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March 23, 2013

Surik did not identify the assailants. Oh … Did he not?

See Chee HowSurik 148 (Large) sulik pr (Medium)

Video Link I am appalled by the statement made by the Serian police chief DSP Mohd Jamali Umi to the press, appearing in a local English daily yesterday, when he was asked to comment on the brutal assault of 66-years old Iban farmer Surik Anak Muntai.

The Serian police chief was quoted as saying that as the 4 attackers were wearing masks during the assault, neither the victim nor the witness could identify them. He further stated: “The victim does not know the attackers. He could not identify them …”

These statements are a far cry from the recorded statements and testimonies given to the police by Surik Anak Muntai and his wife Rosni Anak Langap.

On the day of incidence, 15.03.2013 at 1405 hrs, Rosni Anak Langap (591228135166) of Kampung Danau Kerangas, Serian lodged a police report with the Serian Police Station (No. Repot: Serian/00897/13). The content reads:

Pada 15/03/2013 Jam lebih kurang 1130 hrs, suami saya bernama Surik Anak Muntai, No. Kad Pengenalan 470609-13-5295 pergi ke sekolah Sg Menyan untuk mengambil anak saya bernama Ralven Justin balik dari sekolah. Tiba-tiba datang lima orang lelaki bangsa Cina terus menyerang suami saya dengan menggunakan parang dan kayu. Antara lima lelaki tersebut, hanya seorang sahaja yang suami saya kenali, salah seorang lelaki cina itu daripada United Team Trade Plantation. Akibat daripada serangan tersebut, suami saya mengalami luka dibahagian kedua belah kaki dan tangan sebelah kanan. Tujuan saya datang ke balai polis untuk tindakan dan siasatan pihak polis. Sekian laporan saya.

The content may be translated as:-

“On the 15.03.2013 at about 11.30am, my husband by the name of Surik anak Muntai (WNKP 470609-13-5295) went to fetch our son, Ralven Justin, from Sg Menyan School. Suddenly five Chinese men came and attacked my husband using parang and sticks. Out of the five persons, my husband was only able to recognized one of the assailants who is from United Team Trade Plantation. Due to the aforesaid attack, my husband sustained injury on both his legs and his right hand. I come to police station seeking police action and investigation. That is all for my report.”

Surik was found bleeding profusely. He was rushed by a fellow native man, who was also there to fetch his child, to the Serian hospital and the medical officer was alarmed by the seriousness of the injuries and had immediately rushed him to the Sarawak General Hospital.

His injuries were reported earlier. Surik had multiple injuries including severe splintered fractures of both the bones in the right wrist, with a laceration wound from a parang 4cm x 2cm. He had the fractures plated. He also had a cut tendon repaired. He also had injuries to both knees. There are fractures in both kneecaps and the surgeons have released a tendon caught in one of the kneecap fractures. Apparently the knee injuries were caused by blunt trauma, being hit with a hard object.

Any person, not to mention an aged man of 66 years old, could have died as a result of the assault.

What will any reasonable person think the case should be?

Attempted murder?

Assault and causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means?

In a letter that was given to the complainant Rosni Anak Langap on 18.03.2013, the Investigating Officer Inspector Mohd Azlan bin Ab Wahab stated that the case is one of “merusuh” which is translated to mean “commotion” or “riot”.

It is also stated that the complaint is being investigated under section 148 of the Penal Code which provides for the offence of “possessing weapons or missiles at riot” and it reads:

“Any person who attends, takes part in or is found at any riot and who has in his possession at such riot any firearm, ammunition, explosive, corrosive, injurious or obnoxious substance, stick, stone or any weapon or missile capable of use as a weapon of offence shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both.”

It is incomprehensible how the police could have come to the decision to investigate the complaint as “riot” or “commotion”.

The suspect who was being arrested has since being released on police bail. There was no arrest of the other assailants.

PKR Sarawak State Chief YB Baru Bian had written to the Sarawak Police Commissioner seeking an appointment this Monday to convey our concerns on the manner this case is being pursued by the police and the enormity of the plantation company workers confronting the local NCR (native customary rights) landowners.

From the testimonies of Surik Anak Muntai and his wife Rosni Anak Langap, Surik had told a group of policemen (with the presence of the IO) that he had identified and named the administrative executive of the plantation company and he could identify another assailant though he does not know his name.

Surik repeated his account on the incidence when YB Baru Bian visited him in the Sarawak General Hospital on 19.03.2013. At that time, the same police investigating officer was also present, listening to him.

It appears that Surik and his wife did not only identify the assailants by the white proton perdana that they were travelling in. Surik had prior to the incidence met and spoken to one of the assailants.

Before the assault, Surik and Rosni were sending their palm oil fruits to the mill and they had meet with the group on his way to the mill, driving the same white proton perdana, and the said administrative executive of the plantation company and another suspect had stopped Surik’s car, claiming that their car had engine or battery problem and asked for Surik to get down from the car to help them. Surik did not get down from the car as he was alarmed by the car not having a car plate and there were others sitting in the stationed car.

After he had delivered the palm oil fruits, Surik left the mill and drove past the white proton perdana and he had noticed that the said car had tailed him to the to the main Kuching-Sri Aman road, near Balai Ringin.

Surik had also identified the said administrative executive of the plantation company from the shirt he was wearing, the same one he worn when they met on the way to the mill and when he attacked Surik at the bus stop not far from Sekolah Sg Menyan where Surik was there to fetch his child.

How could the content of the police report lodged and the testimonies of the victim being blatantly ignored and or overlooked by the police officer having charge of the investigation?

The Serian district police chief and the investigating officer should be reminded that it is a consecrated duty of the force to conduct investigation into complaint represented to them not only impartially and responsibly, but must be seen to be conducting them impartially and responsibly.

We are constrained to release a video interview with Surik, which is a recording of Surik recounting the incidence and what his confutation to the statement of the Serian district police chief that he could not identify the assailants.

We will certainly bring this matter to all the authorities concerned, including the Police headquarters in Bukit Aman, to ensure that justice is seen to be done to the poor aged native farmer and that any violent confrontation between native landowners and plantation companies in Serian and elsewhere in Sarawak may be avoided.

Attached:        Police Report (No. Repot: Serian/00897/13) dated 15.03.2013

Letter “Penyiasatan kes” dated 18.03.2013

sulik pr (Medium) Surik 148 (Large)


  1. Surik was not attacked. He fall from his bed in a mimpi. His wife has eyesight problem too, so she had a wrong vision that his husband was attacked. Or he could have fallen from a morocycle but want to put the blame on the oil palm company, or many many many other possiblilities…..this a sad case, dear Sarawakian, for our brother Dayaks

    Can not wait for the election to come and CHANGE OUT BN

    Comment by SUPP-Sarawak United Pakatan Party — March 24, 2013 @ 9:05 AM | Reply

  2. This was not an isolated case of BN’s crony company’s bullies attacking NCR landowners and activists. These thugs who were given protection by the police will not deter the NCR landowners and stakeholders from seeking justice to land grabs by Sarawak thief minister. Dayaks must stand tall to defend their lands and to fight the corrupted BN government through the ballot boxes.

    Comment by Augustine William — March 23, 2013 @ 11:52 PM | Reply

  3. Change the government and bring all the corrupt leaders to justice for their beastly greed and evil. Revamp the whole system especially the AG, judiciary, police, immigration, custom, education, forestry, land and survey. Change for the better and brighter of our future generations!

    Comment by Sharpshooter — March 23, 2013 @ 8:42 PM | Reply

  4. is this moderation preached by Najib?

    Comment by mmc — March 23, 2013 @ 8:16 PM | Reply

  5. It is never a surprise when the police are assisting the criminals to get away with their crimes against the helpless NCR land owners who are mostly Dayaks. The Dayak ministers and lawmakers in BN, head of government departments, majority of the appointed Tuai Rumah, Penghulu, Temenggong and police officers will most likely stay silent to avoid being victimised by the thief minister and the corrupted regime. The ordinary Dayaks living in towns or the rural constituencies must not be afraid to seek justice by voting out all the BN candidates in their constituencies and vote for real change and a new government. Together we pray for the lord’s protection and to grant us the courage to vote out the corrupted regime.

    Comment by Monica Donald — March 23, 2013 @ 5:51 PM | Reply


    Surik’s assailants are just agents and lackeys of the rich and powerful companies linked to Taib’s EVIL empire which exists only because it serves UMNO’s colonisation purpose.

    “Lakia” is not derogatory as it means “Dayak children” just as much as the Chinese call themselves say in Hokkien “tongnankia”). So do not feel slighted brother.

    We must overcome our anger caused by UMNO’s racist divide and rule tactics and seek unity to defeat the common enemy who occupy our country and seize our land.

    As someone just said the gangsters were sent by an Iban. So they use race to divide us!

    If Surik and Rosni can prove that the gangsters were agents of the company robbing them their lawyers should file a claim for compensation against them.

    But as the lawyer has said the police are not investigating the complain but covering up for those assailants by not doing the right thing.

    The question is why?

    We must learn endless lessons by now that the police are there to defend the people with the money and power symbolised by Taib Mahmud and his greedy gang of cronies and timber tycoons who bled our country dry for 50 years.

    If the law continues to favour the rich and power then only a people’s revolution can change this cruel society.

    This requires planning and organisation such as developing a countrywide resistance movement. The time is now.

    Comment by ORANG2BANGKIT — March 23, 2013 @ 1:13 PM | Reply


      Really? Whether they are mere agents or not is immaterial. They commit the crime and should be dealt with as such. Why paint them as angels, as someone who is just following orders? Do you think that they did not offer their services to these land robbers?

      Maybe you are a saint but how to overcome your anger if someone steal your land from right under your nose. This is not a divide and rule tactic by UMNO. Surik being bashed up by agents and lackeys of the rich and powerful, as you called them, was not a divide and rule tactic of UMNO. He was bashed up because someone wanted to take his land from him and he resisted.

      What other proof do you want if Surik has already made a police report stating that he know some of the assailants. He named names in his statement to the police so why the need for more proof?

      And your meaning of LAKIA is slanted towards appeasing some people. Its a different story if they sneer at you and called you lakia!

      Comment by brian — March 24, 2013 @ 3:32 PM | Reply

  7. All of you must understand that we must not put the blame on the chinese just because he was attacked by the chinese because those chinese gangsters are paid by the IBAN from heaven.

    Comment by dayakthinker — March 23, 2013 @ 12:34 PM | Reply

    • Dayakthinker you are thinking the right way.

      But most stupid dayaks will say that all chinese are bad. How about jabu? Are all ibans as bad as jabu? Are all melanaus evil because taib mahmud is one?

      The gangsters are MERELY the tool of the greedy and opportunists. Going after the tool is foolish. Better go after the hand that wields it.

      But dayaks must share the blame as well. Before this, when their lands are taken, all it takes is a few tuaks, langkaus, porks and as little as rm15 is enough to placate them. Some ayaks even say “we dayaks are happy people, you know. ”

      As for the police, just remember that not all of them are evil. It is not an easy task to follow orders. Take note that if they do not follow orders, the police may end up being transferred, demoted or worst still, fired from the force.

      I pity Mr Surik as well but the whole truth is that, in the next GE, the people of melikin and balar ringin would stillc ast their votes to Bn.

      Comment by dyak — March 23, 2013 @ 1:57 PM | Reply

    • If the IBAN are from heaven, where do these people who offer their services to maim and threatened helpless natives from? And why can’t we blame them if they are the ones who commits the act and they are in the business of committing such act on behalf of someone else.

      Why are we protecting these people?

      Comment by brian — March 24, 2013 @ 3:45 PM | Reply

  8. So those “BRAVE” plantations MEN were wearing face masks and how many of them again against an one old man on a routine fatherly duty to fetch an innocent child from school?

    COWARDS, that exactly what these supposedly BRAVE men are. I hope the police get those bastards and also those who did a similar cowardly act against the father and son not too long ago? Like Surik, they too almost lost their lives protecting what is rightfully theirs.

    Maybe the police are doing all they can but so far they really have not much to show for their hard work especially when it comes to protecting the natives. Its the natives the ones they should be protecting, not cowards in masks who goes around like a bunch of marauding uncivilized humans beings. Or maybe they really are UNCIVILIZED!..and they dare call us natives LAKIA?

    Comment by brian — March 23, 2013 @ 11:55 AM | Reply

  9. The Dayaks in Sarawak and Kadazan/Dusuns in Sabah will make sure Pakatan Rakyat wins with a 2/3 majority mandate for the sake of all Malaysians. Malaysians want a total revamp of MACC, PDRM, AGD and the EC.

    Divide and rule, to perpetuate Umno’s hegemony
    is this BN’s way to racial harmony?

    How can there be security
    when corrupt and dishonest cops act with impunity?

    Comment by Richard Willie — March 23, 2013 @ 11:19 AM | Reply


      Look for independent Sabah Sarawak parties not controlled by Malayans to provide solutions.

      Comment by ANTI-MALAYAN COLONIALISM! — March 23, 2013 @ 1:26 PM | Reply

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