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October 7, 2012

Sarawak Workers Party in troubled waters ?

Dukau Papau

Trouble is said to be brewing in the five-month old Sarawak Workers Party apparently stirred up by financial problems as three members of its supreme council are quitting, an inside source revealed today.

Even some of its potential candidates, including Ellison Ludan, a lecturer tipped to vie against Aaron Dagang in Kanowit are said to be taking the feet off the gas pedal of their political activities for the same reason, he said.

The source said: “Many of its workers and singers accompanying them to longhouses have complained that they have not been paid their promised allowances.

prs sarawak joseph salang larry sng meet 160707 chicken“Nowadays, the attendance in SWP’s political talks in the longhouses has dwindled due to the absence of popular Iban singers such as Ricky El,” he said, pointing out that unlike his father Sng Chee Hua, Larry Sng (left), the SWP president does not trust anyone to handle money.

“He is very calculative with money,” the source claimed.

“If this is going to be the trend, you can forget SWP trying to dislodge Parti Rakyat Sarawak from the seats of Julau, Selangau, Kanowit, Hulu Rajang, Lubok Antu and Sri Aman,” he added.

When SWP leaders first introduced the party to longhouse folk, there was a lot of fanfare and huge crowds came to listen to them criticising and blasting PRS leaders who they charged had been neglecting the welfare of those they represented.

Free drinks, including beer, and food flowed in generous abundance.

Deepening community chasm danger

SWP’s intention to take on PRS in the six Iban majority parliamentary constituencies is not only a cause for concern among the latter’s members, but also among the Iban community as the battle could deepen the split in the community.

NONESome people suspect ‘hidden hands’ had been behind the registration of the party considering the speed with which it had won approval.

It was said also that the party had some RM30 million in its kitty just for the coming election.

SWP was registered in April this year by leaders expelled from PRS in May 2006 after their plan to topple James Masing as president was unearthed.

NONEAmong the 12 persons booted out were Sng Chee Hua (right), who was then the deputy president and his son Larry Sng, then the Pelagus assemblyman.

Also sacked were the secretary general Sidi Munan and party legal adviser Earnest Chua.

PRS was formed in 2004 by both the senior Sng and Masing, but their relationship was strained under the suspicion each had for the other.

Now that father and son are coming back through the formation of SWP, many think that it could pose a strong challenge to Masing and his party, especially when it comes up with two ‘strategic plans’ to win Iban support.

The plans are the personal insurance coverage for all members and the education funds that will be made available to their children who pursue any degree in any university.

With these two strategies, SWP can easily mobilise the Ibans support in its favour.

With confidence Sng declared: “We contest against PRS to win. But we will not disturb other BN component parties namely Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu, Sarawak United People’s Party and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party.

“We are friendly to them. We are only going after PRS,” he said in the hope that it would eventually take over from its rival as a rural-based party.

Some 5,000 members have applied to join the personal accident insurance through the Multi-Purpose Insurance Bhd.

Eventually it will cover all party members who have registered themselves for at least three months.

Insurance way to win hearts

“The policy coverage for accidental death is RM10,000 and it also includes coverage for injuries including total permanent disablement.

“SWP is the only party in the nation to provide insurance coverage on personal accident to its members,” Sng claimed.

The party is receiving many more membership applications and these members will also be covered with the policy after three months, he added.

Sng also announced that SWP will provide education funds for members’ children taking up degree courses at universities. Each person would receive RM500 annually.

“This money aid will only be applicable to members’ children in the six parliamentary seats that SWP will be contesting,” explained Sng.

NONEThe educational aid was first introduced in the Pelagus constituency where it helped Sng to win the seat for two consecutive terms.

As the fund had worked wonders for him, he expected it to work well in the constituencies that the party is planning to compete in.

Meanwhile, Sng said that it has identified candidates for the six seats. Although he refused to reveal names, it is understood that Sng himself is tipped for Lubok Antu, while his father Sng Chee Hua might go for Selangau.

Meluan assemblyman Wong Judat who recently resigned from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party is said to be the candidate for Julau.

In Kanowit, SWP is yet to find a candidate after Ellison Ludan was said to be reluctant to be one, while in Hulu Rajang it could be George Lagong or his son.

For Sri Aman, William Pilo has been mentioned as a possibility.


  1. Sebut sahaja siapa dalam party mana – mana di seluruh Malaysia…asal mereka dengar Datuk Sng Chee Hua atau Larry Sng …semua orang akan cabut lari .Kalau mengikut andaian pihak kami yang memerhatikan SWP ini …banyak masalah timbul sekarang….baru hanya 5 atau 6 bulan di tubuhkan …kalau macam banyak masalah dengan hanya 5 /6 bulan di tubuhkan ..wahai rakyat Sarawak ,,,tak payah lah undi mereka ,,kerana tujuan mereka sebenar nya adalah untuk memecah belah kaum Iban/Dayaks sahaja…..Tak payah sebut dalam party ,,,semua projek Datuk Sng Chee Hua sekarang masih tengbekalai semua di bawah Sebiro Holding ….Macamana menjadi pemimpin kalau kerja di amanah kan tak siap …duit duit kontrack di bayar Datuk pun tak bayar sepenuh nya kepada mereka yang terbabit……
    Tengok sekarang banyak potential candidate seperti Ellison Ludan dll telah keluar dari SWP kerana tak yakin pucuk pimpinan party yang diterajui oleh Larry Sng dan bapak nya Datuk Sng..
    Hanya Wong Judat sahaja yang mengatakan diri nya megah dengan SWP …itu hanya pada mulaan dia ….hangat seluruh Julau …tapi sekarang Wong Judat senyap sahaja …kaita semua paham kalau senyap sahaja…untuk pengetahuan semua ….Wong Judat tak boleh menang di Parlimen Julau…..
    Bakani ka ngundi Wong Judat ,,,,penyabung ,pemabuk,,,pengindu,perjudi……orang baka tuk enda ulih nyadi calon ……ngemalu ke bangsa Iban….

    Comment by Jalong ak Sali — January 10, 2013 @ 7:36 AM | Reply

  2. Sounds like this article is not about “trouble waters” but to advertise their Insurance and education fund [ Meant to have control over the Ibans for generations to come] besides introducing their election candidates! Sng SweepArse Party really sucks lah! Ok lets wait and see how many more so called Dayak leaders will sell their Dayak skin to them again beside those they have already netted!

    Comment by brian — October 8, 2012 @ 4:55 PM | Reply

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