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October 18, 2013

Dear Najib, M’sians feeling pinch of fuel price hike

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In a hearfelt open letter to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, a Malaysian woman has called into question the wisdom of the government’s decision to increase petrol prices, stating that the middle-income group is feeling the pinch with the rising costs of living.

Her letter, published in her blog, has gone viral since it was posted on Sept 22. It has even been translated to Chinese and garnered more than 40,000 likes and some 5,000 shares on social network site Facebook.

In her missive to the PM, Siti Hajar Aladin  labelled the petrol price hike as “unwise” and oppresive.

“It can be said that the young are in need of assurance as to the welfare of the country in the coming years, but I do not see how we can develop the country when I myself feel we are being suppressed by this (petrol price hike),” said Siti Hajar, who describes herself as an unmarried 27-year-old.

While acknowledging the help accorded to the low-income group in the form of the BR1M cash aid, she stated that the price hike has had a “larger negative impact” to all Malaysians as a whole and questions why the BR1M budget not be used to subsidise fuel cost instead.

NONE“The government says that the BR1M handout to the people will reduce the burden faced by those with low income. But I do not see that.

“…When the price of petrol goes up, the price of (other goods) also soars. So, the contribution has no meaning. It is like buruk siku, once (you) give, (you) take it back.

“Sometimes I wonder, what is special about me being a Malaysian citizen? Am I only a contributor to the national economy, without receiving anything good from my own country,” she further asked Najib in the letter, which was even frontpaged by Chinese daily theChina Press in its evening edition today.

Pointing out that while investing in real estate will aid the country’s economy, Siti Hajar laments that the current salary level earned by the average Malaysian graduate, while not low enough to qualify them to receive the BR1M aid, it is not nowhere near enough to allow for them to own their own homes, the prices of which are constantly soaring.

NONEThis, she said, is added to the fact that private companies do not view highly of their degrees and diploma, equating it as “no better than post-SPM qualifications” and that not everyone is able to work in a government-linked coorporation (GLC) like her.

“As a Malaysian and one who holds to the BN leadership, I appeal to Datuk Seri (Najib) to think of the problems we face right now.

“As a leader respected around the world, I am sure Datuk Seri can change and correct what is deemed to be a burden to us,” the letter reads.

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