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November 19, 2013

UK parliament told of ‘Allah’ ban

Winston Way

MP Tom Greatrex voiced his concern for the East Malaysian Christians.

Malaysia’s perceived prejudice against Christians in the country was heard in UK Parliament recently.

The mover of the debate, MP Fiona Bruce voiced her profound alarm at the increasing level of persecution of Christians in a number of Muslim countries across the world mostly due to the whipping up of religious hatred by politically motivated groups.

But it was her colleague, MP Tom Greatrex who drew attention to Malaysia.

Greatrex,  who is a member of the All-Party Committee on Malaysia, made special referrence to the predicament of the Christians in East Malaysia.

“The report to which she (Bruce) refers does not cover numerous countries, including Malaysia, which is not in the Middle East.

“The situation there (Malaysia) is of significant concern. The recent decision in Malaysia to ban Christians from using the word “Allah” which has been used in Malay as a term for God for centuries.

“It (Malaysia) has effectively outlawed the Bible, particularly in the Christian eastern states of Malaysia.

“Is she (Bruce) concerned about the wider ramifications in other parts of the world not covered by the report that she cites?” Greatrex asked.

Online portal Sarawak Report which noted the debate said UK parliament examined how appalling situations can happen when countries with citizens of different religions and races permit and support extremism and prejudice, a path that certain factions are trying to initiate in Malaysia.

“They consist of Islamic ‘NGOs‘ who focus in attacking human rights groups and threatening them with antagonistic accusations of being ‘traitors’ and of ‘attacking Islam’, allegedly getting explicit official support.”

The report noted that accusations against non-Muslims and liberal Muslims have started to be plentiful and practices accepted for centuries are currently being damned and outlawed.

Last month the Court of Appeal overturned a High ruling allowing Catholic publication
The Herald to use the term Allah in its Malay publications.

The decision has brought to boil simmering discontent at the suppressing policies of the Umno-led government and the blatant disregard for individual’s constitutional right to freely practice their own religion.


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  1. Does it mean, someone was telling lies in England not so long ago?

    Comment by owl — November 19, 2013 @ 9:50 PM | Reply

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