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October 29, 2013

UMNO-BN IS NOW DANGEROUS! For their own safety, Christians,non-Malays must ALERT the world

UMNO-BN IS NOW DANGEROUS! For their own safety, Christians,non-Malays must ALERT the worldJ. D. Lovrenciear

It is just unthinkable what’s next, given the “Endless Possibilities” of the PM’s minted slogan, in so far as the assault on the Catholics continues.

The latest freezing of 2,000 copies of the Herald newspapers by authorities is more than injustice.

Denying thousands of Catholic families in East Malaysia their weekly news bulletin on faith matters, as they travel from far and near to observe their obligatory Sunday service, is definitely totally unacceptable to any fair, just and right-minded citizen.


What on earth exactly is UMNO-BN’s agenda? Are they truly the vanguards and custodians of Islam in Malaysia?

Is it truly to protect Muslims from being corrupted by the Catholics?

Is it truly an act of responsibility on the part of the UMNO-BN Muslim leaders?

Is it truly a plausible show of solidarity by the Muslim NGO’s screaming threats against the Catholic Church in Malaysia?

God fearing citizens are crying foul:

Look, serious minded Malaysians are on the edge right now. God fearing Muslims and those of other religions are sharing a common anger.

They are saying that this persecution against people of one nation who want to lead a God fearing life should not be made to suffer unduly without justification.

People are asking if UMNO-BN is truly concerned and genuine about the faith of the Muslims and threats to Islam why is it not going after the many sins against Islam and harm against Malay Muslims in this nation that are being committed blatantly.

Go after the uncountable massage parlors sprouting all over the nation that are offering more than massages. From “volcanic” massage to “batin” massage services’ mobile phone numbers sprayed on culverts, building corners and even street lamps, – surely our Inspector General of Police and the Home Minister are not so naïve to dismiss with a “there is no report so don’t make up stories” warning. These are ruining Islam.

Oh, yes surely you have also seen the “Sex Toys” banners hugging traffic lights and lamp posts in the busy city centre? Even the Mayor does not act!

Go after all the loan shark operators who are all over the country. Does our Home Minister know how many Muslims are victims of loan sharks? These predators are attacking Muslim homes – not Catholics sir!

What about Jalan Raja Laut and Lorong Haji Taib. Is the Home Minister and the Inspector General of Police and all those in the likes of the militant right-wing Perkasa, Pekida and Tiga Line members not aware of how many Ladyboys and drug peddlers stalk the back lanes (or notoriously known all throughout the entire country as ‘belakang mati’) as they occupy so many operating centres there?

These sins of the flesh, mind you, are the real enemies of Islam; not followers of the Abrahamic faith who are mindful of all these filth.

What about all the gambling dens – the legalized outlets selling all kinds of digits from three to four to five to six and even in the name of sports? Are these not a direct threat to Islam? Are the UMNO-BN self-anointed champions of Islam blind to these sins that truly even tempt many Muslims?

Hello, the Herald does not sell empat ekor lah!

Deliberately playing on the emotions of ‘easily influenced’ Malays

There is more to tell all these die-hard screaming extremists who are raising a pandemonium of sorts in the name of defending Islam from being tainted.

Yes, who does not know that Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang is a tourist attraction and a flesh trade market haven? You do not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Just walk down the streets and see for yourself how many painted ladies will beckon almost every passing male outside their operating premises. Some even thug the shirts and sleeves of passersby.

Ask every tourist or any Malaysian taxi driver and they will tell you that you can shop beyond barang-barang at Bukit Bintang. Are these not a threat to Islam and even national security Mr. Honorable Home Minister?

Why hound the Catholic Church that is working so hard to keep its faithful away from sin and stay loyal to God, Rulers and nation?

Is the Herald worst an enemy to Islam than all the filth ranging from corruption, deceit, opulence, arrogance and greed for power and control?

Pekida, Perkasa and Tiga Line as well as all the Muslim NGOs who are up in arms in the name of religion must appreciate the fact that a true crusader of Islam will fight all the corrupt ways and tempting sins that seem to go unchecked.

Go, fight the criminals. Fight the thugs. Crush the triads. Fight the people who are operating dubious and suspicious flesh trades.

Go demand for justice for people who are murdered like poor Altantuya.

Demand that corruption is tackled affirmatively like what is happening in Indonesia – the world’s largest muslim majority nation.

Why persecute the minority Catholic Church and even hound down their weekly newspaper that never once said “fight BN” but always preached submission to God by being a good citizen.

Why deny God fearing and faithful followers of religion their weekly doses of inspiration and thoughts to keep them away from sin?

It is time to ask the Prime Minister what has he got to say? If the Honorable Datuk Seri Najib cannot respond, then we should demand from Datin Seri Rosmah who is determined to create a whole new generation of smart children, what all this threat to Islam and Muslims is all about.

Seriously, all Malaysians need to pause, reflect and ask themselves: What is this madness all about? We need to say, enough is enough and let humanity move closer to God while fulfilling his or her obligations to Ruler and nation.

What then is the real threat?

We need to know what then is the real threat to Islam and Malay Muslims? The legalized sins that is sprouting all over the nation – including all the reported incidents of abuse on migrant workers, hording, corruption, and absence of justice in murder cases, or is it citizens who want to stay close to their respective faiths and lead a God fearing life?

Leaders please rise:

Our politicians who claim to know how to lead this nation to better benchmarks must now come together and act decisively. Leaders of religious faiths must come together with right minded politicians. Followers and champions of human rights must give the momentum.

We must stop the rot or end up rotten.

All these only because we care much for each other’s religions, and for this one nation we all share now and need to care for a future.


  1. That is part of the on going ISLAMISATION process of us non muslim Sabahan and Sarawakian. Hound us until we become weak and relent. They have done it with money, power and positions in the past and that did not really work out well. So now is the second or probably third stage of that process. The second was probably the project IC in Sabah which has actually made them the majority in Sabah now.

    In Sarawak they are in the midst of Building huge centres, mosque and office buildings in all of the main cities from Kuching to Lawas as show of their strength to the non muslims. What is the rationale behind the building of these huge centre when they are the minority in the State and Islam is not even the official state religion?

    In the interiors of Sarawak they are offering the destitute kids motorcycles and the likes as inducement to convert. The school counsellors in the interior of Sarawak are all guru agama from Malaya. Now think why is that so?

    Its the on going process….

    Comment by brian — October 29, 2013 @ 10:16 AM | Reply

    • Brain the only way we can WAKE the people up is to SHAKE & SHOCK up the masses!!! SHARE and MAKE them REALIZED that they are losing CONTROL of their OWN FATHERLAND … I wished the people were NOT NAIVE to be bullied and NOW ARE COLONIZED by of all people, the BN !!! WHAT a crying shame !!!

      Comment by teres6842550 — June 14, 2014 @ 10:16 PM | Reply

  2. The only way to deal with uncivilised people is teach them a good lesson … castrate them and send them to hell.

    Comment by tigerykey — October 29, 2013 @ 5:07 AM | Reply

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