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January 4, 2013

Third force likely to be kingmakers

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In the battle to outdo each other, Pakatan and BN have forgotten about the plight of Malays in Penang, and it may cost them dearly in the coming election, says an activist

There is a possibility of Malay voters opting for independent candidates or spoiling their votes out of protest in the coming 13th general election, said an activist here.

Penang Malay Congress president, Rahmad Isahak, said Malays are uncomfortable with Pakatan Rakyat policies and also not confident that BN has the support to regain the state.

In the past 12 elections, the Malays rallied around Umno-BN or the opposition such as PAS and PKR. But now many may support Independents or won’t bother to vote at all, he said.

He added that the uncertain political scenerio gives rise to the growing posibility and presence of a third political voice (force) in Penang.

The third voice is said to consist of the parties formed post-2008, or a number of community activists who pride themselves in championing what the average person here wants or fears.

Such a group may become the kingmakers if Pakatan and BN cannot secure a comfortable majority in the next election, especially if the third voice manages to snare a few seats.

Rahmad claimed that the Malay political stake has eroded since 2008 in Penang and it is not the fault of just Pakatan or BN.

While both sides are trying to outdo each other, they have forgotten about the plight of the poor, the majority of whom are Malays, Rahmad said.

“There is a perception that Penang is mostly populated by the Chinese and at times, the Malays here are indirectly overlooked, more so on the island,” he said.

He cited the recent example where DAP delegates did not bother to vote in any of the eight Malay candidates vying for posts in the party’s central executive committee.

Malays’ political fortunes bleak

Earlier, Rahmad said that BN appointed Teng Chang Yeow from Gerakan to head Penang BN when Umno held all of the coalition’s 11 seats here.

Then there was the exclusion of PAS from the state executive council line-up, leaving only two Malays, Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman and state exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassim.

To make matters worse, Rahmad said there were allegations that Mansor had branded Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as an arrogant and cocky leader.

Such examples are glaring to the Malay community that their political fortune seemed lost in the state, Rahmad said.

Already, the community is stricken with socio-economic issues like affordable housing, rising healthcare costs, dead-end jobs, erosion of family values and crime, he added.

The Penang Malay Congress has been lobbying the state government and DAP to be more Malay-friendly in its policies.

It wants the socialist party to consider selecting more Malay electoral candidates to demonstrate that it was committed to the community and its welfare.

But it has come to nought, and Rahmad believes that the Malays may vent their frustration by supporting Independents, or registering a protest by spoiling their ballot papers.

Based on the latest population census, Penang’s Malay Muslims make up about 40% of the state’s estimated population of 1.5million.

The rest consists of Chinese, Indians and other minority groups.

Rahmad said the political parties here have to accept reality that the Malay population is expected to grow considerably, so it is necessary to engage the community on all fronts.



  1. Soon we all will have a chance to change things to make this country a better place for all of us and the generations to come. GE 13 will be coming in a few weeks time, so all of you please vote wisely and put the right people up there. We shall revamp MACC, the judiciary, the top guns in the Police Force, the AG, MBs and CMs, certain government controlled Banks CEOs, head honcos at GLCs, ministers, deputy ministers, troublesome spouses, children and relatives and some top irresponsible civil servants, heads of departments, heads of respective religions, irrelevant, wrong and outdated laws and skewed policies, etc., etc., and put a stop to all the nonsense that have been carried out, committed, undertaken and done by irresponsible politicians from both divides who are only interested in enriching themselves, their wives, relatives and cronies that have been happening in the country for far too long.

    We need to scrap all outdated laws.

    We need to revamp our failed education policy and make English as important as BM in national schools.

    Let’s all pray and work for a better Malaysia and let’s move our country into the ranks of developed 1st World status as soon as possible!

    But if you return the same people and they repeat those very things that you all are not happy about, including their spouses, don’t blame others, blame yourselves!

    Only people who love this country, are honest, transparent and responsible would understand my statement.

    Comment by hak55 — January 4, 2013 @ 4:50 PM | Reply

  2. Rahmad Isahak should not be afraid to contest a state seat as an independent instead of endlessly insinuating that the Malays including himself had been marginalised or overlooked. Words are cheap if he cannot put to action his own belief and conviction.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — January 4, 2013 @ 8:03 AM | Reply

    • LOL Bodohland till now is the ONLY country that indigenous poeple had been sidelined, celub pendatangs claiming the right over them. after 4decades of NEP siapa kaya with juta juta ?alamat tak malu kah if you are human?the success tactic of father of ALL racist cannot be repeatd every day lah Bodoh, change lah script bagai lah script yang baru as many more young malays are educated now a day.most likely it’s dumno tactic to keep ingeris language far far away from general public of malays so power-that be boleh tarikh kuat kuat national coffer before GE13.lepas sembayang then sambong rasuah,tipu,etc kah ?

      Comment by nainai — January 4, 2013 @ 12:00 PM | Reply

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