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October 16, 2012

Sabah rights: ‘Stop lying, Najib’

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Calvin Kabaron

Najib Tun Razak should learn to view Malaysia and the federal government from the perspective of Sabahans and not as an Umno leader, says opposition STAR.

The State Reform Party (STAR) is stunned by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s claim that Sabah’s rights and autonomy have not been usurped by the federal government and that they remain intact.

The party’s Sabah chapter chairman, Jeffrey Kitingan, said the prime minister was either ignorant or being crafty by claiming Sabah’s rights had not been diminished in any way after the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

“How can the prime minister say that Sabah’s rights have not been taken away when it is very clear that from its position as an equal partner with Malaya in 1963, Sabah is now downgraded to become the 12th state and its Umno-BN state leaders are subservient to Umno-KL leaders?” asked Jeffrey.

He said that it was the manoeuvring of peninsula-based Umno and federal leaders that had resulted in Sabah being made a de facto colony of Malaya and Umno-BN leaders treating Sabah as their “fixed deposit” and treating Sabahans with disrespect.

Sabahans, he said, lost their political independence and rights when Umno manoeuvred itself into Sabah and misguided Usno (United Sabah National Organisation) into handing over power to its proxies and stooges.

“Sabahans further lost their rights to determine their own future through the evil ‘Project IC’ during [former premier] Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s administration which also resulted in illegal immigrants being given ICs and voting rights.

“The reverse ethnic cleansing through these illegal immigrants has affected true Sabahans in every aspect and yet the federal government has been dragging its feet on the RCI [Royal Commission of Inquiry].

“To top it all, under Umno-BN’s rule, Sabah is now the poorest state in Malaysia which accounts for 40% of all the poor in Malaysia,” he said, adding that the federal government had also taken over all revenue collection in the state.

“What is RM32 million for schools and RM132 million for infrastructures for Sabah when Sabah contributes about RM15 billion oil revenue annually to Petronas and for 2011, the federal government collected about RM22.7 billion in federal taxes and revenue from Sabah excluding other collections?

“The Immigration Department alone collected about RM200 million from Sabah for 2011. The federal government took away the right of the Sabah state [government] to collect its own revenue when Point 11 of the 20-Point Agreement was not implemented.

“Point 11 reads: ‘Sabah [North Borneo] should have control of its own finance, development funds and tariffs’,” he said.

Borneonise civil service

According to him, the revenue from Sabah’s oil and gas has been unfairly taken from Sabah when the prime minister’s father, Abdul Razak Hussein, in 1975 signed an order granting ownership of Sabah’s oil and gas resources to Petronas.

“If the prime minister means what he says, he should immediately rescind the vesting order and hand back the oil and gas resources to Sabah.

“Since 1975, Sabah’s oil revenue has been channelled to Malaya via Petronas to develop the Malayan states at the expense of Sabah.

“Recently, this was acknowledged by Najib himself in Sarawak that for 49 years, Sabah and Sarawak had contributed their revenues towards the development of Malaya,” he said.

According to Jeffrey, who gained a doctorate at the prestigious Harvard University, it was also well known and agreed at the outset of the formation of Malaysia in 1963 that “Borneonisation” of the Sabah civil service would take place immediately, but this was not honoured and civil servants from the peninsula, some not even experienced or qualified for the job, took over senior posts in government after the British left.

He said that even now, after 49 years, it was clear that the federal government had become the new colonial master and taken over almost all the key positions in the federal civil service in Sabah.

“The problem is compounded by the duplicating roles of federal agencies in Sabah to the extent that they usurped the roles of Sabah agencies. These federal agencies have even deemed it appropriate to import their staff, even junior staff, from the peninsula and marginalised Sabahans.

“It is all part of a devious scheme to control and make Sabah a colony of Malaya and Umno,” he said.

Manipulations by Mahathir

Jeffrey argued that the situation became worse for Sabah from 1965 when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia.

The federal government, he said, through various schemes, manipulated the situation to secure 75% control of the federal Parliament when it was agreed in 1963 that Malaya would not have more than 65% of the parliamentary seats as a constitutional safeguard for Sabah and Sarawak.

The realignment of power in 1965 allowed the Umno federal government to make Sabah the 12th state in the nation and subservient to Malaya, he added.

“Even during Usno’s early days, Umno sent its advisers; it could not be said that whatever Usno did was purely its own doing.

“During Berjaya’s tenure, Sabah lost Labuan and its oil revenue. The then chief minister [Harris Salleh] seemed more interested in trying to please the federal government so as to achieve the political ambition of overthrowing Mustapha [Harun].

“During the PBS era, Mahathir showed his dictatorial side in sidelining the PBS government which was democratically elected by the people and even stopped Pairin [Kitingan] from being sworn in as the legitimate chief minister.

“Mahathir also induced the jumping of PBS elected representatives that caused the downfall of the PBS government and used his dictatorial powers to put his opponents in jail under the draconian ISA,” said Jeffrey, the younger brother of current deputy chief minister Joseph Pairin.

He reminded Najib that the rotation system of the chief minister was then introduced against the Sabah constitution to induce and later trap the other BN leaders while, at the same time, gerrymandering the electoral boundaries to create additional seats for Umno and make it the single largest Barisan Nasional coalition component with 32 out of 60 seats.

“With the Project IC then at its height, the takeover of Sabah by the federal Umno government was complete.

“Why is the prime minister turning a blind eye to these testimonies of loss of Sabah’s rights?” he asked.

No religious freedom

Jeffrey also touched on the loss of religious freedom in Sabah.

Jeffrey, who was jailed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) during Mahathir’s time for speaking up on Sabah’s rights, also reminded Najib and Umno that freedom of religion was guaranteed by Point No 1 of the 20-Point Agreement as well as the Batu Sumpah (Oath Stone) in Keningau.

“The fact that Sabahans today no longer enjoy freedom of religion clearly suggests that they have been robbed of this right.

“In addition, there is a steady creeping in of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ policy where new imported Malays are accorded better rights than the original indigenous natives, many of whom are Muslims,” he said.

Jeffrey also said that if Najib is correct in his claim that Sabah had received development and progress similar to its counterparts in Malaya, then surely Sabah would be one of the richest states in Malaysia, if not the richest.

“If the prime ministere had only opened his eyes to his surroundings when officiating at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Native Court Training Institute building and the opening of the bridge at Padang Pagansakan in Penampang, he would notice that the development of the surrounding areas including roads, bridges and other infrastructure is not on par with the peninsular states.

“And that is only 10 miles from Kota Kinabalu city centre. He should then imagine how much below par is the development status in the other areas, especially in the interiors like far-flung Pensiangan,” he said.

“Or better still, he should travel by road instead of helicopter to see for himself the status of development in Sabah,” Jeffrey added, taking a swipe at Najib for travelling around the state by air.

Malaysia is not 55

Touching on the federal stand that Malaysia is 55 years old, Jeffrey said by insisting Malaysia is 55 years old now and not 49, the federal government is propagating the worst lie to the people of Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole.

“What is the motive of the Umno federal government in manipulating the facts of history? The prime minister should restore Sabah’s rights and not lie anymore.

“He should learn how to view Malaysia and the federal government from the perspective of Sabahans and not just from the top as an Umno leader with a Malayan Agenda,” he said.

“Sabah has lost a lot since agreeing to form Malaysia in 1963 and suffered a great deal due to the manipulations and policies of the Umno federal government in the name of national integration; the federal government of Malaya has ruled the state in the guise of the federal government of Malaysia.

“There was never a genuine partnership for Sabah in Malaysia.

“The federal government has disrespected the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the autonomy and rights of Sabah. After 49 years of an unequal partnership and treatment, Sabahans are now clamouring for the restoration of their rights and autonomy,” Jeffrey said, adding that the prime minister and the federal government should stop treating Sabahans as fools.

Taking a swipe at Najib’s Budget 2013, he said it was nothing to shout about for Sabahans. “Sabahans deserve more than 1Malaysia water tanks and BRIMs.

“What the prime minister can and should do, if he truly wants to make a difference… is to restore the rights and autonomy of Sabah and the status of Sabah as an equal partner to Malaya… and to treat Sabahans with respect and dignity,” he said.



  1. Sabahans do not trust Najib and UMNO. Just pack up and go home.

    Comment by Charles Bernard — October 16, 2012 @ 8:42 PM | Reply

  2. Najib has messed up the policy direction for the nation and has been talking rubbish for past few years.

    Comment by Sofian Ramli — October 16, 2012 @ 5:07 PM | Reply


    Comment by magnum5583 — October 16, 2012 @ 5:06 PM | Reply

  4. Dear Sabah, you WANT BACK YOUR POWER TO RULE YOURSELVES ?? Very simple…VOTE OUT BN !! You joined Malaya, what – 45 years ? And for 45 years BN has given BACK to YOU what, a miserable $200- $500 … And the PAST 45 years YOU WERE PROMISED what – progress ? What progress…because if you have land AND oil you WOULD BE RICHER THAN US (the Penisular)…even the word ‘orang ASAL’ WOULD NOT HAVE EXIST !!! So, Take this chance, vote for the alternative, just so long you DON’T vote BN…you ARE SMARTER TODAY !!!

    Comment by teres6842550 — October 16, 2012 @ 3:04 PM | Reply

  5. Najib Swears In Guar Perahu Mosque He Did Not Know Or Had Connection With Altantuya
    Bernama, 23 Aug 2008

    BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 23 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Friday night swore in Masjid Jamek Guar Perahu near here that he did not know or had any connection with Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu who was murdered in 2006 in Puncak Alam, Selangor.

    Najib said he was making the swearing although it was not an offical swearing made on the Quran.

    “Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (With Allah as my witness) I swear I do not know or have any connection with the Mongolian woman,” he said at the end of his speech at a ceremony to give aid of RM1.4 million at the mosque.

    The aid is to repair, renovate and buy new equipment for eight mosques and 20 surau in the state constituency of Penanti.

    “I do not know if others want to swear or not but I know I did no wrong. This is between me and God,” he said.

    Najib also made the same swearing by repeating the same words when he visited the Barisan Nasional (BN) operations room in Guar Perahu.

    Meawnhile, Mongolia’s honorary consul in Malaysia, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi who was also present, said: “Datuk Seri Najib’s swearing is true and it is accepted that he has no connection with Altantuya.”

    Syed Abdul Rahman said when the murder happened he was the first Malaysian who knew of it and he was also the first to go to Mongolia to go over Altantuya’s documents.

    “Not one document, photograph or video involved Najib,” he said.

    Syed Abdul Rahman said Parti Keadilan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin and private investigator P Balasubramaniam had created a big lie.

    “I regret they feel they know more about the case. Anwar lied that he met Altantuya’s father in Mongolia. At that time I knew Anwar was coming and took her father (Dr Shaariibuu Setev) to Russia,” he said.

    “No one knows more than me and Anwar had lied with several accusations against Najib,” Syed Abdul Rahman said.

    He said the reason he was present at the function was to clarify the confusion as Anwar’s actions could affect the good relations between Malaysia and Mongolia and that he had been directed by Mongolia’s Prime Minister Sanjaa Bayar to assist.

    Syed Abdul Rahman said after he was appointed by the Mongolian prime minister to investigate the murder of Altantuya, he discovered that Najib had nothing to do with the case.

    He said he felt responsible to clarify the matter as if he kept quiet “the people will be more confused as more lies will be made and I feel ashamed that a national leader’s name who has no connection with the case has been tarnished by Anwar and Raja Petra.”

    “It is very shameful when our national leader’s name is tarnished abroad as being involved in the case and that is why I have to clarify to the public about the lies that have been made,” he said.

    Anwar at each rally in campaigning for the Permatang Pauh by-election has been alleging Najib had links to Altantuya.

    On July 3, at a news conference in Petaling Jaya chaired by Anwar, Balasubramaniam produced a statutory declaration that alleged Najib had sexual relations with Altantuya but the next day retracted it and subsequently went missing together with his family.

    Raja Petra posted articles on his website alleging Najib was connected to her murder and he (Raja Petra) has since been charged in court for it.

    The Altantuya murder hearing is ongoing at the Shah Alam High Court.

    Najib also said Anwar’s pledge to reduce fuel prices if he became prime minister was mere empty talk.

    “That is the way he conducts politics… making all kinds of claims. But today the BN government delivered on this,” he said.

    Effective Saturday, the price of petrol (RON97) will be reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 a litre from RM2.70, RON92 by 22 sen to RM2.40 a litre from RM2.62 and diesel by eight sen a litre to RM2.50 from RM2.58. – BERNAMA

    Comment by Teddy Gumbang — October 16, 2012 @ 2:45 PM | Reply

  6. I wonder why the devil from Kerala did not offer instant citizenship to millions of Indians to support his crazy dream?

    Comment by tigeryk — October 16, 2012 @ 12:13 PM | Reply

    • Answer: The devil always betrayed itself. The Indian from Kerala always says that he is a Malay, he always betrays his ancestor – a sick symptom common in all bastards!

      Comment by That's why — October 16, 2012 @ 2:14 PM | Reply

  7. ” Sabah Rights” . Just one simple question for the PM of UMNO to answer. Why ” RIGHTS” to vote and ICs given to ILLEGALs ? Just for the sole purpose of getting these votes for BN. Now what do the real Sabahans have left ?

    Comment by gagojackman — October 16, 2012 @ 11:45 AM | Reply

  8. For once we have to agree with Jeffrey. Sarawak is likewise treated, an Umno colony to plunder and to bully and nothing else. The two states are exploited to the hilt and remain poor in spite of having the richest source of natural resources. Leaders like Musa and Taib are able to be so corrupt because they are crafty enough to share their spoils with Umno. Give the BN another five years and there wouldn’t be anything left for the rest of us. Are we that stupid? Najib seems to think so.

    Comment by apai — October 16, 2012 @ 10:18 AM | Reply

  9. This is the way BN do when GE is coming, and the result show that it works !!! BN alwayls use “Gula Gula” during GE time and it works for the past 55 years.
    Malu betul, are we all Malaysian is just like small children ? alwayls cheated by the “gula gula”, “Janji Kosong” ? Same like orang Sabah and Sarawak, jangan ditipu lagi dengan “Gula Gula” ! After GE, “Gula Gula” will become “Racun-Racun” !!! don’t believe, we wait and see. What i can see here is after GE; Petrol mesti naik, harga gula naik, harga minyak masak naik, Electric & Water naik, banyak lagi. Kita tunggu dan lihat jika BN menang lagi. Adakah kita tahu tiap tiap kali sebelum GE, BN memerlukan jumlah wang yang banyak untuk GE ? ini kerana kelakuan seperti rasuah beleluasa di seluruh negara, jika kamu undi BN kamu akan dapat RM200 di luar kawasan undi ! Ini benar di mana kawasan. Itu sebab BN perlukan banyak wang untuk GE. Sebab itu tiap tiap kali sebelum GE, kepala PM sakit…mana nak cari wang..itu sebab berlakulah crisis Port Klang pada GE12 yang lalu…Ini kali wang asing pula di seludup masuk…banyak lagi !!!

    Comment by Mike-Johor — October 16, 2012 @ 9:08 AM | Reply

  10. Can the statistic result of Sabah as the poorest state create from the numbers from/of
    ” project IC “???
    They came in without matching the preparedness for/of their welfare.
    Just for other motives only?????
    Just a thought. Just a thought.

    Comment by Chong n Kassim — October 16, 2012 @ 8:55 AM | Reply

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