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December 30, 2013

Najib’s year end nightmare

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Jeswan Kaur

While he managed to win the General Elections in May, the year is not ending well for the premier.

As Malaysians bid farewell to 2013, they also welcome the Year of the Horse with trepidation, worried about the fate of Malaysia’s racial status, the very nation that once prided itself for its ‘unity in diversity.’

Malaysia ends the year with a ‘bang’ but for all the wrong reasons.  From the perennial acts of corruption to the abuse of public  funds by the Najib Razak-administration to the scary truth that the country has a ‘de facto boss’ in Rosmah Mansor, wife of premier Najib,  the rakyat have had enough of it all.

The people are undoubtedly angry at not just the failure of their prime minister to ensure that peace and harmony prevail back home but also by the revelation that the Barisan Nasional government had all along been funding the activities of the Malay group Perkasa that has a notorious reputation for extremism and its ‘ganyang the non-Malays’ tactics.

But the biggest shame of 2013 for Malaysians was when premier Najib during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on November 1 nonchalantly declared to the world that racism does not exist in Malaysia.

Najib further claimed that “ensuring peace and harmony in Malaysia” was his priority amid growing tension among the different religions in the country.

The premier put on a poker face trying to sound convincing to Amanpour that he was a leader worth emulating by claiming that he had Malaysia’s best interest at heart.

But the government’s scare tactics against the non-Malays in gagging them from uttering ‘Allah’ proved that the prime minister was all along lying, trying to portray an ‘all’s well’ picture of Malaysia among his counterparts abroad.

The truth however is that the Najib-led Barisan Nasional government remains obstinate in disrespecting the fact that ‘Allah’s is no copyright of the Muslims – it is a word that also resides in the hearts of the non-Malays that will be a disturbing curtain drawer of 2013.

There is no saying when the BN government will finally come to terms with the reality that ‘Allah’ is not about being possessive. Until then, efforts to curtail any move by the non-Malay communities to continue using ‘Allah’ after the October court verdict are in full-swing mode.

The Court of Appeal had on October 14 overturned a High Court decision which ruled that the Home Ministry’s ban against Christian publication The Herald from using the word ‘Allah’ was unconstitutional.

The Church is now appealing the decision at the Federal Court in the hope of reinstating the High Court’s ruling.

Meanwhile, premier Najib choose to be bias when he affirmed that the use of ‘Allah’ will remain exclusive to the Muslims. This despite the fact that the word has its roots in other communities too.

Najib plays bias

The premier’s refusal to stay neutral on an issue so sensitive also invoked the ire of the otherwise reticent Archbishop Murphy Pakiam. The outgoing Pakiam publicly criticised Najib for his insistence that the word ‘Allah’ was exclusive to Muslims.

“You think I am not angry? But still? He is the prime minister, so I have to pray to god to please help him to do his duty for the whole country and not just Umno,” Pakiam had lamented.

Instead, Umno, the biggest stakeholder of the BN coalition, continues to rile up the non-Malays, accusing them of treason and being ungrateful for demanding the right to continue using ‘Allah’ as they had been doing for many many years.

But Umno and its president Najib chose not to llsten. The war between Malays vs-non-Malays over religious sensitivities is showing no end in sight, creating an unsettling future for the rakyat.

In fact, the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais took it upon itself to hunt down churches in the state that were using ‘Allah’, its foolish move a pathetic reflection of just how disrespectful the religious authorities turn out to be when it comes to respecting the constitutional religious freedom of the non-Malays.

Just five days before the end of 2013, the newly appointed director of Jais, Ahmad Zaharin Mohd Saad announced that the department would send out letters to all churches in Selangor asking them to comply with the ban on the use of 35 Arabic words listed under the Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Among Muslims) Enactment 1988.

The 1988 enactment prohibits non-Muslims in Selangor from using 35 Arabic words and phrases in their faith, including “Allah”, “Nabi” (prophet), “Injil” (gospel) and “Insya’Allah” (God willing).

To further scare the non-Muslims, the director used the police threats scare, saying Jais would work closely with the cops to intensify its enforcement.

Jais like Umno and Najib has pushed the racial envelope too far. The former wants to push for laws to be amended to give a clearer definition of jurisdiction, of the officers authorised to act and widening its scope of offences.

In other words, the religious authorities have openly declared a war against the non-Muslims and they are shamelessly resolute at that.

Learn to accept and respect

In the face of the aggressive onslaught on their fundamental rights, the  Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has decided to stay steadfast in its belief that there is no law in the country that stands to overule provisions stated in the Federal Constitution -followers of any religion are not allowed to impose their will on Malaysians of different faiths.

Yet the federal government continues to breach the freedom guaranteed under the Constitution. Why?

Najib, the religious authorities, Jakim and the many  bigots in the country could do well by ‘listening’ to Father Lawrence Andrew, the editor of Catholic weekly the Herald — which is at the centre of a tussle between the Catholic Church and the federal government over the use of the word “Allah”.

Andrew was quoted by The Malay Mail Online as saying that the Federal Constitution made it clear that every religious group in the country has the right to manage its own affairs.

“You cannot just simply impose a law and say you cannot do this. What authority does Jais have over Christians?

“It goes against the constitution. We wait for the directive that comes from the Archbishop. He has to instruct us, not them. Not the police, not Jais, who has no authority to tell us what to do in our worship,” he said.

That said, is 2014 set to be yet another stifyling year for Malaysians, with Umno continuing to demean the non-Malays, using race-based issues as its trump card, that too at the expense of the peace loving rakyat?



  1. Question for Najib:

    Comment by Hamid — December 30, 2013 @ 4:38 PM | Reply

  2. Now Umno’s NGO are asking the government not to celebrate new year 2014!

    Comment by Zuraidi — December 30, 2013 @ 2:25 PM | Reply

  3. I can no longer enjoy my Kolo-mee with Char Siew generously garnished. I can no longer enjoy roasted duck at ridiculous price. Just hope Sarawakians can continue to enjoy these luxuries in 2104 without having much to sacrifice.

    Comment by kira commonsense — December 30, 2013 @ 12:06 PM | Reply

  4. We must do something about this rotten government. It’s corrupt to the core and smacks of hypocrisy and evil. We need a fresh mandate of good governance, clean and sincere.

    Comment by Sharpshooter — December 30, 2013 @ 7:58 AM | Reply

    • The Najib’s 11 steps to co-called cut cost are so so trivial that it hardly makes a dent in saving costs to the nation. The big areas of wastage and squandering as revealed in the annual AG’s report is conveniently sidestepped. The biggest hole to plug is the huge pit of corruption. Strange, not a squeak on this endemic poison killing the nation at all from our PM! While the common rakyat are asked to pay the price for the massive siphoning of funds thro one price hike after another, a young man buys a RM 110 million property in NY. And guess what, no squeak at all from our BN politicians nor our corruption enforcement agencies. Are there two separate laws and two separate standards applied here in Malaysia? One for the common folks like me and another for the untouchables like them?

      Comment by Ros — December 31, 2013 @ 11:49 AM | Reply

  5. UMNO Baru has been corrupted to the core since Mahathirism and Mahathir has been crowned the Father of Corruption. UMNO Baru being an exclusive party for Malays has been trying to win the hearts of the Malays by playing the race and religious cards when it has failed totally to convince right thinking and God fearing Muslims who had since supported PAS and PKR.

    Ahmad Bodowi had stupidly allowed the Allah issue to be a contangious issue between the Christian community and the Authority but it was Najib’s administration which had spinned the issue into a Malay issue in the eyes of non Muslims which was not because PAS and PKR leaders had made their stand clearly that Allah was never exclusive to Muslims or Malay Muslims. Malaysians of all ethnicity must know that the Allah issue is not a Malay issue but entirely an UMNO Baru issue.

    Having found itself forced to a corner by Muslims globally, Najib and UMNO Baru are not abusing their power by using the judiciary, police and ultra extremist NGOs to harass the Christian community and their leaders who stood their ground.

    All right thinking and peace loving Malaysians of all faiths must condemn and reject Najib and UMNO Baru for making use of the judiciary, police and for funding ultra extremist groups with tax payers’ money to play their religious and race game in order to remain in power.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — December 30, 2013 @ 7:44 AM | Reply

    • correction..are now using…

      Comment by Mata Kuching — December 30, 2013 @ 8:06 PM | Reply

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