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May 7, 2013

Najib’s hollow victory

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Mariam Mokhtar

It is widely believed that a happy and contented Singaporean is one who has achieved the 5Cs – cash, credit card, car, condominium and country club.

In neighbouring Malaysia, the victorious Umno Baru leader is defined by the 6Cs; corruption, chaos, cheating, cronyism, cowardice and concubine.

BN head Najib Abdul Razak injected many millions of ringgit into the country to secure a victory, and unleashed a violent campaign of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ to defend Putrajaya. In the end, he only managed a ‘win’ by a handful of seats.

For many Umno Baru leaders, the effort has been worthwhile because the alternative is a long spell behind bars.


Ironically, the worst damage inflicted on Najib and BN, was Najib’s own ‘1Malaysia’ slogan.

Malaysians are fairly reticent people and not known for outward displays of public-spiritedness, but yesterday, in the true spirit of ‘1Malaysia’, Malaysians of all races were united in defending their polling stations against foreign ‘phantom’ voters.

Members of the rakyat blocked the path of buses suspected of carrying Bangladesh and Burmese nationals to polling stations. Elsewhere, foreign-looking individuals at the polling centres had their identification papers scrutinised.

Outsiders are wrong to think that Malaysians are xenophobic. Malaysians were not targeting these foreigners as individuals; rather they were stopping an abuse of the voting system.

NONEThe rakyat’s apparent xenophobia must be blamed on Najib and the Election Commission (EC). The EC chairperson and deputy have obstinately refused to acknowledge voting irregularities and to complicate matters, Najib has allegedly bribed voters to secure a win.

He cannot be trusted to run his own bath but, in the last week, ran a rash of reforms, most of which were hurriedly plucked from Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto. It is Najib’s self-inflicted wound which has given rise to our deep mistrust of institutions.

Despite the cries of fraud, the rakyat watched with incredulity when the EC went ahead with the announcement that BN had won.

What hope have Malaysians of a free and fair election if the leaders of the EC are biased and in denial? Shouldn’t they at least investigate the allegations of voting irregularities?  BN stole the votes of the rakyat and the future of the country.

Najib’s report card

Najib’s tenure was an unremarkable one. He was out of touch with the electorate and did not know how to engage with the rakyat. For someone who has not known real hardship in his life, he has yet to discover that money is not what consumes most people’s minds.

He is unable to understand that people are concerned about their families’ well-being; security, education, governance, justice and fair-mindedness.

NONENajib’s rule was fraught with disaster and U-turns. He failed to act to control extremist views within his own party and he firmly believed that churning out acronyms like ETP, BR1M and KR1M would resonate with the rakyat.

He refused to deal with corruption, injustice and racial intolerance. He chose to alienate the rakyat by underestimating their needs and by declining to engage with them.

Najib and Umno Baru should see if they can retain their popularity without flashing any money. When Umno Baru arranges a ceramah, it is alleged that the participants receive money, buses are used to transport them and food is provided.

Kelab Umno Baru meetings at overseas locations, operate with the same modus operandi. If Umno Baru stopped the food, transport and money handouts, would attendance at these events diminish?

NONEAnyone who has attended a Pakatan event is aware that coaches are not laid on, no food is distributed and when the donation box is passed around, people give freely and generously. Money goes from the rakyat to its machinery, and not the other way round, as with Umno Baru events.

In the final days of campaigning, we looked on in bewilderment when Najib claimed that reducing petrol prices would only benefit the rich. Is he out of his mind? The poor cannot get by without a car; even a decrepit Proton held together with duct tape is better than nothing.

The greatest manipulator of all, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, wanted funds for his pet project, Proton, and billions of ringgit have been pumped into the Proton car industry, while he neglected the development of an efficient public transport system.

Today, car prices are artificially inflated and we waste our money on the Proton. Our suffering does not end there. We waste more money feeding Mahathir’s cronies, the toll operators.

If you talk to the graduates who went overseas to study, they will tell you that, when they were abroad, they moved around easily on public transport, but when they returned home to work, a car is needed for mobility.

Again Najib’s stupidity astounds us. When in Kuantan he said the public transport system was marvellous.

But has Najib tried to emulate the daily journey of a worker who lives in one part of KL but works across the city? The majority of Umno Baru leaders have the roads cleared by outriders and know nothing of our suffering.

Dubious victory

When Malaysians voted yesterday, they wanted a change for themselves, but more so for their children and future generations. They despise corrupt politicians, but they are also weary of the inappropriate behaviour of the children of these politicians.

Abdul Taib Mahmud’s daughter gave editors at a Sarawak newspaper a dressing down, making them sit for several hours while she raged on about a report which portrayed the chief minister in a negative light.

Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz’s son impersonated a member of royalty and then beat up a security guard who dared challenge his authority. Other ministers’ children get preferential treatment at school and their exam papers are isolated for lenient marking. Malaysians have no faith in the BN leadership, particularly, Umno Baru leaders.

By condoning cheating and promoting violence, Najib, Umno Baru and the EC chairperson and his deputy, have disgusted and humiliated the Malays, and betrayed all Malaysians. Umno Baru must not be allowed to get away with cheating, not this time, nor ever.

Our votes have been stolen and if we sit by and do nothing about this, Umno Baru will have us in their evil clutches forever. Cheating is the last straw and we must not sit idly by and give up.

NONEWe must demand that the wishes of the electorate be respected and the result of the electoral fraud be reversed, so that DAP, PAS and PKR can form the government that the people of Malaysia voted for.

If Najib is allowed to form a government despite ‘winning’ by fraudulent means, Umno Baru will stay in power by cheating for another 56 years.

Umno Baru would not have organised and perpetrated fraud on a massive scale if they had known that they would have the support of the rakyat to win GE13.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In ‘real-speak’, this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.


  1. I think that what you published was actually very logical.
    However, what about this? suppose you added a little content?
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    Comment by game hacks — August 2, 2013 @ 2:46 AM | Reply

  2. Najib is a dead duck and Rosmah can kiss all her mega projects goodbye. Malaysians must take back our victory stolen by the arrogant, racist, corrupted, repressive and oppressive UMNO controlled BN through by elections in 25 to 30 parliamentary seats. Only then we can direct the international government to freeze the bank accounts and assets of Mahathir Moahmad, Taib Mahmud, Musa Aman, Najib Razak and all the corrupted past and present ministers. There shall be no reforms in MACC. EC. NRD. ROS. PDRM and AGD if UMNO continues to dominate and call the shots in Malaysia. There shall be no national reconciliation if the corrupted regime remains in power through electoral frauds. United Nation must intervene and call for probe and by elections to be supervised by internal observers if the Court annul the results in some seats..

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 9, 2013 @ 9:08 AM | Reply

    • correction……….international observers

      Comment by Mata Kuching — May 9, 2013 @ 9:10 AM | Reply

  3. Donald Lawan, Wilfred Landong, Sng Chee Hua and Larry Sng spent more than RM500,000 each to secure just between 3,000 to 4,000 votes. In the case of Wilfred Landong, he only managed 476 votes. These are egoistic and arrogant politicians and political misfits.

    Comment by Penghulu Mabok — May 9, 2013 @ 8:28 AM | Reply

  4. All evidence point to Pakatan Rakyat winning the state of Perak. It is outrageous to witness EC officials and the police working in cohoot with BN to steal the election from the rakyat who had voted and made known their choice. Many ballots voting for PR were found in BN boxes. Some boxes never reached the counting centre until 11.00pm and would arrived when BN was trailing behind in counting. This was most shameful of Najib and BN.

    Comment by SK Subramaniam — May 8, 2013 @ 6:23 AM | Reply

  5. Pakatan Rakyat could have won Lawas (DAP),Baram (PKR), Limbang(PKR), Sibuti(PAS), Bintulu(DAP), Saratok(PKR), Sri Aman(PKR), Serian(DAP), Mambong(PKR) and Mas Gading(DAP) in addition to Miri(PKR), Lanang(DAP), Sibu(DAP), Sarikei(DAP), Bandar Kuching(DAP) and Stampin(DAP). National leaders were caught up in their own preparation and the rural constituencies need a lot of assistance, logistic and manpower to mount a high powered and effective campaign.

    With RM78 million allocated to the EC to conduct parliamentary election in Sarawak, we can be very sure the Sarawak EC was just a conduit for Putrajaya to channel election expenses to the state government through this election allocation for the EC.

    Make no mistakes in the next state election which can be called as early as 2014 or 2015.

    Comment by Special Branch — May 7, 2013 @ 10:57 PM | Reply

  6. PAS should not be hasty to field many candidates in Sarawak and Sabah if the party does not have dedicated, committed and principled men and women in East Malaysia yet to carry the party’s flag. Being qualified will not be enough as the candidates must be seen to be on the ground always before and after the election even if he or she did not win or nominated to contest. It is better to groom 2 to 3 very committed leaders now who are very active and able to recruit and lead the members.

    PKR also need to do more to recruit more qualified, dedicated and committed members and leaders. Many of PKR candidates for the last state election were no where to be seen after they were defeated and their conspicuous absence had also affected the chances of the current candidates for parliamentary seats. The rural voters will not be warm to the party if they think they rarely seen the party leaders moving on the ground on any other day.

    Comment by Augustine William — May 7, 2013 @ 8:47 PM | Reply

    • Totally agreed. Back to the drawing board for PKR Sarawak and Sabah. Groom local leaders if possible and ensure all the branches submit their service reports and activities. The rest of the strategies in private.

      Comment by Robin Eddie — May 7, 2013 @ 10:39 PM | Reply

    • PKR claims to have the support of rural voters but where are their service centres ? PKR, PAS and DAP should set up their service centres not only in urban constituencies but also in all rural constituencies. Engage with the rural folk through various programmes, dialogue, voters registration and Radio Free Sarawak. Recruit committed, qualified and credible members to be groomed as leaders in rural constituencies. Do not forget to hold Pakatan Rakyat Gawai Dayak Open House and thank all supporters, workers and voters who stood by Pakatan Rakyat.

      The battle for Sarawak State Election begins now!

      Comment by Justine — May 9, 2013 @ 8:44 AM | Reply

  7. In Sabah, Jeffrey Kitinggan should swallow his pride and rejoin PKR. His talent and leadership quality should not go to waste with a rejected STAR party which will die a natural death like SNAP in Sarawak. Malaysians across the country are well prepared and ready for two party system. It is either BN or PR. Small parties are totally irrelevant in today’s political age and landscape. Until the two party system has been deeply entrenched the third party ‘s voice shall remain irrelevant.

    As for Yong Teck Lee, his sheer arrogance and selfishness has caused his colleagues in SAPP to lose their seats too. No Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak are interested in the Borneo agenda after 50 years of the formation of Malaysia. What are of utmost concern to majority of middle class and urban voters in East Malaysia are the blatant corruption by UMNO warlords, the Sarawak and Sabah thief minister.

    UMNO controlled BN in Sabah would have been defeated if only Jeffrey Kitingan and Yong Teck Lee had not been too engrossed and steadfast with their unacceptable Borneo agenda. STAR in Sarawak also fared very badly. DAP and PKR in Sabah could also have done much better in all urban seats if not because of self interest of some branch leaders.

    Pakatan Rakyat should focus on the 11th Sarawak state election from now by recruiting more credible, qualified, committed and trust worthy candidates. Party members who had gone against the wishes of the party and the strong spirit of the coalition in the just concluded GE13 should be sacked. The DAP should be commended for maintaining its strict discipline and having leaders of strong character in different branches.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 7, 2013 @ 6:11 PM | Reply

  8. Malaysians have been denied a new government and all the rest of the world knows that, yet there is no single country willing to speak out about the gross and massive fraud that went on during the election. Until the PKR leaders cultivate improved ties with some of the western democracies in Europe,Australasia and the Americas can they be seen as worthy of governing.In the Australian opposition, they have shadow ministers given the task of scrutinising what their opposite ministers are doing or implementing in their respective fields and that creates more transparency and debate.I suggest Anwar appoints a shadow cabinet along similar lines with him being the shadow PM.

    Comment by Wing — May 7, 2013 @ 2:36 PM | Reply

  9. BN got 60% control of Parliament, after various election stunts, tricks and a stupendous US$2.6 billion worth of handouts. BN must stop thinking that they can continue to trick the people all the time. Time for the racists in BN to be thrown out. Address the corruption and wastages publicly. Finally, why does BN need to go into the poster and media war pre-elections, and waste more money campaigning? They claimed to have ruled the country well for more than 30 years. Yet, they are so insecure of their own performance that they needed to resort to handouts and spend valuable money on the poster and media war. Manage the country well and the rakyat will need no reminder about whom to vote for. Chop the poster war by governing well, and the rakyat will know whom to choose, for their next government. Stop treating the rakyat like idiots.

    Comment by hashim — May 7, 2013 @ 10:47 AM | Reply

  10. Malaysians have spoken. We reject Racism and Extremisism. The urban voters had rejected Corruption, Racism, Cronyism, Bigotry and Incompetence. Did the rural voters supported the highly corrupted , abusive, repressive and oppressive UMNO controlled BN? The answer was a clear NO. They had ignorantly voted BN in exchange for basic amenities and many had sold their votes for a mere few hundred ringgit by forsaking their moral value and dignity. The educated and discerning voters who are registered voters in rural constituencies must continue to educate their folk . Pakatan Rakyat candidates and supporter in rural constituencies must continue to walk the ground and work harder to win the hearts and minds of rural voters.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 7, 2013 @ 6:43 AM | Reply

    • SUPP leaders still in denial, linking their loss to “politics of hate and anger” . Who would not be angry when Sarawakians are practically living from hands to mouths when the thief minister and his entire family members are all billionaires. Only the idiots who are members of and or supporters of SUPP are just too happy to allow the thief minister and his gang of thieves which include SUPP leaders to plunder Sarawak.

      Comment by Bidayuh Headmaster — May 7, 2013 @ 9:46 AM | Reply

      • Ubah kah Sarawak ??? same thing again & again, NO change in Sarawak. ha…ha…ha…some1 is going to shaft his own fingers into his own AssHole…ha…ha…ha…

        Comment by nainai — May 7, 2013 @ 5:35 PM | Reply

  11. As long as the pendatiang from Kerala is alive, there will be no peace.

    Comment by tigeryk — May 7, 2013 @ 6:01 AM | Reply

    • Is it a FAIR election ?

      Total Votes Parliamentary Seat
      Pakatan 50.3% 89 (40%)
      BN 46.8% 133 (60%)
      Rejected 3.9%

      Party with less votes get 20% more seats!
      A tactic that BN use to win the election – allocate more seats for the winnable area (Sabah, Sarawak & Johor).

      Comment by HAA — May 7, 2013 @ 11:42 AM | Reply

  12. Dear Writer, I think 1st of the C’s would be Connection, then come Corruption and then the rest…Oouch…but true

    Comment by Lok1 — May 7, 2013 @ 5:34 AM | Reply

  13. 1 Malaysia failed as Malays see themselves as Malays and Chinese do not want to be one and so goes with the Indians. Reality will always unfold – not fantasy. UMNO is irrelevant and so is MIC and MCA. . The myth that only a Malay Muslim should be PM is also outdated – the reality is that any able bodied and capable person could be PM.

    Comment by the Mukah Watcher — May 7, 2013 @ 5:09 AM | Reply

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