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January 29, 2013

PPSMI: Parents to rally outside Muhyiddin’s office

Lisa J. Ariffin

Four groups plan to submit memorandum to Muhyiddin on their concerns over the Malaysia Education Blueprint.

Four parent groups plan to submit a memorandum addressing their concerns over the Malaysia Education Blueprint to Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin during a rally outside his Ministry of Education (MoF) next month.

They want Muhyiddin, the Education Minister, to retain the PPSMI (teaching of Science and Maths in English) as an option, re-introduce English medium schools, and appoint a non-political figure as head of MoF.

The four are Concerned Parents Selangor (CPS), Parents Action Group on Education (PAGE), Malacca Action Group of Parents in Education (MAGPIE), and the Herald of Penang for Education (HOPE).

CPS coordinator Shamsudin Hamid said the education system has been politicised by both sides of the political divide and urged the government to rid “political agendas” which have influenced the education policies.

“The education system is in dire straits as shown by students’ performance in the international benchmark, and needs immediate redress,” said Shamsudin. “It’s an ideal opportunity for the ministry to look into the Education Blueprint’s ills and shortcomings as it was developed on what is already in existence with scant attention paid to weaknesses.

“Despite round-table discussions and national dialogues, PPSMI is mentioned only in one-sentence. And that too, in the language column, not where it should be. Also, the findings of the Independent Advisory Committees appointed by the MoE itself are not in it [blueprint],” he added.

Embargo the blueprint

Shamsudin pointed out that based on reports, these independent findings were generally in favour for the continuation of PPSMI.

Page chairman, Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, called on Muhyiddin to consider the parents’ concerns before the blueprint is tabled in the Cabinet on Wednesday.

“Please give consideration to the independent reports that were a part of getting the blueprint drafted to ensure it is not politicised,” said Noor Azimah.

“Embargo the blueprint until after the election. Show us it not politicised,” she added.

The groups will mobilise thousands parents to attend the rally outside the MoE, in Putrajaya on Feb 19. Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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