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October 13, 2013

IMAGINE, rats overtaking a hospital! Will Umno-BN take RESPONSIBILITY?

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IMAGINE, rats overtaking a hospital! Will Umno-BN take RESPONSIBILITY?J. D. Lovrenciear

It looks like not only the clear thinking rakyat but even the rodents are in agreement with the Auditor General’s expose of the extent of the rot in the country.

The Star newspaper report on October 9, 2013 about an invasion of rats at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kota Baru truly stinks to high heavens.

The rats, urine and nests conquering a hospital premise is but just the tip of the iceberg. In actual fact it exposes a deep seated and extensive actual state of rot in attitudes and mindsets amongst Malaysians.

A deputy Minister was reported as saying that he is “shocked” on learning of the rodent invasion in a hospital of all places. Well it certainly looks like that the recent Auditor General’s Report on the state of nationwide mismanagement, wastage and losses to the tune of millions of Ringgit has not been shocking after all!

According to eye witness reports (from staff of the hospital), the “rats and mice” are on “beds and practically everywhere in the wards”. One then wonders are we well into the dark ages already.

How on earth could this rat menace have been overlooked for so long so much so that even the operating theaters are not spared? And what makes it all the more frustrating is the fact that those who spoke to the media under conditions of anonymity, did so for fear of repercussions for exposing the rot.

Not only are whistle-blowers made to fear, even speaking out the truth about the state of affairs in hospitals is a high-risk matter these days!

For a nation that prides to the world of its many resplendent superstructures, magical Putrajaya, spanking though tolled roads and highways, and many more trappings, its government of over fifty years of experience cannot even ensure that a hospital – of all places mind you, is clean, safe and free of disease causing rodents.

The local authorities have been known for their cruelty to dogs as they go about hounding after what they often claim are stray dogs. But while cats roam freely in every public and even some private hospitals in the country, rats are having a field day.

What does it all say, pray Ministers can you tell us? Or shall we find a scapegoat and quickly sweep the stink under the carpet and carry on with life?

Maybe ‘tutup satu mata’ is the proven way forward? Or better still why not clobber the opposition politicians for ‘politicizing’ the matter? Otherwise we could do good with the cue from the Home Minister, and that is, close down the media for reporting the rodent horror in a hospital!

The entire senior management of the hospital must be subjected to an immediate domestic inquiry and sacked for their irresponsible disposition that is being reported t be an over ten years problem.

Will the UMNO-Baru leadership have what it takes to take this bull by the horn?

After all if we can have a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy when it comes to crime suspects why can we not have a remove and sack policy when there is hard evidence of mismanagement, lackadaisical attitudes and a who-cares mindset amongst those given the role and responsibility to serve the rakyat?

Let us come to terms with the harsh but absolute truth. Not only are hospitals infested with rats, urine and nests but the same goes to our eateries too all over the country.

It is neither unfair nor farfetched to state that while the local authorities are quick to bring down roofing and extensions, cleanliness is restricted to front-door facades and looking good lightings and layouts that are mere make-believe ‘Clean Outlet’ status.

Attitudes and mindsets towards service and cleanliness and hygiene is none of anyone’s business.

There is more as even our spanking new Putrajaya is not spared. All you have to do is to take account of missing drain covers, emergency fire escape stairways, canteens, broken and stacked up furniture, and what have you at various public institutions and agencies and departments all across the country.

The rest of the supporting evidence can be garnered from the Auditor General’s Report 2013.

The country, in short, is suffering miserably under a relentless attack – that is Malaysians’ attitudes and mindsets are rotting away. The mismanagement, wastage, tidak-apa attitudes and care-a-less mindsets, corrupt and irresponsible ways of getting work done and much more, speak volumes of the rot in our society.

Surely somebody has to take responsibility for this fast failing social and moral rot in the country. If it is not the decades old all too familiar UMNO-BN government then who else will it be?


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  1. Because of all the Professor baruas !!!

    Comment by Dr Richard — October 14, 2013 @ 4:13 PM | Reply

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