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July 19, 2013

Religion Is About Deeds Not Words..

Sarawak Report

Religious rights are enshrined in the constitution

People who make a great deal of fuss about religious rituals and words are often seeking to draw attention away from the issue of whether they are actually practicing the religion itself.

They hope that by making a lot of noise about such outward matters they will convince people they are religious, when in fact they may be stealing and lying and a lot of other things utterly forbidden by the prophets, who were largely unconcerned by form and ceremony.

All religions are intended to civilise us, which makes it all the more of an affront when people do the most uncivilised things in the name of religion, like attacking other people or indeed attempting to deny them their legitimate rights to their own form of faith.

For these reasons that minority of aggressive people, who are becoming most hysterical about seeking to deny the Christians of East Malaysia their longstanding right to call their God what they have always called him should stop to consider their own deeds.

Anifah Aman, whose family has been welcomed as minority Muslims into the Christian state of Sabah, should perhaps be wondering what his own religion would say about the vast profits his family has made out of the abuse of political power, rather than ticking off a Papal Nuncio, who requested that Bibles should not be burnt or confiscated for containing a word that a certain minority of Muslims have recently decided they would like to keep for themselves.

Anifah Aman lectured the Papal Nuncio on ‘interference in Malay affairs’. But what about the current interference in the constitutional rights of Malaysian Christians?

Alternatively, perhaps he should go the whole hog and remove Malay as the official language in the state and allow the local people to be taught their Bibles in English or their native languages instead?

Of course, the whole aggressive trend of threatening people for using words they have always used, or pressuring them to convert for jobs or marriages, while at the same time banning under law the counter-conversion of any Muslim, is merely a thinly disguised form of cultural imperialism and racism.

The religious rights of East Malaysian Christians and Malaysians of all faiths were enshrined in the Constitution at the time of independence and this aggressive outside interference with that private right is merely an attempt to undermine that agreement and break the Constitution.

Imagine what a fuss would be made if Muslims were treated in such a way in the UK or Australia, where bigotry is rightly condemned.

As the vast majority of Muslims in Malaysia accept, tolerance is a two way street and Bible burners and aggressive converters are merely trouble-makers, who are distracting from the real purposes and beliefs of all religions, which is to encourage people to live peacefully and decently.

Forget about words before you have proven your right to lecture others

Therefore, anyone who wants to start shouting that others should not worship as they have always done ought

Papal Nuncio – had expressed concern over the interference in the religious rights of Christians in Malaysia.

first to demonstrate that their own deeds are pure.

Likewise, BN leaders should hesitate to summon and lecture men of religion before they are certain that others will not be left questioning such matters as the money laundering of vast profits of timber corruption and else besides.

Such lecturing gains BN no credit except amongst the violent and aggressive elements of society, who prefer to kick in their neighbours than to address their own private misdeeds.

Naturally the nuncio turned the other cheek and issued a statement regretting if his pleas for decency had been misconstrued.

Getting fussy about words

Of course, there are some people who are fastidious about words and enjoy tracing their origins. Words become extremely important also in the game of copyright.

Religious deed? All such attacks have been rightfully condemned and the bigotry behind them should not be encouraged.

But it would be fruitless for Muslims to attempt to command the word allah as their exclusive brand, because it is simply the Arabic word for god and existed and was used long before their religion came into being.

Christians in Arabia have no other word for their god but Allah and Christianity came somewhat earlier onto the scene than the Muslim faith.

Fortunately, they have no wish to deny Muslims the word and there is no argument over the matter as far as they are concerned.

Far more significantly, both Islam and Christianity and Judaism share the same view about God, which is that they believe there is only one.  Before these Abrahamic religions came into being people believed in lots of gods, but these three linked religions believe in only one, so they give that one lord a capital letter and customarily change the word into a name.

It is one unifying factor that these often squabbling but allied faiths all share.  However, there are very many other unifying factors which include the same morals, the same values, the same belief in marriage.  People who fuss about words and rituals should remember that all these religions teach that it is really deeds and principles that matter not words.


  1. “Christians in Arabia have no other word for their god but Allah and Christianity came somewhat earlier onto the scene than the Muslim faith.

    Fortunately, they have no wish to deny Muslims the word and there is no argument over the matter as far as they are concerned.”

    Malaysians, esp Malays are a strange bunch of people. Had we had open free media, citizens would learn more than the evil dumb BN gomen can do in 5 decades. In Arabia and Middle East the minority non Muslims dont have much problems – they are Semitic people. As far as religion is concerned between Christians and Muslims they are a family of sorts with religion from their forefathers Moses and Abraham. The difference as apparent today among Christians and Muslims is political and economic. And when it comes to money both Muslims and Christians can well unite in practical purpose which would make sense to us that there are good Muslims and good Christians apart as well as bad ones.

    It doesnt make sense that the poor Muslim Talibans had so much money taking on the might of Christian USA. The World Trade Tower was just an excuse and it created new bizness, too – take down an old building, then build a new one! Probably more profitable to the builders and owners. And since then, US Government under the Republicans were short of dictatorial. Regardless, under the Democrats they say its still alright to spy on their own citizens. It’s not about the hereafter, its about the money!

    Liberal Obama will tell you its not OK to be tribal and supremacists but there are Americans who think that there should be a law against oral sex, even in family! How much different is that in ME and Malaysia? There is a lot of difference in the money! The 99% everywhere dont have the money and the 1% uses others money and religion.

    Look at locally. All the BN people say religion is very important but they are corrupt. How Islamic or Christian is that?

    In the 1st Century AD there was St Paul who in modern terms was just as what is happening now. At the same time there was the quarrel that broke out Jesus being God which some people say was Paul’s doing. It serves no purpose to quarell about it. People have the right to believe what they will. In any case, there must have been unsettled things in society and 5 centuries later, Muhammad came along and to some people would have arrived to sort out the mess in Abrahamaic belief stirred by Paul. And we’re here today!

    It had always been about the rich and poor and suppressed – just as it is today : rich thieving Taib & gang and UMNO/BN against the rest of usl They against us with their corruption.

    It’s amazing why people get caught up in God’s name because of some jerks like Taib, Najib and Mahathir!

    Comment by Back to the Future — July 19, 2013 @ 7:05 PM | Reply

    • Taib=Najib=Mahathir=Muhyiddin=Hisamuddin=Zahid=Shapie=Walid=Idris=Rais= THE SAME PERSON BECAUSE SECOND LAST LETTER OF THE NAME IS THE SAME = I

      Comment by i knowit all — July 22, 2013 @ 9:17 AM | Reply

  2. Love , peace and forgiveness is at the core of all religions. It is not divine if the religion other than yours is seen as inferior and not unworthy path of salvation. I have some very basic knowledge of religion and the true route to salvation is to be always conscious of your own deficiencies and failure; the other person is always regarded in high regard, to be respected and loved. If this is the realm, Malaysia and this place called earth will be free from pride. Pride is the mother of all sins.

    Comment by robinhood — July 19, 2013 @ 5:12 AM | Reply

  3. It is an unproductive activity, especially in Malasland, where people behave more like wild animals

    Comment by tigeryk — July 19, 2013 @ 3:57 AM | Reply

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