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October 9, 2013

Negligence is sometimes more terrible than corruption

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A money changer counts Malaysian ringgitLim Mun Fah

The Auditor-General’s Report has been described as an annual “ridiculous story” and “speechless ending” over the years.

The alternative coalition and members of the public have severely criticised, but the involved ministers and departments have skilfully dodged the questions without promising no repetition of the exposed drawbacks, as “there is nothing perfect in the world”.

There is also no commitment to take immediate disciplinary actions, as “only negligence but no corruption is involved”.

It really shocked the people as the Royal Malaysian Police Force has actually lost some RM1.3 million in assets, including firearms and handcuffs. Once the lost firearms fall into the hands of criminals, not only the safety of the people, but even the police, would be greatly threatened.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told us that there is no issue of dishonesty, malpractice or corruption in the case of the 44 missing guns belonging to the police but only negligence is involved.

We tentatively accept such a reason, but the question is, the seriousness and potential threat will never be reduced just because the gun missing cases have nothing to do with dishonesty and corruption.

Where have these firearms gone, except for the seven recovered guns? Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that he believes that the guns are still in the country and none of the firearms were detected for use in criminal activity so far.

It is a very contradictory rhetoric and has worried the people more.

The police could not even confirm whether the guns are still in the country or have been transferred abroad. How did they actually know that they have not been used in criminal activities?

The people would like to ask just one question: In addition to criminals, who would dare enough to keep the police’s lost firearms? Ordinary citizens would not dare to keep such things at home, would they?

Only one kind of people would dare to illegally keep firearms and such kind of people are definitely not easy to deal with. In fact, it would not be excessive to call them criminals.

We are deeply concerned as negligence and corruption both lead to the same consequences. The consequences of negligence involving security are even more terrible than corruption.

The Home Minister said that police officers who lose their firearms in the future are required to pay compensation in addition to facing disciplinary actions. It is a precaution after suffering losses.

It might not be too late, but the word “future” scared us. Does it mean that those who lost their firearms in the past would be pardoned and only those who lose their firearms in the future will have to face the actions?

The police force is meant to protect the people. Just like lifeguards who must first protect themselves when performing their tasks, the police must also protect themselves first during operations. If they are unable even to look after their guns, how are they going to protect the people?

How could it call itself a disciplined law enforcement force clear in rewarding and punishing? It is time for such a police force to correct itself. If if refuses to change today, when would it change then?

Otherwise, no matter how great the enforcement power is given to it, or how many amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) are made, it still would not be able to restore the people’s confidence in the police.


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  1. Former youth and sports minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek should pay for RM67.6 million bill for the 2012 Youth Day celebrations as he has lied about sponsorship that never exist. The fact is that we were lied to when they announced at that time that the events were sponsored and not a sen of it was from taxpayers. On that score alone, the BN should be punished. At the very least those responsible deserve to be fired from their positions, they also deserve to be charged in a court of law for misuse of public funds but we know BN would never do that.

    Comment by Naim — October 9, 2013 @ 4:27 PM | Reply

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