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December 2, 2012

No free BN radios for Sarawak rural folk, says deputy minister


The Barisan Nasional (BN) in Sarawak will not give out free transistor radios to the people, especially those in rural areas, for campaigning purposes before the coming general election.

Deputy Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Joseph Salang said this was because since its formation in 1973, the BN had been synonymous with the country’s rapid development, progress and prosperity.

The opposition in Sarawak is giving radios to rural folk. 

Its administration too had been very fair, inclusive, caring and pragmatic in its services to the people, he told reporters after attending a Mesra Rakyat gathering at the Rumah Dunggok Megong longhouse in Tubai Buah, Pedanum near here last night.

Salang was commenting on a move by the opposition, namely PKR and the Sarawak Worker’s Party (SWP), to distribute radios to rural folk.

The state has two private radio stations, Free Sarawak Radio (FSR) and Radio Kenyalang, which broadcast in the Iban language.

Radio Kenyalang was set up by SWP while PKR encourages its supporters to tune in to the daily evening broadcast of Free Sarawak Radio which is always taking up issues against the government and its leaders.

Earlier, Salang took the deejays of the FSR station to task for their penchant for endless criticism of the state’s elected Dayak leaders.

“I am sure Radio Kenyalang deejays are going to follow a similar trend. This is ridiculous and a great injustice to the Dayak community,” he said at the gathering jointly organised by Kemas from the Julau and Pakan areas and the Prime Minister’s Department.

“I feel people have to think twice to listen to them. I am not saying they are wrong but if they have been so successful, and better off than those they criticised, we should listen to them,” he said.

He said two of the deejays had lost their bids to get elected in previous state elections in the Layar and Katibas constituencies and now they were passing judgment on the performances of those who had won.

On the coming elections, Salang again reminded the people that only the BN could help them to achieve a better standard of living


  1. No Free radio from PBB BN PRS PBDS !

    They help Astro give so called Free Astro. Gomen pay bah! You tink Astro want to give free kah? And Ananda, the Ular, make more money! Maybe MCMC people osso make $!

    Joseph Salang ? Kong pun bo pien!!!

    Comment by Jo Lange — December 2, 2012 @ 8:37 PM | Reply

  2. BN Dayak leaders are running scared as alternative radio has captured the attention of poor rural folks especially the housewives who are now politically more awared and better informed when many folks would lay off other chores to listen to Free Radio Sarawak in the evening. The greeds of Taib Madmud, the Dayak Aduns and MP were exposed.

    Comment by Irene Kana — December 2, 2012 @ 6:54 PM | Reply

  3. This Minister by the name of “Joseph” is actually a dog – to be precise, an UMNO lapdog.

    He called Christians in Sarawak fools when they prayed for freedom to worship. No other Christian ministers from Sarawak made noise – except him!

    When advanced countries are talking about new information technologies, internet, super fast broadbands, fibre optics etc, people in the “richest” state in Malaysia have to rely on transistor radios (1960s technology) for information. And rely on radios given free.

    By not giving this little outdated transistor radios to the interior people, Joseph Salang has deprived the people of free and open information.

    Give the people radios, if the government cannot afford to give them internet connection.

    Let the people make their informed decision.

    Or is there something to hide (eg, how the Thief Minister steals people’s money, how his clever son spends about a million ringgit on credit cards during the last 6 months?)

    Come to think of it, what is the real job of the Minister of Information??

    Comment by Time to change — December 2, 2012 @ 5:20 PM | Reply

  4. Hypocrisy at its exreme,depriving people of information and we call ourselves as progressive society.
    This information minister should not b eallowed to last long as he an impedence for progress.
    again if he is antichrist,god forbid put an end to it.

    Comment by long live christianity — December 2, 2012 @ 10:41 AM | Reply

  5. The Barisan Nasional (BN) in Sarawak will not give out free transistor radios to the people, especially those in rural areas, for campaigning purposes before the coming general election.

    Deputy Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Joseph Salang said because he is scared that the majority of the Dayaks and natives living in the interior who are mostly Christians, will know that he, and the government, are anti-Christianity.

    For the record, this Joseph Salang, aka Judas Salang, called the Christians in Sarawak stupid when the Christians recently prayed in Kuching for religious freedom.

    Judas Salang is the traitor of Christianity and his people, the Dayaks.

    Comment by Apai — December 2, 2012 @ 1:49 AM | Reply

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