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November 6, 2013

Embolden for change or face isolation, Dennis tells Orang Ulu

The Borneo Post

The Orang Ulu community of an estimated 300,000 in population, compared to 2.5 million Sarawakians, cannot afford to pull away from the mainstream of development and face isolation.

In this context, the community, especially the younger generation, has to work together if the community is not to be left behind and become part of mainstream development and progress in the country, said Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau Jok.

Making the appeal here yesterday, Dennis urged them to be positive, rational and be wise in their judgment to embrace development activities, programmes and planning by government that will benefit the state and the people including the Orang Ulu community.

Dennis said it is regretful that the proposed Baram Dam has been “prematurely rejected” by the people by staging protests and erecting blockades at the proposed site recently.

“The protest and blockade could be seen as an indication and lead some people to think that they are rejecting the project (wholesale) which will be a catalyst for socio-economic development and progress in Baram and its people,” he said.

Reminding the people to be calm and rational over the issue and not to be overruled by their emotion, anger and ‘just following the beat’, Dennis assured that the mammoth project – which could be the main transformation programme for Baram – is still in its proposal stage with investigation underway on whether it is suitable to be a dam site.

“It is too premature for them to protest or reject (outright) the proposed project when we or they too don’t know whether it (Baram Dam) is going to take off. The current study is not only confined to the taking of soil and stone samples and other matters but investigates its impact on both people and environment. I don’t know why they protest something that we or they don’t know if it is going to take off or not,” he added.

In this context, Dennis urged the community to look at the proposed Baram Dam from every angle and perspective and not to be clouded by anger leading them to protest and erect blockades.

As such, he added that it is important for the Orang Ulu community to have an open mind and be more receptive to development programmes and activities which by the end of the day, will benefit them and the whole area of Baram, he added.

“It is important for the community to be united with other communities, working hand-in-hand and co-operate with others. They cannot be on their own and stay away from others,” Dennis said.

“The most important (thing) for the people, especially the younger generation, is to be willing to accept and adopt changes. Get yourself ready with education and necessary skills to meet future needs and demand in knowledgeable and skilful manpower. All these are achievable through education and their willingness to accept development and changes,” he said.

Baram will definitely need growth and development. All that is needed is for the people, especially the younger generation, to be ready in every aspect, Dennis surmised.



  1. dennis ngau, the damned dam is all about SCORE. And SCORE is all about taib enriching himself, his family, his cronies and nothing about your orang ulu tribe. How much is taib’s son getting for the transmission line again? RM600 million right? And do you know what the Orang ULU will get? The orang ulu will only get flooded longhouses, flooded grave yards, flooded farm lands, flooded forest and a very flooded future. Haven’t you learned anything from Bakun, Murun, Bengoh or further back Batang Ai?

    Don’t BULLSHIT us with lame excuses like the damned dam “is still in its proposal stage with investigation underway on whether it is suitable to be a dam site”. The Murum Damned dam was built secretly for years until it was too damned difficult for them to hide and by then it was almost completed. Isn’t that is what is supposed to happened in Baram? So don’t lie lah yb!

    Oh Ya we know you are just a KERBAU led by the nose by your masters in PBB!

    Comment by brian — November 7, 2013 @ 9:19 AM | Reply

  2. Dennis, people are rejecting the dam wholesale! There has been precedence for the politicians to say that they are “doing a feasible study” when actually the dam construction has been underway as in the case of Murum. So, why should the good peopel of Baram and Sarawak negotiate? There is nothing to negotiate. Do not build that dam. And, REJECTING THE DAM DOES NOT MEAN PULLING AWAY FROM MAINSTREAM DEVELOPMENT or isolation. The dam is a sure way for Taib to implement SCORE. We know that SCORE is going to bring in polluting industries such as smelting plants, and will bring in thousands of foreign workers to settle on Orang Ulu land. Orang Ulu has nothing to gain from this dam. They will lose their longhouses, forests and lands and livelihood, they will suffer the effects of pollutions, their culture will be decimated. Only the politicians and the big corporations will gain massively from the dam.

    Comment by Save Sarawak — November 6, 2013 @ 10:26 PM | Reply

  3. Embracing change by supporting the corrupted system and corrupted politicians and leaders? Which Church do you belong to Dennis Ngau?

    Comment by Richard Lee — November 6, 2013 @ 8:31 PM | Reply

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