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December 23, 2013

What BR1M? It’s more like TR1M (Tekan Rakyat 1Malaysia), says MP Johari

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Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor

The rakyat’s blood is fast rising to boil and the heat is being felt by the “Barang Naik” federal government.

Can you blame the people and the Opposition for fanning public anger when all Malaysians have only felt, six months after the 13th General Election, their pockets being emptied by price hikes.

For the record, it started with petrol, followed by sugar, assessment rates, electricity tariffs and toll rates. Possibly, coming next are public transport costs, starting with train fares.

What else are coming? You can be rest assured that more HIKEs will follow and the nation will be hit by inflation.

The HIKEs are being fuelled by the cutting of subsides by the federal government to avoid borrowings to keep the country’s administration financially afloat amid mounting federal debts.

Leakages have resulted in the federal coffers drying up, and the government is reportedly considering a round of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) cash hand outs to reduce public anger over rising costs of living.

However, PKR’s Sungai Petani MP Datuk Johari Abdul said: “What BR1M? It’s more like Tekan Rakyat 1Malaysia (TR1M).

“BR1M is only short-term. What is needed for Malaysians is long-term socio-economic solutions because the low-income folks are being paralysed by rising costs of living, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.”

The price hikes that followed GE13 have also enlarged the poor middle urban class.

“We are heading towards Greece economically. How can we continue to trust such an incompetent government,” he said, adding “we are all feeling the burden of paying more for our daily needs with our pockets fast draining”.

Johari said the rural and urban poor would be the “hardest hit” after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax in 2015.

“We in the PR have now concluded Barisan Nasional is practicing TR1M, not BR1M, besides behaving like a ‘Barang Naik’ government,” he added.

Johari said the annual 10 to 20 per cent rices in prices of essentials show that the BN had failed to manage the Malaysian economy and financials competently.

“This is not what we are saying. The annual Auditor-General’s report say it all,” he added.

Johari said Malaysia could save RM20 billion in leakages but instead opted for cutting subsidies to keep the federal administration afloat.

“The government cannot continue to borrow amid mounting federal debts,” he said.

According to the World Bank’s Economic Monitor report on Malaysia released on Dec 10, household expenditures will take a hit as the government continues to cut subsidies and other policies.

Households will need to tighten their belts even with cash aids like BR1M because inflation is set to shrink domestic consumption.

BR1M is estimated to cost the government RM1.7 billion (read as taxpayer’s money), not enough to help the majority of Malaysians, especially the rural and urban poor, to cope with HIKE-driven inflation.



  1. TR1M and more TIPU RAKYAT 1MALAYSIA transformation programmes.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — December 23, 2013 @ 3:28 PM | Reply

  2. Who want to learn about backyards intensive natural farming ( self sufficient ) to grow your own foods ? I have started fruits growing approximately 4 years ago and vegetables some months and now I am self sufficient in fruits and green daily requirement. I applied the teaching of natural farming propagated by natural farmers in India and Philippine. Natural farming is more than organics. It about planting using the natural materials that can be sourced within the farm itself. It has a low input but high output, It can be applied to those who have small backyard. If we were to literally read about price hikes on essential goods in no time the psychiatry departments would be flocked by Malaysians. TRIM is the mother of all causes.

    Comment by this is reality — December 23, 2013 @ 1:12 PM | Reply

  3. BR1M is just a carrot or candy to lure the unsuspecting simpleminded people, nothing more, nothing less. When will these people ever learn?

    Comment by Sharpshooter — December 23, 2013 @ 10:31 AM | Reply

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