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May 10, 2013

The beginnings of a Malay tsunami


Gertrude Pereira

In Viewpoints on NTV7 on Monday night, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin appealed to the opposition to be magnanimous and accept the GE13 results. I wonder if he would ask his party, Umno, and the Barisan Nasional it leads, to do the same.

Instead, one day after the elections, after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had said he would seek national reconciliation and healing, Umno-owned Malay daily,Utusan Malaysiaheadlines ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ (What more do the Chinese want?) When his attention was drawn to it, Najib defended the paper, alluding that Chinese papers do the same.

Now, tell me who is stoking racialism in post-GE13 Malaysia and who is not being magnanimous? Apparently the Chinese voted en bloc for Pakatan Rakyat in predominantly Chinese areas where the DAP is strong.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they voted overwhelmingly for the DAP because the Chinese vote has always been split between the MCA and the DAP. In some elections they swing to the DAP and in others they swing to the MCA.

In the GE13, there was a big swing to the DAP. The point to note here is that the Chinese delivered the vote to the DAP not because they favoured the party. They were merely throwing their full support to Pakatan to register their backing for a two-party democratic system.

History-making voter turnout

That is the main message that the electorate has made in the GE13. An 84.84 percent voter turnout as announced by the Election Commission is history-making! Malaysians want to take part in the electoral process because they now have a choice – BN or Pakatan.

The Chinese vote simply mirrored the urban Malay vote. One has only to look at Selangor to see how the urban Malays voted. Pakatan won 44 of the 56 seats in Selangor, sweeping more than a two-thirds majority. Pakatan won the highest number of parliamentary seats in Selangor, 17 in total with nine going to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and four each to PAS and DAP.

NONEOf the state seats, PAS won 15, DAP 15 and PKR 14. It would seem as if PAS has a strong showing in Selangor. But that, really, may not be the case. In most of the state seats where PAS and PKR were fielded, it was a straight fight between either of them and BN and the former won. These are mostly seats with a Malay majority and the Malays voted for the opposition party and with a clear majority.

If PKR had been fielded in those seats which PAS won, I believe the results would have been the same. If the urban Malays were voting for the party, they would have voted for PAS in Kota Damansara which was a six-cornered fight between three independents, PKR, PAS and BN. PAS only got 7,312 votes against PKR’s 14,860. PAS split the votes and the BN candidate won.

In the GE13, people – except BN supporters – were not voting for any side; they were voting for the legitimacy of a two-party system.

In Selangor, urban Malays sent the message that they would give PR the chance to rule. In Malay-majority areas, it did not matter whether it was PAS or PKR who was the candidate; they voted for PR, an alternative to the BN and which governed Selangor with top ratings.

Reading the signs on the ground

The Chinese read the signs on the ground correctly and threw in their lot to register their support. True, the BN government gave the Chinese many concessions, but it did the same to Malays and other Malaysians as well. And like others, the Chinese and the urban Malays both chose to turn their back to the BN. So, you can’t feel played out by one group and not the other.

According to the EC, PKR won 2,254,328 votes for the parliamentary seats, DAP, 1,736,267 and PAS 1,633,389 making a total of 5,623,984 for PR against BN’s 5,237,699. PKR delivered the most votes to Pakatan even though it won only 30 parliamentary seats as against DAP’s 38 and PAS’ 21.

It is very clear that the urban Malay vote went to PKR and that is the most important message of this election: urban Malays have given the PKR the mandate to lead the change through Pakatan. And the Chinese are following suit.

If you ask me, I think this is just the beginnings of a Malay tsunami!

If BN does not recognise it and refuses to be magnanimous about levelling the political playing field, it will lose even more in future elections because more and more Malays will see its reluctance as its desire to hold on to power – at whatever costs, no matter how unacceptable to the electorate.

If BN respects the urban Malay vote, it will begin to set in place the proper protocols to ensure a clean and transparent electoral process and engage in a fair fight in the next elections and not resort to desperate acts to shore up its support at the hands of defeat.

azlanIf it is serious about reconciliation and healing, then be magnanimous. Clean up the electoral roll, reform postal balloting, provide free and fair access to the media, clearly indicate that the next elections will be on a level playing field and call for GE14 earlier rather than later. And keep it clean.

By doing so, even if Najib becomes unpopular, he will go down in history as a true reformist prime minister.

Meanwhile, PKR should begin to feel confident as a result of the support the urban Malays have given it.

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should forget about the past, take the court cases in his stride, forget about being beholden to long-time loyalties, stop the infighting and turn PKR into a party progressive Malays will want to identify with and begin to reach out to a wider Malay base to position itself as the leading party in Pakatan, taking into consideration Chinese and especially Indian interests. The DAP is its safe deposit but it has to start winning over Indian support.

At the same time, PKR should also form alliances with East Malaysian parties and make further inroads there. Who knows, building on the groundswell of support it has received from the GE13, it may well be leading a Malay/bumiputra (including East Malaysians) tsunami that will change Malaysia for good!

GERTRUDE PEREIRA is a journalist/trainer and involved citizen who still believes there is good in Malaysia worth fighting for.



  1. too much of tsunami…..forget about it…focus on good education. tyrannies all over the world are scared of good education.

    Comment by dayakthinker — May 10, 2013 @ 7:35 PM | Reply

  2. Najib once claimed that Malaysia has the best democracy.
    So why must he dispute how the citizen votes?
    MCA really ‘Made Chinese Angry’ by insulting their intelligence in its daily full-spread advertisement on all mainstream newspapers (5-6 pages each day), using scare tactics of hudud card.
    MCA candidates could not speak on issue pertaining to corruption and mismanagemnt, and kept boasting about their past glory in fighting for chinese education when they cannot even support recognition of local independent school.

    Comment by Jaime — May 10, 2013 @ 4:57 PM | Reply

    (Leaked document)

    We thank Allah and hail UMNO BN’s GE13 election victory with Sabah and Sarawak bumiputras’ help to retain power in the face of false allegations of election frauds.

    We thank the Bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak have again shown great wisdom in giving UMNO another chance to remain in government. We are eternally grateful to them. We will be safe with them and they will be safe with us.

    Here is the proposed agenda for a broaden democratic people’s discussion:

    1. We support PM Najib’s call for national conciliation against the “Chinese Tsunami” and arrests of many unpatriotic seditious anti-national elements! South Africa only had national conciliation after apartheid ended. Germany took a similar step in 1933. However, we are taking a political leap forward here.

    2. The NEP will be revamped to adjust BUMIPUTRA privileges as there are now more bumiputras in Malaysia to share our national wealth by including many brothers and citizens from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle east, Indonesia & Philippines. This is due to Dr. Mahathir’s brilliant vision and strategy to increase Malaysia’s population to 60 millions by 2020. He was a genius to hire Abu Sayyaf to mass transport 1 million brothers into Sabah.

    3. As part of national conciliation, we invite DAP to join BN as they now represent most of the Chinese who rejected MCA because unlike UMNO its leaders were only concerned with their own welfare.

    4. We also call on Anwar & other UMNO rebels and PAS to rejoin UMNO. You are forgiven & will be well rewarded. A new deal will be struck with the Indians with MOUs and IOUs. We are all inclusive. This will bring real national unity not what the opposition wants!

    5. We will consider Sabah and Sarawak’s approaches for better oil royalty and more development funds to bring them closer to us, since we have been using their oil to develop the rest of Malaysia. We have been fully aware that they are more than 30 years behind Malaya in development long before the opposition was making such an unnecessary electioneering fuss over this. It is not our desire to make the 2 states dependent on us for their oil revenue but we must look at our national priorities. And we are doing our best to develop Sabah and Sarawak.

    6. We thank our bumiputra brothers of Sabah and Sarawak (it is sad they prefer to call themselves “dan Lain Lains”) for their patience in waiting for development which Dr. Mahathir has specially commended them for. They are so understanding to sacrifice their struggle to achieve parity with their Malayan bumiputras brothers so that under UMNO we can gain control of the economy and national resources with GLCs from pendatangs. This has tremendously improved our bumiputras’ standard of living and we are especially proud that there are so many Bumiputra billionaires (such as Dr. Mahathir who is said to have US$ billion in overseas banks, CM Taib US$15 billion ) and millionaires even though the majority are still living in poverty and dependant on government handouts.

    We however disagree with our respected mentor’s description of Sabah Sarawak as “colonies” which is very offensive to their people who consider themselves as loyal 12th and 13th states of Malaya and have so graciously donated their oil to the nation.

    They have also donated their land and timber to develop Malaysia. Some examples of development are the grand Putra Jaya ($20 bil) Twin Towers ($10 bil) and infrastructures in the peninsular which have been developed by Dr. Mahathir’s family and colleagues’ network of GLCs which are all involved in developing our country. God bless him.

    7. We will continue to provide security and prosperity (our government’s main justification for forming Malaysia) to Sahah Sarawak with income we make by exploiting their oil.

    8. We have dealt with the Sulu invasion with appropriate force and restored security to Sabah. That is why the people voted for us so overwhelmingly. There was no need to “switch” the votes in Sabah or Sarawak as the opposition alleged.

    9. According to Dr. Mahathir’s 2020 vision and PM Najob’s 1Malaysia vision, we will consider taking into Malaya any excess new Filipino and Indonesia migrants from Sahah and Sarawak as they are labour cost effective for Malayan industries. Their votes have also helped UMNO to win the elections and they are rewarded with jobs which Sabahans and Sarawakian have so generously given to them.

    10. The constitution will be revised if DAP joins us as we will achieve a 2/3 majority. If PKR and PAS join us it will be 100% majority and we will be a real national unity government. One happy family! 1Malaysia! :))

    11. We will consider any Sabah Sarawak requests for the position of prime ministership which we have held for 50 years and for election as the king of Malaysia so we can treat fairly them as equal partners in Malaysia. This is by way of honouring the 20 and 18 Points we signed with Sabah and Sarawak 50 years ago.

    We deny all allegations that we have dumped these Agreements and treated them unequally or taken over their countries and what Dr. Mahathir called “colonies”. Tunku Abdul Rahman our Bapa Malaysia had declared in writing that Malaya would never colonise Sabah and Sarawak but treat them as “equal partners”

    This is only unofficial draft document and subject to changes after due consideration by UMNO Supreme Council, UMNO Youth and Perkasa.

    end of document.

    Comment by INFOMAN — May 10, 2013 @ 3:58 PM | Reply

    • Keep on dreaming till thy kingdom come . Najib will use race, religion, money and ministerial position to keep the hugely ignorant and naive rural voters to forgive the corrupted regime of decades of misdeeds, mismanagement and for neglecting the rural community.More ministerial positions for Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs even a DPM2 position will not lead to electoral, parliamentary and economic reforms for as long as UMNO controlled BN is governing the country.

      The cleansing of Malaysia can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of people power and Pakatan Rakyat.

      Comment by Mata Kuching — May 10, 2013 @ 6:19 PM | Reply

    • One Malaysia? How do you explain the leader that fail to use his pea brain before making a statement “Chinese Tsunami”.
      Germany took a similar step in 1933…yah to form Nazis plot to kill all Jews, so now are you trying to say Najib planning to form a plot to kill all chinese?
      Racist…..! Racist…!

      Comment by Joe — May 10, 2013 @ 8:46 PM | Reply

  4. There is only one answer. The Dayak Ministers and BN Dayak Politicians in Sarawak don’t have the interest of their OWN COMMUNITY in mind. They are many ways and means now with the recent Election result that they can fight for the GOOD of their Community. Sadly, they only have self interests. We vote for Pakatan not because we LOVE LOVE Anwar. We vote Pakantan because we believe after so many years of being under BN, there is now a more capable alternative group who can manage Malaysia better.

    Comment by gagojackman — May 10, 2013 @ 2:12 PM | Reply




      Comment by anon — May 10, 2013 @ 4:01 PM | Reply

  5. In 2013 election, the urban and semi urban population are represented by clean and untainted lawmakers and the rural poor are represented by crooked billionaire and multi-millionaire lawmakers. How will such scenerio take Malaysia forward?

    Comment by Josephine Kueh — May 10, 2013 @ 1:14 PM | Reply


    PKR intervened in Sabah for the simple reason of stopping Sabah parties from mounting its challenge for autonomy even to the extent of handing the elections to UMNO.

    This is how important Sabah and Sarawak are to the Malayans.

    Our 2 unfortunate countries are their Reserve Banks and resource centres and now definitely proven their vote banks.

    This colonial mindset is set out in PKR’s Book of Jingles which says one of its agendas is to “integrate” Sabah and Sarawak more closely with Malaya.

    This seems strange. UMNO had already done that for 50 years. NAJIB declared following their failure to prevent the Sulu invasion that Sabah is “forever a part of Malaysia”!

    They have Malayanised everything starting with our oil, our land, our civil and education services, finances and resources against every promise in the 20 points Agreement relating to these aspects.

    Borneonisation was thrown out by 1965 when Sabah and Sarawak were not included in the negotiations on Singapore’s exit from Malaysia. They locked the door on us!

    Now Sabah like Sarawak will become the playground for the 2 Malayan elephants. The little Borneo elephant will be like a football.

    Those Sabahans (part and present) who helped PKR or UMNO gain a foothold in Sabah will hopefully see the extent of their matricidal betrayal of their motherland.

    One salient point we have to learn from the elections is that we need to unite to fight the common enemy. Fighting among ourselves does not give confidence to the people to back local parties.

    Dare we look across the Sulu Sea and see how the Filipinos fought for their national independence and freedom from Spain and the sacrifices they made?

    Their national hero Jose Rizal preferred to die instead of surrendering to the Spanish colonialists’ demand that he renege on his cause. They shot him. He did not die in vain. His murder stirred Filipinos to unite as a nation to fight the common enemy. He did not ask what his country could do for him. He did what he could for his country!

    Sadly on May 5, 2103 Sabahans did not unite so they could take the first step to free themselves from the Malayan colonial demon. You know a demon can mesmerise,lie and mislead its victim in so many ways and guises. This is what the Malayan snake oil salesmen have done for the last 50 years.

    if we don’t help ourselves to take action to free ourselves we will only be terrorised by this demon for another half a century.

    The question now is do we fight for autonomy in Malaysia or for independence outside Malaysia?

    Some Sabahans and also Sarawakians have decided that they want Sabah Sarawak to keluar Malaysia. The current signature on their Petition stand at over 7500 names.

    If we are not decided, we just need to look at the other 2 original components of the proposed Malaysia concept Brunei and Singapore and understand what real freedom and independence means.

    They are not in Malaysia and hence escape the hell fires of Malaysia.

    So Sabahans, take your time to think about your country’s destiny. You have another 5 year or more.

    posting from Wikisabah News- 10/05/13

    Comment by anon — May 10, 2013 @ 9:53 AM | Reply

  7. Malaysians are generally very moderate and reasonable people except that they are now better informed and politically aware and perhaps more enthusiastic about politic. Barisan National is doom even if it rebrands itself or change its name if the following actions are not taken :-

    a) MACC to be given full authority and independence and reporting to Parliament
    b) the establishment of IPCMC
    c) Unfair Election law to be amended
    d) RCI on project IC

    If the above reforms are not carried out among others BN shall be wiped out in GE14 when another 4 million or more youths are eligible to vote by then.

    The rakyat across the nation should really ask, ” Apa Lagi UMNO mahu? “

    Comment by NOTSTUPIDMALAY — May 10, 2013 @ 9:50 AM | Reply


    RADIO AUSTRALIA JUST REPORTED (11.20 a.m. Melbourne time) that the Malaysian Police will commence arresting people for “sedition” for speeches made during the recent KL mass meeting by Pakatan.

    Radio Australia commented that it would not help with Najib’s “national conciliation” if he started arresting opposition leaders.

    Folks your Big Brother has returned despite “abolishment of the ISA” and replaced with something worse.

    Radio Australia made a list of serious allegations and substantiations on the election fraud and mentioned that the election was only partially fair. Election Commission seen as biased and not independent and lacking in integrity.

    BN sowed mistrust between Chinese and Malays How is BN going to ensure that BN “is not ruling for Malays”.

    Khairy Kamaruddin defended UMNO’s dirty tricks with good sounding reasons which UMNO never implements in practice to prevent “fraud” but actually perpetuate them.

    He accused Anwar Ibrahim of being divisive for not accepting Sunday’s election results.

    Would you if the elections were rigged your opponent’s favour?

    The podcast is here on the Asia Pacific link:

    Posted by Mailman in Sarawak Report 10/05/13

    Comment by anon — May 10, 2013 @ 9:32 AM | Reply

  9. No use lahhhh ? In five year time, there will be even more stupid Dayak squators coming to vote at GE 14. Have you seen the number of children they are having.
    There are only two solutions:
    1) One person, one vote.
    2) Give each family one thousand ringgits out of our pocket at GE14.

    Or else, the fate of all Malaysians will be in the hands of the stupid Dayak squators for ever and ever.
    The other idea is to let Sarawak and Sabah go. Give them independence.

    Comment by Sarawakian in Disgust — May 10, 2013 @ 6:31 AM | Reply

    • Dayaks ??? from WHERE ??? Sarawak ??? where is Sarawak ??? in Russia ??? ooop it is in East Bodohland kah ??? i thought Sarawak already toppled the bn ??? NO ??? NO ??? SURE ??? so some one CANT shaft his fingers in my Ass ??? now shaft it to his OWN Ass ??? what had happened ??? lol…lol…lol… “Chui Kong Lan Par Song”, it justified pornStar motto: sendiri cakap sendiri SHIOK ia.

      Comment by nainai — May 10, 2013 @ 7:34 AM | Reply

      • Hey! Don’t you dare degrade the Dayaks again.They might not be as “learned” as you but remember that they are the majority in Sarawak.I support Pakatan but to demean the Dayaks even when you are a BN supporter yourself and when the Dayaks had voted enmass for your BN, that is really cheap.And don’t hide yourself behind your shameful pseudonym. You are doing all the “nainai” injustice!

        Comment by Wing — May 10, 2013 @ 8:02 AM | Reply

        • nainai is BN cyber trooper and has been disrespectful toward the Dayaks

          Comment by Shirley — May 10, 2013 @ 9:53 AM | Reply

        • Usless dayak…iban to be precise! When the iban robbed of their land, Who they approached? You tell me? When come voting…who they voted for…you tell me?

          PKR lost in Baram…because of who? You tell me……

          Comment by Rod — May 10, 2013 @ 7:02 PM | Reply

  10. 1. They must learn to walk without tongkat

    2. Reject NEP

    3. Master English and learn to speak other languages and dialects

    Comment by tigeryk — May 10, 2013 @ 6:24 AM | Reply

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