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March 27, 2013

Najib has become a ‘kiasu’ and ‘kiasi’ prime minister

Lim Kit Siang

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will create double “history” – firstly, for the first time in the nation’s 56-year history, allowing a state assembly (Negri Sembilan) to be automatically dissolved before Parliament; and secondly, establishing a record of “indecisiveness” as prime minister, even putting the fifth Malaysian prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to shame, while he continues to agonise on when to dissolve Parliament for the 13th general election.

There are no signs that Najib would dissolve Parliament ahead of the automatic dissolution of the Negri Sembilan state assembly (tomorrow night).

In fact, it now looks likely that another state assembly, Pahang, will automatically dissolve on April 5 before the dissolution of Parliament.

This raises the question whether Najib will allow six other state assemblies to be dissolved before the automatic dissolution of Parliament on midnight of April 27 – namely Johor and Malacca (April 19), Selangor (April 20), Perak, Perlis and Kelantan (April 26).

Many dubious ‘records’

Already, Najib has chalked up many dubious “records”, including:

  • The longest unelected prime minister without a mandate from the voters;
  • Leading an “expired” cabinet and government, as the present 12th Parliament is 18 days past its five-year natural life, as it was elected on March 8, 2008; and
  • A prime minister who has been on election campaigning mode for the longest period in history –  four years in a week’s time when it will be the fourth anniversary of Najib’s becoming the sixth prime minister on April 3, 2009.

Najib has many other “dubious firsts” in his favour, as:

  • The prime minister whose signature policy of 1Malaysia was immediately repudiated by his Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, who declared that he is “Malay first, Malaysian second”, resulting in the cabinet, Umno and Barisan Nasional supreme councils never officially endorsing the 1Malaysia policy in the past four years;
  • The prime minister who has coined  a blizzard and probably the  world’s biggest collection of alphabet soups as a substitute for government policies and action, comprising unpronounceable and impossible-to-remember acronyms like GTP, ETP, PTP, NKRA, NKEA, EPP, NEM, GMM, etc. (Can all cabinet ministers remember what all these acronyms stand for?)
  • azlanA prime minister who beat previous five prime ministers in spending vast sums of public funds running into hundreds of millions of ringgit to consultancy firms like Apco Worldwide, FBC Media, etc to massage his message and spruce up his government’s image locally and overseas;
  • A prime minister who has refused to convene an emergency Parliament for the nation through all MPs to pay tribute and  fully  honour the 10 fallen national heroes from the police and armed forces who sacrificed their lives in defence of national sovereignty and the people’s security in the Sabah Sulu crisis; and
  • The only incumbent prime minister to be warned before a general elections that unless he could achieve a bigger election victory for Umno/BN than the previous 12GE in 2008, he would have to give way to Muhyiddin – an ultimatum delivered by none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has emerged to be the most “powerful” man in Umno/BN.

Najib has chalked up such a catalogue of dubious records because he has become a “kiasu” and “kiasi” prime minister – mortally afraid that the most famous political prophecy of ‘Rahman’ in Malaysia will come true and he will be the last Umno/Barisan Nasional prime minister!

In fact, there appears to be a conspiracy against Najib even among those who sang the highest praises for him in the public domain – with former finance minister Daim Zainuddin providing the most recent example.

NONEDaim’s (right) interview, ‘I want Najib to win, Anwar not fit to be PM’ (New Sunday Times, March 24, 2013), purportedly to support Najib, is in fact a powerful indictment of the failures of Najib’s four-year premiership, demolishing Najib’s  claims of success in delivering many economic and social initiatives implemented under his transformation agenda including his  recent hour-long television interview of ‘Conversation with the PM’.

This is what Daim said:

“I will support Najib, but he must fight corruption and crime, strengthen the nation’s security and review the education system. Make English compulsory in all national schools. Without English, we are dead, especially the Malays.

“On the nation’s security, every day in the media and on television, there are news reports of murder and crime. You say our country is safe, but if people don’t feel safe, they will not believe you regardless of the statistics.

“On corruption, tell the rakyat that the government is serious in wanting to get rid of it… The government must come down strongly on those who are corrupt.”

Need more be said about the failures of Najib’s transformation agenda in the past four years when an “establishment” personality like Daim has such unflattering things to say about corruption, crime and education in what is supposed to a paean of an interview to praise the Najib premiership sky-high?

Indeed it is true that with such friends, one does not need enemies!


  1. DAP would not be strong if not of the uselessness of MCA and Gerakan. MCA and Gerakan can only talk but the important thing is that they have no power, not any at all, as they have to kowtow to Najib. They are mere puppets, representative of UMNO. They know they will lose big and Chua SL has make it clear that MCA will not be representing the Chinese if they loses. Well, as if they represent the Chinese in the first place. MCA should be representing all Malaysian and not put race as part of their blackmail, even then we know, we don’t need MCA or Gerakan when Pakatan takes over.

    Comment by Kimmy — March 27, 2013 @ 2:07 PM | Reply

    • You see who can Gerakan & MCA complain and argue with? Never a sound against unjust and corrupt things of UMNO, right? They are still lost in year 1941 Japanese occupation. GERAKAN – good in kong tua pao. MCA= good in kong kosong

      Please show them both RED CARD and the way out padang

      Comment by Sarawakian Dont Know Lah — March 27, 2013 @ 5:59 PM | Reply

  2. FINALLY! LKS has come to Johor!

    Can Najib smell what is cooking in Johor? Sench of BN defeat!

    Comment by Syahid K — March 27, 2013 @ 10:55 AM | Reply

    • Lim Kit Siang has predicted that Perlis and Negri Sembilan are within Pakatan Rakyat’s reach in the 13th general election, thus increasing the number of Pakatan state governments from five in 2008 to seven in 2013.

      Comment by Kimmy — March 27, 2013 @ 2:53 PM | Reply

  3. Najib’s Home Minister supports violence and crimes. MACC and the AG said they had no power to investigate corrupt ministers. PDRM was super fast to act on police report lodged against Opposition and dares not arrest Harris Salleh for accusing the police of destroying ICs of bangsa Suluk in Sabah. What else does Daim expect Najib to do when he had failed in everything?

    Comment by Affendi Nawawi — March 27, 2013 @ 9:15 AM | Reply

  4. FLOM sapu front while Mahadog hamtam from behind … he will either end up in hell or Tg Rambutan

    Comment by tigeryk — March 27, 2013 @ 6:10 AM | Reply

  5. Lim Kit Siang – Najib not only “Kiasu” , “Kiasi” , he also “kiabo” (scared of his wife the first lady cum prime minister). Najib is PM cum Menteri Perjanjian

    Apart from those “kia” , he still have many ” Kia’s” – Johor nang kong yi bo lam pa

    Comment by Tokay Kedai Kopi — March 27, 2013 @ 2:47 AM | Reply

    • And also kia chak kali pung !

      Comment by Richard Song — March 27, 2013 @ 9:18 AM | Reply

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