the police too.

    Comment by Bartholomew — July 8, 2012 @ 8:12 PM | Reply

    • We must defend the court decisions from the greedy, the perverted and the crooked, too! For example the Kpg Lebor case:

      1. in 1998 186 kpg Lebor folks sued LCDA & Nirwana Plantations for encroaching into their NCR lands and the State Government for issuing the PLS.

      2. Nicholas Mujah was involved in doing the perimeter survey of the encroached-NCR lands and another Nicholas – Bawin as one of the key plaintiff witness.

      3. Jengga who is declared as leader in this report is not even a plaintiff or plaintiff witness.

      4. When the High Court ruled that Kpg Lebor folks do own parcels of NCR Lands in TH Pelita Gedong & TH Pelita Sadong Oil Palm Plantations as indicated in the map potted by Mujah, then Jengga with the help of Mujah & Bawin hijacked the high court decision from Kampung Lebor folks and immediately appoint First Composite Sdn Bhd to manage the plantation without consulting the Ketua Kampung, JKK Kpg Lebor and Penghulu.

      6. Jengga formed their own committee which they call “Kampung Lebor B” an illegal entity use by Mujah, Bawin & a few crooks to rob Kpg Lebor folks of their rights in managing and appointing a credible company to manage their plantations.

      7. I came to understand that so far more that RM2 million profit has been paid to Jengga & the group. However the majority of the kpg Lebor folks do not get their shares.

      8. Jengga was issued a license by MPOB for his 600-palm holding. By kpg’s standard the most he can get is about 8 tons a month. But for the past two years or more he has been selling more that 20 tons per day! Where did the extra tonnage come from? My kindergarten kids know that they are stealing and robbing from the nearby plantations.

      9. This group through their illegal means (cheating the kpg Lebor folks, stealing & robbing from the nearby plantations) reap millions of ringgits. Numerous police reports were lodged against them, and now their illegal activities have come to the knowledge of MPOB Licensing. The aftermath is the suspend the license that they previously issued to Jengga and of course these rascals got so mad and subtly by all means try to portray that they are the “VICTIMS”

      That is the true picture of the story!

      My extra advise to those whose court cases are pending, be careful of Mujah nd Bawin. These two Nicholas are cheats and crooks. They do not have any income to feed their families, so with the help of few crooks in the respective kampungs they hijacked court decisions to their own economic advantages.

      In all the cases so far, the kpg folks though declared the winner by the court, but they lost their spoils to Mujah, Bawin & the gangs!

      In this wicked temporal world they seem to prosper and even sleep soundly during the nights. Believe me friends, in the eternity they have ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ now prepared for them! Repent Mujah, repent Bawin, repent Jengga,…repent ye O the crooked and the perverted, repent from your evil deeds lest ye are on your broad road to destruction.

      Comment by Ustad al arabi — August 23, 2014 @ 11:56 AM | Reply

  3. Are they trying to force the natives to retaliate and then declare a state of emergency and call off GE13? Dayaks, don’t back off, and don’t go overboard too. Stand firm. The BN is getting desperate because they are sure to lose. The truth will prevail with the blessing of the almighty God.

    Comment by keluro — July 7, 2012 @ 11:33 PM | Reply

    • They are playing with fire. They show us no respect at all. They treat us like brainless natives whom they can just pass as workers to make them rich.They must not wait until the natives retaliate, they must realise now that the natives are no more as ignorant, are no more backward LAKIAS and are no more easy prey to exploit like before. They may have their gangsters but we have longhouses full of humans skulls trophies as evidents of successful hunting not too many years back. I’m not saying that we go back to those glorious hunting days but what choice do we have if the other side are the ones who are still having and using that uncivilized way of dealing with us. If they want to be uncivilized with us, we also can be as uncivilized and more barbaric then them. But hopefully they come to their good senses before we reached the unavoidable RETALIATORY action. That would be tragic for them.

      Comment by Brian — July 10, 2012 @ 12:39 PM | Reply

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