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November 29, 2013

Advice to Ibrahim Ali: Don’t ‘play play’ with Sarawakians

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Francis Paul Siah

I have no intention to ridicule or insult Datuk Ibrahim Ali. But I will be open and blunt and not mince my words when talking about the Perkasa chairman.

Well, that’s just to take the cue from him – he doesn’t mince his words too whenever he opens his mouth to say negative things which hurt the feelings of others. It’s particularly insensitive of him to make unwarranted remarks deliberately and with ill intent.

I want to honestly say that Ibrahim is a lousy public speaker, a pathetic one even. There is no steady flow in his speeches, whether in Bahasa Malaysia or English, and his sentences are almost always incomplete. He has a low, deep voice and when he attempts to raise it, he appears to be shouting.

He is not blessed with great oratorial skills. Perhaps we should thank God for that. If he were a polished orator like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang or Mohamad Sabu, imagine the crowds he could attract and the greater havoc he could have created.

Perhaps Ibrahim could sign up with the Toastmasters and learn a thing or two about the art of public speaking. Then, he would not be boring so many when up on the rostrum.

So Ibrahim wants to come to Sarawak and extend Perkasa’s influence in the state. Whatever for, I don’t know. As a matter of fact, I don’t really care. After all, this is a free country and he can do what he wants as long as he does not break the law.

He claims he wants to save the Malays in Sarawak. From what and from whom? Probably, he is unaware that Sarawakian Malays are well-bred, gentle and peace-loving folks. They are very happy living alongside the other races without any problem, not even a minor hiccup.

When he comes to Kuching, he should witness how happy and comfortable the Malays in the city are having coffee with the Chinese in downtown Padungan or with their Dayak friends in Tabuan Dayak or MJC, Batu Kawa.

Was it Ibrahim’s intention to come to Sarawak to talk about the crusade (which probably came to him in a dream) against Islam by non-Muslims in the country? I doubt the Malays in my home state are interested in what Ibrahim had dreamt about when those in his own Kelantan state couldn’t be bothered.

By the way, Ibrahim, how many votes did you get in Pasir Mas in the last general election? You know what I mean. Even the Malays in your own constituency chose to ignore you.

It’s perfectly okay to dream dreams. After all, dreams are free. But for heaven’s sake, stop talking about your nightmares in public!

Last week, I wrote an article in a Sarawak newspaper asking my fellow Sarawakians to welcome Ibrahim to our state after so many people, including state BN ministers, have requested that he be banned from entering.

I said that it would be wrong to ban a Malaysian from entering Sarawak as I believe that all citizens have the right to travel freely within the country. There are also laws to deal with those harbouring evil intentions, so we should not worry unnecessarily about Ibrahim.

In a lighter vein, I’ve also given Ibrahim a middle name – Comedian. I’ve called him Ibrahim “Comedian” Ali several times in my Sarawak column over the past years and he has never complained. Since he did not create a fuss, I suppose he likes his middle name.

So before he steps on Sarawak soil, I like to request Ibrahim to prepare new, original jokes to entertain us in Sarawak and leave his stale jokes behind in Malaya. We have heard enough of them.

But I must seriously advise Ibrahim to mind his language when he is in Sarawak. He must understand that the Land of the Hornbill is one of beauty, peace and tranquility where the ugly faces of race and religion – Ibrahim’s pet subjects – are never broached nor seen.

I must also remind Ibrahim of Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s message to him recently. In denouncing Ibrahim’s continuous racial and religious slurs, the senior Land Development Minister said, “I must warn him that the Dayak community in Sarawak also has certain phrases such as ‘Pumpung pala’ (chopping the heads of the enemies) to use against someone they don’t like.

“This phrase is no longer used as it could be very offensive to others,” added Masing, who is an Iban from Baleh in the upper reaches of the mighty Rejang River.

Ibrahim could do very well to take the Sarawak minister’s words seriously. He should never ever attempt to wave his keris in Sarawak, otherwise others may come out with their blowpipes, spears and parangs.

Just don’t “play play” with Sarawakians.

Although I am a Chinese, I feel good and proud to tell the whole world that Sarawak is Dayak land. I’m blessed to be born and to make my home in Dayak territory for the Dayaks are a warm, caring and kind community.

I hope Ibrahim and his cohorts in his ultra-Malay movement now understand that the Dayak is the dominant race in Sarawak. I doubt they have any tolerance for the extreme racial and religious stance which Ibrahim and Perkasa are trying to perpetuate in their homeland.

So my dear friend Datuk Ibrahim Ali, just don’t say that you have not been warned.



  1. That frog better don’t come to Sarawak and make a mess of us. We are a family here!

    Comment by telang usan — December 16, 2014 @ 10:29 PM | Reply

  2. Ibrahim Ali should stop meddling with Sabah & Sarawak. He and Perkasa should just focus on issues like corruption which really needs to be looked into instead of making racist remarks. He is always barking at the wrong tree and end up insulting someone! If he has no other better things to do, just stay at home and shut up lah!

    Comment by Saran Tajau — November 30, 2013 @ 1:28 PM | Reply

  3. Ibrahim Ali is what people say, UMNO’a “kaki pukul”. When UMNO is in trouble he appears. Perkasa’s advisor is Tun Madey. Fees are no problem.

    If he comes over to Kuching, hire fees no ploblem lah!

    Comment by ah seng — November 30, 2013 @ 12:26 AM | Reply

  4. Ibrahim Ali’ just stay put in Malaya and keep busy with the works that you are best “designed” for. The land over there is fertile for your sowing. Borneo is out bound for you and your beloved friends. We have to guard and keep our island clean, disease-free and healthy, so that our soil will not be infected by the undesirable parasites and diseases. Thanking you in advance for not coming here.

    Comment by owl — November 29, 2013 @ 9:24 PM | Reply

  5. Be careful … some retarded pig likes to attack and bite people … this one is even more dangerous …

    Comment by tigerykey — November 29, 2013 @ 1:21 PM | Reply

  6. Ibrahim Ali was with Pas, then UMNO and lastly independent. He lost. He bombarded the government for not giving anything glamorous (like Chairman OF FELDA) he may even drive a taxi for a living. I do not know if he got paid in PERKASA. Likely no because it is just a chauvinistic xenophobic outfit.

    Comment by i knowit all — November 29, 2013 @ 1:01 PM | Reply

  7. Ibrahim Ali should be given space to talk about Islam and Corruption in Sarawak and he should be given the freedom to express his thoughts about blatant corruption committed by Taib Mahmud and Najib Tun Razak.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — November 29, 2013 @ 10:11 AM | Reply

    • Corruption does not appear in the vocabulary of that ultra racist fucker. To Ibrahim Ali corruption in government is the oxygen for the Malays in Umno and Perkasa.” It is allowd in his own version of Islam.

      Comment by Augustine Santang — November 30, 2013 @ 8:07 AM | Reply

  8. What is his issue in Sarawak? There is no Allah issue here since it only affect the Herald issue in Peninsular? There is general peace here. In Sarawak YOU could also a Malay patronising a Chinese coffee shop. Sarawak is like that, The status quo must remain.

    Comment by I am Right — November 29, 2013 @ 8:00 AM | Reply

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