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March 25, 2013

Police: GE13 can be held despite Ops Daulat


The general election can still be held without fear of trouble despite the on-going Ops Daulat in the Tanjung Labian area near Lahad Datu, Deputy Inspector General of Polcie Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

He said the public should not be unduly worried and the electoral process can continue if the general election is called anytime soon.

“There is no problem, the displaced villagers who have been placed in temporary shelters can still come out and vote,” he told reporters when asked if elections could be held in view of the security concerns in Lahad Datu and Semporna.

The Star Online reported Khalid as saying that police believe they have crippled the militant group with the arrests of the armed group’s key commander Amil Baha Kiram and the local coordinator Datu Amir Khan.

Both were arrested with their wives in operations in Semporna and Tungku in Lahad Datu between Thursday and Friday.

He did not disclose if Amil Baha was a brother of the Raja Muda Azzimudie Kiram, the leader of the Sulu group that landed on February 12.

But Khalid denied media reports that the local coordinator who allegedly provided food, logistics and medical supplies to the gunmen was the son of a controversial former Tanduo village head who was widely implicated in the arrival of the gunmen.

Khalid said a total of 416 people have been detained in Ops Daulat, whereby 110 are under the Special Security Ordinance (SOSMA).

“The two additional people under SOSMA include the commando Dato Amil Baha Kiram and his wife,” he said.


  1. Yes, police and arm, please CORNER them to that swamp pit, cut off food supplies, slowly drag the net and have them all inside SURRENDERED. So that the GE13 will go ahead for the people of true Malaysia to “ELECT” the next 5 years government in Putrajaya. These stupid gaurillas were just cheated to think that Malaysia forces are from kindergatens or old folk houses, and they can just walk in and rob us. They are poor people spiritually fooled by their leader who hide in safe haven in Phillipines, only to bullshitting. Now he is Raja Muda Azzimudie HILANG

    Comment by United State of Sabah Sarawak = USSS — March 25, 2013 @ 6:59 AM | Reply

    • Please lah, dont be like that mah. Just read what our ministars responding in the first few days of their “visit”. We are NO better in Bodohland as we also have been FOOLed like these “visitors”, they could be our countryMen as our great God sent leaders have far sighted to issued them our Bodohland i/c. “Ketuaanan” already making our jiran thinking they are the BEST in this Universe, so smart, clever, prodigy, IQ+EQ above 222–similar to our Constituted Parliment seats, katak under cocoNUT shells. LOL

      Comment by nainai — March 25, 2013 @ 10:14 AM | Reply

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