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February 7, 2013

Psy puts the sizzle in the election

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Lim Sue Goan

“Gangnam Style’s” Psy has been invited to perform at Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Chinese New Year open house in Penang. How much does he charge for the performance? Some say US$500,000 (RM1.5 million), while some others say US$1 million and RM5 million. Penang BN leaders, however, said they will not be spending even a penny.

The political battle in Malaysia has given K-pop stars a money-earning opportunity. They might think that it is so easy to earn money here.

Business is business. Do you believe that a global celebrity will perform for free? Of course someone will have to pay him. The Penang BN clarified that the performance is sponsored by a private company in Kuala Lumpur.

In fact, this is not the first time K-pop stars have been invited to perform in Malaysia. In 2011, Korean boy band Super Junior-M was invited to perform at a free concert as part of the ‘One Million Youth Gathering’ in Putrajaya in conjunction with National Youth Day celebrations. In 2012, RM10 million was spent for the Hari Belia Negara event, including bringing in K-pop girl group Dal Shabet.

The K-pop wind has been blown to Malaysia. Young people, including the Malays, are crazy about Korean dramas and K-pop stars. Therefore, Malaysia has become a gold mine for Korean artists. Regardless of whether they can understand Korean language, all concert tickets are always sold out.

Even political parties are now joining the craze. Psy is being dragged into the confrontation before the election. No wonder even foreign media have shown their concern.

How many votes can be fished and would the horse-riding dance affect the election result? Could Psy alone help to overthrow the Penang Pakatan Rakyat state government?

It is undeniable that the dance has swept the world. Even aunties and children know the dance. However, the general election affects the country’s politics. Wouldn’t it be absurd if voters change their minds just because they have watched Psy’s performance?

I have asked some friends and colleagues whether they would repay with their votes if they are given the opportunity to watch Psy’s live performance. Everyone said no.

Of course, we cannot deny that some fans are really crazy, and some even do not know the implication of the song. However, they are just a small number and are insufficient to affect the election result.

Soon after the announcement, many Malaysian fans of Psy flooded the celebrity’s Facebook webpage with messages pleading with him not to perform at the BN’s CNY open house.

The DAP, meanwhile, asked the people to enjoy the performance, and wear yellow for Bersih, green for environment and red for Penang.

We can see that the country’s politics has gone to the extent of resorting to every conceivable means. In addition to inviting K-pop stars to fish for votes, some have also demonised political leaders online.

The general election is meant to elect a government for the next five years, instead of an entertainment show or a life-and-death battle. The people wish to see how political parties compete in terms of policy and political platform. Everything, however, has gone wrong. Some have lost their personalities, while some have forgotten their principles and judgement.

The election is just a democratic procedure for a month or less. The interests of the country and its people, instead, are the long-term considerations. Political parties should not spend huge sums of money and worsen the government debt just because of an election. Even more importantly, they should not make politics dirty, distort the spirit and system of the rule of law and bring long-term and irreparable harm to the country.

A general election should be a progressive, rather than a collectively sinking, democratic vote. The ruling and alternative coalitions should show the people a high-quality politics, instead of a vulgar show and confrontation.

The money spent to invite K-pop stars to perform in Malaysia should not be wasted just like that. We should learn from the achievements of South Korea in democratisation and the success of South Koreans.


  1. What RM 2 million can do for the needy? Just saw a programme on tv today about a retired millionaire chinese man from singapore who went to vietnam to ‘buy’ little children as young as six and seven who are sold by their parents due to poverty. Then he bought land and started a village full of orphans and educated and trained them and gave them shelter and protection, also started a bakery to train the growing children as well as computer classes for all. RM 2 million could have gone a long way for malaysian indigenous children.

    Comment by cotton candy — February 11, 2013 @ 9:55 PM | Reply

  2. This is B.N’s last Hurrah. After PSY , B.N will be kicked out from Putrajaya. Enjoy yourself, Najib and Rosmah. This will be your last show. The people will not be fooled by your charade to win votes by using PSY as a front. We will enjoy the show and then bid you farewell from Putrajaya.

    Comment by Eori — February 11, 2013 @ 12:48 PM | Reply

  3. UMNO led BN is getting more desperate by the hours. They had tried every conceivable tricks to lure voters but had failed miserably. Cash handouts amounting to RM1,000 for households earning less than RM3,000 income had received cool response. Youths nd our senior citizens were not impressed, Indians felt insulted and made to look like beggars. Even the army veterans and members of the armed forces are getting infuriated when knowing UMNO/BN had been using the armed forces pension fund to bail out UMNOputras who had failed in business.

    Comment by Bidayuh Headmaster — February 7, 2013 @ 8:55 PM | Reply

  4. What is so big deal and fun about this Korean kuda gila, looks like he got electric shocks on his balls, the face looks idiot. Big congratulation to BN and MCA to dance like kuda gila when loosing the GE13

    Muka tai palat, PSY

    Comment by Anak Perak — February 7, 2013 @ 2:53 PM | Reply

  5. BN’s latest “Bread and Circuses” stunt by paying RM2 million for South Korean superstar PSY to perform in Penang is sheer madness! BN has completely lost the right to lead Malaysians.

    Only in 1Malaysia Boleh can the government of the day use tax payers’ money to the tune of RM2 million to hoodwink the public yet again. In the tradition of Greek and Roman tragedies, BN shall be destroyed in GE 13!

    For whenever the anger of divine spirit wishes to punish someone, it first does this: It steals away his (their) mind and good sense, and turns his (their) thought(s) to foolishness, so that he (they) should know nothing of his (their) mistakes.

    The term “Bread and Circuses” is a figure of speech for a fake sense of satisfaction or the “feel good” factor. To politicians, it connotes the winning formula for the survival of the Roman Republic for centuries.

    Both the Roman Republic and China’s Han dynasty lasted for 500 years. The former was an oligarchic democracy which used “bread and circuses” whilst the latter was an absolute monarchy.

    Instead of winning the citizens’ approval through excellent public service and policies, the Roman Republic gave cheap food and entertainment. The Roman Republic provided the bread and circuses in order to keep Roman citizens from becoming too discontent with their lives.

    The Roman government provided the citizens with enough food (bread) so they wouldn’t starve and enough entertainment (circuses) so they would be amused. Hence, the Romans elected them again and again.

    BN’s breads are the 1Malaysia goodies and handouts (BR1M Part 1 & 2, free tyres for taxi drivers, smart phone allowances for young adults, FELDA’s RM15,000, pay rise for civil servants, 1.5-month bonus for the 1.4 million-strong civil service; RM250 to unmarried citizens above 21 years old and earning less than RM2,000; schoolchildren RM100 each, etc.

    BN’s circuses shows are the alphabet soup management (ETP, GTP, NKRA, etc); not forgetting tarring the roads before any general election. The latest great circus show is the performance by PSY in the Han Chiang school field on Feb 11 (second day of Chinese New Year) organised by BN.

    In fiction, a tragedy is a morally significant struggle, ending in the destruction/downfall of something/someone of great value or importance. The tragic playwrights of ancient Greece such as Euripides (484 BC-406 BC) invented the form, later developed by the Romans such as Seneca (4 BC-AD 65), accentuating the role of morality in the conflict.

    These Greek and Roman playwrights also created the classic warnings as follows: “Whom the God would destroy, they first make mad” (Euripides) and “Whom God wishes to destroy, He first make mad” (Seneca); that madness precedes, and causes, destruction.

    Most importantly, it is the essence of madness that those afflicted by it cannot see it, and scoff as mad those who do. The divine powers that have made them mad, that have turned them against their own vital interests, against themselves, to bring about their own destruction through the agency of a self-destructive ideology, morality or system of beliefs and values prevent them from being aware of either their madness or the fate it brings upon them.

    Fact is often stranger than fiction. I put it to you that this shall be the fate awaiting BN for their follies!

    Comment by Nicole — February 7, 2013 @ 10:37 AM | Reply

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