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December 12, 2012

Of faith and faithfulness

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KJ John

Both values relate to the concept of human dignity and freedom of conscience. Only humans have a conscience; of knowing the difference between the experience of today, and the meaning and purpose of a tomorrow.Human beings have two virtues that make us distinct and different from other animals; and even if we are all creations of the same creator.

These are two different forms of time that only humans can appreciate and know. Today is the here and now; tomorrow is the yet to arrive, and it requires faith to believe that tomorrow will come.

Faith knows that tomorrow will come. Faithfulness is living your life today in the light of that belief about tomorrow.

Therefore we also have two more words that distinguish us from the rest of creation: dignity and destiny.

Dignity is living life today with all truth and full of grace, and with faith and love, and destiny is holding on to the hope that you are equally right about tomorrow.

However, tomorrow always belongs only to God not man.

Finding faith

My heritage is a very traditional and conservative brand of Christian values and culture from within the St Thomas Syrian Christian Church of Malabar.

NONEMy convictions today, however, are more from the Southern Baptist tradition of the US which pre ordinates that water baptism is a sacred personal sacrament but for which one must always make one’s own choice.

No one else, including parents can make that choice for oneself.

Until April 1969, I was a Christian by birth; and after that a Christian by faith. That was the day when ‘Amazing Grace’ filled my heart, and I could see, and feel the spirit of God within my life.

For those interested, please review that song and its words by John Newton to fully understand the full meaning of those words.

He was the slave trader who found the same amazing grace that he wrote about, and we Christians sing about today.

Now, one could ask what actually happened. I sincerely do not completely know; all I can do is reply as the blind man whose eyes Jesus miraculously opened: “Before I could not see, but now I do”.

It is as if the spiritual eyes to one’s life were suddenly opened. Suddenly the bible is no more just a book but it also becomes the word of God. Yes, both the story about the gift of God in the personhood of Jesus, and the words of truth about life; and faithfulness and our conduct in living.

All this Christians believe was declared by a Holy God over a 1,500 year-history, and written by many writers in two complete parts, called the New and Old Testaments.

They talk about two covenants – God made with the nation of Israel, and declares the history about that special nation. It was also the new name of Jacob; one of the sons of Isaac.

Kingdom of God

Is the bible then a complete history of the nation-state of Israel for all times; both today and tomorrow? My answer is both yes, and no.

It is definitely about the past history about that nation-state called Israel in the bible.

christian faith 030108 crossThe bible covers different time portions of scripture as they were written, but it is also about the kingdom of God, as explicitly taught and prophesied by Jesus, who was also called the Christ.

The new demarcates the spiritual aspects about the nature of living and life; as revealed in and through Jesus the Christ; who was foretold by the history of the bible.

Is the Kingdom of God, then only teaching about the nation-state of Israel? No.

It is about God’s plan for salvation of mankind from spiritual separation for eternity.

Therefore, when we view the history about the faith and faithfulness of biblical Israel; it is to my mind and heart, also the history about the nation-state which rejected Jesus the Christ; the Amazing Grace of God, who will come again to judge them and all of us.

What about tomorrow?

No human being can predict what tomorrow holds. Prophets can predict and foretell some aspects about tomorrow, but no other human being, we believe, other than Jesus the Christ, can teach about tomorrow in authentic and legitimate ways within the history of mankind.

This is what Christians believe; and it is not a matter for debate but one about one’s faith and faithfulness. Faith is faithfully living according to one’s faith-based belief system. It is living out life today based on one’s assumptions about what tomorrow brings.

All three Abrahamic faith systems, and resultant worldviews, assume that Jesus the Christ will come again to judge the world at his Second Coming.

All three faith systems are about living life today and living a life for tomorrow. They are worldview systems about living both for today and tomorrow.

Whither then; dignity and destiny?

Human dignity is about living a life of both; the here and now dignity, and the destiny of the hereafter.

Therefore this is my simple sermon to all three Presidents; whether Egypt president Mohamed Morsi, United States president Barack Obama (below), or Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and all other leaders as well.

NONEGod is a Holy God who is from the beginning and beyond our end.

He will judge us for the choices we make and those we do not; we are accountable and responsible for all the choices we do and do not make.

He is the final judge of the world. Therefore, let each of us please provide leadership to our peoples as faithfully as we can and in the light of all his revealed values and virtues.

The way we each resolve the challenges we face in each of our nations will define the world of tomorrow.

Therefore, let us please remember that ultimately we must have not just have faith in a God up there, but must also be found to be faithful to that same God, but in the world down here.

Today is in fact the tomorrow we all dreamt about yesterday.

In conclusion, let me say that this is my prayer for each of us: that we will each rely on wisdom from on high to do all that is good, right, and true ; being faithful every step of the way.

Consider what each of our advisors say, but also be personally responsible and accountable to all friends but also to a Holy God who will be our final judge on all matters.

May God bless all of us as leaders who seek to lead in the arenas of influence that the good lord has opened for each of us?

Leadership is always finally about following the ultimate leader in our lives. The reason is simple; when we are at the end of our lives; only He matters, not even us.


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