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December 5, 2013

Najib’s hopes – from money politics to GE14

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Radzi Razak

The issue of money politics in Umno has been seen as a long-standing issue, admitted by its former president Dr Mahathir Mohamad and several of the party’s former top-ranking members.

Even though he had rarely been seen admitting money politics in the open, current party president Najib Abdul Razak is understood to want money politics to be reduced, better yet be eradicated completely.

Several delegates told Malaysiakini that Najib touched on the chapter of money politics in the president’s briefing to delegates last night.

He is understood to have said that the practice of money politics discourages professionals from joining the party.

In fact, it is believed that he had given a “mild warning” on the matter and even gave several examples of money politics to the “family” of the party.

He reportedly said that there were delegates who message their bank account numbers to candidates during the party elections, and that such practices makes people afraid to contest positions in the party.

NONEAccording to Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, there are four cores that will the themes of the assembly this week – which are the people’s welfare, empowering the bumiputera economy, upholding the dignity of Islam and making Malaysia a developed country by 2020.

“These four issues will become the core to the role that is played by Umno today. In this matter, we have to ensure that the power of the government is always with Umno,” he said.

“In fact, the president also talked about preparations to face GE14 have to begin from now itself,” he added.

One of the biggest issues is on the topic of Islam. The topics of possible dialogues with PAS and the struggle to fight against “deviant practices” are expected to be a mainstay for many delegates.

The championing of religion is believed to be a measure to continue attracting religious scholars and retired government officers to the party.

Najib is believed to have stressed to the delegates a lack of religious pull is the reason many former top civil servants who are prominent and influential joined PAS right after their retirement.

The party is expected to continue using the issue of ‘Allah’ being used by non-Muslims in order to attract Malay support and subsequently use it to attack Pakatan Rakyat.

An early step to Umno’s ‘Islamisation’

The appointment of famous religious scholar and former PAS member Mohammad Kazim Elias to the Umno supreme council is seen as an early step to further Umno’s ‘Islamisation’.

fathul bari 110913Umno Youth exco member Fathul Bari (right) said that the appointment of religious scholars to the leadership wings is one of Umno’s transformations.

“This is a huge licence given to us (religious scholars),” he said.

The opening speech by deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin last night was also proof of the “change of tone” for the party, which before this was seen as more modern and moderate.

Muhyiddin had said that the party welcomes Malay and Islamic organisations to join with Umno in efforts to defend the morality of Muslims in the country.

Apart from that, Najib had also introduced a KPI target system to further boost the grassroots movement in all of its 21,000 branches nationwide.

The move is partly to prepare the party to face the addition of nearly six million new voters by 2017.

Najib’s motive is to ensure that the team that won the last party elections would immediately start work on the next general election, and this must be taken seriously by the opposition.

Even though several post party elections issue will crop up throughout the assembly, a majority of Umno members are seen to be still confident and anxious ahead of GE14 preparations.


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  1. Umno is rotten to the core, and Najib is the worm in it.

    Comment by Arshad — December 5, 2013 @ 12:25 PM | Reply

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