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October 20, 2013

Allah and the practice of my faith

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allahIrene Fernandez

Who are you to tell me what name I should call or give the God I believe and worship? I can call God, Yahweh, Allah, Andavar or Theivam. It is my freedom of expression and the way I relate to God.

Allah or Theivam does not belong to any individual and cannot be privately owned. This freedom of expression is guaranteed in our Federal Constitution where all citizens are ensured the right to practice their own religion and where Islam is recognised as the official religion.

My understanding of Article 3 quoted by the honourable judges is that peace and harmony should be for the minority so that their freedom to practice their faith is not disturbed by the majority or dominant group. It is indeed shocking how this interpretation has come through and how the Constitution is abused to support the dominant group. The fundamental spirit of the Constitution reflected in its articles is to ensure that the constitutional rights of the minority are protected.

To me, the God, Allah, Andavar, Yahweh or Theivam is the creator of all human persons who created us all equal. This forms the foundation of my dignity and rights.

I have fought at many fronts to sustain the concept of equality in law and practice. Together with others I fought against patriarchy and male domination that only results in women’s subordination, exploitation and violence. We have fought for equal remuneration and decent wages for all. We have fought against racism and apartheid. And I will definitely not allow any form of domination to tell me what I should do in my practice of my beliefs. Religion for political domination must be rejected vehemently.

It is deeply disturbing too that you insult me in my faith by stating that if I call upon God as Allah, then Christians will be confused. My faith is firm and intact. The use of the word of Allah in no way will affect my faith. It is the same truth for all my Muslim friends whom I believe have a well-grounded faith that they will not be confused at all.

In fact, as stated by Shariah lawyers and experts, the Quran does not forbid others from using the word Allah. In fact Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not forbid anyone from using this word. Instead, we should rejoice over the fact that more people are exalting God with the use of word Allah.

The judgment also creates or disturbs Muslims in other countries who have no qualms nor problems with the use of Allah as reflected by the newspaper from UAE. Why then do we have this terrible judgment? Why did the Court of Appeal have all three judges in its panel who are Muslims?

The judgment did not realise peace and harmony in its conclusion. It brought about two new developments for a country rich in diversity and in beliefs. It has created a clear dichotomy between Muslims and non-Muslims. And now another divide of Christians in East Malaysia and Peninsula Malaysia. It is a dangerous trend. And do you think we are dumb to accept that the Cabinet can overrule the Court of Appeal judgment?

The second message is that it has given a dangerous interpretation where now the minority groups or believers cannot in any way disturb the dominant or majority believers. This message goes against the spirit of the Federal Constitution and what it stands for to construct a nation of peace and harmony.

Yes it is dangerous! As far as I am concerned, there is only One God – Andavar, Allah, Yahweh or Theivam. I will exalt God, the One, the all-Powerful, all-Compassionate and all-Merciful as Allah, or Theivam, and practise my faith the way I want. It is my constitutional and fundamental right! May Allah be with all of us.


  1. All religions are created by ancient people … out of fear, due to mental sickness, or for whatever reason … only the weak and stupid people believe and follow their stupid teachings, like drinking coca-cola and wearing jeans … and in bodohland, the people even claim ownership of a stupid word “ala” … I shake my head in disbelief … it is a real joke

    Comment by tigerykey — October 20, 2013 @ 1:10 PM | Reply

  2. …first in history : muslim judges are now instant Christian theologians without the need for studies ! Even the ‘experts’ (jakim and company ?) are tongue-tied ! Oh Malaysia leaders, when are you going to wake up ? You DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO LAUGH AT YOUR FOOLISHNESS !

    Comment by Tereschin — October 20, 2013 @ 3:39 AM | Reply

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