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March 7, 2013

Security forces kill Sulu ‘general’, 31 others

Nigel Aw

Malaysian security forces killed 31 Sulu intruders yesterday including their ‘general’ in a firefight in Tanjung Batu last night, said inspector-general of police Ismail Omar.

“We received reports from the ground commander confirming that 31 enemies have been shot and believed killed…

“Of the 31, we believe we have also killed their leader who is ranked ‘general’,” he told a press conference in Sahabat Felda Residence, Lahad Datu.

There were no reports of casualties for Malaysian security forces in this round of engagements.


Furthermore, he said security forces also killed another intruder this morning in Kampung Tanduo, bringing the total to 32 Sulu casualties since 3pm yesterday.

Aside from saying that the ‘general’ was the group’s leader, Ismail did not confirm the identity of this person.

However, Azimuddie Kiram had previously been reported as being the group’s leader who had led them on an incursion into Sabah and subsequent takeover of Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu.

60 dead on both sides

Ismail said security forces are not yet able to remove the bodies from the operation zone.

NONETo date, Ismail (left in photo) said a total of 52 enemies have been killed in Lahad Datu and Semporna since the beginning of the crisis.

Other than the newly announced 32 killed, one was killed in Kampung Tanduo yesterday morning, bringing the enemy toll since Ops Daulat began on Tuesday to 33.

Prior to this, 12 were killed in the initial skirmish during the Kampung Tandou stand-off last Friday.

In addition, seven enemies were reported killed in Semporna on Sunday.

Other than the eight Malaysian police casualties suffered prior to the all-out operation, no other security forces members have been killed or injured since, said Ismail.

This means the total casualties on both sides since the the initial skirmishes and subsequent assault stand at 60.

He also announced that the Ops Daulat has now been extended into neighbouring Tanjung Labian from the initial Tanjung Batu and Kampung Tanduo area as security forces pursue the remaining intruders.

‘Airstrikes only to neutralise, not kill’

Also present at the press conference was armed forces chief Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, who said even though the operation had been expanded to other areas, some intruders were still hiding in the original Kampung Tandou site.

“The encounter and success in killing an enemy in Kampung Tandou this morning means there is a possibility some of them are still hiding there. We will continue to weed them out as soon as possible,” he said.

NONEHe reiterated the need to allow security forces ample time to hunt down the remnants of the intruders to avoid unnecessary casualties or injuries.

Zulkifeli also explained that the current death toll was based on confirmed bodies, but security forces are still looking into whether some could have been buried.

Asked whether the air strike which kicked off Tuesday’s assault had actually killed any enemies, Zulkefeli said that was never the intention.

“The air strike was not meant to kill but to neutralise the target so that we can come in without any casualties.

“We were able to neutralise the target very well, there was no resistance, except initially a few shots were fired by the enemy but they did not prolong the engagement,” he said.

Both Ismail and Zulkefeli also thanked Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for his visit to the conflict zone, stating that it has helped improve the morale of the security forces.

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